I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 131, Is It Showing Off if I Support Her as Her Brother?


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*Hum!* Inside the dimly lit ancestral burial site, many ancient and mutilated corpses were floating up and down. It was as if they had crawled out of their graves to absorb the essence of the sun and moon. If someone were to come here at this moment, they would have definitely been startled by this scene.


Wisps of green haze were constantly dropping down like a waterfall while a Grand Flask was floating in the middle to receive the haze. Then, it was transformed into huge dark runes before being transferred to the body of a young man below it.


His hair was swaying in the air along with his robe. Under the light, he looked bright and mysterious, yet profound and terrifying at the same time.


While Gu Changge was sitting here, his skin became as delicate as an immortal jade with luster and a sense of translucency. This gave a demonically beautiful appearance. A series of vortexes appeared behind him with each orifice containing a haze of light. In the middle, there seemed to be many demons sitting and chanting, creating the beat of the world.


*Hum!* At the same time, Gu Changge’s breathed in with all kinds of refined energy, as if the floodgates were opened for his body. There were many strange and bewitching flowers rooted in the void, which was magical and sinister all together.








As the flowers were blooming, a rich essence was released and absorbed by Gu Changge through his mouth and nose. This was the power of the Primordial Spirit that was tempered by a secret technique, which allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the Primordial Spirit.


*Hum!* Inside his mind, his Nature God’s Chant began to grow stronger. It became more radiant and solid like a refined divine gold covered in glitter. In the end, the terrifying aura faded away, and Gu Changge’s true cultivation had already broken through to the Peak Enlightened Noble Realm in one go.


After opening his eyes, he watched while the ancient corpses in front of him lost all of their divinity and essence, falling to the ground, looking drier than before.


He seemed a little regretful. From what he had seen, their essence was initially enough for him to break through to the Enlightened King Realm, but then, he realized that many of the ancient corpses actually died in battle, so much of their divinity got damaged a long time ago.


“I might have overestimated the essence of these ancient corpses. Even though there are two corpses that belong to someone in the Sacred King Realm, they clearly died in battle and had lost many of their essence a long time ago. What a pity…” Gu Changge shook his head and got up, but he wasn’t in a hurry to leave the place.


The gathering spot of the indigenous people that he chose wasn’t that big as it only had a circumference of a few thousand kilometers. In terms of the entire Celestial Ancient Continent, this place could only be counted as a small tribe at most. That was why Gu Changge wasn’t worried at all that anyone would link this place to him since no one would notice that something had happened to their ancestral burial site for a while. After all, who would suddenly come to check whether their ancestral burial sites were raided for no reason?


Even if this place was found, no one could tell the exact time when it got raided. After all, he wasn’t the only young prodigy wandering around the gathering spots of the natives here. His ultimate goal has always been the large tombs, where the celestial corpses were buried. These small tombs were just a convenient way for him to gather more ‘tomb-raiding’ experience. By the time someone notices, he should have already gone through several tombs, which would give him plenty of time and methods to pin all the blame on Ye Ling.


[It isn’t my fault that he chose to come all the way to the Celestial Ancient Continent. Even if the people around him can prove that he didn’t do any of this, it’s still pointless. To most cultivators, they will simply assume that all of this was done by the Successor of Demonic Arts, and Ye Ling just so happened to sneak in. It’s only reasonable for them to assume that the successor has an accomplice. That’s why there is no one better than Ye Ling to take the fall for me.] Thinking about it, Gu Changge became more and more intrigued. 


He soon left by avoiding the formations and casually looked around at the entrance of the ancestral burial site before disposing of the two bodies in hand. After all, they were beings of the Sacred King Realm, so it would be a shame if they went to waste.


The void in front of him became blurry as he walked into it, preparing to leave based on the path he took to come here. Since he had the previous experience of coming here, it was much safer for him to return without anyone noticing him. Not long after, Gu Changge’s body reappeared outside the ruins of the city on the mountain peak.


“Master Gu.” His group of followers that were hidden here quickly showed up to greet him.


“Did anything happen recently?” Gu Changge asked before taking the lead, turning into a rainbow and leaving the place.


[If my guesses were right, Gu Xianer must be having a rough time right about now. After offending a powerful force like the Ancient Sea Palace, no one else will want to help her other than Yue Mingkong. Well, it is about time for me to show up as her brother. I have been in the Celestial Ancient Continent for quite some time now, and I didn’t get to properly show off my powers. If this continues, some of the young prodigies will start to act up, and dare to not heed my words. No, no. That’s not it. Now that my sister is in trouble, does it count as showing off if I support her as her brother? Though, it is still true that I can use this opportunity to pressure the prodigies of this generation so that no idiot will get in my way.]


Behind him, the ferocious-looking follower suddenly caught up to him and reported, “Master Gu, during this period, lots of regions erupted in wars because divine items have appeared. It had caused competition between the natives and the young prodigies of the outside world. Other than that, Lady Xianer is being hunted down by the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family as well as many other young prodigies. Her situation at the moment isn’t looking too good… I heard that the Ancient Sea Family has used a large formation to trap her, locking down all sides of the world, making it difficult for her to escape.”


The expression on the ferocious-looking follower’s face remained cautious because he could tell that even though Gu Changge was always indifferent toward Gu Xianer, he still wanted to hear news about her. That was why he was afraid that Gu Changge would be angered after hearing that she was in danger. However, Gu Changge rarely revealed his emotions on his face, so the follower couldn’t guess what he was actually thinking inside. After reporting to him, the follower quietly stepped back behind him.


[Although the Fortuitous Lady has lots of opportunities, she also has a knack for offending others. However… this situation really surprises me. I can’t believe that the Ancient Sea Family has set up a large formation and even sent out several young prodigies to hunt her down. With her current ability, she should be able to deal with one or two of them, but anything more will be a struggle. Even though this counts as an intense training experience for her, according to her personality, I’m afraid that she won’t use her ace unless it is at the most critical moment. How foolish of her. How can she put aside such a powerful artifact and allow herself to suffer? The Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family… I’m always the one bullying others, so I’m surprised she actually dared to do this. It seems like she really has a death wish.]


In the meantime, Gu Changge squinted his eyes while looking intrigued. Then, the void around him became ever so blurry, as he accelerated his speed. [Gu Xianer is my punching bag after all, so I can’t allow her to be bullied by anyone else. Who does this Seventh Princess think she is?]



Meanwhile, inside the misty mountains, lightning flashed and crackled in rage like an ancient giant banging on a war drum. Gu Xianer stood tall in the mountains and looked ahead with an icy expression while her dress fluttered in the air.


“Sorry for all the trouble you have to go through just to hunt me down,” she uttered faintly.


At the moment, she was a little injured, but her breath gradually became stable and had calmed down.


The surroundings were full people from the Ancient Sea Family, as well as several young prodigies in the Early or Intermediate Honored King Realm.


She was not afraid in the slightest when facing all of them. She believed that was a high chance of defeating all of them. However, that was only if the Seventh Princess did not join the fight. If that happens, the battle would be one-sided, with Gu Xianer having no chance of winning at all. Her cultivation had only broken through to the Intermediate Honored Lord Realm, and although it wasn’t difficult for her to fight someone of higher cultivation than her, it would not be easy facing a young prodigy like the princess because the gap in ability would be narrowed down considerably. After all, young prodigies like her usually had great talent as well as many terrifying techniques.


Gu Xianer had lots of aces up her sleeves too, but that was something she intended to save for Gu Changge, or to use when she encountered some powerful enemies and was in grave danger of losing her life. At this moment, she still didn’t wish to use her aces in such a place, and even though she was in a critical situation, she still saw a glimmer of hope.


“Stop your nonsense. It’s time for you to pay for your murder!” A young prodigy with blonde hair shouted before making a move. He had the body of a huge golden fish with dragon bones. He had fine scales that seemed to be made out of gold, glowing brilliantly. After lifting his hand, he shot out pieces of runes like a rain of light, which was powerful and terrifying, flooding his front as if he could shoot down a star.


*Boom!* The mountains suddenly exploded into pieces, including the living being within, which were all obliterated by this one attack!


This one attack left many of the younger generation in shock. They questioned themselves whether they could block it even if they were in the same realm. This was the power of the young prodigies, and among the same generation, only other young prodigies had the ability to fight against them.


Meanwhile, there was also another young prodigy who made a move. She was a young woman from the Sea Serpent Clan. She had fish webbing on her arms and a small part of her face was covered in fish scales. The soundwave that she sent out was extremely tricky to deal with as it intertwined with the air like a divine light of various colors that could penetrate the clouds, break apart everything, and even injure their souls.


“I see that you only know how to bully the few with many.” Gu Xianer glared at the people in front of her. Even though she was being surrounded, her eyes still remained cold and full of unyielding loneliness. If her cultivation level was higher, she was confident that she could take on all these young prodigies by herself, or maybe… she was confident that no one in the same realm was a match for her except for Gu Changge. Of course, she wasn’t blindly confident but had a clear perception of her own abilities.


*Hum!* Suddenly, a dense multicolored light emerged from her body, and her Celestial Bone seemed to be pouring out a bright, dazzling celestial energy. In the middle, there seemed to be an immortal being sitting there, preparing to recover and suppress the world. At this moment, through transcendent means, Gu Xianer stood in the air and moved her fingers to kill the other two. At the same time, she raised her hand, and densely-packed chains of divine light struck out, created from various divine abilities.


This divine light was incomparably vast as it covered the sky, and was strong enough to blast away and crush every attack in front of it. After all, she was taught by the strange old masters of the Peach Village, granting her powerful abilities, and now, she was personally guided by the Grand Elder of Skyward Schloss. It was impossible for her not to have such advanced battle skills.


Immediately, a bell-like thumping sound blossomed in the void as the terrifying soundwave that were like fireworks dissolved in front of Gu Xianer’s eyes. In her mind, the shadow of a peach tree appeared, waving at the light and rain, while every flower seemed to contain the power of the Primordial Spirit.


This was Tao Yao’s Primordial Spirit Technique, which was powerful yet mysterious, like a thousand indestructible hammers.


With this one attack, the spell of the young female prodigy from the Ancient Sea Family got obliterated.





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