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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 156, Confronting the Successor of Demonic Arts, A Reason to Live

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Translator: Fate

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“How selfless of you, Gu Changge! You’ve agreed to it so straightforwardly despite having merely a moment to think about it. This altruistic quality of yours is stupendous!” Chi Ling sternly said as admiration surged in her eyes. Those words were spoken from the bottom of her heart without any impure emotions.


Ye Langtian, on the other side, was also astounded. “Brother Gu, your courage shall also be the catalyst that draws forth Ye Ling’s fury. Alas, even I, as the Young Master of the Ye Family, could muster nothing. Perhaps I have much left to learn from you, Brother Changge.”


“Perhaps it’s only reasonable that Brother Gu becomes the Walking Taboo.” At that moment, hiding in a wafting ebony mist, the Young Master of the Undead Lake Clan profoundly claimed.


“Great. Lady Yin Mei’s got help now! With Young Master Changge on our side, we will surely turn the tide!” The young members of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan grew exhilarated. They knew their strength was hardly any contribution.


Upon Gu Changge’s words, the group of youths immediately were left at ease. They subconsciously revealed a face of glee and thrill. If anyone else were to shoulder such a crucial burden, they would surely face the fury of the Successor of Demonic Arts, which had ultimately killed the Bai Lie, the young prodigy, and also Young Master of the White Tiger Clan. Thus, despite their energetic cheers, they would certainly be the first ones to run when they actually faced the Successor of Demonic Arts.


Now that Changge stood up to take on the responsibility of leading the confrontation party, his courage alone made the rest feel inferior to him.


“Truthfully, I have a wild guess on Ye Ling’s pursuit by the various races.” Suddenly, Ye Langtian suddenly said as he decided to speak out something he had been feeling suspicious of.


“We’re all ears, Brother Ye.” Gu Changge subtly smiled.


Hearing that, everyone else turned their ears to the two.


“Ye Ling must have touched something that belonged to them. Think about it, fellows. Why would he, as the Successor of Demonic Arts, approach a city populated by natives?” Ye Langtian voiced the question he had been wondering for a while.


At once, Kong Yang, Wang Wushuang, the Successor of the Undead Lake Clan and the rest were visibly dazed. Gu Changge, too, put up a pondering look before replying with a frown. “So, Brother Ye, what you mean is…”


Ye Langtian turned to him and nodded. “Ye Ling’s most probably looking for Talents or gravesites to rob.”


*Huff!* Everyone immediately gasped. Although most figured it out at Ye Langtian’s first reminder, the remaining had yet to realise it.


Gu Changge then turned to Ye Langtian and praised him in his heart. [Ah, yes. That’s the man I’ve been referring to as ‘Brother Ye.’ Perhaps he has some use after all. Good. Now I’m spared from the hinting game. Oh, dear Ye Ling, I’m afraid you’re the one and only Successor of Demonic Arts now.]


“Gravesites to rob… That…” Ye Langtian’s words left the rest dumbfounded and shivering as they felt a chill taking over their bodies.


If Ye Ling actually did those things, his true power would now be unimaginable. Judging by the frighteningly overpowered functionalities of the Demonic Arts, Ye Ling’s current cultivation level was unfathomable.


“Ye Ling didn’t run too far from us back then, but yes, that is most likely his next step.” Chi Ling was somewhat sceptical towards Ye Langtian’s words. Essentially, she had always been with Ye Ling, which was how she got to know what Ye Langtian said was untrue.


“Brother Ye’s words make sense, but for now, let’s leave things this way: We begin our search for Ye Ling in every single city first thing tomorrow. If any of you were to bump into any Lost Clans, try to reason with them. After all, this matter is of utmost urgency…” At that moment, Gu Changge spoke with a restless look, as though he was disturbed by the spike in Ye Ling’s cultivation level.


Hearing that, the crowd quickly understood that things would only grow more complicated as time passed. After all, Ye Ling had sneaked into the Celestial Ancient Continent, and the ancient burial sites are unquestionably a good source of power for him.


After the crowd finalised their discussion, they gradually left to get their rest for tomorrow’s mission.


Chi Ling, however, stayed back as she had information for Gu Changge. The most crucial points were about her fall-out with Ye Ling. and some suspicious sides of Ye Ling she had sensed.


In response, Gu Changge gave a nod before pretending to be worried about her and expressing his remorse towards the matter. He then let out a sigh. “Regardless, Ye Ling’s identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts will forever stain his name. No matter how much you and I trust him, he’s beyond saving.”


“Ye Ling has been too dodgy lately, but that doesn’t mean he bears no connection to the Successor of Demonic Arts,” Chi Ling stated.


Gu Changge nodded and agreed.


Accordingly, Chi Ling eased up and cracked a rare joke. “I’ve been hearing a lot about you lately, Brother Gu. Suppressing the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent and seizing the treasures discovered by your peers. That sort of dirty your reputation, doesn’t it?”


Of course, she by no means blamed Gu Changge and was simply cheering up the mood as she failed to come up with another topic of conversation. In her eyes, Gu Changge did everything within reason. Besides, in a world where the strong oppressed the weak, plundering treasures was nothing out of the ordinary.


Aware of that, Gu Changge smilingly replied, “Oh, can’t blame me for that. Even if they discovered those treasures, they would end up losing them to the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent, and might even get themselves killed during the process. Thus, I’d rather be the evil man and seize those treasures to prevent their fateful deaths.”


Those were definitely blatant lies. No one in the world would care about such things when seizing properties of others. Moreover, anyone that dared to stop him would only end up dead.


Nevertheless, as those words entered Chi Ling’s ears, she was left thoroughly stupefied, opening her eyes wide and exclaiming in astoundment. “So you’ve actually considered such details…”


Peering at her, Gu Changge said nothing in return. [What a terrifying mind. How does she even buy those words? Does she lack brain cells or something?]



Very soon, a great commotion erupted in the Celestial Ancient Continent when cultivators heard about the confrontation party. It was going to be participated by countless young prodigies and youths from different formidable factions and Cults of Immortality. It was going to be led by Gu Changge, with the goal of taking down the Successor of Demonic Arts.


The appearance of the Successor of Demonic Arts was already alarming enough, but cultivators were more surprised by how Gu Changge voluntarily stood out and led a huge group of cultivators to combat him. To the world of cultivators, this confrontation held significant meaning, and its completion might indicate handsome rewards and credits. And so, youths from various lands intended to join the confrontation party to help rid the world of its disease and slaughter the Successor of Demonic Arts. 


The matter then drew the attention of the Lost Clans of the Ancient Celestial Continent. Upon the extensive spread of the news, the Celestial Ancient Dragon Races, who had been demanding Long Teng’s body back from Gu Changge, too went to verify the integrity of the incident. Eventually, a group of natives verified that Gu Changge was really leading the confrontation party. Thereupon, the young natives saw this as an opportunity where they could all unite and take on Gu Changge.


Within the territory of the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race, an Elder invoked the True Dragon Commandment, bringing together everyone from the different races and recruiting youths of respective clans to participate in the confrontation against Gu Changge.


For some time, the bloody feud between the natives and outsiders turned the Celestial Ancient Continent into an absolute mess. Many young cultivators from the outside world became casualties during this conflicts, many predicted that a great war would soon break out in the Celestial Ancient Continent, especially after Gu Changge’s deliberate manipulation that led to the mutual killing of people from both parties. There were even his fellow disciples of Skyward Schloss that were annihilated during the feud.



In the Mountains of Horizons, where dense greens and sturdy wood thrived like the clouds, hid an ancient ruined site.


Yue Mingkong’s figure could be seen. In that instant, she was leading her followers in setting up the area with arrays and magic weapons. With the potent spiritual energy and resonant stones all over the place, every space was planted with mysterious charms where each glyph emitted golden gleams as they wafted in the air.


Eventually, when the heavenly light beaconed through the sky, she could conceal the opportunity in the area and buy herself some time. Otherwise, it would immediately draw the attention of all cultivators, which was something she did not want. At the same time, she also received news about Gu Changge’s plan to confront Ye Ling.


[Oh, Ye Ling, aren’t you just the unluckiest person in the world? Of all of the people you could have offended, you had to choose Gu Changge. Now, not only are you his scapegoat, but you are also the target of his alliance. Oh, I can already feel the anger and irritation from here. As of now, everyone’s being played by Gu Changge like a fool, yet no one knows he’s the real Successor of Demonic Arts who has the world in his grasp…]


Naturally, Yue Mingkong bore no sympathy for Ye Ling. She was just trying to figure out Gu Changge’s goals. She could currently only foresee one of them, which was the seizing of Ye Ling’s opportunities and treasures.


[I’ve seen the Celestial Gate. I shall make it mine before anyone notices…] In fact, Yue Mingkong had found a plain stone gate located in the depths of the mountains. There were many carvings on the stone gate. It depicted hills, the sky, and trees. Each stroke was filled with celestial energy.


Yue Mingkong wished to peek at the path on the other side of the Celestial Gate through a crack, only for her vision to be hindered by a layer of mist. In that instant, bright lights began glowing behind the Celestial Gate, followed by celestial runes falling from the sky. 


The celestial runes then flew into her body as if they were about to refine her body into that of a Celestial. Harbouring divine force, the celestial runes were obviously superior compared to ordinary runes given the immense power it possessed. 


Yue Mingkong was confident that she pinpointed the exact location of the Celestial Gate, but with her current strength, she wasn’t able to open it, hence she had only two choices. One, to wait until it eventually opens, which opens the opportunity for one to ascend to become a Celestial; or two, to inform Gu Changge, who might have a better solution.


Troubled by the dilemma, Yue Mingkong could only stare at the treasure placed in front of her without capability to reap it. This gave her the strong urge to shatter the door right in front of her. Nonetheless, she was worried that, by then, Gu Changge might shove her aside and come up with ways that allowed only himself to enter, which would mean that her all effort up till now would be in vain.



[D*mn it! What a wicked man Gu Changge is! He’s the true Successor of Demonic Arts, yet he’s framing me, and is even bringing men to confront me!] Meanwhile, in a courtyard within an isolated ancient city, Ye Ling was silently cursing with a delirious expression. He was wanted to dismember Gu Changge’s entire body.


At the same time, standing beside him was Yin Mei, who came to the ancient city to rendezvous with him. Since she followed Gu Changge’s instructions, none of her actions piqued even a little bit of Ye Ling’s suspicion. Rather, he was the one feeling uneasy, fearing that Yin Mei might be upset over the fact that he abandoned her. Fortunately, back then, Yin Mei carried numerous life-saving items that allowed her to escape without major setbacks. Thus, she could understand his perspective.


At that moment, with a gloomy face, Ye Ling was interrogating a young native who had followed his tracks and ended up being captured by him. After being informed what was happening out there, he was filled with resentment, vexed by Gu Changge’s actions. It was more sickening than a thief attempting to shift his blame.


[Chi Ling must have exposed my whereabouts. Otherwise, there’s no way Gu Changge would know that I’m hiding in this city! Damn it! I should’ve known she was on Gu Changge’s side. I must be cursed for being so trusting of her!] In that instant, Ye Ling was exasperated.


Recently, he could see cultivators flying through the sky, scouring every region for him. Their pace was even more aggressive than that of the Lost Clans.


[Luckily, none of them knows that the cave the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being left behind for me is concealed in this very ancient city!] Ye Ling thought and subconsciously revealed an indifferent grin before slaughtering the young native infront of him.


“Brother Gui, are you sure the entrance is in this ancient city?” Ye Ling questioned the spirit turtle in his pendant once again. Although he had an instinct that the cave was here, without the spirit turtle’s guidance, he couldn’t figure out the cave’s precise location.


“It’s right here. The entrance is a broken well. There will be sealing arrays laid down by the Supreme Being that could kill even Sacred Realm experts, so be wary as you transverse deeper into it.” The spirit turtle’s voice came from the pendant, and his words made Ye Ling be on his toes.


Ye Ling turned to Yin Mei, who was behind him, and said, “Yin Mei, remember to follow every single one of my steps as you walk behind me. Do not make even one mistake.”


Looking at his stern expression, Yin Mei responded with a worried look as she nodded. “Understood. Don’t worry.”


Hearing that, Ye Ling felt somewhat at ease, failing to notice the condescension that flashed across her eyes.


Very soon, Ye Ling began walking around to a nearby courtyard. Obviously, the ancient city had lived its years giving it drastic changes. Nevertheless, as it was now barren land, natives have stopped residing in this city.


“This should be the well.” Finally, Ye Ling, along with Yin Mei, stopped at an ancient temple, where no traces of life could be found. A covered dried old well was in front of them. Ye Ling sensed a familiar aura and could tell that was the aura of Reincarnation he was familiar with.


“This must be it!” He joyfully claimed with an excited expression.


All of a sudden, from the skies, the ringing of Arcane Bridges could be heard as a number of cultivators arrived at the ancient city to look for him. Sensing their aura, Ye Ling immediately revealed a scowl as he turned around to Yin Mei and instructed, “Follow me.”


At such a moment, if they stopped treading along the path, they would sooner or later be caught by them. Thus, Ye Ling hurried over to the old well and quickly entered it.


*Whoosh!* Under the swaying dried leaves, the space underneath them began crumbling down as they arrived at an ambiguous dimension that resembled another world. As Ye Ling had anticipated, there was no solid ground underneath the dried well. It was a border between two dimensions.


Seeing this, Yin Mei feigned no hesitation and followed after him. However, before entering the well, she left behind a trace of her aura.


“I felt someone’s presence here earlier. How did it disappear so quickly?” The group of cultivators searching in the ancient city grew confused as they couldn’t find any trace of Ye Ling.


“Nevermind. Let’s report back to Young Master Changge. Ye Ling’s not here.” Having said that, the group swiftly left the ancient city.


Suddenly, on the top of a mountain in a different direction, in his swaying robes, Gu Changge, sitting with his legs crossed, seemed to have sensed something. He revealed an enthralled grin. Anomalies surged around his body and a rift vaguely appeared before him.


“Men!” Gu Changge blandly blurted.


“Yes, Master Gu!” Approaching from all directions, they knelt down.


“I have received news. The Successor of Demonic Arts has shown himself. He’s currently in a ruined site sixty thousand kilometres to the east. Spread the word!” Gu Changge stated with a fascinated grin.


Of course, there was nothing at the ruined site he mentioned, except for the burial site he robbed earlier.


“Yes, Master!” Upon his command, the followers behind him vanished.


“Oh, dear Ye Ling! Do you still have a reason to live?” Muttering to himself, Gu Changge stood and walked into the ambiguous anomaly appearing in front of him and disappeared.


Silavin: You know, it’s kinda strange that the author uses 生灵, for the natives. If I were to translate it directly, it would be creatures. However, most of them are humanoid, so it feels weird to call them creatures.

There are also beasts as well. That’s why I refer to them as natives rather than creatures.



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  1. I know this is hella late but the reason they are creatures is because they are technically all monster races and their humanoid states are not their true forms which they revert to after death.

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    1. A lot of them seem to be of monster races, but in English it sounds way too xenophobic to refer to humanoid sentients as “creatures”. That said – I have no idea as of how bad it’s meant to sound in original, so I prefer “natives” as well.

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