I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 151, Sport Hunting Innocents, A Game of Cat and Mouse


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In the centre of the tavern, the middle-aged woman with golden wings was breaking out in cold sweat. Her soul was trembling. She dared not turn around as that would expose her pale white face to the young ones behind her.


[Gu Changge!? How did he find me? And when did he walk in? Why didn’t those guarding outside sense him?]


The middle-aged woman with golden wings came from the Gold Raven Clan. She wasn’t actually a Gold Raven and simply bore a part of the Gold Raven’s blood. Although she was only in the Enlightened Noble Realm, she was still considered to be an elite among those on her level. Yet, she still felt a chill run through her body.


She could only feel dread and uneasiness when facing Gu Changge’s alarming aura. Especially after how she spoke such slanderous words about him just a moment ago, which he definitely heard. In that instant, her heart dropped and it seemed hard to breathe.


“Why did you stop? I’m getting curious!” Gu Changge asked before casually looking for a seat and sitting down. His expression still remained neutral, as though he had just returned home,  where there was not a trace of awkwardness nor discomfort.


At once, the young ones in the tavern were taken aback as they had yet to realise how a normal human could walk into the room out of nowhere. They had indeed heard of Gu Changge’s name, but had never once met him before. In their minds, Gu Changge was a malicious, vile man, unlike the elegant-looking young man before them.


“Who are you? How did you get in here?” Immediately, the feathered, stunning woman from earlier questioned with a frown. She never had any fondness for the human race. To the natives, who held their bloodline legacies dearly, humans were nothing but inferior beings. After all, compared to them, they had lived since ancient times. However, as the Celestial Ancient Continent was opened to the outside world, a huge number of humans had charged in, and the natives couldn’t help but feel scornful about it.


“I walked in, of course. The door is right there, and no one stopped me,” Gu Changge leisurely answered. After all, no one could really stop him, he who travels through the void, unless it was a being of the Sacred Realm and above that was guarding the door. Since there were few Sacred Realm Masters that could be found in such a small city, it was nothing but a playground to him. 


Hearing about how there was no one to stop his entrance, the young natives frowned out of disbelief. To enter this closed gathering, it would be impossible without an invitation. Furthemore, no humans would be invited to such a gathering, or perhaps it was the doormen’s fault for misidentifying this young man.


“Gu C—” At that moment, the middle-aged woman, who came to her senses, stammered, but before she could say a word, she was interrupted by Gu Changge’s chuckle.


“We’ve been old friends for so long. I think we can skip the formalities.” Given how he had been pursuing her for days, ‘old friends’ somehow felt appropriate.


Hearing that, she forced a grin more hideous than a grimace. “You’re flattering me, Sir…”


All she felt was coldness, as if she was facing a terrorizing beast. She could hardly enunciate her words clearly. Gu Changge had the strength to annihilate everyone in the room. In other words, all of their lives were now in his hand, so she dared not reveal his identity to the rest. She couldn’t tell what Gu Changge’s motive was, but she was sure nothing good would come from him.


“Who is he, Third Aunt?” A young woman who also had golden wings asked out of disaffection as she almost drove Gu Changge out of the tavern.


“Xue Er…” Bitterly grinning, the middle-aged woman didn’t know what to say as she was overwhelmed by fear.


Gu Changge, on the other hand, acted as if he didn’t see the resentful faces of the young ones here. He poured himself a glass of wine before putting it to his mouth and taking a sip. With a smile, he expressed in awe. “What good wine. I can taste the many celestial fruits blended in it.”


In response, one of the natives replied with a belittling look, “That wine is only available in this continent. Don’t even dream of having it in the outside world. It’s literally non-existent out there.”


Gu Changge nodded and agreed, “You are right, but it’s fine. I’m sure there is a next time.”


The crowd didn’t understand his meaning, but for some reason, in that instant, they couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Some sort of bone-chilling aura was coming from the young human.


“Who are you, really? Why did you come to our banquet?” Then, one of the natives shouted. Unable to grasp Gu Changge’s true power, he assumed this human was ordinary judging by his age. 


After all, cultivators from the outside world who had made a name for themselves weren’t even a match for the native. Even Long Teng was one whole Realm higher than his opponent, and if it weren’t for his opponent’s devious tricks, he wouldn’t have perished. An event which broke the hearts of his fellow people. 


Facing the stranger before them, the natives were hostile as they had the urge to assault him right away.


“My identity is of no importance, but your conversation earlier, on the other hand, is quite an intriguing one.” Gu Changge casually grinned as he stared at the natives with an enthralled look on his face. [What a fun game of cat and mouse.]


At the same time, he shot the middle-aged woman with golden wings an uncanny glance, which she instantly understood as her face grew even paler. ‘Expose my identity and I’ll kill everyone of you in an instant’ was Gu Changge’s insinuation. The middle-aged woman couldn’t help but tremble as she couldn’t control the fear in her heart.


“What’s wrong, Third Aunt?” The young woman from earlier noticed her strangeness and intuitively asked.


Hearing that, the middle-aged woman quickly flinched and shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m fine…”


As the rest were not idiots, they easily sensed something was up in the room, given how the formidable middle-aged woman from the Gold Raven Clan would be so startled upon the entrance of this young man.


“The Celestial Ancient Continent is our land. As insolent as he may be, what could he possibly do to all of us?” One of them was rather condescending, thinking that no matter how frightening the man before them was, he wouldn’t dare to cause a scene in their territory.


“Our conversation? Of course we’re talking about that sly scum Gu Changge! We’ll slaughter him and avenge Master Long Teng!” A beautiful feathered young woman exclaimed spitefully as her eyes were filled with aggression and rage.


“He’s a young human prodigy just like you. How bold of him to kill Master Long Teng with such deplorable tricks in a fair fight! I will not let him off easy!” Another native stated.


At that moment, they were all channeling their resentment towards Gu Changge, as if they were all growing impatient to confront the human in front of them. However, they failed to notice that, upon hearing those words, the middle-aged woman with golden wings was violently trembling. There was not a trace of blood left on her pale hite face.


“Really? What kind of deplorable tricks did that Gu Changge resort to?” Despite the offensive words, Gu Changge retained the calmness on his face as he continued questioning with interest, as if he was no man of hostility.


“Hmph! During the fight, the man first drew a sneaky blow and told Master Long Teng not to resist by threatening the lives of his followers. Otherwise, he’ll start killing them. As a compromise, Master Long Teng dropped his guards. Or else, how could a cultivator only in the Early Partial-Enlightened Realm ever hurt Master Long Teng?”


Upon mentioning the matter, those in the tavern got fired up. It was as if their exasperation got released while their hearts were filled with immense hatred and hostility. In that instant, the entire tavern was filled with aggression and fury.


“Oh, it seems Gu Changge is quite a dishonourable snake.” Lifting his glass of wine, Gu Changge nodded as he agreed to their claims.


Hearing that, the crowd was somewhat dazed as they presumed the young man, as a human, would defend Gu Changge, but seeing him agreeing with them, they were left speechless. Some of them even started to look at him more favorably.


“It seems Gu Changge is disreputable among humans as well. Who even gave him the title of ‘Walking Taboo?’ He doesn’t deserve it!” Nonetheless, the feathered young woman was still spewing hateful remarks, desiring to tear Gu Changge into pieces before turning him into ash.


At that moment, the middle-aged woman was absolutely devastated as she felt Gu Changge’s aura pinning her down. Were she to make a move, she would surely bring forth Gu Changge’s wrath, so she decided not to say anything at all.


“Though, I think your statements may be flawed” Gu Changge said with a smile as those present were fascinated by his eyes.


“Oh, how so?” A native was stunned and asked.


“Gu Changge is indeed a cunning shameless man, but what he loves doing most is sport hunting the innocent. He’s especially cruel towards those that bad mouth him.” Gu Changge replied with a faint smile.


“Isn’t that right?” As he was speaking, he turned to the middle-aged woman behind with a question.


Instantly, the middle-aged woman’s body shook as she hastily turned around with a forced grin. “What are you talking about, Sir? It’s all fake news. These rumours are all fake, and they’re only spread around in order to defame Gu Changge. Back then, Long Teng indeed had no strength to defend himself from Gu Changge…” She continued.


Those words instantly left those present dumbfounded. They were doubting their ears. Some were even infuriated as they yelled, “What are you talking about!? How is it possible that Master Long Teng was beaten in a fair battle!!?”


“How is that possible? What nonsense! That’s simply out of the question!”


“Master Long Teng has always been undefeatable! He’s destined to rule the world, and he’s the young leader of every Race in the Celestial Ancient Continent! There’s no way he’ll ever be beaten, especially by the hands of a human!” Many yelled in anger, feeling as though their belief had been insulted.


Hearing that, the middle-aged woman with golden wings uncontrollably trembled as it was too late for her to stop their negative remarks.


“That’s right! What are you talking about? I, Gu Changge, am nothing but a sly, deplorable man. You’re overestimating my capabilities!” At that moment, Gu Changge added as he gazed at her, retaining the smile on his face that grew even more fascinated.


[What!?] Instantly, every single one there was thoroughly stupefied as they peered at him, as some had yet to realise it. The young woman who held absolute abhorrence and rage towards Gu Changge was also in a deep daze. She pointed her finger at him as she was at a loss for words.


“W-What are you saying?” She was shocked and in dismay. [Did we hear that right? This young man right in front of us is Gu Changge himself!?]


Finally realising it, the natives opened their eyes wide as they felt a chill up their spines. Their bodies froze like icebergs. Given how they were criticising Gu Changge right in front of the man himself, they immediately grew anxious and were in disbelief.


“Killing me to avenge Long Teng, you were saying? Well, I’m right here in front of you,” Gu Changge said with a mischievous look, as if he was a predator leering at his prey. 


He swung his arm and thundering noises reverberated through the tavern, followed by thick mists with glowing runes surging in the air.


“No way…” The feathered young woman who was complaining about Gu Changge earlier, was overcome by fear, shock, and hopelessness. Dhe was disintegrated into a pool of blood by a suppressing force.


Seeing that, the rest knew that this conflict would only end in a bloodbath.




“Give him everything we’ve got! For Master Long Teng!”




Angered while dumbfounded, they noticed that the space was being sealed off. So. their only option out was to murder Gu Changge, who was right infront of them.


*Boom!* Heavenly lights surged around their bodies, illuminating the room with dense, ambiguous beams. While some drew their magic weapons, some tore talismans, and some were even yelling. But all of them unanimously had one goal, and that was to use their strongest attack to defeat Gu Changge. In that instant, they were all putting their lives on the line as they wished to take him down once and for all.


“Gu Changge, let them go! Your problem is with me!” At that moment, having been left with no other choice, the middle-aged woman dropped all her concerns and stuttered as she blocked Gu Changge right in front of him. 


A menacing aura exploded out of her body. As she revealed the power of the Enlightened Noble Realm. Her physique evolved into one that resembled that of the gods; her strength was as relentless as the forces of the universe. It was as though her sole purpose was to storm out the tavern.


“Let them go? Who’s going to let me go, then?” Gu Changge faintly grinned.


*Whoosh!* Under the blinding heavenly light, Gu Changge drew a palm that quaked and fissured the ground, as if a meteor just plummeted upon the continent.


*Thump!* The middle-aged woman coughed blood. As if she was struck by lightning. She lay flat on the ground after her body got thrown back by the explosive force. None could tell how many bones of hers were shattered.


“How are you this strong…” Hopelessness and dismay was written all over her face. She was still someone in the Enlightened Noble Realm, and she was always regarded as a formidable being who could annihilate a city without breaking a sweat. She knew she was no match for Gu Changge, and she only expected to fall after he drew numerous Spells against her, only to find out that she wasn’t even able to withstand just one blow from him.


In that instant, her soul was trembling. She was greatly traumatised. It was no longer a surprise that Long Teng got killed by the Walking Taboo. His strength alone could leave a scar on one’s mind. And if an Elder couldn’t even subdue him, how could the young ones stand a chance against him?




“What!? Not even Third Aunt could beat him!?”


“Third Aunt is in the Enlightened Noble Realm! Has Master Long Teng actually been killed in a fair fight?”


Having witnessed what just happened, those present lost all hope, as the strongest cultivator on their side was effortlessly brought down by Gu Changge. How could they ever triumph over him?


“Ah, that’s too bad… I wanted to fool around some more…” Gu Changge claimed with a sobbing face, though, there was certainly no despair in his voice.


*Zoom!* Having no intention to waste any more time, he speedily drew his hands and a giant palm instantaneously thrusted forward across the room. It was as though he was simply splitting the universe in two. Since the space was sealed, no noise in the room could leak outside.


*Boom!* A terrorizing aura surged and turned into an enormous grindstone that could oppress all lives. Its dauntingness shocked one to the bones.




“I don’t want to die!”


Agonised screams, bloody mists continuously erupted in the room. Their resistance proved to be useless. The difference between Gu Changge’s strength and theirs were simply worlds apart.


Except for two survivors, the rest were completely annihilated. That other survivor was another feathered young woman, whose face was completely white out of tremendous dread. She peered at Gu Changge in shock.


“P-Please don’t kill me…” she stammered. Never had she expected that even with everyone combined might, they still got killed by Gu Changge’s effortless strike. That man was truly too terrifying, and there was no one in this world that could rival him.


Turning to her, Gu Changge subtly smiled. “Fret not, it’s still too early for that.”


“Why did you do that?” At the side, the middle-aged woman with golden wings was in total despair. 


As she was about to summon her Enlightened Noble Magic Weapon, Gu Changge leisurely swayed his hand and the magic weapon was instantly shattered in the air before turning into dust. With just one blow, he disintegrated the magic weapon.


With this, the middle-aged was startled as her face grew completely pale.


“You’ve seen something you shouldn’t. How am I the one to blame?” Gu Changge casually grinned. Destroying the weapon was as easy as splatting a fly.


“I swear on my heart, I will never disclose anything about it! Please let me live!” The middle-aged woman was in complete distress. She had never expected a simple urge of hers to cause such a huge disaster. Instinctively, she knelt on the floor and pleaded for her life. At the end of the day, none with a sound mind would want to die.


“Compared to swears and promises, I think I trust the dead more,” Gu Changge smilingly said as he had no intention to spare her life. He had always been secretive with his actions and would never leave any traces of him behind. According to his words, he murdered the middle-aged woman with his palm and turned her into ash.


Having done the deed, instead of leaving, he waited for a good opportunity. After all, he had no plans to clean the bloody room. Otherwise, how would his ‘good deed’ ever be known to others?


On the other hand, the sole survivor, the feathered young woman, was growing insane out of fear and dismay. Earlier, she was even talking about wanting to kill Gu Changge to avenge Long Teng, only to find herself now almost pissing her pants.


“By the way, it’s about time someone noticed something strange happened here.” Paying attention to the time, Gu Changge withdrew the seal around the room and leaked the fishy smell of blood out of the room. 


Swiftly, the natives on the streets noticed the scent.


“What a heavy smell of blood!”


“What is going on here?”


“Just what is happening? Why is there such an awful smell of blood?” Many were stunned and they traced the scent back to its source.


“Damn it!” A daunting native quickly noticed the scene in the tavern and angrily stormed in.


Many followed suit and witnessed the disastrous sight. Under the wafting bloody mists, a young man was seen slowly murdering a prodigal damsel. He seemed to be surprised, having sensed the arrival of the others.


“Oh, someone noticed me?” Having spoken, a rift appeared before the young man, which he walked into.


Despite charging towards him, the strong beings of the Celestial Ancient Continent were too slow to stop him. Enraged, they blaringly roared to the sky.


“Curses! How insufferable of him to kill our people right in our territory!” They yelled vexedly as if they were growing insane. Some of them were even letting out deafening shrieks.


Given how there were members of the victims’ clans and factions around, the dead would definitely be avenged.


However, more importantly, they failed to identify the young man as they couldn’t take a good look at his face.




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