I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 157, No Plans of Letting Him Return Alive, The Chosen One


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*Whoosh!* Leaving the mountains, Gu Changge walked into the void, he was heading to the ancient city where Ye Ling was in now. A moment ago, he received a little nudge Yin Mei had sent through a secret technique. Apparently, Ye Ling had finally found the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s cave. 


Needless to say, that was good news for Gu Changge. [It is about time that Ye Ling, my corp, ripens. I know it sounds rather rude. After all, without him, it would have been impossible for me to locate the legacy of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Anyways, Everyone is now heading to the ruined site to look for Ye Ling. Well, no one will be able to find him anyway. Instead, all they will find are the remains of broken tombstones and dug-out corpses, which shall prove the integrity of my words.]


Even at such a moment, Gu Changge did not forget to pass on the blame of being the Successor of Demonic Arts onto Ye Ling’s neck, slowly tightening the rope. The cultivators wouldn’t want to miss out confronting Ye Ling upon hearing any information pertaining to him. When they all gather at the burial site, those corpses with their essences drained would serve to be best evidence. And this was only Gu Changge’s first move.


By then, Ye Ling wouldn’t be able to clear his name. Even better, by being in the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s cave, he would have no clue as to what was happening in the continent. Little did he know, Gu Changge had no plans of letting him return alive.



In the meantime, after receiving information regarding Ye Ling’s appearance, many youths, too, overheard it.


“Ye Ling was found in a ruined site in the East…” Chi Ling, who was leading a group of people searching for Ye Ling, revealed a frown. 


Back when she was partners with Ye Ling, he never showed any strangeness or interest in the ruined sites. Nonetheless, upon listening to Ye Langtian, she began suspecting that Ye Ling might have had the intention, but since she was right by his side, he had no chance of leaving, hence the absence of initiation. Now that she heard of the news, she grew more resolute with her hypothesis.


[I hope we don’t find Ye Ling at the burial site. Or else, that’d only prove his terror. To think that he’s kept this from me for so long…] Chi Ling’s eye grew colder as a spine-chilling murderous intent surged from her body. She abhorred being lied to, especially by those whom she considered as friends, and now, Ye Ling was more suspicious than Ye Langtian.


“Chi Ling, please do not dwell on sentiments when we meet Ye Ling later. I don’t have to remind you of the dangers of the Successor of Demonic Arts.” Donning a Five-Hued Feathered Robe, the dashing Kong Yang, along with the others, kindly warned her. They bore immense hatred for Ye Ling.


When they recalled how they hurried over here with Ye Ling back then, they were overwhelmed by nervousness as an alarming chilliness surged. If they hadn’t stuck together back then, they would have fallen victim to Ye Ling’s vile hands, the terrifying Successor of Demonic Arts. Now, they were all praying for Yin Mei, the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, hoping that she would escape Ye Ling.


Hearing that, Chi Ling’s murderous intent was all over her face. She coldly declared, “I’ll be sure to bid him a proper farewell!”


In the meantime, on a flatland between another mountain range, Wang Wushuang, Ye Langtian, and the Successor of the Undead Lake Clan also received the news.


“The Successor of Demonic Arts has appeared at the ruined site in the East. Be wary, and don’t let him escape!” A young prodigy sternly said to his junior behind him, warning them the urgency of this matter.


“Ye Ling actually showed up? Though, I fear that he might escape once again.” As Ye Langtian tensed his brows, his body was surrounded by intertwining godly rings, radiantly illuminating his hair. Having an idea of what kind of person Ye Ling was, Ye Langtian knew, despite his honest look, Ye Ling was actually a cunning, calculative man. And he was obviously very confident with his capabilities. So confident in fact, he decided to show up in spite of the large number of pursuers looking to kill him.


“But that doesn’t matter. I shall not miss out on such a rare opportunity!” Ye Langtian summoned his followers and charged towards the ruined site they were informed of.


There was also the White Tiger Clan that hastily advanced as they wanted to take Ye Ling into custody. Apart from that, various forces were causing all sorts of trouble, hence Ye Langtian, as the Successor of the Ye Family, couldn’t help but feel pressured. Thus, he grew even more tempted to kill Ye Ling to dissolve the frustration in his heart.


Meanwhile, Wang Wushuang and a number of young prodigies also did not tarry. They immediately began heading to where Ye Ling was reported to be. Very soon, alarming noises thundered across the nearby mountains, and natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent intuitively turned towards the direction of the noise. They were confused, especially those from the Black Hawk Family, the Divine Crocodile Clan, as well as the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan.


“What’s happening? Why are there so many people suddenly heading in that direction? Has some kind of heavenly treasure spawned?” Thinking that, the natives stared at the passing cultivators with their gleaming eyes. Although they initially planned to team up and fight Gu Changge, they got distracted and quickly summoned an Arcane Bridge to depart.


Within the territory of the Black Hawk Family, a young woman was standing on the top of a mountain, where billowing clouds floated. As the young woman, seemingly in her late teenage years, wore a white garment, she was surrounded by subtle, wafting mist. Her features were of utmost elegance. Her hair, ornamented by exquisite hair sticks, was as lustrous as the clouds; as she donned a robe decorated with paintings of heavenly sceneries, her appearance resembled the God of Beauty herself.


“The Celestial Ancient Dragon Races have issued the True Dragon Commandment. Every youth from the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent are now obligated to participate in the confrontation against Gu Changge.” The young woman muttered to herself as her ebony pupils subtly glowed.


“Now that Long Teng has died, the young dragons of the Celestial Ancient Races now lack a leader. Now is my opportunity!” The mumbling woman was none other than Hei Ming’s sister, Hei Yanyu. She was an elite among the younger generation of the Celestial Ancient Races, and was a one-in-a-million prodigy to the Black Hawk Family.


Some time ago, when Long Teng was eyeing prodigal damsels of different factions, Hei Yanyu, thanks to her charming looks, was adored by him and was submitted to be one of his escorts. Hei Yanyu, however, was against it. She was a taciturn, conservative person but that did not mean she was weak nor willing to submit to Long Teng for the rest of her life.


On the contrary, Hei Yanyu was an ambitious young woman who intended to lead the Black Hawk Family to prosperity. She aims to gain control over the other Celestial Ancient Races. She even planned to look for an opportunity to challenge Long Teng to fight to stand over the rest, only for him to fall by Gu Changge’s hands.


Having heard of Gu Changge, Hei Yanyu was aware of his strengths. The rumours going around among the Ancient Celestial Races were nothing but unsuccessful slanders that were created out of frustration. As of now, Gu Changge’s true power was estimated to approach the Enlightened Noble Realm. 


Upon a deliberate investigation of the battle back then, Hei Yanyu discovered that Gu Changge’s title of ‘Walking Taboo’ was no exaggeration.


This time, given that all the Celestial Ancient Races were now teaming up to fight against Gu Changge, she saw it as an opportunity. No matter how formidable he was, there was no way he could take on all of the Celestial Ancient Races at once.


“Brothers, let us subdue Gu Changge together!” Soon, following Hei Yanyu’s invitation, innumerable daunting figures stormed out from the gargantuan mountains behind her.


*Creak…” The sound of space shattering constantly came from the depths of the mountains as they reverberated at Hei Yanyu’s sides. 


Among the daunting figures, there were young women with golden hairs and wings, old serpents, muscular men whose arms were filled with scales and blessed with sturdy horns. They were beings personally subdued by Hei Yanyu while she was in the mountains. Each one of them possessed immense power, and even the weakest among them was in the Partial-Enlightened Realm.


After Hei Yanyu disappeared, a young man with a snowy face walked up the cliff behind her. Blessed with a pair of wings, that young man was the one and only Hei Ming. In that instant, uncanny lights were twinkling in his eyes as he gazed into the direction where his sister was headed.


“The ancestors have learned the Entanglement part of the Entanglement Immortal Spell, and now that Yanyu has left the family, it is my time to shine and rise in power…” Hei Ming muttered to himself as flames of ambition fiercely blazed in his eyes, failing to notice the white, cobweb-like pattern surging in his eyes, which speedily disappeared.



When Ye Ling led Yin Mei into the broken well, the ground before them spiralled while spaces around got jumbled up. As they had travelled through a rippling anomaly, they arrived at a place with solid ground.


Strangeness flashed across Yin Mei’s eyes, after which, she revealed a surprised expression. “Where is this? Have we come to another world?”


“That’s right. This place is of another world. If you think about it, it is more like a miniature world. One that has been left behind for me by my master.” Hearing that, Ye Ling, who was in front of her, nodded as he was suppressing his exhilaration.


Typically, he would refer to the cave’s owner as the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, but now that they had entered the Supreme Cave, the legacy of the Supreme Being, he felt it was safer to address him as ‘master.’ If the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being planted a Cursed Spirit in the cave and overheard his insensitive words, he would definitely be driven out. It might seem absurd, but could still be a possibility. This just shows even though Ye Ling usually looked rather idiotic, he was in fact a thorough thinker.


“The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being… Is that…” At that moment, in order to match Ye Ling’s mood, Yin Mei revealed a shocked look as though she was totally taken away. Though Gu Changge had told her everything, so she wasn’t really at all surprised.


“Yes, precisely.” Ye Ling seemed rather smug about his identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. It gave him an ego boost. Nonetheless, in order to prevent himself from being targeted, he never dared to expose his identity. And now, as he was disclosing some things to Yin Mei, he subconsciously revealed a smile, clearly enjoying Yin Mei’s dazed, admiring eyes.


“The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was a being close to the Celestials. Ye Ling, it baffles me how you possess such frightening origin!” Yin Mei stated in awe. 


Ye Ling then shook his head. “So, now you know that the rumour about me being the Successor of Demonic Arts that’s going on out there is simply false. The true forbidden Successor of Demonic Arts is actually Gu Changge! He’s been framing me! That cunning, brazen snake! I’ll eventually tear apart his pretentious face and let the world know who the real devil is!”


As he mentioned Gu changge, dense hostility and murderous intent flashed in his eyes. There had never been anyone in the world that managed to draw forth the same level of hatred he had. Even Ye Langtian wasn’t a close second.


Despite having never met Gu Changge or even talked to him, Ye Ling was framed by him and turned into such a poor scapegoat. He got disdained as a public menace, who was close to being recognised as a common enemy of all forces in the world.


“You don’t have to tell me that. I’ve always believed in you, Ye Ling.” All of a sudden, Yin Mei subtly tensed her brows and interrupted Ye Ling’s ranting of Gu Changge.


“You remain the best, Yin Mei!” Hearing that, Ye Ling nodded as he felt somewhat moved. Regaining his senses, he realised now was no time for sentimentalities. He proceeded to advance deeper with Yin Mei following after him.



“Yin Mei must have left the marks here.” At that moment, Gu Changge walked out of the void as he arrived at the abandoned ancient temple, staring at the broken well with a pondering gaze.


[Ye Ling must have entered the cave by now. This seems to be a pathway between dimensions, similar to that Inner World of mine.] Gu Changge used his divine sense to scout into the broken well. Having mastered the Power of Void, he could sense even the subtlest fluctuations in space. Obviously, this well contained the pathway between dimensions and held many hidden traps.


“Many must have arrived at the ruined site. Except for me, none knows of Ye Ling’s whereabouts.” Gu Changge faintly grinned as he walked into the well. It was not his first rodeo in harvesting crops, he couldn’t be more familiar with such a cliche plot.


As Ye Ling was eliminating all kinds of threats in front, he could smoothly, effortlessly walk the path. This time around, Gu Changge hadn’t the slightest intention to let Ye Ling walk out alive.


[So, what would happen to Ye Ling the Successor of Demonic Arts in the end after he dies? The story will go like this. He would ultimately unlock his full power and escape my grasp. By then, Yin Mei and I will simply act out and claim that all three of us got heavily injured during a fight. No one would have any clue of his whereabouts. All they know about him is that he is the Successor of Demonic Arts and is living a nomadic life in hiding. I expect forces and factions to scour for him. But by then, how could they possibly find a dead man?]


Gu Changge, reflecting on how flawless this plan was, continued. [Everyone knows Ye Ling possesses countless methods and has the ability to alter his appearance and conceal his powers. So, no one would ever know that he is dead. Their impression would remain that Ye Ling ran away with his life, and was living in hiding. As long as nobody noticed what I had done, the masses would naturally assume that all my future Nommening escapades were done by the deceased Ye Ling. That way, no one in the world would suspect me of being the Successor of Demonic Arts. Perfect, no?]



Having travelled a great distance, Ye Ling and Yin Mei seemed to have arrived at what seemed to be an underground fracture. They proceeded into the depths, and that was when a scorching hot aura surged. Around them, engraved seals appeared in the air. Without the Power of Reincarnation, even those in the Sacred Realm would be trapped here forever.


“Be careful, Ye Ling. This is the final test of the Supreme Being. Be wary of the mechanisms awaiting us…” The spirit turtle’s voice came from his pendant and that made Ye Ling take a step back, not daring to let his guard down.








Very soon, Ye Ling saw some kind of light glowing in the distance away as the searing hot magma flowed beneath his feet. Above the magma was a lone, wooden bridge that connected the current area to the next.


“There are living creatures of the fire elements in the magma. Mind your feet…” The spirit turtle reminded Ye Ling, and the latter nodded in agreement.


Not only were the waves of magma scorching hot, but they were also entities of unimaginable weight. A being in the Partial-Enlightened Realm would instantaneously explode, and even those in the True Enlightened Realm would find themselves in distress. As the sea of flames beneath him violently splashed on his body, its heat was easily deflected by the Power of Reincarnation on his body. Thus, he was basically invincible here. 


As a matter of fact, the trial the Supreme Being left behind was made for Ye Ling as he was protected from all mortal threats and dangers. Though, to Gu Changge, such a trial was nothing but redundancy.


“Grr…” From the magma before them, creatures harnessing the power of fire appeared and charged at Ye Ling. Thus, Ye Ling could only respond with causing a genocide.


In the meantime, Yin Mei, who was hiding behind, was observing the fight as she left down some markings, which went completely unnoticed by Ye Ling. In his eyes, the path before him could lead him to limitless treasures, and nothing was more important than that.


After a short while, Ye Ling and Yin Mei overcame all sorts of obstacles and eventually passed every trial the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had set up for him by destroying the arrays and traps he encountered. It did not take long for him to reach the deepest area. There, a cave could be seen as heavenly beams were radiating out of it. There were three bronze pillars supporting a palace made of white jade and bronze, which was floating in the air. Within the palace, there was a structure that had two distinct colours, white and black. It contained the Power of Reincarnation. The power inside was incredibly dense, strong enough to cause blinding light to exude from it, which illuminated the dark room.


Other than this one major thing, inside the palace, a silver lake as calm as the milky way was levitating as silver mists wafted around it. Beside it was a swaying tiny silver tree with black stripes, which contained the true meaning of Reincarnation.


Seeing all this, Ye Ling, who was standing outside the cave, was overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Even Yin Mei, in that instant, was earnestly astounded by the surreal sight.


“The Supreme Being’s Lake of Reincarnation that could forge the Physique of Reincarnation. The Wondrous Roots of Reincarnation, the mythical entity that serves as the foundation of the Lake of Reincarnation. It could condense the Origin of Reincarnation and can even be used as a weapon that could wipe out all lives! Of course, there’s also the Portable Supreme Cave that was refined by the Supreme Being with the World Stone. Within it holds all of the Supreme Being’s legacy. It includes the first terrorizing puppets he crafted.” Thrilled, the spirit turtle introduced everything he knew to Ye Ling’s ears.


“Oh! My efforts have finally come to fruition!” Ye Ling was extremely ecstatic as every treasure that fell into his vision left him shaking uncontrollably.


“These are all mine! I am the chosen one! Just you wait! Gu Changge!” Slightly trembling, his voice was filled with zeal.




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