I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 132, Praising My Intelligence, Bringing More Hate to Gu Changge


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*Boom!* With a cold sharp gaze, a pair of wings made out of light appeared behind Gu Xianer as she quickly approached them. She clenched her tiny delicate hand into a fist. The power condensed in it was astonishing. Just like a ferocious beast, the pale golden force that was blasted out penetrated everything.


“What…” The young female prodigy from the Sea Serpent Clan was stunned. She didn’t expect Gu Xianer to suddenly show up right in front of her at such a speed. It was so shocking that it felt as though Gu Xianer had teleported directly in front of her.


*Poof!* The young female prodigy quickly used her spells to block Gu Xianer punch by turning the fish webbing on her arms into sharp knives that could slice through anything. However, at the next moment, the cracking sound of bones was heard. With a scream, the young female prodigy was sent flying backward with eyes full of shock and disbelief. Both her arms, which she had used for defending, were blown apart by Gu Xianer’s one punch. As soon as the tiny fist landed on her body, it almost blew apart half of her body.


This scene caused many nearby cultivators to take a deep breath. Even though this little girl dressed in green looked weak, her strength was astonishing.


“This will be a bit difficult…” The young prodigy that was the first to make his move just now furrowed his brows. He couldn’t help but take a few steps back. His cultivation was much stronger than Gu Xianer, but he didn’t feel as though his strike was effective at all. He felt a sense of shock and frustration. As a Middle to Upper Class young prodigy, he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t able to defeat this little girl.


The young female prodigy who attacked along with him, now had a hole in her body, with blood pouring out like a waterfall.


After blasting away the two of them, Gu Xianer didn’t let her guard down. Her face became more and more solemn because the mist around her was too dense, as if it was endless. The place was filled with ancient formations and patterns laid down by the Ancient Sea Family. It blocked out the sky in all directions, which made the terrain more advantageous for them.


In the sky, a blue figure rushed forward while riding a golden war horse. She stood proudly on the edge of the sky with eyes full of cold and contempt as she chillingly scolded, “Useless!”


Her aura was simply too strong. Even though her figure didn’t look tall, she was still more astonishing than the other members of the Ancient Sea Family, who also stood on the edge of the sky that were as tall as hills. In her hand, she had a lance covered in golden light, exposing a dignified aura that was of the Peak Honored King Realm. The Seventh Princess chose not to make a move herself as she stood still like a hunter with cold teasing eyes, waiting and watching the game of cat and mouse.


“Take her down!” She gave another order, but still remained motionless. She wished to fill Gu Xianer with torture and despair. It was to calm down the anguish she felt of losing her little brother. If she didn’t kill the girl before her, she would never be at peace, knowing that she could not avenge her brother.


“Damn it! How dare you destroy my body!” The young woman prodigy from the Sea Serpent Clan was furious and scared at the same time. Seeing that her body got almost blown apart, she tried to heal herself from afar by reshaping her body. She had underestimated Gu Xianer’s strength. She didn’t expect her physical body to be no match against her, so she suffered quite a lot. Soon, she rushed toward Gu Xianer again with a gloomy face.


At the same time, the other young male prodigy had transformed back to his true form, filled with murderous intent. His fish body shook the sky, as it emitted a terrifying sound that shook the land. In an instant, thousands of dense lights were turned into blue runes and into a thunderous fog which engulfed Gu Xianer. A battle erupted, and a violent energy storm burst out like an exploding star. Under such fluctuations, many of the cultivators knew that they would not be able to bear it. Without a choice, they could only retreat further away to avoid the outburst.


“Not only is she fighting against two opponents at the same time, she even has the upper hand. This little girl in green is really powerful. No wonder she can kill waves of people sent by the Ancient Sea Family…”


“But sadly, she offended someone that she couldn’t afford to offend.”


The many young talents nearby were shocked, and some felt sorry for her. Meanwhile, there were some who were gloating over her demise.


*Pff!* Finally, under the combined attack of the two young prodigies as well as the help of the other Ancient Sea Families, Gu Xianer’s face turned pale as she spewed out a mouthful of blood. Just like a kite that was cut off from its string, her slender body fell straight into the mountains.


“Kill her!”


“She is injured. This is our chance!”


A group of elites from the Ancient Sea Family began to cheer while the eyes of the two young prodigies lit up. They were ready to take Gu Xianer down by using their strongest means.


*Boom!* All of a sudden, the place was enveloped by a diffused light. Under such blinding light, all of the cultivators couldn’t help but close their eyes.


“Now is the time…” Right at this moment, Gu Xianer, who flew back up, suddenly had a hint of success in her eyes as she watched the group of people coming to kill her. The moment she paused stopped moving, a golden rune emerged in her hand with surging fluctuations. It was a bright sword made out of light illed with murderous intent.


Even though it wasn’t her ace, it was still an artifact she obtained when robbing someone, and it contained the attack of a being in the True Enlightened Realm. Now that it had erupted in front of everyone, it immediately stunned those from the Ancient Sea Family, causing many to collapse instantly and have their bodies split apart.


“What a sly girl. More of a reason why she can’t be kept alive!” Suddenly, the Seventh Princess let out a cold grunt. She was on her golden war horse, staring closely at the golden sword in Gu Xianer’s hand.


*Whoosh!* the Seventh Princess waved her hand and a golden spear cut through the sky, piercing a hole in the void in one go.


*Poof!* While stunned, Gu Xianer quickly used a powerful defensive magic weapon to protect herself. Even so, she could still feel her body tremble while her face turned pale and bloodless. Even the golden sword in her hand was instantly shattered to pieces just as she was about to activate it.


“Amazing! And that was just a casual strike from her!”


“How powerful! She definitely can slaughter someone in the True Enlightened Realm!”


Seeing the attack from the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family, everyone afar was in shock. Some even had their legs trembling in fear while almost passing out. The Ancient Sea Palace was the absolute dominant force of the Endless Sea, ruling over many Ancient Sea Families, and the Seventh Princess was said to have the might of an immortal. Before this, no one had ever seen her before, but now, every cultivator was left startled by her powers.


[Isn’t it just a rumor that she has the might of an immortal? Among the many young prodigies, who else has broken through to the Peak Honored King Realm at this age? Her one casual strike contains a power comparable to someone in the True Enlightened Realm! I don’t think the Young Master of the Gu Family, who is said to be an Avatar of a True Immortal, is this powerful, right!?]


As a young prodigy, Gu Changge was initially seen to be one of the best, but the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Palace was clearly the best of the best. Therefore, the weak and slender little girl in green was definitely no match for her. However, it had to be noted that the little girl was surrounded and hunted down by many members of the Ancient Sea Family for days on end. Her cultivation was no longer at its peak, so this battle was clearly unfair. Not only that, none was willing to go up and help her, which left her to face the Seventh Princess, who had an army of followers, alone.


[How can she fight in this state? This is pure bullying!]


At that moment, many young men couldn’t help but feel sorry for that little girl in green. Looking at the cold expression and blood tainted on her pale delicate face, they felt a sense of pity. No matter where or what, a beautiful face would always play a huge factor.


“Haaa… if only I’m strong enough to go up and save her, maybe…” A young prodigy couldn’t help but shake his head.


“I heard that she’s surnamed Gu. However, seeing that Young Master Gu hasn’t appeared, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to get involved in this.”


“Rumor has it that she has a complicated relationship with Young Master Gu. No one knows whether they have a grudge between them or not, so many disciples of Skyward Schloss don’t dare to help her.”


“That’s right! What if they offended Young Master Gu and were not able to please both sides? That would be a terrible situation to be in.”


Many cultivators began to whisper on the mountain peaks nearby. Each had their own opinion on the situation, but most felt an incomparable sense of lament.


[It isn’t because that little girl isn’t strong. It’s merely because she lacks the time for more growth. Otherwise, it isn’t possible for her to have a winning chance against the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family in the future?] 


Everyone felt sorry for Gu Xianer inside their hearts.


“Even though you are still young, your mind is already cunning and cruel! That is why you cannot be kept alive!” the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family uttered coldly and rode on the golden war horse while the golden spear landed back in her hand. Her group of followers, including the two young prodigies, retreated in shame as they almost fell into Gu Xianer’s trap just now.


If not for the Seventh Princess’ sudden strike, they would have come back severely injured, if not dead. Thinking about it, they couldn’t help but glare at Gu Xianer with gloomy eyes. In front of so many people, not only were they unable to capture a little girl whose cultivation was inferior to theirs, they almost got themselves killed. Total embarrassment filled their hearts with rage as they couldn’t wait to fight a hundred more rounds with Gu Xianer just to kill her.


“Oh? You’re saying that you can’t keep me alive? I see that you are no better than me either. You are just someone who abuses her power to bully others.” Gu Xianer flew up from below and spoke in a flat tone. She stood in the sky with her barefoot, which was fairer than snow. Her hair was fluttering in the wind, creating an illusion as if she was the most perfect angel created in heaven. Not only was she full of celestial energy, she also had the aura of a Daoist. Even though she was young, she looked gorgeous, just like a beautiful immortal flower standing in the void.


In the meantime, she heard all the whispers from the cultivators around her. At this moment, she seemed to be very calm, and although she had a trace of blood trailing down a corner of her lips, she didn’t feel scared at all. When she recalled her masters’ words, all kinds of thoughts came to mind, and she still managed to calm herself down. If worse came to worst, she had no choice but to use those precious magic weapons of hers. However, thinking about it, she couldn’t help but feel that it was a little wasteful given her greedy nature. For some reason, she began to put all the blame on Gu Changge again.


“Bullying others? That’s interesting.” The Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Palace also remained calm. It was as if she already had Gu Xianer in the palm of her hand. So, she wasn’t in a hurry to kill her. Instead, her eyes were filled with ridicule and mockery.


“If you are not relying on the fact that your cultivation level is higher than mine, there’s no way you can defeat me.” Gu Xianer flatly replied.


“Is there a problem with me killing you because my cultivation level is higher?” Listening to her, the Seventh Princess couldn’t help but sneer, as if she had just heard a joke.


“Don’t worry. As long as you don’t allow me to surpass you one day.” Gu Xianer also looked at her calmly.


“There won’t be any chance of that happening. No one will come to save you today. Little girl, did you ever think about this when you killed my little brother?” Hearing her words, the Seventh Princess remembered the scene she saw when she looked into the soul of a beast. It had caused her eyes to turn icy cold. Her little brother was brutally murdered by this little girl in front of her. As his body collapsed, she could even hear the screams of his Primordial Spirit being obliterated. Thinking about it now, she realized that Gu Xianer’s methods were far too cruel.


However, Gu Xianer later replied. “He deserves to die.”


There were some regrets before since it was a reckless act, but now, her mind was clear. [With a sister like her, and a personality like his, it’s only a matter of time before he gets killed by someone.]


“How dare you…” Listening to her, the Seventh Princess grew colder while her eyes darkened. As the cold descended upon her body, it made her seem even more gloomy and twisted. The followers that knew her well, knew how much she loved her little brother. That she always wanted to bring him to the Celestial Ancient Continent to search for opportunities together. However, unexpectedly, a moment of carelessness ended up with him getting murdered. That was why the Seventh Princess was so furious. She wouldn’t allow Gu Xianer to die so easily so that she could make her suffer.


“You’ve hunted me down for so long. Do you only now dare to kill me when I stand in front of you?” Gu Xianer asked with a hint of tease in her voice.


“I know that your surname is Gu, and you are the disciple of the Grand Elder of Skyward Schloss, but it doesn’t matter to me. Who else can stop me if I want to kill you?” The Seventh Princess sneered as she looked at Gu Xianer like an idiot who doesn’t know what situation she was in. [Why is she still so calm? Could it be? She has something up her sleeves? I’m the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family, so it’ll be easy for me to just kill her. A life for a life is the natural rule in this expedition to the Celestial Ancient Continent.]


“If you kill me, my brother, Gu Changge, will not let you go this easily too. You will die a more painful death than me.” At this moment, Gu Xianer became more and more calm as she simply brought Gu Changge into the conversation. [I’ll just attract more hatred toward Gu Changge. If everything goes against my plan later, I’ll just use the artifact to break through space and escape. Besides, I don’t feel guilty throwing him into a pit of spears. I know that he doesn’t care about me anyway, so why should I hold any hope at this point?]


“Gu Changge… Are you really going to mention him?” The Seventh Princess didn’t expect Gu Xianer to say such words at this moment, so she couldn’t help but giggle. “Do you really think I don’t know that there is actually a deep grudge between you and him? Do you actually think he cares whether you live or die? Even if he shows up, it won’t change anything. I’m not afraid of him. In fact, I would like to see if he really is the Avatar of a True Immortal.” The eyes of the Seventh Princess were completely cold. From her words, one could tell that she had already seen through Gu Xianer’s act. If it wasn’t because she wanted to slowly fill Gu Xianer with despair, she wouldn’t have talked so much nonsense with her.


Listening to her, Gu Xianer also let out a chuckle and calmly stated, “You are just an outsider. Why are you so confident about your understanding of my relationship with Gu Changge? If you dare touch me, you will definitely be killed by that good brother of mine. You can try if you don’t believe me. He is being held up at the moment because of some matter. Otherwise, he would have rushed here long ago…”


She couldn’t help but give herself credit for her wits.




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