I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 152, What Are You Thinking, Protecting Her


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


*Whoosh!* Five thousand kilometres away from the city, Gu Changge walked out of the void before turning around to look at the mess he made within the city. He revealed a smile, feigning no remorse for the things he had done. 


Since they wanted to avenge Long Teng, Gu Changge decided to play them at their own game. But of course, Gu Changge’s ulterior motive was to eliminate the risk of the transfer of Long Teng’s body being known. Even if the native were to suspect him of causing that massacre in the city, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. It would only serve to aggravate the discrimination between the natives and the outsiders.


Indeed, Gu Changge’s strategy was evil. However, it was hitting countless birds with one stone. The Celestial Ancient Continent becoming more chaotic was beneficial to him.


“Master Gu, every suspicious individual has been dealt with.” Soon, Gu Changge’s followers came to him from all direction before respectfully voicing their reports, They were instructed to capture or eliminate any suspicious person leaving the city.


Gu Changge gave a nod. “Very well. Let’s move.” 


Meanwhile, every single person that saw him come by was erased. Thanks to his flawless timing, he was ‘caught’ murdering someone and his presence was discovered. If his actions seem too deliberate, they would backfire on him.


At the end of the day, his goal was to let Yue Mingkong know that he was protecting her, but making it too obvious would defeat the entire purpose as that would only draw suspicion from her.


Gu Changge never liked playing the role of an altruist that ultimately went unknown as his altruism would have been purposeless. To him, intensive promotions were compulsory even for just a pinch of effort. Or else, there was no way Yue Mingkong would feel touched to the extent where she would her lungs out. He wanted to make her understand that he, as her husband, treats her exceptionally well.


Soon, Gu Changge led his followers and departed as there was no reason to linger.


Very soon, Races of the Celestial Ancient Continent were shocked by the incident. Their young prodigies were slaughtered by another young prodigy during a gathering banquet. Among them, the Feathered Clan and the Gold Raven Clan were the most furious as many of their youths were slaughtered during the banquet and there wasn’t even a bone marrow to salvage.


Besides, an exceptional member of the Gold Raven Clan in the Enlightened Noble Realm was also killed. This caused a huge turmoil as such a feat should not be achievable by any of the young generation. Unless, they were depending on external assistance such as magic weapons and secret treasures. That or they were simply strong enough to take down a being in the Enlightened Noble Realm. Moreover, the commotion back then was rather silent. It was rather difficult to notice even by other strong cultivators.


Such an incident brought great shame upon the Celestial Ancient Races, which resulted in their exasperation and commencement of an investigation. Naturally, those from the Celestial Ancient Continent began speculating who the culprit might be.


Being able to soundlessly sneak into the city and evade everyone before executing a silent mass murder, followed by safe escape. This was obviously something ordinary young prodigies cannot do. Apart from the handful who possessed superspeed, not many could pull off such a stunt. Furthermore, the purpose and motive of the incident remained unknown.


Unfortunately, everyone in the tavern back then was murdered and turned in ash. So, it was doubtful that the investigation would bear any fruit.


Those from the Celestial Ancient Continent narrowed down the list of suspects, which they created from a handful of young prodigies. Among the suspects, Gu Changge was the most suspicious as he was the most probable of being strong enough to accomplish this. However, there was not enough evidence to prove it was his doing.


Naturally, Gu Changge would only play dumb when confronted with this matter. He would deny it in an impatient yet perfunctory way. This caused the natives to get even more enraged as they grew certain that Gu Changge was the culprit. However, as certain as they were, they had no proof to back it up.


For some time, following the death of Long Teng, the Celestial Ancient Continent was once again in a great turmoil as many of the young natives decided to take things into their own hands. They even intend to confront Gu Changge personally. 


It was unavoidable that such behaviour caused harm to many other young prodigies on both side, which resulted in the intensification of hatred and coldness between the forces of the Celestial Ancient Continent and the outside world.


As of late, cultivators from those two forces were frequently seen behaving extremely hostile towards each other. It was as if they could not wait to go all out against each other over mere treasures, leading to unnecessary bloodshed. 


At the same time, the Celestial Ancient Dragon Races also publicly stipulated that Gu Changge must surrender Long Teng’s body or the consequences would be dire, which stirred up a huge commotion across the continent.


“That’s impossible.” Gu Changge was rather resolute regarding the matter. He even warned the Celestial Ancient Dragon Races not to deploy their young, or he would definitely kill each one he saw. Of course, those words weren’t just spoken on a whim as he would surely fulfil them.


Leading his grand party of followers, Gu Changge began scouring the continent for any young native that bore a connection to the Celestial Ancient Dragon Races and committed mass genocide. His intimidation left many various Races of the Celestial Ancient Continent immeasurably shocked.


A bloody storm erupted in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Nevertheless, the Celestial Ancient Dragon Races were actually too timid to send any of their young to resist nor search out for Gu Changge, which led to their Elders being embarrassed. Some of them grew so frustrated that they lashed it out on the jade table during their conference.



Underneath a grand ruined site in the Mountains of Horizons, Yue Mingkong was leading her followers to conquer the area as though she was awaiting something. Other than her, only a few outsiders and natives were in the region. As Gu Changge had predicted, she had received news about the incident.


“It seems he went after that strong cultivator in hiding after I left…” With a deep, calm look, Yue Mingkong stood at the top of a mountain. Her bare feet were whiter than the snow; her hair and garment swayed along the wind. She was staring at a ruined site covered in dense fog in front of her. In that instant, she was mumbling to herself as she recalled where Gu Changge was headed to.


Others might not know why Gu Changge slaughtered the person in the Enlightened Noble Realm from the Gold Raven Clan, but given her intellect, she figured it out. Back then, it seemed that the cultivator from the Gold Raven Clan had seen Gu Changge transferring Long Teng’s body to her in the dark. Thus, he went after that person. 


As such, none except Gu Changge would have known that Yue Mingkong was in possession of Long Teng’s body. It was obvious that Gu Changge was shouldering the blame in order to protect her.


“Changge, why are you doing this? What exactly are you thinking…” Her eyes were rather unfocused as her nose tingled. Before she regressed, the Gu Changge she knew would never do such a thing. Rather, he would make the fact that she possessed the dragon carcass known to the entire world. 


It was impossible for him to be so delicate and protective over her, pinning the possession of the dragon carcass on himself and angering the Dragon Races of the Celestial Ancient Continent. She could not help but be deeply moved.


“It seems other natives had noticed him when he was annihilating all their young ones during a banquet. Because of that, not only did he draw forth the wrath of the Dragon Races, but he also attracted hostility from the rest of the Celestial Ancient Races.”


Yue Mingkong tensed her brows, suddenly having the urge to look for Gu Changge.


No matter how strong Gu Changge was, he would only find himself in a pinch if he were to face the many Races of the Celestial Ancient Continent. Although her desire to avenge her past life remained true, she wouldn’t allow anyone else hurt to Gu Changge. Since her vengeance was a personal affair between the two of them, she wouldn’t just sit by as he put himself in a difficult situation.


“However, once the Celestial Spirit is born, the Elders will surely rush over. By then, the Ancient Celestial Races will definitely be more conservative. So, it’s best I keep guard here. That way, when the Celestial Path hidden in these mountains opens, I’ll be the first to enter.”


In her previous life, Gu Changge managed to seize the Celestial Spirit by sneaking through many Elders. Given his countless life-saving abilities, she knew she was overthinking things and being overly worried for him. She knew that during this time, no matter how resentful the Ancient Celestial Races were towards Gu Changge, they would never send an Elder to deal with him. 


She reminded herself of this and heaved a sigh of relief. Though, she was still hesitating whether to tell Gu Changge about the birth of the Celestial Spirit. After all, many events proved that Gu Changge had indeed changed.



Meanwhile, in an isolated courtyard within the base of the Black Hawk Family in the Celestial Ancient Continent, a young man named Hei Ming was sitting with his legs crossed. Above his head floated a dark mist that resembled black strings uncannily wafting in the air.


He opened his eyes as excitement flashed in them. 


“How long has it been? It’s not even a month and I’ve already broken through to the Honoured Nobility Realm! I was only in the Transcendent Realm weeks ago! At this rate, in less than half a year, I can ascend to the Honoured King Realm and surpass Yanyu before becoming the absolute prodigy of the family!” He ecstatically exclaimed.


Roughly a month ago, he wouldn’t have dared to bear such dreams. But now, not only was his inconceivable dream being actualized, he also broke through two Realms! Furthermore, his power was still growing consistently each day. Such speed of growth was simply unimaginable. In fact, it was all thanks to the frighteningly overpowered Entanglement Immortal Spell.


Some time ago, Hei Ming’s sister, Hei Yanyu, provided the Entanglement part of the Spell to their Elders, which stunned the entire family and caused a commotion to quickly break out.


After the research of many Elders, it was concluded that the Spell was unquestionably a Celestial Spell that contained the Supreme Dao and could lead those who study it to the path of being a Celestial. As such, every member of the Black Hawk Family was pleasantly surprised and immediately deemed it as a priceless treasure. 


As many Elders and higher-ranking members were researching and cultivating, they noticed notable improvement on their hard-stuck cultivation level. This has brought smiles to their faces. Many saw that as a perfect opportunity for the Black Hawk Family to rise up and conquer the other four Greatest Celestial Ancient Races.


Essentially, a Celestial Spell was an incomparably precious entity that had the capability to suppress powers and be passed on as a legacy for thousands of years.


After Hei Yanyu shared the Entanglement part of the Entanglement Immortal Spell to her family, she was promoted to a higher, more honourable position. Of course, she did not forget her brother as she added that it was Hei Ming who coincidentally found the spellbook. That he voluntarily provided it to the family to study and cultivate in order to boost the family’s overall strength.


Given Hei Ming’s considerate, enthusiastic attitude, the Elders praised him for being a benevolent young man. Thus, Hei Ming successfully got himself promoted to one of the highest ranks among the younger generation, second only to his sister. 


Furthermore, what left the Elders dumbfounded was how Hei Ming’s cultivation level obviously increased, which was most likely due to the Celestial Spell. Even he said that he could feel his Talents getting stronger. Having heard that, the Elders of the Black Hawk Family were stunned and they gladly concentrated on cultivating using the Celestial Spell.


Naturally, when Hei Ming spoke with the Elders, he always wore a respectful face, though he was scoffing in his heart. [As the number of people who cultivate the Entanglement Immortal Spell increases, my Talents will grow stronger, and the benefits I can reap, too, increases. By then, I’ll definitely surpass the Elders and become the true leader of the Black Hawk Family!]


Moreover, Hei Ming also disseminated the Celestial Spell to cultivators from other factions. Given his wild ambition, he had no intentions of limiting himself to only the Black Hawk Family. The rest of the Great Celestial Ancient Races could also be the source of his power.


[Now, every Elder and members with fine Talents have begun cultivating the Celestial Spell. There are even two ancestors who woke up and started cultivating it…] Bearing this fact in mind, Hei Ming grew even more thrilled as he could hardly control his excitement.


As a matter of fact, the two ancestors were the most ancient, terrifying beings of the Black Hawk Family, who had not woken up for almost a thousand years. And now, they were only awakened solely for the Celestial Spell. Once the ancestors began cultivating the Celestial Spell, Hei Ming’s Talents would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.


[I wish I could meet the Absolute Being once more. Without the Absolute Being, I’ll probably still be the useless nobody I once was.” Hei Ming had immense respect and trust for the Absolute Being. He was craving to meet it once again to have a stronger Spell bestowed upon him.


“Ming, the ancestors wish to see you. They have some questions for you.” All of a sudden, a voice came from the door which led to the courtyard. 


It was Hei Ming’s sister, Hei Yanyu. As a young woman, seemingly in her late teenage years, she wore a white garment and was surrounded by subtle, wafting mist. Her features were of utmost elegance. Her hair, ornamented by exquisite hair sticks, was as lustrous as the clouds. She donned a robe decorated with paintings of heavenly sceneries creating an appearance resembling the God of Beauty herself.


At that moment, she was tenderly speaking to Hei Ming as she had matters to discuss with him.


“Yanyu…” Hei Ming stood up and went for the door. At a moment of realisation, he grew aware that the two ancestors wished to verify the integrity of his words, and thus ordered him over for an interview. 


In that instant, Hei Ming couldn’t help but feel nervous. After all, the origin of the Celestial Spell was indeed mysterious, and using a coincidental encounter as an excuse could be useful for a while, but it couldn’t fool the entire family forever as the lie would someday be seen through.


Because of that, the ancestors were now coming to question him. It was highly likely that they would be using Soul Search. At the end of the day, a man without greed was no man at all. With how Hei Ming discovered the overpowered Celestial Spell, it was only reasonable that the ancestors suspect him to be hiding something else.


Hence, Hei Ming felt rather uneasy as cold sweat began to gather in his palms. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if the ancestors were to find out about the Absolute Being, and he was very concerned about it.


In that instant, he prayed that the Absolute Being could hear him out and help him through the trouble. Right at the same time, he felt a minor tremble in his conscience, as though a mighty force suddenly appeared. An ancient terrifying divine being appeared in his mind. It possessed six heads and eight limbs, and was staring at him. At that moment, he could feel ambiguous mists forming in his conscience.


[Has the Absolute Being heard my prayer!?] Hei Ming was dazed for a second before growing exhilarated.


Noticing his strangeness, Hei Yanyu subconsciously asked, “What’s wrong, Ming?”


Hastily shaking his head, Hei Ming answered, “Nothing, nothing. I’m just too excited to meet our ancestors.”


“Well, make sure you stay calm later. Don’t get too uptight. The ancestors are good people.” Hearing that, Hei Yanyu held no suspicion towards her brother. 


Essentially, the two ancestors were the oldest beings in the Black Hawk Family, and they were of the Sacred King Realm or higher. Therefore, it was only natural for a family member to get thrilled when meeting them. Even though she said those words, Hei Yanyu herself was also excited and nervous.



Meanwhile, in a ruined site megametres away from the Black Hawk Residence, Gu Changge was carrying a subtle smile as the radiant golden glow in his eyes waned. What Hei Ming was seeing, too, speedily faded away from his vision.


Lately, Hei Ming’s every action was quite impressive as he almost ‘infiltrated’ the entire family. His acting was commendable, but of course, that was nothing compared to the acting skills of Yin Mei.


[The ancestors of the Black Hawk Family, huh… I have to admit that I’m somewhat worried that they might sense the oddities within the Entanglement Immortal Might. If they are beings in the Nirvana Realm, things will definitely get out of hand. Though, I wonder if they’d compromise when the lives of their entire family is being threatened. Though, if they aren’t even in the Sacred King Realm, they shouldn’t be able to identify any problems with it, and that would put me at ease…]


Crossing his arms, Gu Changge was gazing at the extravagant cities standing before him. He was now alone. He brought none of his followers, as the less people that knew about this plan of his, the better. Naturally, he would never expose his Demonic Arts. After all, it would be too foolish to make the entire world his enemy.


Regardless, he was now in the most advantageous position. Even if Hei Ming’s strangeness were to be caught by his ancestors, none would be able to discover that it was Gu Changge pulling the strings behind him. 


Similar to Nommening, it wasn’t the first time Entanglement Immortal Might appeared. Therefore, if the ancestors were to possess some sort of understanding of it, things would get atrocious.


[Though, it isn’t likely to be the case. Only those in the Nirvana Realm and above can understand the Entanglement Immortal Might. I must be overthinking it….] Gu Changge squinted his eyes as he intended to make sure all his calculations were perfect. He was unable to accept any sort of flaw in them.


[Once I gain control of these two ancestors, the Black Hawk Family will all be mine. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.] Gu Changge let out a chuckle as that thought flashed in his mind.


Simultaneously, he planned to strengthen himself as he had been gaining a substantial amount of Fortuity and Fatums recently. This was in addition to the fact that he received a huge amount of Fortuity from Gu Xianer and Yue Mingkong, the two Fortuitous Ladies.


He then summoned his virtual interface.


<User: Gu Changge

Aura Band: Fated Villain

Weapon: Eight Barren Demon Halberd

Identity: Direct Disciple of Skyward Schloss, Young Master of Immortal Gu Family

Bloodline: Demonic Heart, Daoist Bone

Level: Early Partial-Enlightened Realm (Nommening: Advanced Enlightened King Realm)

Spells: Skyward Ascension (Level 9: 30%), Demonization (Talent), Nature God’s Chant (Talent), Power of Void (Talent), Absolute Detachment (Talent), Nommening, Endless Immortal Might… 

Fatum: 35,000

Fortuity: 12,000 (Onyx)

System Shop: Unlocked

Storage: Border Shattering Talisman*1, Restriction Breaking Rune*1, Fortuity Plundering Talisman*2.>


[I’ve gained over 10,000 Fortuity and 30,000 Fatums, huh?] Looking at his earnings, Gu Changge unintentionally revealed a gleeful grin.


[System, an order of four Absolute Detachment Bones, please.] Gu Changge ordered, using up his 12,000 Fortuity.


Right away, a familiar wondrous sensation surged around him. This time, he applied Absolute Detachment on his spine, palm, thigh, and skull—altogether four pieces of bones. As such, every major part of his body now possessed one piece of Absolute Detachment Bone.


Silavin: One Absolute Detachment Bone is 30,000 Fatums, which is 3000 Fortuity.

Hmm… I thought his true cultivation was a lot higher than that… 

After Enlightened King is Quasi-Sacred, and then Sacred. Sacred King is 5 realms away from Enlightened King




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