I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 146, An Overpowered Fortuitous One, Being Called an Idiot


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


Just as everyone was looking at Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong’s ‘flirting’ with shock and envy, a loud explosion was heard! A sudden explosion occurred beneath the mountains and rubbles, turning everything into dust.


“How dare you…” An angry roar was heard that was filled with cold murderous intent. Then, a terrifying figure with golden runes wrapped all around his body appeared. He turned into a rainbow from below and came rushing towards them.


Long Teng was filled with rage. Even the top of his head was exuding frightening murderous intent. It seemed to condense and form a shocking and terrifying light floating above him. His Peak Partial-Enlightened Realm cultivation was on full display, intimidating those who felt his aura. However, visually seeing how dire he looked right now, many cultivators revealed a strange expression. Even the natives couldn’t help but feel the same. After all… the scene just now had completely destroyed Long Teng’s reputation. The intimidating and dominant persona that he had built for himself had now completely collapsed.


“Gu Changge! How dare you ambush me! I’ll kill you!” Long Teng uttered coldly. This time, he was truly enraged. He didn’t expect Gu Changge to show up all of a sudden and kick him to the ground.


The scene was utterly depressing and humiliating. It filled him with rage to a point where he had never wanted to kill someone this badly before.


Looking at Long Teng’s infuriated and chilling eyes, Gu Changge still remained calm and indifferent as if he wasn’t the one who kicked him just now. Gu Changge’s eyes turned slightly gloomy while staring at him as he murmured to himself, “It seems like my guess is right. You really have the look of an overpowered character, but sadly, this sequence is even more old-fashioned than those underdog story cliches. I’m surprised to see that in you.” 


Even though he said such words, Gu Changge didn’t display any emotions of surprise on his face.


Then, the voice of the System rang inside his head. 


<Ding! The appearance of the Fortuitous One, Long Teng, has triggered the following tasks. First, kill Long Teng to gain 3000 Fortuity and 15,000 Fatums. Additional rewards to be settled separately. Second, subdue Long Teng to gain 3000 Fortuity and 15,000 Fatums. Additional rewards to be settled separately.>


Facing the two tasks, Gu Changge chose the first one without hesitation.


[Why would I take in a fearless yet brain-dead person like him? There’s no point at all, not to mention, Long Teng has crossed the line that he should never have crossed.] Gu Changge felt that it was already merciful of him to simply kill Long Teng. So, the second choice never existed to him. 


Long Teng had 4000 Fortuity on his body, which reminded Gu Changge of the several Fortuity Plundering Talismans that he left rotting in the System Shop. The original price of these talismans was 5000 Fatums. If he used it on Long Teng, he wouldn’t suffer a loss in the slightest because by then, he could directly activate the Zero Fortuity Rule.


[Maybe this Long Teng can provide me with some good things after all.]


In Gu Changge’s eyes, Long Teng wasn’t someone he would even bat an eye on, and he only saw him as someone for him to gain more experience. Long Teng was unlike Ye Ling, who at least had a brain and knew what to do at certain moments. Long Teng was just a fearless brute who mindlessly rushed at everything he saw. However, according to the normal story cliches, all of the opponents that Long Teng faced must have been weaker than him, so it wasn’t a surprise that Gu Changge was underestimated and looked down on by him. After all, where else would he get to meet a final boss level opponent like Gu Changge?


“Gu Changge, what do you mean!?” Long Teng’s face grew extremely cold. He couldn’t understand what Gu Changge was saying, but he knew about the belittling and unimpressed attitude that Gu Changge was wearing. It filled his heart with rage and murderous intent. Ever since Long Teng was born, he had never encountered anyone who would dare insult him like this.


“It’s nothing. I’m just calling you an idiot.” Gu Changge didn’t feel like he was bullying someone. Even as he spoke humiliating words in an incredibly casual tone, he was just stating facts. At least, that was what many cultivators felt to be the case.


Hearing his words, most of the young natives were shocked. Even though Long Teng had been humiliated and mocked, no one could come up with any arguments to defend him. They couldn’t help but feel that Gu Changge was simply a much more difficult and intimidating character to deal with than Long Teng. They were so shocked by what they were seeing, that they couldn’t find the words to describe it.


“Is this guy trying to piss off Long Teng?”


In the crowd, many were stunned, including Gu Xianer, who didn’t know what to say for a while after seeing Gu Changge. Initially, she thought that he would choose to quickly strike and instantly kill Long Teng as soon as possible. [How does one show up and kick someone down, after that, call him a fool in such a calm and composed manner? I guess you can only get this from Gu Changge’s temperament. His mouth is poisonous enough to instantly fill others with hatred…]


When she remembered how her liver was hurting in anger due to him, she couldn’t help but empathize with Long Teng, who was most likely experiencing the same emotions she had.


“Gu Changge, what did you just say…”


Long Teng’s expression froze as he was left stunned by Gu Changge’s words. Before this, he had never experienced such a thing before, and seeing Gu Changge’s nonchalant expression, he was simply filled with hatred toward him.


As Long Teng’s rage began to build up, he came back to his senses. His eyes grew colder and his face became a little red. The mist around him started to surge, and a mysterious talisman faintly appeared. His frightening aura kept on rising to a point where the place became extremely cold.


“Didn’t I tell you to stay put so that I can come to kill you? What are you in a hurry for? You really are disobedient,” Gu Changge casually said with playful eyes, as if there was a sense of resignation to him killing Long Teng.


While standing in the void, he clasped his hands behind his back while his white clothes, seemingly made out of feathers, fluttered in the wind with a divine charm. It was as if it was embroidered with thousands of stars. In most people’s eyes, he was displaying a more intimidating and arrogant aura than Long Teng.


“Someone bring up the amazing gifts that I’ve personally prepared for Long Teng.” After Gu Changge spoke, several followers behind him stepped forward and blood began to splatter everywhere amidst the slashing sound of swords.


“Master Long Teng, save us!”


“Master Long Teng, save us! We don’t want to die…”


A group of native from the Celestial Ancient Continent were now suppressed with their cultivation sealed away. With fear and despair in their eyes, their faces turned pale as they screamed. They hoped that Long Teng could somehow save them. They got into this mess because they all worked under him and abided by his order to search for Gu Changge. However, before they found Gu Changge, he came to them instead and began to slaughter them.


*Slash!* Before Long Teng could speak, the swords had already been swung. The place was instantly filled with a thick scent of blood. Everyone on the various mountain peaks, including the outsiders and natives, could suddenly feel a shiver down their spine. It had nothing to do with one’s cultivation level nor origin. Gu Changge’s every action and word gave others a powerful sense of fear. Compared to Long Teng’s domineering character, Gu Changge’s methods were much colder and more intimidating.


“Kill them all, including Long Nu.” The faint smile on his face was finally withdrawn as he indifferently gave out the order.


*Boom!* Without waiting for the stunned Long Teng to make a move, Gu Changge moved his body and directly made the first strike. As his sleeves shook, the space in front of him became hazy, and a powerful surging aura suddenly appeared. He then stretched out his big hands and began to rotate them, emitting a gorgeous light that seemed to have dimmed down the entire surrounding.


“It is the Sleeves of Heaven and Earth from the Immortal Gu Family.”


Many of the young prodigies were stunned as they recognized the move Gu Changge was using. However, compared to the Sleeves of Heaven and Earth that they were familiar with, the move displayed by him was much more terrifying. It was much stronger than it was supposed to be.


“It seems like Gu Changge’s cultivation has broken through to the Partial Enlightened Realm. From how much strength he has displayed, I’m afraid it’s much more than that…”


“His powers are so unfathomable that it is frightening at times.”


Even the top ten young native prodigies of the Celestial Ancient Continent couldn’t help but reveal their fears through grave expressions. One could easily tell if a person was truly an elite fighter through one move, and Gu Changge was definitely a great enemy of theirs. Moments ago, they thought that he only knew how to ambush others, but looking back at it now… they realised that he was just trying to embarrass Long Teng.


“How dare you strike me first. I’ll have your head before the sun sets!” Long Teng’s expression changed as he planned to save his group of followers. However, Gu Changge’s sudden strike immediately foiled his plans.


*Boom!* He also struck back at Gu Changge, showing the might of the Peak Partial-Enlightened Realm.


Their attack was accompanied by an ear-splitting dragon roar, the powerful divine light emitted in the middle of their exchange started to engulf a thousand-kilometre radius. There was even the illusion of a golden claw of a dragon appearing. 


Golden runes soon emerged from Long Teng’s body and transformed into golden spears that were seemingly indestructible and terrifyingly sharp.


“No matter how arrogant you are, it won’t change the fact that I will have your head! Even if the world is destroyed and time ends, I will still leave my name in this world!” Long Teng reverted back to his cold and dominant self while his thunderous voice blew up the place. Even though he didn’t use any spells, it still managed to cause pain to the ears of countless cultivators, as if his voice could blow them apart!


Countless onlookers now had their eyes wide open in shock. They realised that Long Teng’s might weren’t just mere bragging. Instead, he actually had real competence and ability!


Suddenly, an earth-shattering fluctuation was felt while the frightening dragon roar echoed across the land, piercing through the clouds. With a quick turn, a True Dragon appeared with claws that felt as though they could destroy the world! This was Long Teng’s True Dragon Technique. At the moment, he was displaying invincible divine might. He was going to attack with inconceivable power.


“No matter how long this world exists, how many reincarnations we experience, or how many young prodigies die, you will only amount to an ant that I will step on. Do you think you deserve to leave your name in this world?” With a slightly teasing tone, Gu Changge flatly replied to him while making a move at the same time. Even though the cultivation he displayed was still in the Early Partial-Enlightened Realm, the invincible yet transcendent posture that he showed while moving his sleeves had produced countless celestial light lingering around him, as if he was a young god standing in the air!


A waterfall-like spell fell down like the scene of collapsing suns and moons. It was incomparably terrifying. The attack emerged from his hand and dashed toward Long Teng.


At this moment, Long Teng was covered in golden flames that crushed everything around him while he displayed a variety of frightening spells.


*Boom!* A blazing light exploded as if countless stars were destroyed, forcing many of the cultivators to close their eyes.


“Do you think you are worthy of killing me?” Long Teng roared with murderous intent.


“In this vast and endless world, every living thing is like an ant to me. I can simply kill you with a smack of my palm.” Gu Changge’s eyes suddenly grew colder while his voice was contemptuous.


As for Long Teng, he was going insane in rage due to the constant mention of being an ant. [I’ve always seen everyone else as ants. Who gave him the right to call me an ant!]


Suddenly, he was startled as Gu Changge actually raised his palm!


A powerful light emerged behind him which was his Daoist energy.


At this moment, his Daoist Bone was glowing!


Then, the Great Dao condensed around his body and came out like a river of stars hanging in the universe. Floating above Gu Changge’s head, the stars began to turn majestically one after another as if the ancient starry sky had descended. It was as if he had reached the end of the universe.


“What kind of spell is this…”


“I think it’s Gu Changge’s Natal Divine Ability!”


Many onlookers couldn’t help but take a deep breath while experiencing his terrifying aura.


“That’s my Daoist Bone…” Meanwhile, Gu Xianer clenched her tiny fists as she felt the aura of the Source she once had.


With the Great Dao condensed around his body, concentrated in his hand, Gu Changge was able to exert unparalleled power. The power even gave her several hints of the Daoist Law. 


The next moment, the land behind Gu Changge seemed to transform into his domain as the abstract form of the Great Dao appeared. 


As Gu Changge raised his palm, the blue sky changed, the sun and sky got covered.


*Boom!*  While Gu Changge was indifferently looking down on Long Teng, the enormous palm that was once the blue sky fell down like a star!


This scene was enough to make everyone watching it breathless, causing some to even tremble in fear as their souls froze. They couldn’t wait to kneel on the ground and worship him.


“This Daoist energy…” Long Teng was startled, knowing that he couldn’t withstand Gu Changge’s palm with brute force. As the frightening energy approached him, he grunted and quickly stepped back as if he was escaping from the mountain range. But Gu Changge was too fast. He could easily cover any patch of land, essentially trapping Long Teng! 


“You’re being too arrogant!” Long Teng wanted to fight back, so he swung his fist at the palm. The might of an ancient True Dragon manifested from his blood and vital energy, producing  an image on the top of his head! 


However, with a cracking sound, his arms looked as though they had collided with a boulder and began to bleed. His face was filled with shock and disbelief, as if he got struck by lightning. Meanwhile to the onlookers, all they saw was an egg going against a rock!


“How is this possible? I have the blood of the True Dragon!” Long Teng roared in disbelief. After a quick spasm, his arms were now weakly hanging down from his body. He could feel the pain of them almost breaking apart.


He was defeated the moment they had their first full power head-to-head exchange, which was unimaginable to him! Now, he started to feel a shiver down his back.


“I told you to stay put. Don’t you understand?” Gu Changge’s lightly spoke. His voice rang inside Long Teng’s ears, but this time, it had a chilling aura to it.


The palm continued to go down, covering everything.


*Boom!* Long Teng let out a miserable scream, both his arms were shattered and blown apart!


The might of the world pressed down on him, like a piece of the sky crashing down.


This terrifying power wasn’t something any cultivator or living being could withstand with their body.





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