I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 154, Even Though My Heart Is a Bit Dark, I’m Not That Cold-Hearted


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


Yin Mei couldn’t believe her eyes. She genuinely thought that she was going to die. After all, she was facing two beings of the Enlightened Noble Realm and the Enlightened King Realm while she was badly injured. She had also used up all her life-saving items in previous battles. 


At that time, she could have chosen to live a life of humiliation. So, other than waiting for her death, what else could she do? She even thought, [In the end… I’m nothing but a pawn in his hand. I’m the kind that he throws away without even batting an eye once I am of no use.]


However… the moment she saw the sword-like beam slicing through the sky, she was left stunned. Her mind suddenly became blank. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She truly did not expect Gu Changge, who had always been cold-hearted and ruthless, to personally come and save her. The scene felt like a dream to her.


Watching the scene in front of her, she first thought that she was seeing an illusion, but it felt too real because she was too familiar with the scent and rhythm of Gu Changge breathing. That was why she could no longer contain her joy and jumped straight into his arms, eyes filled with tears. She was truly touched. The feeling of jumping from despair to hope and from death to life. It was something that could only be understood by experiencing it. Not only that, Gu Changge’s strength were terrifying and even a native in the Enlightened King Realm wouldn’t be able to deal with him. Therefore, as long as he was here, it meant that all dangers would no longer exist. This made Yin Mei feel extremely relieved.


“What are you thinking? How could I possibly abandon you?” Gu Changge rubbed her head. With a calm cheerful expression, he allowed her to stay in his arms. At the same time, he raised his hand and another thick sword-like beam came slashing out, interspersed with a horrible dark golden force and frightening sharpness.


*Swoosh!* The sword light dazzled and clanged, as if it was breaking away from its scabbard. Immediately, it pierced through space and approached the Enlightened King Realm being, who was left dumbfounded and shocked.


“How is this possible…” His face had turned completely pale while his eyes widened in terror. He wanted to avoid it, but space seemed to have frozen!


The sword-like beam was gently approaching him, but it had the intent of splitting the universe half!


“This…” At this moment, he still retained a frightened look on his face as if he had just seen a ghost.


[What kind of monster is he? I’m a powerful being in the Enlightened King Realm. I am well-known and undefeated in many of the nearby clans!] He couldn’t help but scream frantically inside his heart. [Who is this young man? He suddenly showed up right in front of me!? How could he use the Force of Law at will? He is even able to control the space!]


He felt his body growing cold and couldn’t react in time. As he felt a cold sensation run through his neck, the world in front of his eyes suddenly turned dark.


*Slash!* The next moment, blood was splattered everywhere as the sword cut off his head and instantly obliterated the Primordial Spirit within him!


Gu Changge didn’t even raise his eyes for a second look. After taking care of the two, he turned towards Yin Mei, who was still gently sobbing. With a shake of his head, he stepped forward and took her away from the area after the void began fading away.


There were many powerful cultivators pursuing Ye Ling at the moment, so any movement would quickly draw the attention of others. That would be detrimental to Gu Changge’s plan. In the meantime, he couldn’t understand why Yin Mei thought that he would abandon her and treat her like a useless pawn.


[How could I let her die in a place like this? As the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, she is in charge of a large amount of resources. No matter what, she is most useful to me when kept alive. Even though I constantly use her and threaten her life, I’m not that cold-hearted of a person. She is always sincere when working for me and had almost lost her life doing so. How can I possibly be indifferent towards her? In the end, it is she who thinks too badly of me. Although my heart is a little dark, I’m not that bad of a person, you know? I think I should treat her better in the future so that she wouldn’t look this devastated whenever she encounters this kind of a situation.]


Soon, he brought Yin Mei away from the mountain range and killed a few cultivators from the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, who smelled the scent of blood. Finally, he and Yin Mei stopped at the mouth of a more isolated and quiet underground cave, which was rich in spiritual energy. There was constantly the sound of trickling water.


“Master…” She also calmed down and left his embrace with a dizzy head. However, she was a little embarrassed to raise her head and look at him because her actions today had crossed the line. Even though she jumped right into his arms without his permission, he didn’t blame her for what she did at all.


“You’ve suffered a lot during this period.” He smiled and took the initiative to walk into the underground cave, trying to find a place to settle in.


“It’s nothing for your mission, Master.” Listening to him, she shook her head while almost suddenly wanting to break into tears again. With his words, the grievance and injuries that she suffered during this period suddenly didn’t seem to matter to her anymore. Even though her life was in Gu Changge’s hands at first, and she was constantly threatened by him, she slowly realised that following him wasn’t actually all that bad. Once this emotion emerged, it began to have a snowball effect and couldn’t be stopped. Afterward, she found herself sinking deeper and deeper.


Even though Gu Changge was evil, cruel, ruthless, cold-hearted, and had all kinds of bad things in relation to his personality, she still had an indescribable sense of willingness to serve him… Hearing him actually asking her out of concern, her breath was immediately taken away. It was as if the world was about to collapse. Although it might just be a casual question that didn’t come from his heart, she still felt happy about it. It made the injuries she suffered for many days worthwhile. With his words of concern and praise… it made her realise that she still had some use to him.


Of course, Gu Changge noticed this little emotion of hers. He had always been careful with his actions, so he knew how to comfort her at this moment.


*Roar!* Suddenly, a pair of fierce bloody red eyes emerged deep within the underground cave like tiny lanterns. A beast shaped like a dragon and a turtle came roaring and pounced at them. It was prepared to eat the two unwanted guests who had intruded into its territory.


With a quick glance, Gu Changge shook his hand, causing space to become twisted all of a sudden. The space in front became a strange mirror with layers of ripples, and the beast was trapped inside in fear. With a bang, it was crushed by the power of the void before being dissipated.


Watching the scene, Yin Mei was a little shocked. Though, she didn’t think much of it because Gu Changge’s strength had indeed far surpassed her imagination. [I’m afraid that other than me, no one else knows how powerful he has truly gotten.]


“You can rest here.” Gu Changge said while cleaning up the underground cave.


Yin Mei’s injuries were quite severe, so she needed to recuperate. He would need her again since her role was irreplaceable in his plan against Ye Ling.


Thinking about it, he took out many divine medicines. With the Violet Order from the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect in his hand, he wasn’t short of pills since he could have as many as he wanted. Therefore, he took out quite a lot in one go.


Immediately, the strong fragrance of the pills lingered in the air. They had numerous effects such as toning one’s Primordial Spirit, body and limbs while stabilising one’s mind…


“Don’t think about anything else. We’ll talk once you heal your wounds” Gu Changge said.


“Yes. I understand, Master.” Yin Mei wasn’t going to care about face and directly took some of the pills that would work well on her. During that month, her body had indeed consumed a lot of pills and medicine. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to continue with her injuries for so long. 


After swallowing the pills, she began to sit up while her seductive face remained calm, but it no longer had the charm she usually had since it was now completely pale.


*Hum!* Runes emerged on her body and her nine puffy snowy-white fox tails started to shimmer and beckon. Her wounds were visibly healing.


After giving her a glance, Gu Changge nodded his head and left the underground cave. Simple words were useless now as it was necessary to rely on real actions at this point.


When Yin Mei noticed that his breath was gone, she suddenly opened her eyes while sitting on the ground. As she looked at the empty cave, her expression revealed a hint of disappointment, reluctance… and some sadness, but soon, she shook her head and threw away all her emotions. [Why am I thinking of that? I’m nothing but a pawn in Gu Changge’s hand. I should be satisfied that he was willing to come save me himself. What else am I hoping for?]


Even though she kept on comforting herself, she still felt a little upset inside her heart, especially since she was injured, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself.


In a blink of an eye, the sky outside began to turn dark. Yin Mei also withdrew from her recuperating state, and needless to say, the pills that Gu Changge gave her had a massive effect on her recovery. Seeing that the sky outside was gradually turning dark, she felt a little disappointed, as if she was waiting for something, but the hope faded away in the end. 


[Gu Changge left just like that after saving me.] Thinking about it, she lit up a campfire, but she couldn’t feel much warmth from it. Her ruby eyes quietly stared at the campfire as if it was dancing in loneliness.


Suddenly, her ears moved slightly when she heard a series of sudden footsteps from outside the underground cave. She turned around and saw Gu Changge returning with some clean fruits while holding some water with a lotus leaf. When the dim fire light landed on his familiar face, she couldn’t help but feel a little cheerful. [It seems like he didn’t leave me at all!]




Gu Changge asked with a faint smile. “How are your injuries?”


While the campfire kept on dancing, Yin Mei was propping her head up as she looked at the campfire with her chin resting on her knees. The fire was reflected in her beautiful ruby eyes. She was staring at him in shock while her eyes gradually revealed her happiness.


Gu Changge went over and handed the fruits and water to her.


“Are you hungry? I also took care of some problems.” He casually added, as if he was explaining to her why he suddenly left. Of course, it didn’t matter to her what problems he was taking care of since she was already satisfied to know that he didn’t plan to leave her alone like this.


Gu Changge was wisely making the most out of this situation. He knew that she was now injured, and knew the best way to comfort her in order to get the greatest effect.


Hearing his words, Yin Mei received the clean fruits that he specifically washed for her. She could not help but feel touched. The guesses that she had previously were all gone in an instant. No matter what, Gu Changge didn’t choose to leave her when she was injured and stayed to take care of her instead. [It is obvious that I was thinking too much before. Gu Changge doesn’t seem to be as cruel as I thought.]


Seeing that his actions had taken effect, Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile inside his heart while the expression on his face remained unchanged.


In all fairness, Yin Mei had helped him quite a lot, and he was in control of her life. Therefore, her working for him and him keeping her alive was an equal trade off. Even if he did nothing, she wouldn’t have any thoughts of betraying him, but it would only make things a lot less interesting.


“Master, I’ve already driven a wedge between Chi Ling and Ye Ling. If I am right, Chi Ling should have left the place by now,” she explained while eating the fruit.


Gu Changge gave a nod and smiled before telling her his true goal, which was a rarity. “That’s great, but Ye Ling can’t die for the time being.”


When Ye Ling broke up with Chi Ling, he received a notification from the System. No matter what, Chi Ling, who had the backing of the Vermillion Bird Clan, was a significant friend of Ye Ling. Even though the break of their relationship meant nothing to Gu Changge, it still allowed him to receive quite a lot of Fortuity.


“I understand that you still need Ye Ling alive to take the blame for you.” Yin Mei nodded her head.


She was telling the truth since Ye Ling was still the Successor of a Supreme Being, the energy hidden within him wouldn’t be insignificant. An Ancient Supreme Being was a being that nearly exceeded or had even exceeded the Immortals during the Celestial Ancient Times. However, instead of leaving a clan or a faction, he chose to leave all his inheritance to a successor. The opportunity was so great that even the powerful factions and Cults of Immortality couldn’t turn a blind eye to it.


While carefully observing Ye Ling, Yin Mei could already notice his abnormalities. He didn’t dare to reveal the inheritance he possessed. Thus, he had no choice but to swallow his anger and take the blame for Gu Changge.


Gu Changge’s plan was vicious and seamless as it would be difficult for anyone to find out the truth in a short period of time. Not only that, Ye Ling himself possessed a hidden energy that allowed him to avoid pursuit, which bought even more time. Even if he had every cultivator in the world asking for his head, he was still able to escape with his life unharmed. Therefore, at the moment, there was no one more suitable than Ye Ling to take the blame for Gu Changge.


“It’s more useful to keep Ye Ling alive. I’m still waiting for him to help me find the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s cave.” Gu Changge chuckled.


In his words, he didn’t show any concern on whether Ye Ling was dead or alive because it would be easy for Gu Changge to kill him with his current strength. However, what was the point of Ye Ling being a Fortuitous One if he couldn’t squeeze every drop of value out of him?


“I understand. Don’t worry, Master. As long as you need me, I’ll definitely be there to help you in any way possible,” Yin Mei replied seriously as she looked at him with her blood red beautiful ruby eyes.


“I’m relieved to hear that from you.” He smiled and reached out to take her into his arms. “I’m going to trouble you for a while.”


He was still thinking about asking her to continue being a spy next to Ye Ling, but now that she had spoken first, there was no need for him to come up with any excuses.


“I don’t feel troubled when serving you, Master,” she answered sincerely without a trace of fakery.


“You really are a loving girl…” Gu Changge gazed at her and sighed.


Listening to him, Yin Mei seemed to be embarrassed. Her eyes darted around, unable to look at him. It was as if she was waiting for something, and at this moment, Gu Changge naturally knew what he should do.



The two of them didn’t sleep for the entire night.




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