I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 145, Painfully Embarrassing, What a Couple


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


*Whoosh!* A series of rainbows came from all directions. In just a short period of time, many people began to gather around the mountain peaks as they rushed all the way here after hearing the news. It was extremely lively. Some could not even hold back the urge to start a verbal dispute, which ultimately ended with a fight. For a moment, radiant lights intertwined in the sky while all kinds of dazzling artifacts came flying from all directions.


*Boom!* Suddenly, a huge area of the mountain ranges and ancient trees collapsed as dust filled the air.


“Who does Long Teng think he is? I think he should take a long look at his brain and wait while our Young Master Changge comes to kill him.” Some young prodigies started to mock Long Teng as they fearlessly started a heated argument with the natives.


“The strength of Master Long Teng isn’t something you can imagine! Gu Changge will die today!” Some of the natives shouted back and the two sides began to fight. As their eyes turned red with murderous intent, all kinds of blood were splattered everywhere as well as corpses. 


To the east were the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent in various forms. There were blonde girls with wings, old hags, strong men with arms covered with scales, and giant men with bull horns. All of them had cold expressions and powerful auras. After rushing out from the depths of the mountains, they stared coldly at the group of young people that came from the outside world.


To the west were the young leaders from each faction and immortal sect, such as Ye Langtian, who was covered in a golden divine light, and Wang Wushuang, who had mist lingering around him…


All of them were also staring back at the natives with cold gazes.


As bright lights filled the sky, more and more people started to gather, and from time to time, there would be whispers flying around. Even though many knew what they might get involved in, they still rushed to this place to witness a huge event that would shock the entire Celestial Ancient Continent. Many now had their eyes focused on a mountain peak far away. There was a singular aura of a terrifying figure with dragon texts covering his body, which was enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.


It was Long Teng!


Behind him, his followers remained silent with cold expressions, as if they were cold-blooded warriors that had been through millions of conquests. 


Long Teng’s aura showed him to be in the Peak Partial-Enlightened Realm, which showcased that he was just like a young True Dragon. Everyone could feel the frightening sense of oppression that he was exuding, causing the expressions of Ye Langtian and the others to change slightly as they felt a massive pressure above them.


[As I thought, he isn’t some ordinary character. He is incredibly powerful! We are definitely not a match for him. The gap between our cultivation level at the moment is far too large.]


“However, I couldn’t feel the same unfathomable feeling from him that I felt from Brother Gu…” Ye Langtian shook his head once more.


Not far away, the golden runes in Wang Wushuang’s eyes lit up as he also noticed the frightening aura from Long Teng.


“I hope that I’m not too late…”


From afar, Gu Xianer transformed into a stream of light and crossed over mountains before seeing a specific mountain not too far away. From time to time, divine rainbows would cut through the sky above this primal ancient land, with the young generation of outsiders and natives all flying towards an area, clearly heading for the battle between Gu Changge and Long Teng.


As she rushed over to the place, she secretly hid among the crowds, afraid that Gu Changge would immediately notice her. However, she was soon disappointed since not even his shadow had appeared. She even suspected that with Gu Changge’s awful character, there was a good chance that he might bail on Long Teng just to play him like a fiddle. Of course, it was all just a wild guess.


“Eh, isn’t that Mingkong’s white jade carriage…”


Suddenly, she noticed high in the sky, there was a carriage pulled by nine ancient beasts shaped like divine phoenixes, soaring their way here. As they paused high in the sky, the white jade carriage shone brightly with thousands of colorful rays and a divine haze. Gu Xianer could vaguely see a delicate figure in the middle as she recognized the carriage to be Yue Mingkong’s. However, Gu Xianer liked to work alone, so she didn’t plan to go look for Yue Mingkong after entering the Celestial Ancient Continent. She also knew that back when she was hunted down by the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family, Yue Mingkong wanted to come and support her, only to be stalled by someone. Unlike Gu Changge, she could feel that Yue Mingkong’s kindness for her was genuine and not fake.


High in the sky, many more divine lights appeared as the battle drew even more attention. Even though the Elders of the Celestial Ancient Continent and the factions of the outside world agreed not to interfere with the matter, there were still some Elders that came to watch the battle. After all… Long Teng represented the hope of the True Dragon Clan in the Celestial Ancient Continent.


“Is that Gu Changge’s fiancee? Is she the girl named Yue Mingkong?”


At the moment, Long Teng’s eyes were moving around as if many stars were flowing inside. He stared at the white jade carriage parked in the sky and looked at the figure with eyes burning, as if they could penetrate the layers of curtains.


“How about you give up on Gu Changge and follow me instead?” Then, a rare smile appeared on Long Teng’s cold face as he stared at the sky not too far away. The moment he spoke in front of everyone, his voice was as loud as thunder. It carried a terrifying tone that shook the ears of many cultivators, causing their auras to tremble. Those who were too weak, collapsed to the ground. They were appalled, but after listening to his words, many of their faces changed drastically.


[Doesn’t he know that Yue Mingkong is the future emperor of the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty of the outside world? Her status is something that is untouchable. How dare he speak to her in such a manner!]


Immediately, many of the young prodigies were glaring at him in rage. Of course, everyone knew that the hatred between Gu Changge and Long Teng was caused by Yue Mingkong, which proved the saying that beauty brings about calamities.


“I’ve seen many with death wishes before, but I’ve seen anyone quite like you.” Then, a chilling voice was heard from the white jade carriage. It was heavenly to the ears, but it didn’t contain any emotions, as if she was speaking to a dead person. However, only she could understand the emotions in her eyes.


Seeing that Long Teng had a death wish, she naturally came here to watch a good show as she didn’t expect Gu Changge to give a response so quickly. Naturally, she never expected him to declare that he was going to come kill Long Teng himself. If she remembered correctly, Long Teng had a drop of the Seven-Colored True Dragon Blood in his body. That was the blood that appeared only after the hardest scales of a True Dragon got torn off, which was incomparably precious and had numerous uses. Luckily, she knew how to refine it, which was something that even Gu Changge probably didn’t know.


“I like your personality!” Hearing her words, Long Teng was not infuriated at all. Instead, he revealed a look of admiration. She was exactly the kind of woman he liked. The stronger she was, the more satisfying he would feel after conquering her.


“You disgust me.” Along with her cold voice, Yue Mingkong suddenly furrowed her brows inside the white jade carriage before making her move. She wasn’t fond of Long Teng at all, and his words sounded disgusting to her ears. She couldn’t wait to kill him first before Gu Changge arrived.


*Clang!* A series of silver glowing vine seemed to burst out of the void one after another. They were like fierce silver-white swords slashing their way toward Long Teng. They were cold and piercing. Immediately, everyone was stunned as they didn’t expect Yue Mingkong would suddenly strike Long Teng without a word.


For a moment, the void seemed to be emitting a bright light.


This was Yue Mingkong’s powerful emperor technique. She had already broken through to the Partial-Enlightened Realm, and even though her true cultivation was still much weaker than Long Teng’s, she was not afraid of him at all. Of course, she also wanted to know how powerful he was, so she wanted to test it for herself.


The cultivators could vaguely see a rain of light flying around with Daoist aura lingering in the air. The young prodigies who saw Yue Mingkong fight for the first time all looked solemn as they revealed a face which contained fear.


[She is so powerful! It seems like her true strength isn’t as simple as what it seems.]


“How dare you attack me!”


Hearing her describe his words as disgusting, Long Teng suddenly froze. The smile on his face faded away. Even if he was in a good mood, it was still embarrassing for such a beauty to call him disgusting, let alone attack him afterward. [Gu Changge alone is difficult to deal with. I can’t believe his fiancee is the same!]


At this moment, the joy on his face completely disappeared.


“In front of me, you have no chance of winning. You are nothing but an insignificant ant!”


Long Teng’s face was icy cold as he directly chose to clasp his hands behind his back with a contemptuous look. Facing her technique, a surging fluctuation burst out of his eyes and manifested into a golden sea before pouncing forward like a tidal wave. This was his powerful divine ability that instantly blew up the void like a raging sea. At this moment, even cultivators of the True Enlightened Realm were stunned. They did not even dare to block this powerful force that could obliterate anything in its way!


“It doesn’t matter how strong Princess Yue Mingkong is. I’m afraid that she is no match for Long Teng. The gap between their cultivation is difficult to overcome.”


Immediately, some of the young prodigies furrowed their brows, and their eyes lit up while watching Long Teng’s technique. When asking themselves the same question, they knew that they absolutely couldn’t block his attack.


*Boom!* However, their eyes, which were startled at first, now revealed a sense of shock. Even Long Teng’s cold and arrogant face couldn’t help but freeze the moment he saw the rain of light, transform into golden lotus flowers. They spun and flew about, tearing the sky apart. 








The lotus flowers exploded one by one and broke through the golden sea. Everyone could see an illusionary vision of an almighty emperor standing in the air, looking ineffable.


“I admit that I’ve underestimated you, but this time, I won’t show any mercy.”


Seeing that his attack got blocked by Ye Mingkong, Long Teng suddenly turned gloomy. No matter what happened today, he had already been embarrassed. [Usually, not even ten young prodigies of the Celestial Ancient Continent could withstand my one attack. Didn’t Long Nu say that Yue Mingkong’s abilities are on par with hers? What’s going on?]


“After seeing your ability, I wonder where you get your confidence from? To think you challenge Changge” Yue Mingkong then replied flatly. From the start, she never showed herself as she stayed within the white jade carriage this whole time, but her one attack just now was enough to shock everyone, including the natives. Even the young prodigies were all left dumbfounded.


“We are no match for Princess Yue Mingkong.” They couldn’t help but reluctantly admit to the fact. However, listening to her words, everyone felt a bit strange as if they had heard it before. When Gu Xianer was hunted down by the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family, she also seemed to say the same words to the Seventh Princess.


[Doesn’t it mean the same thing as what Yue Mingkong said just now? They seem to be incredibly confident about Gu Changge’s ability.]


“You’ve really angered me now.” Long Teng’s face darkened. He realized that he needed to display a more powerful technique. Otherwise, this woman wouldn’t know any better. [How dare she try to provoke me like this!]


The followers behind him were all boiling in rage like surging dark clouds. At the moment, Long Teng’s sharp gaze was directed straight at Yue Mingkong. The situation looked as though everyone would come up and suppress Yue Mingkong all together once there was a disagreement.


“You’ve also angered me, you insignificant ant…”


Then, an indifferent voice was suddenly heard from the sky, leaving Long Teng and all the cultivators in shock. They looked toward the source. Needless to say, everyone could feel that the main character was about to arrive!


*Boom!* A loud sound was heard while a series of rainbows flew across the sky, causing many to take a deep breath. [How terrifying!]


However, Long Teng reacted quickly and sensed the change in the void. Although he was startled, the frightening runes around his body began to flow and formed a bright dragon armor around him, preparing himself for the fight!


Then, the void in front of him started to twist and a young man walked out from it with a flat and casual look. As a divine light appeared, there seemed to be an endless might of gravity that manifested from the young man’s foot as he lifted it. It seems to have enough force that could shift the earth.


With a loud explosion, the void trembled as if it was about to be cracked by the sheer force. Before Long Teng could react, he was kicked right to the stomach, causing him to spew out a mouthful of blood. Some of his internal organs even burst. 


He seemed as though he was trying to resist but he still got suddenly kicked into the ground with a bang! All of a sudden, dust was splattered everywhere while the mountains collapsed, forming a large amazing crack.


Gu Changge had arrived


“I told you to wait so that I can come to kill you. Thank you for obediently listening to me.” He let out a chuckle, but no one knew whether it was a mocking or playful laughter. 


At the same time, he raised his palm, in which various runes emerged as dense as rain. It was actually the dazzling aura of swords. It then transformed into a horrifying force in the void, erupting endless might. The dense runes were vast, and the star-like thick swords among them felt like collapsing red suns.


*Boom!* The mountains in front instantly exploded into pieces! Only leaving dust! All of Long Teng’s followers were blown away in a bloody fashion. Those who couldn’t withstand it were blown apart in an instant.


Blood was splattered everywhere.


Everyone was expecting the battle of the century but were left dumbfounded. They didn’t expect Gu Changge to kick Long Teng to the ground as soon as he arrived. It just proved the saying that ‘the higher they climb, the harder they fall’. Gu Changge finally found a chance to embarrass someone, so he naturally cherished the opportunity.


“Tell me. How do you want to die?” In a condescending way, he looked down at Long Teng buried under the mountains and casually asked the question as if he was asking something mundane.


“Master Gu, what are we going to do with them?” Then, the followers behind Gu Changge rushed over with Long Teng’s people, and among them was Long Nu, who Yue Mingkong was familiar with. After all, she purposely let her go at that time to cause Gu Changge some trouble, but now, Long Nu’s face was full of fear. Her mouth was filled with blood as her tongue was cut off. It was clear that Gu Changge ordered his men to torture her along the way.


“Of course, I plan to kill her in front of Long Teng,” Gu Changge uttered faintly before glancing at Yue Mingkong. “I’ll deal with you later after I’m done with him.”


Yue Mingkong guessed what the look in his eyes meant and still remained calm. As if she did not notice it. After all, she did not believe Gu Changge could do anything to her at this moment.


However… she had completely misunderstood him. The reason he glanced at her just now was to make sure that she wasn’t injured, but he didn’t notice anything, so he asked, “Are you alright?”


Hearing his concern, she was surprised for a moment, but then, she realized that he might just be putting on an act in front of everyone.


She shook her head and answered coldly, “Don’t worry about me, Changge. I’m fine.”


The little jumps inside her heart were quick to calm down. She could not tell whether his words were sincere or fake, but in fairness, she was really fine. Even though Long Teng was strong, she wasn’t that weak either.


Soon, many of the cultivators near the mountain peaks came back to their senses and could only sigh inside their hearts while looking at the scene. [What a couple!]





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