I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 155, Such a Wicked Responsibility Is My Destined Obligation


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The next day, once Yin Mei almost fully recovered, she split up with Gu Changge and headed to the ancient city where she promised to rendezvous with Ye Ling. From there, she would follow him to the cave left behind for him by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. 


Naturally, the cave was of immense value and categorising it as a celestial cave would be undermining its capabilities as it might even be a portable miniature world. Having been looking for it for so long, it was only reasonable that Ye Ling wasn’t willing to give it up.


In order to help Gu Changge locate the precise coordinates of the cave, Yin Mei would have to find Ye Ling first.


Watching as her figure faded away into the mountains, Gu Changge revealed a fascinated expression. 


[Right now, Ye Ling’s probably feeling guilty about the fact that he failed to take Yin Mei along with him yesterday. It’s quite likely that he’d suspect Yin Mei when she sees him. Man’s gonna get pricked by his own prick. Guess all I have to do now is wait until the crop is ripe enough to be harvested. For now, I can’t afford to have him dead just yet, as the great blame in the continent awaits a scapegoat. It seems my predictions are right. Once Chi Ling and Ye Ling broke apart, she would first leave the place. And that is when the followers of both Chi Ling and Yin Mei began questioning Ye Ling’s identity. Even if Chi Ling were to continue defending him, no one would take her words seriously. By then, exposing Ye Ling’s whereabouts will draw those who are after the Successor of Demonic Arts. There’s also the fact that he’s being pursued by the Black Hawk Family. Oh! It’s about time the matter in the ancestral burial site breaks out. Such wondrous timing! With all these coincidences piling up on top of each other, my dear Ye Ling, I’m afraid you’re not getting out of this.]


Standing with his hands crossed on the mountaintop, Gu Changge gazed at the silhouette of the cities and ruined sites from afar as he let out a chuckle. Shortly after, he left the mountains and gathered all his followers, intending to become a ‘man of justice’ who challenges the Successor of Demonic Arts.



Meanwhile, in the woods between the mountains, a petite individual with a delicate face was speedily traversing through the mountain range. She was evading the pursuit of someone in the Enlightened Noble Realm. That individual was none other than Chi Ling, who had just splitted up with Ye Ling. Her face was pale due to fatigue as she felt downcasted. During her escape, she bumped into Ye Ling again, but he did not show even the slightest of sympathy as he turned around and ran away after drawing the attention of someone in the Enlightened Noble Realm. 


It was sly and cowardly. Ye Ling’s behaviour left Chi Ling speechless and all she felt was disappointment for herself for showing kindness to such an ungrateful scum. Fortunately, she was no weakling, and was even regarded as the elites among the Middle Class young prodigies. She had numerous magic weapons and spirit herbs in her possession.


Although the upcoming path seemed dangerous, there weren’t any notable threats. Right now, her biggest concern was Yin Mei, who was critically injured. She might be in grave danger. Seeing how Ye Ling, despite eyeing for Yin Mei, immediately ran for his life as soon as he saw danger, and didn’t even care about Yin Mei, Chi Ling roughly figured out his true personality.


“It seems that Brother Changge is the reliable one. I wonder if I should tell him about this…” In that instant, Chi Ling was  contemplating. Since Gu Changge swore to aid the world and eliminate the Successor of Demonic Arts for the people, he would definitely take note of Ye Ling. Essentially, even Gu Changge had claimed to have suspected Ye Ling.


Now that Chi Ling had fallen out with Ye Ling, she was considering whether to disclose everything to Gu Changge. By then, it would be up to him whether to help Ye Ling clear his name or stay out of the matter.


Chi Ling reluctantly tore a Divine Transportation Talisman. Given the preciousness of the talisman, she wouldn’t have used it were there no need for it.


*Whoosh!* Upon the tearing of the Divine Transportation Talisman, blinding light covered around her body as the wings of the Vermillion Bird were growing out of her. Under the radiant beams, she speedily disappeared.


“D*mn it! She’s gone again!” That Enlightened Noble Realm native furiously roared as he was left with no choice. After all, all young prodigies were expected to carry emergency tools with them.


Very soon, Chi Ling, by contacting her followers, found them in a cave in the mountains. As of now, many young prodigies were gathered in the cave, and to her surprise, the highly mysterious being, Wang Wushuang, the Successor of the Immortal Wang Family, was also there.


Other than that, there was the young prodigy of the Undead Lake Clan as well as the man she was most suspicious of, Ye Langtian of the Ancient Immortal Race. Either way, Chi Ling never expected so many would come and unite to fight against Ye Ling.


“Are you alright, Lady Chi Ling?” Sensing Chi Ling’s fatigue and her somewhat bloody arrival, many young prodigies in the cave quickly noticed her. 


At the same time, her followers hastily dashed to her, including Kong Yang of the Vermillion Bird Clan, who was clearly the most agitated. If it weren’t for Kong Yang, information regarding Ye Ling wouldn’t have gone out and attracted so many young prodigies. After all, they were afraid that something might have happened to her during the one month she had disappeared. Her relatively unharmed appearance made the rest of her followers each heave a sigh of relief.


“Lady Chi Ling, have you seen Lady Yin Mei?” All of a sudden, a number of young members from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan asked with a nervous expressions. They know that Yin Mei was venturing with Ye Ling during this past month. Although Chi Ling had escaped the demon’s grasp, Yin Mei remained nowhere to be seen.


Chi Ling grew perturbed as she hesitated for a moment before answering, “Yin Mei is most likely with Ye Ling right now, but that may also not be the case…”


Before she could finish talking, she was interrupted by the disturbance.


“What!?” Those from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan were instantly livid. It was known that Ye Ling was the Successor of Demonic Arts, who was in the area. It was clear how much trouble Yin Mei was in now.


At that moment, overhearing the conversation, the young prodigy of the Immortal Wang Family, Wang Wushuang, Ye Langtian, as well as the Successor of the Undead Lake Clan came over with solemn expressions.


“Chi Ling, are you certain?” Wang Wushuang questioned. There were golden gleams in his eyes, as though golden flames were coming out of it.


“How bold of Ye Ling to show up here and even take Yin Mei the Gifted Lady as hostage. This is getting troublesome…” Ye Langtian stated with a scowl. As the Successor of the Ancient Ye Family, if he fails to handle this incident well, not only would he be tasting the wrath of the White Tiger Clan, but his family would be ostracised by the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan as well. Given the graveness of the consequences, he hurried over upon hearing that Ye Ling was nearby.


With a frown, Chi Ling organised her thoughts before divulging every detail of what happened. Since she wasn’t well informed about Yin Mei’s current situation, she simply said a few potential circumstances the Nine-Tailed Gifted Lady might find herself in. Moreover, even Yin Mei herself knew that Ye Ling wasn’t the Successor of Demonic Arts, but knowing no one here would believe that, Chi Ling chose to omit that detail. Instead, she recounted her encounter with the Black Hawk Family, the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, and the Divine Crocodile Clan, who were chasing after the three of them.


Having listened to the story, the crowd instantly grew aggressive as coldness surged in their eyes. As if being the Successor of Demonic Arts weren’t enough, Ye Ling was surprisingly ballsy enough to switch his target to Yin Mei after murdering Bai Lie.


“D*mn it! What exactly did Ye Ling do to anger so many of the Greatest Races!?”


“Did he capture their young ones and make them fuel for his Demonic Arts?”


Filled with hostility, the youths there asked. Since they came from different factions of remarkable background, they were more knowledgeable about the Successor of Demonic Arts then the rest. Of course, they were aware how frightening the Demonic Arts was, and once its successor was to grow, they would only become a plague to the world.


“Chi Ling, do you know what Ye Ling’s goal is?”


“Now that he has come here, this just might be our chance.” 


Wang Wushuang, Ye Langtian and the rest sternly asked. In their eyes, the forthcoming battle with the Successor of Demonic Arts would undoubtedly also involve the young natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent, which might even draw out the older ones from the continent.


“He told us to rendezvous in a small town. We split up back then, so I haven’t any clue what he’s up to.” In response, Chi Ling shook her head and replied. Although she had no intention of intervening in Ye Ling’s plans, when she was speaking, she was constantly staring at Ye Langtian, observing the changes on his face, but nothing odd could be found.


Back then, Chi Ling was highly suspicious of Ye Langtian, but after falling out with Ye Ling, her scepticism towards the latter significantly grew. After all, Ye Ling was concealing his true power. The reason she believed that Ye Ling was not Successor of Demonic Arts was because Ye Ling had shown his power to her before, and it involved the Power of Time.


[According to the trickeries of Demonic Arts, Ye Ling might actually be able to hide his true powers from me.] In Chi Ling’s mind, the possibility of such a scenario was high.


“It seems we need to hold a conference. I was just informed that Brother Gu is on his way here after hearing the news.” Ye Langtian gave a nod and claimed.


If Gu Changge was an ally to the younger generation, their odds against the Successor of Demonic Arts would drastically increase. After all, Gu Changge’s might was unquestionable and was even recognized by the world.


Upon those words, the crowd was pleasantly surprised. “Is that true? That’s good news!”


Even Wang Wushuang contentedly agreed. “It is. Brother Gu is hurrying over to help us. And when he arrives, we shall have better odds against the Successor of Demonic Arts.


“That’s great! To think that Young Master Changge would come! With him on our side, even the young prodigies from the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent would tremble!”


“The Successor of Demonic Arts is an atrocious being! At such a time, Young Master Changge is sure to take our side!”


At once, many young cultivators felt relieved.


As a matter of fact, the strength of the Successor of Demonic Arts was not to be underestimated. Otherwise, Ye Ling wouldn’t have survived without a scratch despite being pursued by so many forces. In fact, young cultivators present weren’t exactly confident about going up against Ye Ling, but with Gu Changge’s participation, the table would turn in their favour.


As of now, rumours about Gu Changge blatantly challenging the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent and how his assertiveness caused chaos was spreading all over various regions of the Celestial Ancient Continent. Consequently, the natives would shiver just by hearing his name before running for their lives. Hence, the outsider young cultivators bore utmost respect for him.


Though, there were still slanderous remarks about him. Like, seizing opportunities that were discovered by others, for instance. But they did not matter because nothing was more normal than the strong conquering the weak.


“Really? That’s splendid! If Brother Changge comes, things would run much smoother.” Joy surged on Chi Ling’s emotionless face. Coincidentally, she had some things to tell Gu Changge. Furthermore, all this time, she had heard news pertaining to him, and she couldn’t help but admire him.


All of a sudden, a vast noise came from the East and thundered through the ever expanding sky. Arcane Bridges were summoned towards the area. At such an opportune time, the young man leading his group was none other than Gu Changge, who had gathered his followers after splitting up with Yin Mei, aiming to become a man of justice. 


At that moment, he donned a white garment with wide sleeves, etchings of the wonders of the universe, wherein stars intertwined into unparalleled elegance. As he walked in the sky, his body was covered in indescribable nobility.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge!”


“Greetings, Brother Changge!”


Immediately, everyone in the cave who caught the sight respectfully stood up, and that indubitably included Wang Wushuang, Chi Ling and Ye Langtian. Gu Changge’s arrival gave a boost to the crowd’s morale. With such a formidable reinforcement backing them, the cultivators couldn’t help but grow excited for the actual confrontation.


“Brother Wang, Brother Ye. Lady Chi Ling…” Landing with his hands crossed, Gu Changge greeted them back with a passionate, natural smile. For some reason, he didn’t seem surprised to see Chi Ling here.


Followingly, the crowd grew rather merry. Ye Langtian quickly took the initiative to cut to the chase. “Brother Gu, what plans do you have for the confrontation?”


After a moment of pondering, Gu Changge replied, “To be honest, I’m somewhat sceptical towards the matter. Perhaps we shall consult Lady Chi Ling later. Other than that, as for Ye Ling’s appearance and Yin Mei’s abduction, I, as her senior and the Successor of Skyward Schloss, cannot just sit around and do nothing.” He expressed those words righteously with a straight face.


Hearing that, the youths present were left in awe, praising him. “That’s the Young Master Changge we know! You’re still as generous as ever!” 


They were aware that Yin Mei, the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, once publicly upset Gu Changge, but in this instant, he was more concerned about the bigger picture.


“You’re a man of honour indeed, Young Master Changge!” Those form the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan gratefully expressed. They were worried that Gu Changge would refrain from getting himself involved due to his grudge that stemmed from Yin Mei’s offence. However, it was clear now that they were stressing over nothing.


“There are some things that I wish to discuss further with you in private later, Brother Changge.” Chi Ling also gave a nod as she was impressed by Gu Changge’s words. He was still the same as the Gu Changge she knew, unlike the backstabbing Ye Ling.


During her journey, she asked Yin Mei for her personal opinion on Gu Changge, only to receive answers such as him being an oppressive, overbearing man. Because of that, judging by Yin Mei and Gu Changge’s relationship, the latter had no reason to assist the former.


Bearing their bumpy relationship in mind, Chi Ling grew even more astonished by Gu Changge. As she compared him to Ye Ling, she eventually found the latter more suspicious. Although Gu Changge was somewhat discredited, his qualities as an individual triumphed over those of Ye Ling.


“Very well. Why don’t we let Brother Changge lead the alliance for the confrontation? Our goal is to rid the world of the Successor of Demonic Arts. It’s for the sake of everyone! To restore peace and order in this world!” 


Soon, a group of young prodigies, which included Ye Langtian and Wang Wushuang, started discussing as they enthusiastically turned to Gu Changge, expressing their wish to have him as the leader of the alliance.


Hearing that, Gu Changge retained his straight face despite snickering in his heart. [Oh, me? Leading an alliance against myself? No, I mean, against Ye Ling, my beloved scapegoat? Such a wicked responsibility is my destined obligation. No, I mean, how could I ever do such a thing?]


“Despite your trust in me, I am quite ashamed to admit that I might not be able to shoulder such a burden.” And so, Gu Changge persisted with his righteous look, and after a moment of supposed contemplation, he slowly added, “But since you’ve all agreed to it, I shan’t reject your entrustment. Worry not, for I shall capture the Successor of Demonic Arts and restore peace to this world!”




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  1. I love the scheming in this novel. MC is not usually trying to tinker a cloak and dagger clockwork of shenanigans (and when he does – those are made to be seen as fiddly risky endeavors by the participants). Most of the time he works in broad strokes: build specific reputation, pick an agent and dump a mission with specific parameters/outcome on them, woo a chick. None of that Ocean 11 nonsense normal scheming MCs tend to degenerate into. “Ooh, that throw away scheme should ripen up right about now – it’ll come in handy, since the guy whose reputation I’ve been tanking is dumb enough to habitually think with his bollocks. How delightful”

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