I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 133, How Bold of You, Years in a Pool of Stool


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Gu Xianer spoke rather casually.


Especially with that carefree expression of hers, she seemed as if she had the upper hand. Of course, only she alone knew the truth. She couldn’t help but feel gloomy deep inside, hoping what she claimed was honestly true.


Nonetheless, given how she dragged Gu Changge into this situation, it was only reasonable that he would ignore her. Besides, his current whereabouts was unknown. He was most likely seizing opportunities somewhere in the vast land of the continent. Thus, her life and death should bore no importance to him .


With that in mind, Gu Xianer feigned utmost dispassion as she shot the Seventh Princess a glare as if she was about to annihilate all of her forces.


“I pity you fools. If Gu Changge were to know about you hunting me down, every single one of you would be dead. Every single one. Hell, do you think achieving the Peak Honoured King Realm is really that strong? You might give me a hard time, but to Gu Changge? You’re less than a bug that he can easily squash under his feet.” Gu Xianer blandly stated.


She sounded as if she was merely voicing a description, but at the same time, flaunting the might of her brother to the crowd. Simultaneously, it was as though she, as a sister, was feigning admiration for her brother. 


In reality, she was anticipating the timing for her to break the seal with her forbidden weapon. She would sneak out while drawing all the loathing towards Gu Changge. She was aware that the Seventh Princess was no foe when against the mighty Gu Changge. Though, she might have over-exaggerated his strength.


Upon saying words, a great disturbance spread out to the numerous youths who now revealed a confused frown. Especially disciples of Skyward Schloss. They recalled back in Skyward Schloss, Gu Xianer’s relationship with Gu Changge was indeed extremely complicated, and none of them could fathom the nature of their siblinghood.


“Are they frankly as fond of each other as she claims?” One of the disciples was stunned as he felt a strange sensation. With how Gu Xianer casually stated those things, the crowd couldn’t tell if she was speaking the truth.


“Less than bugs, is it? Guess I’ll have to see that for myself.” Initially, the Seventh Princess was considering whether to give Gu Xianer more time to toture her, but now, she was no longer hesitant as coldness and rage surged in her heart. 


With how she, having bore the might of an immortal ever since she was a child, was being degraded to be less than bugs, rage filled every fiber of her being. Her urge to crush this babbling,smug little girl intensified.


“Since you wish to die so badly, I shall fulfil that wish of yours!] Murderous intent surged in her heart as she charged towards Gu Xianer on her golden battle horse.


*Zoom!* Once again, the golden battle horse galloped in Gu Xianer’s direction. Its deafening clops resembled the sound of chaos amidst a war that knew no end. Where the clouds were dispersed by the Ancient Sea Formation, a grand bridge beaconed through the thick snowy mists towards the skies.


*Boom!* At once, every cultivator nearby was dumbfounded, flabbergasted by the full might of the Seventh Princess, whose aura was extremely dominating.


“This is bad…”Gu Xianer muttered with a subtly pale grimace. In response, she cast a powerful Spell, and instantly, celestial energy surged around her body and formed an enormous bell that shook the sky. With each strike, the sound of the bell thundered through heaven, as if everything was about to collapse.


*Boom!* Explosions broke out throughout the mountains as they turned into dust and were brought to ruin.


“God-like! How God-like!”


“Perhaps the Seventh Princess will not be able to find any rivals among the young prodigies… With her strength, it won’t be an issue wiping out her peers…”


The audience were thoroughly stunned by the terrifying anomaly floating in the air.


“Ahh…” The next second, the enormous bell exploded, which had sent Gu Xianer flying away like a kite without its sting. She was followed by a trail of blood splashing in the air. Her technique was indeed formidable, but it turned out that she was nothing compared to the Seventh Princess.


Evidently, things had gotten out of Gu Xianer’s hands, especially with the Seventh Princess. Who, out of anger, was drawing all her earth-shattering attacks.


“Die!” Seated on her saddle, the Seventh Princess snickered as she glared at Gu Xianer. Her lance was shining with godly light.


“Guess I’m left with no choice…” With her face completely pale, she felt her blood gushing up her throat before spewing it out. Never did she expect the Seventh Princess to suddenly charge at her. Such aggression could only mean that she was provoked into a frenzied rage.


*Zoom!* At that moment, the Seventh Princess, once again, drew her hands as she gazed at Gu Xianer with her ever so murderous eyes. She apathetically screamed, “Now die! The world has no place for disastrous trash like you!”


*Boom!” Instantaneously, the surrounding massive mountains disintegrated. The cultivators far away were damaged by the shockwave, puking a mouthful of blood.


Gu Xianer’s grew even paler. Right as she was about to resort to her ultimate move, she found herself dumbfounded, standing idly like a fool. In disbelief, she mumbled, “Gu Changge… How is this possible…”


Despite having returned to her senses, she could only stare at the unbelievable dreamlike scenario in front of her.


Out of nowhere, a ripple occurred high in the sky, whence a young man in white walked out of. His eyes were icy yet calm. Upon his appearance, a frightening storm followed as golden lights formed a beacon that was to spike through to the sky.


*Boom!* A golden palm, immensely solid, surged from the sky and struck the ground as though it was a hand sent forth by the Gods. Filled with intensity, the palm bore irresistible might one must bow down to.


In fact, it was a demonstration of a spell. Although it seemed like the hand of a god, it was actually a creation of the Force of Law. It was the notorious, signature Spell of the Immortal Gu Family, Palm of the Gods.


A loud crash erupted causing a massive earthquake. The golden lance trembled, as it held back against an attack that could annihilate all lives, which seem to harbour limitless power. At the same time, the golden horse let out an agonised whine.


*Thump!* Fresh vibrant blood splashed in the air.


“How could this be…” The Seventh Princess’ arms violently shook as the terrorizing force almost shattered them. The excruciating pain brought a grimace to her face. If it weren’t for her Talent, the Runed Bone, that protected her, half of her body would have been gone. Her face was filled with dread, shock, and dismay.


*Boom!* As the golden palm landed, golden beams shot everywhere and the land was turned into gigantic potholes. Mountains were destroyed while smoke and dust wafted towards the sky. Unable to escape, cultivators that were merely observing the battle were incidentally hit by the palm, turning into mincemeat.


“How bold of you to touch my possession.” Reverberating through the sky was a voice so calm yet it managed to silence the entire region. All of the remaining cultivators were instilled with utmost fear and panic. They could only peer at the figure that walked out of the void.


“Hail the Successor!” Dazed, the disciples of Skyward Schloss across the mountains hastily paid their respects as they were stupefied by the immensity of his power.


Naturally, they recognized the young man who drew his hands out of nowhere. It was none other than the Successor of Skyward Schloss, Gu Changge himself!


The Seventh Princess was in the Peak Honoured King Realm and was fatally injured by the palm. Her battle horse had exploded into a mist of blood, and her arms were drenched with blood. Her face was incomparably white as with all the blood she had lost. 


What happened was just too shocking. Just a few moments ago, when she was riding in the sky, her daunting aura, her overbearing aggression, her overwhelming presence, as well as her cold, murderous intensity towards Gu Xianer were perceived as a gesture of relentless power. It had left the hearts of cultivators watching palpitating. 


However, now that she was beaten off the sky with a single palm, she realised that Gu Xianer’s description of her brother was proven true. The Seventh Princess could do nothing to defend herself.


As such, everyone was in dismay. [J-just how powerful is he? Is it really as Gu Xianer said?]


Seeing the dramatic event, those from the Ancient Sea Family immediately surrounded the Seventh Princess to protect her as they cautiously gazed at Gu Changge.


Despite the sealing of the Ancient Sea Formation, Gu Changge was able to sneak it. That alone showed how unimaginably powerful he was. On top of that, their heads were still blank, ringing from the mind blowing event. It would take some time for them to regain their senses.


The Seventh Princess, who bore the might of an immortal, had never been this miserable. Falling to any of her peers was something she could have never imagined. As Gu Changge’s fame suggested, he was absolutely powerful so everyone had to keep their guards up.


“Interesting.” Appearing high up in the sky, Gu Changge looked at the Seventh Princess who bore immense resentment at him. Standing not far away, he blandly asked, “So here I am, but why the long face? Perhaps you dare to only bully my sister?”


His eyes were calm yet frighteningly petrifying. The Seventh Princess couldn’t help but feel intimidated as her abhorrence for him grew even deeper. Although her injuries had healed, the pain that persisted in her body remained a reminder to her. Certainly, Gu Changge’s sudden attack took her by surprise, but that only proved how competent Gu Changge was. As such, she revealed a frown as hatred filled her heart while she trembled.


According to her investigation, there was definitely a grudge between Gu Xianer and Gu Changge. It even involved a huge secret of the Immortal Gu Family. [But why is he here to save her? Are things really as Gu Xianer said?]


“I approve of your strength, Gu Changge, but do not think for a moment that you’re undefeatable! There’s no telling who would fall short in a fight for life and death.” Immediately, coldness flashed across the face of the Seventh Princess as she straightforwardly spoke. Simultaneously, runes surged around her golden lance, gleaming with otherworldly lights. She was expressing her attitude, her willingness to fight it out with zero fear.


As a prodigy among prodigies, she would not surrender under such circumstances. Likewise, she would not back out of a fight. Otherwise, both her dignity and mind would be gravely scarred. In her eyes, although Gu Changge was definitely powerful, her chance of defeating him wasn’t non-existent.


In the meantime, Gu Xianer, who finally regained her consciousness, flew to the sky in a daze. She had a face filled with disbelief. Never once did she expect Gu Changge to actually appear. Thus, her thoughts swirled as she was at loss for words. Confusion, joy, excitement, thrill. A combination of emotions left her distressed.


Nevertheless, she managed to keep cool on the outside, though her mind remained perturbed. She did not expect Gu Changge to really show up at such a crucial moment to defend her. There was a sense of security that surged in her heart. It made her subtly blush. After all, the words she had spoken to the cultivators attracted resentment towards him, so Gu Changge, who was hiding among the crowd, might have heard her. Thus, judging by his personality, he would surely chortle at those words before making a joke out of her.


Naturally, Gu Changge noticed Gu Xianer who was behind him. However, now was no time to tend to her. In fact, he had been in the region for quite a while. It was just that he decided to continue hiding within the void instead of showing himself. He was waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so. Or else, without the tension being built up, his appearance would be meaningless.


Back when he heard Gu Xianer make those complacent claims, he was, too, somewhat dazed. He didn’t expect her to resort to such a measure to make him a public menace. Although the Seventh Princess being from the Ancient Sea Palace meant nothing to him, he was genuinely considering confining Gu Xianer in a pool of faeces for a few years.




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