I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 147, It Doesn’t Matter if You Break Through a Few Realms, You Got the Wrong Script


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


From the time Gu Changge first struck to the time Long Teng resisted with all his might, it did not take long. In just a few short moments, Gu Changge was able to blow Long Teng away and crush both his arms with a single palm. It was simple and crisp, without any resistance, which made his previous statement seem even more natural.


Looking at the scene, everyone was shocked for words.


[It seems like he has found quite a lot of opportunities during this period. It’s possible that he has dipped his hands into their ancestral tombs… I knew he wouldn’t just sit and wait.] The only person who wasn’t surprised by this scene was Yue Mingkong. She self-proclaimed herself to know Gu Changge the most. Not only did she know about his strengths and weaknesses, she also knew how his mind worked. 


Even though Long Teng’s cultivation was higher, which was clearly a huge advantage, he still wasn’t able to get any chance of victory when faced against Gu Changge. Instead, he was constantly suppressed without any opportunity to fight back. This was definitely no longer a problem of talent but a gap in battle power. This was because Gu Changge’s true might had reached an unfathomable height long ago.


“It seems like Brother Gu has stepped into the Forbidden Domain. A place even prodigies could never hope to reach. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to suppress Long Teng this easily while he was only at the Early Partial-Enlightened Realm…”


“I can see that Long Teng indeed has unfathomable cultivation, but other than that, he isn’t much of a threat. When compared to someone from the same realm, his true ability is no better than those young prodigies from the Middle or Upper Class. He is far from becoming a Walking Taboo.”


“I’m afraid that from now on, no one in the younger generation can match Gu Changge. Only those ancient freaks that have been stored away for a long time can contend against him.”


Many couldn’t help but discuss the matter while disbelief still remained in their eyes. They already knew that Gu Changge was strong, but they didn’t expect that it would reach this extent.


[If Gu Changge can easily suppress Long Teng, I’m afraid that only the powerful Elders are a match for him…]


Thinking about it, they felt a huge pressure, like an invisible mountain, landing on their heads.


“It seems like only Young Master Gu will be able to fight against the Successor of Demonic Arts in the future, if he shows up.”


“Now that you mention it, I don’t think I have heard news about the Successor of Demonic Art recently. Did he not sneak into the Celestial Ancient Continent? If not, that’s great.”


At this moment, many young prodigies were discussing the matter while most of the females were staring at the figure in front of them with bright eyes. It was as if they couldn’t wait to marry themselves to Gu Changge.


As for the natives, their faces were now full of fear and gloominess. There was no longer a shred of arrogance that they had before. At first, they looked down on the young prodigies of the outside world because their cultivation level was much higher. However, looking at the scene before them, they realized that even though the young prodigies of the outside world have weaker cultivation, their skills and techniques were much stronger. 


Gu Changge was so strong that he made them tremble in fear!


“Do you have any last words?” Gu Changge walked down from the air above with his white clothes fluttered about, and his dashing hair blew with the wind. He appeared to be idly strolling. With a faint smile, he stared at Long Teng, who had both his arms crushed into pieces.


“How is this possible!? There’s no way I could have lost to you! I still have my most powerful spell that I haven’t used!” Long Teng’s face was pale as he was no longer as proud and confident as before. That one exchange with Gu Changge had completely demolished his confidence. Before this, he had no problems crushing his peers with his strong cultivation, but it didn’t work when faced against Gu Changge. Instead, he ended up being suppressed by him, and was now in this miserable state.


“Are those your last words?” There was a hint of mockery in Gu Changge’s voice while his eyes seemed as though he was looking at an ant. [Not even an experienced-filled character with a death wish is as stupid as this guy. Can’t he understand the difference between the two of us at this point?]


Gu Changge struck again!


*Boom!* The moment his palm fell again and obscured the land, the sky seemed to tremble before exploding. With one move, the enormous mountain peaks crumbled from his aura alone!


“Gu Changge, you…” Long Teng tried to recover both his broken arms, but it was a hopeless endeavor. His face turned gloomy. A layer of golden light emerged from his body, which was his radiant and fine dragon scales. He even used True Dragon Steps to avoid the attack. His reaction was already quick, but he was not fast enough. He was still hit by the edge of the palm, causing him to shout and spew out a mouthful of blood, containing pieces of his damaged organs.


All of a sudden, his mind became blank. Just a mere touch and his layer of golden light was immediately destroyed without any resistance.


[If Gu Changge actually hits me with his palm, I would have instantly turned into a mist of blood.] Thinking about it, he felt a shiver down his spine.


“How are you this powerful!? This is impossible!” He couldn’t help but roar in disbelief because his cultivation was much stronger than Gu Changge’s!


“How can I kill you if I’m not powerful?” With his hands clasped behind his back, Gu Changge teasingly stared at his prey. He knew that Long Teng still had one last resort, so he wasn’t in a hurry to kill him. After all, it was far too easy for Long Teng to just die without experiencing despair.


Then, the space in front of Gu Changge became blurry as he took a step forward and disappeared right after. The next moment, he appeared in front of Long Teng.




In shock, Long Teng’s eyes widened. Gu Changge’s speed caused his soul to shiver.


[It looks as though he just teleported. Is this the long lost divine spell? Distance Shortening Technique?] However, before he could even react, he could see a delicate slender hand reaching out to him. The movement was slow, but the trajectory was clear. Worse, It was difficult to resist the mysterious aura contained within this one hand.


*Hum!* Endless light lingered around the hand, as if it had the power of a flying immortal. The next moment, Long Teng let out an angry roar. The ancient energy in his blood manifested. The terrifying figure of a True Dragon emerged behind him that looked proud and invincible. It tried to blast the hand away.


“It’s useless. Do you still not understand the gap between us?” Gu Changge looked at him in pity. [What an idiot.]


The next moment, the void seemed to have frozen and time stopped. The figure of the True Dragon was no longer there as it got immediately destroyed. The robustness of Gu Changge’s body had far exceeded what was deem possible. However, other than him, no one else could notice it since it was difficult to perceive. Besides, he was the Walking Taboo. It was not strange for him to have a powerful body refinement technique.


Then, Gu Changge grabbed Long Teng’s neck, breaking through his defensive spells, and lifted him up.


“Urgh…” Since his arms were crushed, Long Teng couldn’t move them to resist at all. He felt greatly aggrieved, causing his face to turn red.


In everyone’s eyes, it looked as though Gu Changge was lifting a dead dog who just drowned. From the start, Long Teng didn’t show any resistance.


“Master Long Teng…” At the moment, the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent looked as though their world had collapsed in front of them. The invincible Long Teng in their mind was now being held in the hands of the enemy like a dead dog. The gap between their might was so big that they couldn’t accept it.


“How is this possible? This can’t be true!” Some of the female natives began to scream in denial before rolling their eyes back and passing out. The scene today would become a lifelong nightmare for the many natives present. The spiritual support that they had followed and admired for many years was about to collapse in front of them. Their faces turned dark while their legs were trembling in fear.


“The story cliche of an overpowered character isn’t that popular these days. Long Teng, you were born in the wrong era.” Gu Changge gave a casual smile as he spoke in words that Long Teng couldn’t understand. In the meantime, the force Gu Changge’s hand exerted grew and a cracking voice was heard. 


Long Teng’s bone cracked and he couldn’t help but let out a deep scream.


“Ah… This is too much! Gu Changge, I’m going to kill you!” He roared with red eyes. If he didn’t slaughter Gu Changge today, he would definitely suffer from shame that he could not wash away his entire life.


“You’re a little late with that statement.” Gu Changge’s eyes slowly grew gloomy while he stared at Long Teng’s dragon horns. When facing an overpowered Fortuitous One, the best way was to suppress him because he was idiotic and fearless. No matter how many schemes one used on them, it would all be rendered useless. Gu Changge could now feel it. [The success of the Fortuity Plundering Talisman mainly depends on what state the opponent is in.]


Suddenly, a bright light emerged from Long Teng’s body. The energy exuded was powerful and contained unparalleled life force.


*Boom!* A frightening atmosphere engulfed the land. Long Teng seemed to be metamorphosing and actually broke free of Gu Changge’s hand. His damaged body began to heal as his astonishing life force was recovered. The surrounding space kept on trembling as if it could no longer withstand the pressure!


His cultivation of the Peak Partial-Enlightened Realm suddenly broke through to the True Enlightened Realm, becoming far more powerful than before.


This scene caused an uproar among the surrounding people once more. Many had their eyes wide open while Long Teng’s followers could not help but excitedly cheer. Some even shed tears of excitement and stuttered, “It’s impossible for the invincible Long Teng to be defeated!”


“Today is just a small setback. The evil Gu Changge will pay for what he did!” They cheered excitedly.


At this moment, they even forgot who started the fight in the first place. After Long Teng was easily suppressed by Gu Changge and miserably lost, many of them thought that all hope was gone. But at this crucial moment of danger, he had advanced his cultivation and escaped death! Now, many natives assumed that he would turn around the situation in a powerful way and wash away the shame he had endured until now.


“Is this your last resort? You’ve advanced your cultivation at the crucial moment. Haa… Tsk-tsk…”


Gu Changge was a little surprised by the situation, but after thinking about it carefully, he wasn’t surprised at all. After all, advancing one’s cultivation at a crucial moment was the trait of a Fortuitous One! Every time they faced an enemy or was placed in a precarious situation, they would be able to advance their cultivation to the next realm and turn the situation around in an impactful manner. It was a plot sequence that Gu Changge himself was familiar with in his previous life! Whenever he saw such cliches, he couldn’t help but feel a headache emerging. He would always have the urge to look into the brain of the author to see if there was really anything inside.


Still, Gu Changge didn’t expect that he would meet an opponent that would advance his cultivation to the next real at such a crucial moment. The timing was also too deliberate, so he assumed that it was probably due to Long Teng’s outbreak of potential and coincidences. Even so, Long Teng would still not be able to do anything no matter how many realms he broke through at this moment. 


Pondering about it, Gu Changge became a bit intrigued.


“Gu Changge, are you surprised? Fate is with me! Today, you are destined to be a corpse!” Long Teng roared while standing on the edge of the sky. His entire body was burning in a divine flame with bright runes and surging with energy. His head became even more brightly lit as the divine flame burned from head to toe. His cultivation had advanced tremendously and was much stronger than before. He had regained his cold confidence and condescending expression.


“I’m afraid that you got the wrong script. Isn’t your cultivation already more powerful than mine?” Even so, Gu Changge still maintained his indifferent attitude as he spoke casually with a faint smile.


From his expression, Long Teng could see his mockery and ridicule which filled him with rage once more. Now that he had broken through to the True Enlightened Realm, his cultivation was much more powerful than it was before. He could feel that Gu Changge, an enemy stronger than him, was no longer unbeatable!


[That’s right. He is just a powerful enemy in the Partial-Enlightened Realm!]


“I’m not going to play with you any longer. The best time for me to plunder is when you are in despair.” With a calm smile, Gu Changge faced forward and pointed his finger.


*Clang!* In the void, the shocking energy of a sword appeared with the intent of obliterating everything in front of it. There was even a sea of blood sinking in the void and immortal corpses piled up with bones! The sword had the intention of cutting down immortal kings and rebellious celestials as it was locked in an endless duel.


At this moment, a bronze celestial sword seemed to have appeared in Gu Changge’s hand.


Many of the young prodigies were stunned and their pupils dilated. As for the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent, all of their expressions changed drastically while their souls froze and trembled.


“This is the terrifying sword spell he used when he took down the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family!” A young prodigy could feel the frightening aura from afar as he was horrified. 


In the meantime, they could see a bronze celestial sword slashing forward in the vast cosmos, intending to destroy everything!


*Swoosh!* Gu Changge came out from the void like an immortal swordsman. To him, the situation had already concluded because the attacks from the sword contained endless divine sharpness that would cut through anything and draw blood from anyone.


“Why does this guy have so many techniques…” Immediately, the cold confidence on Long Teng’s face faded away as he was in disbelief. Seeing a series of sword light slashing toward him, he could already feel countless cracks appearing on his body as if he was going to explode into pieces.


Instantly, he froze. He initially thought that Gu Changge had already used his full strength. Otherwise, how could he not be able to defeat him? However,  reality was a cruel mistress. Gu Changge did not use his full strength and his methods now were even more brutal than before. It gave Long Teng a sense of dread and even regret.


“I don’t believe this!” Long Teng roared and resisted with all his might even though he could feel the frightening aura. [It is possible that I will die here today. Even if the Elders of the clan break the rules to save me, they won’t be able to rush here in time! Now, I’m starting to regret it. Why didn’t I ask the Elders to break the rules and follow me when I left the clan…]




As the surrounding space trembled, he felt a pure murderous intent while an icy aura lingered above his head. It felt as though the thing above him would fall any second now. In this crucial moment, his eyes turned red and his blood began to boil as he used his last resort to break free from the chains of imminent death!


*Crack!* However, the hardest part of his head, his dragon horns, was severed and fell to the ground. Even his blood, which was of five colours, splattered everywhere.


With his finger stretched out, Gu Changge simply chopped them off before stepping forward at high speed.


“You…” Long Teng’s face was filled with fear and despair. He had blood dripping down the corners of his lips. He even found it difficult to stand. “Please. I beg you. Please don’t kill me…”




Facing him, Gu Changge coldly uttered the word, and the Fortuity Plundering Talisman was activated.


At the same time, a wisp of sword energy that was sharp enough to destroy worlds easily pierced through Long Teng’s eyes and came out the back of his head!





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