I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 150, No Nameless Hero, Let Me in on It


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


In the depths of the Celestial Ancient Continent, among a vast ancient mountain range stood numerous grand mystic mountains where endless fogs gathered. There, heavenly light shone godly beams that beaconed through the clouds.


At this moment, anguished cries and mournings of many could be heard. 


“Young Master Long Teng was murdered!”


“We didn’t even get to collect his body!”


A group of people from the Dragon Race knelt before an ancient palace, trembling with their faces pale, as if they had lost all their blood. Upon the terrifying incident, the entire Dragon Race of the Celestial Ancient Continent was put in great turmoil. 


In fact, Long Teng was the very hope of the younger generation. Even Elders felt that he possessed the might of the True Dragon and was destined to become an invincible cultivator who would overcome all odds, eventually ruling the entire world.


At the end of everything, Long Teng got murdered. At once, the entire Celestial Ancient Dragon Race got enraged. Many of them were in shock and in disbelief, unable to accept the fact that the mighty Long Teng was killed by a fellow young cultivator.


It wouldn’t have been fine if the one who killed Long Teng possessed an ordinary identity, but it just had to be the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family from the outside world, and at the same time the successor of Skyward Schloss. Given his identity, there was no way the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race could deal with him. Essentially, if they were to overstep their boundaries, not only would they upset a couple of factions in the continent, they would also draw the hostility of countless forces from the outside world. By then, the entire continent would fall into a state of chaos.


“We will have to endure this no matter what! Long Teng fell to the hands of his peer due to his incompetence! We shall hold no grudge!” In the palace, a frightening elder with a pair or dragon horns exclaimed painfully with grief all over his face.


“However, we must recover his body! This is indeed our greatest failure!” To the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race, failing to retrieve Long Teng’s body upon his death in a battle was a disgrace. Not only that, but Long Teng’s soul would not find peace in the afterlife. Most importantly, they couldn’t afford to lose the True Dragon Blood within his body as it could be used to cultivate the next successor.


“Third Elder, what shall we do if the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family refuses to return his body?” In the palace, one of the disciples instinctively asked, worried that Gu Changge really wouldn’t return Long Teng’s body.


“He will. But if he doesn’t… I shall invoke the Dragon King’s Commandment to unite all races and cleanse the continent of all outsiders!” The agony on the Third Elder’s face disappeared as he coldly yelled. He was confident that Gu Changge wouldn’t be able to withstand such pressure.


Once the Dragon King’s Commandment was in effect, every Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent would be obliged to obey their commands. Nevertheless, to avoid crossing the line, it would be up to the young native of the continent to organize the alliance.


No matter how vexed the forces of the outside world would be, they wouldn’t be able to find a reason to take action. After all, both parties had agreed that no Elders were to interfere in young generations’ ventures. By then, no matter how persistent Gu Changge was, he would have to retreat at the intimidation from the alliance of all Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent. 


Although it seem heavy handed, to be fair, their request wasn’t exactly demanding as they merely wanted Long Teng’s body back.



*Zoom!* Meanwhile, within the mountains and ruined sites, dazzling beams shot through the sky to a long distance away. Those who witnessed such an occurrence were immediately stupefied as they hastily scattered, fearing that they would bump into the approaching group.


As of now, no one was unaware of this young man who was leading the group. Even Long Teng, who was considered as an almighty being among the young generation of the Lost Clans, was cut down by him. The incident had stirred up a great commotion across the continent as everyone was talking about it. To put it bluntly, no native nor outsider would stay still upon seeing Gu Changge.


“That man is the Walking Taboo. His strength is immeasurable, so make sure you stay away from him whenever you see him in the future.” On top of a mountain, a young prodigy was sternly explaining to his juniors.


“But why? Didn’t he just kill a young native of the continent and leave everyone who witnessed it shocked? Why are we the ones to avoid him?” Among the juniors, a rather innocent young woman bashfully asked with a blush as she turned to look at the godlike figure of the man from afar.


“Don’t even think for a second that he’s a good man just because he is good looking! Countless young prodigies have died in his hands!” The young prodigy resentfully chided.


Lately, followers of Gu Changge, with heavenly light covering them, could be seen anywhere in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Although the main man himself was nowhere to be seen, his followers were enough to scare and stop all competition over treasures by force. After all, even when there were the ignorant ones that insisted on seizing those treasures, they would only end up being ravaged by Gu Changge’s followers. 


Eventually, such a matter spread uneasiness among the young generation. Indeed, the Celestial Ancient Continent was rich with treasures, but if Gu Changge were to come across them, they would have no choice but to retreat. Therefore, competitors could only pray that Gu Changge would miss the treasures they had discovered.


After all, in terms of strength, Gu Changge truly could do anything he wished. Let alone other young prodigies, he would even seize the treasures of his fellow disciples of Skyward Schloss. Sadly, they could only hold in their rage that stemmed from Gu Changge’s obnoxious behaviour.


Right now, as Gu Changge was going for a person’s head, he was aware that the Dragon Race deep within the Celestial Ancient Continent already had their eyes on him. But of course, if that was the case, he was not bothered by it. In fact, if they came up to him, he would even present a smile at the pleasant coincidence. After all, he had plans for the Lost Races. More specifically, he was targeting one of the branches of the Dragon Race.


Essentially, he was aware that the birth of future living beings would surely shock their predecessors and even affect innumerable factions from the outside world. By then, many would be eliminated while the Celestial Ancient Continent was inevitably doomed as the branch of the Dragon Race possessed unimaginable power.


[I’ve been pursuing the figure that was peeping at me in the dark for so many days, yet they had yet to show up. What a patient individual.] Gu Changge squinted his eyes. 


The mysterious figure was the only other person that witnessed him transferring Long Teng’s body to Yue Mingkong, and since the body bore the True Dragon Blood, it would only be a nuisance.


Nonetheless, Gu Changge couldn’t tell if the rest of the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race was aware of such an event. If they were, they would definitely come up with ways to retrieve Long Teng’s body. After all, his blood was equivalent to that of their ancestors, and to the Celestial Ancient Races, one’s bloodline was of extreme importance and was priceless. Thus, it was highly likely that he would become the target of the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race for some time.


The Celestial Ancient Dragon Race probably assumed that he was in possession of the carcass as they had no idea that he already passed it to Yue Mingkong except for the only witness, the person he was now chasing after. He already had a script planned based on the incident, so he can’t allow it to be exposed.


Furthermore, he was the one who killed Long Teng, so if the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race were to find out that the carcass wasn’t with him, they would definitely harass Yue Mingkong and drag her into the matter. In other words, Gu Changge would only be burdening Yue Mingkong, and he did not want that.


Although Yue Mingkong would sometimes bring him trouble and secretly plot against him, she was clearly in love with him. Gu Changge was not heartless enough that he couldn’t feel her affection, that was why he always pampers her. Therefore, he intended to eliminate the nuisance so that Yue Mingkong wouldn’t get involved in any trouble.


[Still, I’m not about to do it as charity. I’ll have to let her know about this somehow.] Pondering, Gu Changge subconsciously revealed a grin. He had no plans of becoming a nameless hero. In his eyes, one’s altruism was only worth it if it was recognised. For him, having decided to protect his woman, he wanted her to know about it as soon as possible to move her heart.


“Oh? Why did they stop running?”


All of a sudden, as Gu Changge thoughts returned from contemplation, he noticed the aura in front of him stopped moving. Apart from an isolated city, there was nothing else except mountains around him. The isolated city wasn’t that big as it could contain less than a million people. However, most of them were natives of Celestial Ancient Continent, and there were rarely any cultivators from the outside world inside such cities.


Judging by the movement of the aura, the person seemed to have hidden in the isolated city. At once, without any hesitation, Gu Changge led his followers into the city.


[He has been running for days now. Is he finally going to surrender? Or perhaps, is he waiting for me to fall into his traps in the city? Or is this simply misdirection by blending among the auras of others to allow for his escape?] Gu Changge squinted his eyes. The target was certainly a formidable one as he had stalled Gu Changge for so long. It was unlikely that this was a young cultivator. Nevertheless, he wasn’t concerned. It was more important that the fact of him no longer being in possession of Long Teng’s body, not be disclosed.


“Seal the city in front of us. Capture anyone that seems suspicious, dead or alive,” Gu Changge instructed his followers behind him before summoning an Arcane Bridge and leaving.


“Yes, Master!” Swiftly, a group of daunting cultivators proceeded to surround the city as radiant godly beams occurred in every direction of the city as though they were about to seal the city.



In the meantime, within the city, a middle-aged woman with a pair of golden wings was walking leisurely along the street, seemingly unhasty. As she was contemplating, she unintentionally revealed a frown, making her face seem awfully gloomy.


“By right, Long Teng’s death, which enraged the Dragon Race, has nothing to do with me. So, I should feel this restless… But… who is the person that has been chasing after me for the past few days?” Muttering to herself, she was unable to find peace as she was haunted by a terrifying feeling which no one would believe existed. She was constantly on the run as she dared not stop.


Back then, after witnessing Long Teng and Gu Changge’s fight, she didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she continued observing the latter in the dark as she had an intuition that Long Teng’s matter was more than meets the eye. Seeing it as an opportunity to ingratiate herself to the Dragon Race and perhaps earn a promotion. 


Essentially, the Dragon Race was the most dominant force in the Celestial Ancient Continent as they were perceived as the Royal Race who conqueres everything.


[Right, it should be Gu Changge, that Waking Taboo from the outside world. If it is him, why would he come after me? Is it because I saw him passing Long Teng’s body to his fiancee?] Bearing that in mind, the middle-aged woman with golden wings felt a chilly sensation flash across her eyes.


“What secret does Long Teng’s body possess? Why would it put a target on me? Or is there something that I missed?” In that instant, she grew even more anxious.


All of a sudden, the middle-aged woman tensed face as she felt a number of powerful auras coming from the sky and immediately knew that they belonged to her pursuers. Within this city were the young members of her clan. Hence, she planned to use them to communicate with her clan to request for help. Never once in her lifetime had she ever expected she would be pursued by a young man. Nonetheless, Gu Changge’s intimidating powers caused her heart to tremble, and she, despite being in the True Enlightened Realm, was too timid, seeing no chance of defeating him.


“Third Aunt, why are you here?” At that moment, a number of young males and females appeared before the tavern and recognized the middle-aged woman with golden wings as they yelled in pleasant surprise.


“Xue Er, Yu Er, why are you here?” She revealed a scowl, hastily hiding herself in the tavern as the insecurity in her heart intensified. At the same time, after taking a glance at the surroundings, she eventually heaved a sigh of relief as she found no one suspicious in the vicinity.


Soon, she led the young ones into the tavern.


“Third Aunt, we heard that you went to watch the fight. Has Master Long Teng truly perished?” On their way, the young ones asked the middle-aged woman with a face of despair and dismay.


Long Teng was the leader of their generation and he had fallen during the battle. They were reluctant to accept this impactful truth, and so were many more.


Hearing that, the middle-aged woman with golden rings replied with a dark expression, “Why are you asking about that? And why are there so many people gathered here?” 


She noticed the unusual number of young people in the tavern, and they were all the younger generation of the Lost Clan.


“We’re forming strategies to avenge Master Long Teng and slaughter that evil man named Gu Changge!” A young woman stood out and decalred. Her features were impeccable as she was blessed with natural beauty; she, too, possessed a pair of wings. When she mentioned Gu Changge’s name, her eyes were filled with hostility and aggression, as if she desired to tear him apart. Clearly, she was an admirer of Long Teng.


Evidently, Long Teng’s honour died with him the moment he fell, which caused a great uproar across the Celestial Ancient Continent, and those who had always admired him were even more devastated. In their hearts, Long Teng was an invincible legend, and even now, some were still unwilling to accept his death.


In that instant, countless young men and women were gathered in the tavern to discuss the matter. Although many of them had never met Gu Changge before, their resentment for him remained deep. Despite the vast number of young prodigies from the outside world entering the Celestial Ancient Continent, all they could remember was Gu Changge.


Hearing those words, the middle-aged woman with golden wings subtly sighed. She, too, wished to take Gu Changge down and contribute to the Dragon Race, but with all eyes on her, she did not dare too. Besides, given her power level, she couldn’t do it anyway.


“Forget it. All of you should forget about it. Gu Changge’s strength is not to be defeated by mere discussions.” Shaking her head, she openly bashed the young people around her.


“Impossible! Gu Changge must have pulled some deceptive tricks back then! Otherwise, he, being much weaker than Master Long Teng, wouldn’t have been able to defeat him!” One of the young ones was skeptical as his face reddened.


“All of the outsiders are cunning, and I figure Gu Changge is just the worst among them! It is even said that he only managed to subdue Master Long Teng with sneak attacks. If he were to face Master Long Teng fair and square, he would unquestionably be the one to die!” The young female from earlier exclaimed with utmost reluctance and disdain.


Upon hearing the words of the middle-aged woman, like an explosion, a messy disturbance ignited among the young as they praised Long Teng for his virtue and might, while blaming his opponent to be a sly man who won with indecent tricks.


The middle-aged woman with golden wings frowned as she grew helpless. Since she witnessed the battle, she was aware that such rumours were only made to defame Gu Changge and put Long Teng’s name on a pedestal. Therefore, at that moment, she knew it was best not to upset them any further.


Their unity against those from the outside world was a good thing. Though, it required someone like Gu Changge to become the punching bag for the younger generation of various races of the Celestial Ancient Continent to come together.


Therefore, looking at the furious eyes of the young people present, she gave a nod. “Those words are indeed the truth. I was there when Master Long Teng died miserably. His opponent was the slyest of them all! None in the world could rival his guile! Master Long Teng didn’t even bother to…”


As she was speaking, she felt a chill up her spine as though she was being stared by some terrifying being.


At the door of the tavern, a young man in a white garment casually walked in with his arms crossed. With a neutral face, he smilingly asked. “What are you talking about? It’s so merry here. Let me in on it, will you?”


As the middle-aged woman with golden wings peered at him, her pupils contracted as she was suppressed by an icy cold aura. It was as though her entire body was frozen in an iceberg.





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