I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 144, Stand Still, I’ll Come and Kill You


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


“Long Teng? Who is he? Is he really going to challenge Gu Changge by himself? What a rare sight.”


*Splash!* A waterfall fell from the sky. In the meantime, Gu Xianer sat on the side of a boulder. She lifted her skirt and dipped her delicate little feet into the water. She wiggled her feet, seemingly in leisure. From time to time, she would glance at a group of red-eyed black apes not too far away as she wondered what was going on in the tiny heads of theirs.


Then, she furrowed her delicate brows slightly and murmured to herself, “I’m surprised that an evil person like Gu Changge would have something like this happening to him…”


Naturally, when she found out about the news, she was a little startled since it was always Gu Changge looking for trouble with others and not the other way around. However, after coming back to her senses, she couldn’t help but feel pity for the man named Long Teng. Ever since she witnessed Gu Changge’s strength that day, she didn’t think that anyone in the younger generation was his match. Unless she herself became stronger, no one else had a chance against him.


“Hong, are you sure that the Eight Sacred Plantain is about to ripen?” Gu Xianer asked.


‘Hong’ was referring to the big red bird with drooping eyelids next to her. Hong had an extraordinary gift of finding treasures, and it helped her a lot along the way. That was why she heeded its words and waited here for the Eight Sacred Plantain to ripen, but in the end, she encountered a group of red-eyed black apes staring at her warily, as if she was a thief.


Looking at them, she felt a little exasperated. [Am I not even allowed to walk past here and stop to admire the beautiful scenery?]


Seeing that Hong was ignoring her, she didn’t care much and continued talking to herself, “Actually, I still hope to see Gu Changge get defeated, but sadly, I heard that Long Teng is only about to break through to the True Enlightened Realm. Seeing how treacherous Gu Changge is, I’m afraid that he isn’t a match for him even if he broke through to the Enlightened Noble Realm.”


She thought for a long while before concluding that Gu Changge’s known cultivation was probably just a smokescreen. Her vision far surpassed everyone else’s, especially under the guidance of her several masters. Thus, she knew many hidden secrets that her peers could never understand. 


When Gu Changge was just a child, his cultivation had already far exceeded his peers, so it was possible that the cultivation he currently displayed was just the tip of the iceberg. At that time, the powers hidden within his terrifying swordplay shocked her. Due to that, she even suspected that Gu Changge had already broken through to the Sacred Realm.


“It seems like there’s still a long way until I can exact my revenge. Why don’t I head over and see what happens? Gu Changge is always ruthless toward his opponents, so I wonder how miserable Long Teng will end up…”


Thinking about it, she got up and grabbed the big red bird before placing it on her shoulder. She then transformed into a rainbow and left the place. Even though the Eight Sacred Plantain was an extremely rare item, in her heart, she really wanted to see Gu Changge fight against someone else. 


During this period, the scene that day kept on popping up in her mind. At that time, a figure suddenly fell from the sky and covered her. Even though the figure wasn’t very tall, he was very solid and left her heart at ease, as if there was nothing to worry about, even if the sky collapsed. She didn’t want to admit it but she was actually finding an excuse to see Gu Changge. [Let’s see how that Long Teng will end up after clamoring so arrogantly.]


Then, the big red bird couldn’t help but glance at her with a look as if to say, ‘Haa.. she’s a woman after all…’



During this period, there was a huge uproar on all sides of the Celestial Ancient Continent. As the leader of the young generation of the Indegenious People, Long Teng moved around to look for Gu Changge in various places with a large number of followers. Hearing the ridicule the outside world cultivators had toward him, he couldn’t help but feel enraged. This had resulted in the cruel deaths of many young prodigies. Because of this, many from the outside world were angered and joined forces to spontaneously fight against the natives together. However, based on their abilities and the strength of the young native cultivators, they were not something that the average young prodigy could be compared to. Therefore, it was inevitable that they suffered a huge loss.


Many young prodigies got injured, and some even got ambushed, even the number of followers they had greatly decreased. The result shocked the cultivators of the outside world, and many people began to realize the truth behind this expedition. Even though the Celestial Ancient Continent contained many opportunities, it was also the most dangerous place in the world. Among the dangers, the most deadly ones were the young natives. The young elites led by Long Teng were so powerful that even the young prodigies of the outside world had to suffer a loss.


However, some cultivators soon noticed that Gu Changge, the other party in question, finally appeared after many days. He also brought a large number of followers with him and were slaughtered their way through an area. This caused many natives to get killed by his followers along the way.


All of a sudden, there was a huge uproar within the Celestial Ancient Continent. Whether it was the cultivators of the outside world or the natives, everyone began to focus their eyes on the upcoming battle between Gu Changge and Long Teng. Both of their identities were considered to be opposite of each other, each being the representative of their respective younger generation.


On a mountain peak, Gu Changge stood with his hands clasped behind him as the clouds began to surge. His hair was as light as feathers while his robe fluttered in the wind.


“Master Gu, we received information that Long Teng is now in the east. He has seven followers that are in the Partial-Enlightened Realm. His other followers are only in the Honored King Realm. None of them are in the Honored Lord Realm.” A ferocious-looking follower respectfully reported to him.


Listening to his follower’s report behind him, Gu Changge gave a nod and thoughtfully said. “Is that all he got? I want you to send out a message. Tell him to stand still and not move. I’ll come over now and kill him. I have his little sister in my hands, so if he doesn’t want her to die, don’t run away.” 


He spoke with a faint smile on his face. There were many natives apprehended behind him, and they were all clamoring for Long Teng to come and kill Gu Changge. Since the other party had received this piece of news, he was now rushing over to Gu Changge.


“Yes, Master Gu.” After receiving his orders, the ferocious-looking follower did not dare to doubt Gu Changge’s orders and immediately transformed into a rainbow and left.


Hearing his words, the natives suppressed behind him started to shout with displeasure. “Gu Changge, don’t be too complacent! Master Long Teng will come and save us.”


One of them was Long Nu, who had a dragon’s horn on her head. She had a pretty face and thin delicate lips, but her face instantly turned pale when she heard his words. She was Long Teng’s little sister. The one Gu Changge had mentioned just now. She fervently worships her brother. She even took the initiative to lead some of her people to search for Gu Changge so that she could kill him for Long Teng.


Not only that, there were rumors that she helped Long Teng look for many prodigal damsels, and Yue Mingkong was one of them. That was why Gu Changge summoned a group of followers after he left the Black Hawk Family. As soon as he received information about her, and her plans, he immediately set out to block her path and slaughtered all her followers.


“Gu Changge, if you dare lay your hands on me, Master Long Teng will never forgive you. If anything happens to me, all of you will die. Even if Master Long Teng has a liking toward your fiancee, she won’t get away either…” Long Nu, who was frightened by Gu Changge’s cruel methods over the past few days, stuttered in fear. At this point, she only wanted to use Long Teng’s name to scare him after hearing what Gu Changge had said.


Listening to her, Gu Changge furrowed his brows and flatly ordered, “Cut out her tongue.”


When looking at such a weak-minded and ignorant person, he couldn’t wait to kill her with one slap, but since he wanted to leave a surprise for Long Teng, he chose not to kill her. [I’ll make him pay for coveting my woman.]


“Yes, Master Gu.” Immediately, one of his followers pulled out a dagger.


“You wouldn’t dare…” Long Nu was shocked and horrified. She was in utter disbelief. She kept on shouting, but she couldn’t move at all while she was being suppressed. The next moment, her eyes were filled with fear and hatred as the dagger fell. Suddenly, blood splattered everywhere and the mountain became a lot quieter.


The other natives were so terrified that their faces had turned pale. Over the past few days, Gu Changge had slaughtered them for various reasons. Some of them were killed on the spot just because they were hungry. After they returned to their original form, they were skinned and boned before having their meat roasted.


This scene alone really frightened everyone, so now, they didn’t even dare to take a deep breath. Even though the young man in front of them looked dashing and elegant, his methods were much crueler than anyone they had seen before. Now, even Long Teng’s little sister had her tongue cut out, which was extremely terrifying.

*Boom!* Then, rainbows began to fill the sky as the bright light formed an intimidating aura. Gu Changge was leading his followers to where Long Teng was, and on the way, many cultivators were shocked to witness the scene, but most of them felt excited. Hearing that Gu Changge had taken the initiative to go kill Long Teng, everyone followed him from behind without hesitation.


It immediately caused a stir.


Many of the young prodigies knew of Gu Changge’s strength, and were surprised that he was ruthlessly doing such a thing. A lot of Long Teng’s followers had been directly captured by him so that Long Teng would stay still for him to kill. All of a sudden, the many young prodigies who felt frustrated and gloomy from being thwarted by the young natives over the past few days, had such negative emotions swept away!


“It seems like Brother Gu is really planning on fighting Long Teng. I’m quite excited about this.”


Between the mountains, Ye Langtian and his followers were in a rush. He revealed an excited smile after hearing the news.


At another place, the lonely Successor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan, Peng Fei, turned into a series of golden light as he headed toward the same direction.


Meanwhile, the young prodigy of the Immortal Wang Family, Wang Wushuang, also rushed to the scene.


There were also the young prodigies of the Undead Lake Clan and other factions who were excited about the fight.


At the moment, every cultivator in the Celestial Ancient Continent were stunned after hearing Gu Changge’s threat to Long Teng. The way he told him to stay put so that he could kill him had a playful sense of confidence and dominance, which filled the outsider young generation with excitement and passion. After all, during this period of getting ambushed by the natives, they felt aggrieved that they had to flee.


Everyone one was now getting excited. Even numerous natives were startled, as if a huge storm was coming. After all, no one has ever dared to say such words to Long Teng, unless they had a death wish.



Meanwhile, on a mountain peak, a young man stood tall bearing dragon scales and horns. He had endless runes and lights flowing around him, which exuded a strong aura. One couldn’t see his true body clearly because it was wrapped in radiant dragon texts that were profound yet powerful. His body seemed to contain endless stars as well as a terrifying aura.


He was none other than Long Teng, who stood tall on the spot like a young True Dragon. With a gloomy face, his frightening aura seemed to oppress and engulf everything around him, giving his followers the irresistible urge of kneeling and bowing down to him.


“It seems like Master Long Teng is livid. That young man named Gu Changge is too arrogant! I don’t think anyone had ever dared to speak to Master Long Teng like that.”


“Damn him. How dare he ask Master Long Teng to stand there for him to kill!?”


“How outrageous! When has Master Long Teng been belittled by anyone!? Let alone a human from the outside world…”


All of Long Teng’s followers were enraged since they were the ones searching for Gu Changge over the past few days. But now that he had appeared, he immediately put the word out that he was about to come kill Long Teng, which was simply more arrogant than Long Teng himself.


“How dare he threaten me! Fine! I’ll make him regret what he said! What an ignorant ant! Then I’ll wait for him here. Let’s see if he dares come.” Long Teng finally spoke with ever-changing eyes that were frighteningly cold. His voice was dripping with gloom and murderous intent. 


Before all this, he never expected to be this infuriated. To hear someone dared to belittle and threaten him like this, as if he would escape. How could Long Teng, who was always arrogant and always saw himself as the best, endure such humiliation? Even though this might be a part of the enemy’s plan, he still couldn’t help but feel livid. If it was an ordinary person who said it, he might not have cared because he didn’t think much of the opinions of an ant. However, this threat was given to him after he swore to kill Gu Changge. This meant that Gu Changge was not afraid of him, even displaying a more arrogant and emphatic attitude than him while ruthlessly killing many of his followers that he had sent out.


Thinking about it, Long Teng found it difficult to calm down. He wanted to torture Gu Changge to death with his own hands and snatch his woman away in front of him!


“Feel free to come over and die!” Soon, Long Teng sent out word that he was waiting here for Gu Changge to come and die.


The response between the two of them caused an even bigger uproar. Suddenly, many natives and young prodigies from the outside world came rushing here, causing the nearby mountains to be filled with a large number of figures, which could be described as a sea of people.


Silavin: According to the author, I think Long Nu is a plot hole. Suppose to be a follower, now a sister. Worse, she wants to breed with her brother. Even her appearance is described to be beautiful while the original past chapter states that she is ordinary looking (which I changed).




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