I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 148, Down the Extensive Path, No Fault of Yours


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


*Splash!* Blood splattered everywhere, followed by an agonised shriek. Gu Changge’s sword-like beam pierced through Long Teng’s forehead, leaving behind a bloody hole.


The sword-like beam didn’t seem to wane as it vigorously penetrated Long Teng’s Primordial Spirit. Fear and hopelessness persisted on his face as nothing as remorse filled his heart.


Long Teng never expected that he, despite having achieved such a high cultivation level, would still be defeated by Gu Changge. It was evident that the difference in their strength couldn’t be overcomed with the mere ascension of his cultivation realm.


Bearing all this in mind, Long Teng grew hopeless as the excruciating pain was tormenting his Primordial Spirit. It was stabbed through by the sword-like beam made with Endless Immortal Might, which was an unrivalled offensive technique.


Standing before him was Gu Changge, whose garment swayed along with the wind. There was not a single stain on his body. To the onlookers, it was as though he hadn’t just undergone a massive battle. If it weren’t for the glistening blood on his hands, his appearance would have been flawlessly elegant.


In that instant, even Gu Xianer was dazed as if she remembered something. Her face slightly reddened. Essentially, that was the heartless and brutal Gu Changge she knew.


All of a sudden, a notification regarding the successful usage of Fortuity Plundering Talisman sounded in Gu Changge’s mind.


<*Ding!* Fortuity Plundering Talisman application successful. Usage is rewarded with 4,000 Fortuity. Long Teng’s Fortuity has reached zero. The Zero Fortuity Rule is now in effect.>


Gu Changge squinted his eyes before reverting back to his nonchalant expression.


As he expected, the Fortuity Plundering Talisman would be most effective when the victim was in utmost despair. Right now, Long Teng’s Fortuity was transferred to him and there was only one thing left to do. That was to kill Long Teng to see if there were any precious treasures he could obtain.


With the bonus of Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest and some additional rewards from the System, Gu Changge got himself quite a big bag of loot, which he could use to acquire Absolute Detachment on another bone. 


After all, Absolute Detachment was so overpowered that it granted him the usage of the Force of Law without the need for any increase in his cultivation. In time, he could accumulate Absolute Detachment on more of his bones and perhaps even master the Force of Law. By then, attaining absolute power would no longer be an issue.


“Long Teng…”


“Gu Changge, you’d be wise to release Master Long Teng at once!” Regaining their senses, the followers of Long Teng yelled in unison. Fearing that Gu Changge might murder Long Teng, their pale faces were filled with worry and dread. 


Although the Celestial Ancient Continent, upon mutual agreement from various factions, was opened for the young generation of the outside world, whereby Elders were strictly forbidden from interfering even with matters involving life and death. Given how Long Teng was about to die in another man’s hands, there was no way they wouldn’t get anxious.


Nonetheless, due to their fear for Gu Changge, the battalion of young natives, be they blessed with golden wings or sturdy horns, could only scream at him at the top of their lungs without the courage to advance. Unlike the arrogant and complacent Long Teng, they knew better than to charge recklessly knowing they had no chance of winning.


If Long Teng, who managed to break through to the True Enlightened Realm, was no match for Gu Changge, none of the young natives across the Celestial Ancient Continent would be able to stop him.


As a strange sensation flashed across Gu Changge’s eyes. He stared at the young natives, leaving their souls and bodies trembling from the overwhelming chill they could feel. Such a casual yet condescending gaze left them stunned as they dared not move a muscle. 


“Master Gu, should we kill them?” Gu Changge’s followers came to him before one of them suggested with a cruel and cold grin. They feigned no timidness despite facing the formidable natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent. After all, if Long Teng was no match for Gu Changge, his followers, undoubtedly, wouldn’t stand a chance.


“Do it” Gu Changge blandly ordered. To him, whether it was killing Long Teng or other living beings, they were all the same.


“Yes, Master!” His followers respectfully answered. As such, a battle, once again, erupted.


Quickly, a tempestuous commotion broke out between those from the outside world and the natives. They had not expected Gu Changge to be so merciless, having no intention of sparing their lives.


Nevertheless, Yue Mingkong, who knew Gu Changge very well, understood it was only natural for him to do such a thing as only misery awaited anyone who dared to oppose him. [It seems that the old ones watching in the dark are smart enough not to show themselves now to rescue Long Teng.]


At that moment, Gu Changge turned to the sky to the east with an uncanny smile. He could sense the ancient beings of the Celestial Ancient Continent peeping at them in hiding, but he wasn’t at all concerned whether they would come and kill him. 


After all, his feud with Long Teng was simply a conflict between peers. Even if lives were lost, the involvement of the ancient beings now would only upset various factions around the world.


Very soon, Long Teng’s Primordial Spirit was shattered in Gu Changge’s hands before turning into ashes and completely disappearing. At such a sight, Ye Langtian, Wang Wushuang as well as Peng Fei subconsciously revealed a face of shock before heaving a sigh with bitter grins. This showed how ruthless Gu Changge was and how he didn’t even consider sparing Long Teng’s life. If it was them who Long Teng went up against, they might even take some time to think about it.


However, since Gu Changge was the successor to both Skyward Schloss and the Immortal Gu Family, the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continents had no choice but to accept his actions. Though, if he were to overstep his boundaries, countless factions and even the Cults of Immortality would surely come for him.


After slaughtering Long Teng, Gu Changge immediately stored his corpse into his storage ring as he saw value in it. At the very least, none in the battlefield would dare to seize Long Teng’s corpse away from him. Even if the strongest of the True Dragon Clan were to show up, he wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest.


In the meantime, everyone else was looking at him with complicated emotions, unable to calm their hearts. They were in absolute shock. Everything that had taken place today took the lives of innumerable young cultivators in the Celestial Ancient Continent. That included both natives and outsiders. Therefore, they would need a good amount of time to recover from the fact that the smug, belittling Long Teng got instantly annihilated. That even his corpse was taken away by Gu Changge.


However, if it were up to them, even they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to acquire Long Teng’s body as it contained a substantial amount of his blood. Upon some refining with the right ingredients, it would make a fine medicine to supplement one’s body. Furthermore, uncoveringTalents and Techniques of the True Dragon Clan within his corpse would make it even more worthwhile. These were the reasons many believed Gu Changge decided to keep the corpse.


At the same time, the System sounded in Gu Changge’s mind.


<*Ding!* Mission to eliminate Long Teng the Fortuitous One has been completed. Calculating…>


<The Fortuity of the Fortuitous One is decreased to zero and the Zero Fortuity Rule is applied. User is rewarded with an additional Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest.>


<Mission completed. User is rewarded with 3000 Fortuity and 15,000 Fatums.>


Clearly, the System was generous with its rewards. Having plundered 4000 Fortuity, Gu Changge received another 3000 Fortuity and 15,000 Fatums, which just expanded his potential goals.


[Open the Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest.] Swiftly, he spoke in his mind. Every time he murdered a Fortuitous One, he would discover numerous valuable items, which made him curious as to what Long Teng could offer him.


*Whoosh!* Accordingly, a golden treasure box appeared before Gu Changge. It was visibly mysterious with the mist surrounding it. Following a thump, radiant beams gushed out of the treasure box as an unimaginably menacing drop of blood, emitting blinding lights, floated out of the chest.


<*Ding!* Congratulations. User has obtained the Source of the Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood. Introduction: The Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood comes from beneath the sturdiest scales of a True Dragon. An item of utmost rarity, it bears superb defence and healing abilities.>


After hearing the introduction, Gu Changge gave a small nod as he was somewhat satisfied. To him, Long Teng was simply another corp to harvest. Still, it was a pleasant surprise to gain the Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood Source as loot. He inferred that it must have something to do with Long Teng’s sudden spike in strength when he was in danger.


With his prize, Gu Changge fused with it. A familiar, warm sensation occurred and flowed through his bones and cells, as though he was absorbing some sort of life essence.


*Crack…* Gu Changge could hear the undergoing mutation in his muscles and bones, as if they were rapidly dissolving before crystallising into wondrous dragon scales.


[Once again, my physique has improved. Vitality and defence, huh? Guess I’m going down the omni-directional path of being the best at everything.] Gu Changge pondered momentarily before withdrawing his thoughts. His ascension speed had always been high, and this new Talent was nothing but a cherry on top.


*Crack… Crack!*


Shortly after, those that were watching from the nearby mountains scattered as they summoned Arcane Bridges and departed.


After taking a final glimpse at Gu Changge, Gu Xianer, too, left on her big red bird. As she was still hating on Gu Changge for bullying her, she did not show up to greet him. Moments ago, she was hoping to see Gu Changge get humiliated, but contrary to her expectation, Long Teng was too incompetent and ended up effortlessly getting killed by Gu Changge. As such, she grew frustrated as she was unable to fulfil her wish to grasp an understanding of Gu Changge’s true power.


News speedily spread as the natives and outsiders almost instantly forwarded footage of the fight to the world using their photographic stones. Although the outcome of the battle happened exactly as many had predicted, they couldn’t help but be dazed and filled with disbelief during the process. Ultimately, not only was Long Teng defeated, he even got killed.


Apart from that, many acknowledged Gu Changge’s suspiciously daunting might. Indeed, he was considered as the Walking Taboo, and that was merely for others to act appropriately when facing him.


Subsequently, the speedy spread of news caused a great turmoil across various regions in the Celestial Ancient Continent since not every native went to witness the fight. Followingly, a similarly huge turmoil broke out among the Celestial Ancient Races and Gu Changge was then deemed as a forbidden being, with his name bringing dread and insecurity.


Thus, many natives of the Celestial Ancient Races decided to avoid him. Essentially, given that Long Teng, being the best of them, got killed, there was no way the rest of them would be able to survive against Gu Changge. It was highly unfortunate that they had to be in the same generation with such a terrifying, overpowered young cultivator. So much so that those in the younger generation of the Celestial Ancient Continent couldn’t help but grow hopeless.


Later, subtly moving his body, Gu Changge arrived at Yue Mingkong’s carriage, after which, he stared at the woman sitting inside it.


“Oh, Mingkong. How my heart hurts for your lack of initiative to come see me upon entering the Celestial Ancient Continent!” Gu Changge casually stated as he planned to talk to Yue Mingkong about the matter. Yet, there was not a trace of sadness on his face.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge!” Yue Mingkong’s followers respectfully greeted, to which Gu Changge simply waved his hand.


Aware of their identities, the followers tacitly walked away from the carriage to give the two some space.


“What are you hurting for? Not having me as an obstacle by your side, isn’t that precisely what you want?”


Yue Mingkong, who witnessed the entire battle, grew alert all of a sudden. She felt somewhat guilty for having plotted against Gu Changge. Now, judging by his expression, he must be here to get his revenge. 


After hearing him speak, she replied with a still face. Obviously, she knew his character and couldn’t be any more familiar with this approach of his. It was as though they were already a years long wedded couple and she had heard this pattern countless times.


“Yet, why do you seem so nervous?” Gu Changge asked, as if he had seen through her heart.


From behind the snowy veil of the carriage, Yue Mingkong peered at him. At this moment, she could only fess up as she knew there was no way she could hide the fact that she had plotted against such a sharp man, from the man himself. Therefore, she straightforwardly answered, “I’m guilty.”


“Guilty? What for?” Gu Changge endured his urge to laugh.


“I fear that you’ve come for revenge.” Yue Mingkong’s voice sounded rather cold and pitiable. Though, she was truly annoyed deep inside.


[He is seriously playing dumb with me now? Judging by his behaviour, he doesn’t seem to care about it.] And so, she let out a sigh of relief.


“What is there to avenge? Your beauty is no fault of yours.” Gu Changge shook his head and leisurely responded with a comforting look. Indeed, the beautiful tended to attract hearts, and it was as simple as that. Sadly, Long Teng was attracted to the wrong woman.


Hearing that, Yue Mingkong was stunned. Blinking her eyes in disbelief. She thought she misheard him. 


[Is he praising my appearance?] Hearing such a rare, pleasant compliment coming from Gu Changge, Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but feel gleeful.





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