I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 158, Revealing Everything to Ye Ling, You Can Still Take the Blame While Dead


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“I’m really the destined one!” Ye Ling couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he quickly walked towards the cave ahead.


After all the dangers, he finally reached the front of the cave, causing his entire body to tremble with excitement. He could even see light radiation out from inside, caused by the presence of various powerful and mysterious weapons.


“All our hard work has not been in vain!” The spirit turtle inside his pendent couldn’t help but say with emotion.


Even though the journey before had been difficult and dangerous, all Ye Ling needed to do now was to enter the cave and refine its core so that everything here would be under his possession. With this cave in hand, even if he was being pursued, he could hide in it and no one would be able to find him.


At this moment, Ye Ling was excited beyond measure. He could finally openly announce his true identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Not the Successor of Demonic Arts! Also, since he now had this cave to rely on, he could escape the hands of anyone who coveted his inheritance, making him fearless.


[After today, it is my chance to turn my whole situation around. I will announce my identity to the public and let the whole world know who is the real Successor of Demonic Arts…] Ye Ling secretly thought to himself. He had always believed that he could change his fate. Even if his current situation was dire to a point where he should have lost all hope, that everyone was cursing for his head, he still firmly believed that he could turn the situation around. That was because he had seen situations like this many times before in the past. Even if he was in a dangerous situation, he was always able to turn it around. From his perspective, Gu Changge was nothing but a stepping stone for him to become stronger, and now, he would finally smash this stepping stone into pieces!


Thinking about it, he began to tremble with excitement. Even his hand shivered when he was opening the door which led into the cave. It was as though a great secret was hidden inside that could instantly ascend him to god hood!


“Yin Mei, you can wait for me outside.” At the same time, he tried his best to calm himself down before turning towards Yin Mei.


However, she suddenly opened her mouth and replied to him but without the usual tenderness on her face. “Ye Ling, aren’t you letting me in to see?”


Even though she looked very calm, her words still managed to leave Ye Ling stunned. [She wants to go in and have a look too?]


All of a sudden, he started to hesitate since the opportunity was left exclusively for him by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Although he planned to share some of it with her, she still needed to wait for him to finish refining it.


At the moment, he still hadn’t noticed the change in Yin Mei’s expression.


“Ye Ling, something isn’t right…” The spirit turtle suddenly spoke in shock.


“Forget it if you don’t want to.” Yin Mei interrupted Ye Ling’s silence and shook her head with a calm expression that exuded a sense of unfamiliarity to him.


“Yin Mei, what do you mean?” Ye Ling’s eyes were now wide in disbelief. His mind suddenly became blank. In her eyes, he could see a faint hint of mockery, which was completely different from the Yin Mei he was familiar with before.


Then, he felt a sudden thump inside his heart. He wasn’t stupid to sense that something was wrong.


“You aren’t even willing to share your opportunity with me. Ye Ling, do you really care about me?” she asked flatly.


He gazed at the strange woman and her familiar delicate face that was smooth as jade. She had a pair of curved eyebrows, a tall nose, red lips, crystal clear teeth, and hair as smooth as silk.


[Why would such a gorgeous beauty suddenly utter something this cold?]


“How is this possible… Yin Mei…” There was a hint of pain and disbelief in his eyes since he didn’t expect her to deceive him all this time.


Now that the truth was revealed, it turned out that she had been scheming to snatch his opportunity. After finally knowing the truth, he could only feel his heart ache since he took care of her and told her many things for such a long period of time, but now… she was actually tearing apart their relationship for the cave and the opportunity.


“What about Chi Ling…” He suddenly realised that something was wrong because he and the spirit turtle suspected that it was Chi Ling who exposed his whereabouts before.


“You accused her for nothing. It was I who did it.” she calmly answered without any sense of awkwardness.


“Great! You b*tch! How dare you set me up like this!” Ye Ling’s face turned pale and was filled with regret. The image of his cold gaze at Chi Ling at that time emerged inside his mind. It turned out that all of this was actually a scheme concocted by Yin Mei!


“The fight I had with Brother Bai Lei, and even me saving you… They are actually all part of your plan, right? You really are ruthless, Yin Mei.” He stared at her coldly while feeling a shiver down his spine. [I can’t believe this gorgeous woman is so cold-hearted!]


While full of rage and hatred, he blamed himself for being blind. Not only did he trust her so much, he was even infatuated with her. But in the end, he gained no advantage and was set up by her.


“If you didn’t have problems yourself, I wouldn’t be able to achieve all this. Are you really going to blame me for your own trust issues?” Listening to him, she couldn’t help but reveal her mockery. She wanted to reveal everything to him long ago, so now that she finally had the chance, she naturally wouldn’t want to waste this opportunity.


She knew what he was like and was utterly disgusted by him. [Ye Ling is the kind of person who only allows himself to betray others but wouldn’t allow others to do the same to him. He always takes other people’s kindness towards him for granted, but once someone treats him badly, he couldn’t wait to kill that person’s entire family. He would do so without waiting to understand that person’s feelings first. His double standard is disgusting. If it wasn’t for Gu Changge’s mission, I wouldn’t be able to stand him until now.]


“Shut you, you b*tch! All of this is your fault!” Ye Ling was infuriated beyond measure. Yin Mei’s words had hit him right in the heart. He couldn’t allow her to mock him any further. [If not for you, I wouldn’t have fallen out and parted ways with Chi Ling!]


“Do you think what you say now will work? We are living in a world where strength determines everything. None of your schemes will work in the face of absolute power. Even if you reveal everything to me, what can you do with it? Yin Mei, you’ve overestimated yourself. Today will be the day you die!” Ye Ling couldn’t help but laugh as he gave Yin Mei a cold stare. In his mind, she was already dead. He was confident that the cards up his sleeves were more than enough to instantly kill her. Even if someone in the Sacred Lord Realm showed up, he still had ways to kill or defeat him!


[Yin Mei, what can someone insignificant like you do to me?]


“You are too confident in yourself!” She coldly looked at him with her ruby eyes that had no fear. Instead, they remained calm and peaceful.


“How dare you! If you have a death wish, I’ll fulfil your wish for you right now!” Ye Ling roared, already preparing to strike her..


With victory in hand, he was extremely confident in himself. At this moment, his strength of the Early Honoured King Realm exploded in full force. Ever since he advanced his cultivation, he managed to catch up with the many young prodigies. If the speed of his breakthrough was found out by anyone, it would definitely cause a huge uproar.


*Boom!* A magnificent golden figure appeared behind him. Like a young god, its entire body was burning in flames while its hair shone. As it struck its palm out at Yin Mei, power rushed out like a surging sea that could flood the sky.


This was Ye Ling’s Daoist Body that was in the Honoured King Realm.


Even so, Yin Mei still had that calm and mocking expression. She did not care about Ye Ling’s sudden outburst at all. Since she dared to confess to him, she naturally had the confidence to do so. “At this point, don’t you understand?” 


Right at this moment, the whole space suddenly became silent while a frightening divine force fell from the sky.


“What is that?! Oh no!” Even the spirit turtle inside the pendent couldn’t help but lift its head in shock.


*Hum!* A golden palm that had the ability to cover the entire sun and sky engulfed the place in front of her. It had clear runes and mist lingering around it. There were wisps of chaos energy floating around it as well, as if it was the hand of an immortal emperor that could make the earth tremble!


“Who is it…” Ye Ling suddenly felt his heart leap into his throat. His expression changed drastically. He never expected Yin Mei to have such a powerful cultivator hidden behind her.


*Boom!* As the palm landed, it felt as if billions of tons were crushing down on him.


“It’s so powerful…” 


In disbelief, Ye Ling spewed out a mouthful of blood and his magnificent golden Daoist Body was instantly destroyed.


He quickly activated an ancient talisman, conjuring a black and white layer of light around his body so that he wouldn’t be instantly killed by the palm. Then, he hurriedly moved sideways in a panic. Even so, the palm still grazed half of his body, breaking his arms. Immediately, he spewed out another mouthful of blood while his entire body was in severe pain. He felt as though all his internal organs got crushed and most of the bones in body were broken.


*Boom!* However, the palm didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon as it continued crushing down.


“Destroy!” Ye Ling gritted his teeth while his entire body started to glow. Then, a round black holy sun appeared behind him with a black divine radiance flowing around it. It contained the Power of Time. As it brightly lit up the surroundings, it exuded a frightening murderous intent.


It was an extraordinary image. A black sun burning the sky while wisps of black divine radiance engulfed the land. The unrivalled power was enough to severely injure anyone in the True Enlightened Realm!


*Boom!* Suddenly, the place felt as though several stars had exploded at the same time, causing an eruption of terrifying energy. If not for the support of several bronze pillars and a number of formations laid down here, as well as the protection of a strange power, the entire place would have been destroyed by now!


*Crack!* The black holy sun cracked and was instantly turned into dust. Ye Ling spewed out a mouthful of blood and was blown away like a broken sack. The moment he smashed into the stone wall, he was critically injured.


*Boom!* The palm finally landed, causing a frightening huge crack to appear on the ground. Even the palaces and caves not far away began to tremble.


“Who…” Ye Ling glared at Yin Mei’s direction. His entire body was injured and covered in blood. He no longer had the confidence that he had just now.


“Master!” Yin Mei then shouted respectfully.


With a faint chuckle, Gu Changge finally appeared from the void. While clasping his hands behind his back, he looked down at the pale face of Ye Ling that was filled with disbelief. He muttered to him. “No wonder you are the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. You should be proud of yourself for not dying after blocking my one strike. That’ll be enough to leave your name in this world.”


Of course, this was just a casual strike of his and not his real strength. Otherwise, Ye Ling would not have only suffered serious injuries. Even so, not for his life-saving item, he would have been turned into a mist of blood with his body and soul obliterated. 


Based on the markings left by Yin Mei, Gu Changge was able to find his way here with ease, which was all thanks to Ye Ling.


“Gu Changge…” Ye Ling barely got the words out of his gritting teeth in rage. He glared at Gu Changge who had just appeared. At this moment, he finally realised everything. It sent a shiver down his spine, as if his skull was cracked open and filled with icy water.


The image of Gu Changge standing behind Yin Mei was something he did not dare to imagine before, but now that he was seeing it with his own eyes, it really made him terrified while sending chills all over his body.


[If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’m afraid no one would have dared to believe that Yin Mei is working for Gu Changge! They’ve kept this secret very well. It’s possible that Gu Changge planned all of this from the start and killed Bai Lie. Then, he shifted all the blame for Bai Lie’s death to me.] When relating all of this with Yin Mei’s calm demeanour, he felt his heart sinking while blood was drained from his face. Things were already way outside of his expectations.


This was the first time Ye Ling had ever fought Gu Changge head-on, and yet, he wasn’t able to resist his one casual strike even though he had used his full force.


[Gu Changge’s strength really is as unfathomable as it is rumoured to be. I could even feel that his strike just now was just meant to tease me. Even so, it was extremely difficult for me to resist.]


At this moment, Ye Ling’s heart had hit rock-bottom.


“I’m afraid that our situation today is grim. Gu Changge’s scheming is so terrifying that it is unnerving. How could there be such a horrifying person in this world…” The expression of the spirit turtle in the pendant also turned grave. It had seen many young prodigies before, and whether it was their talent or ability, they would become the best of their era. Never had it seen a young man like Gu Changge before, who had everyone under the sun in the palm of his hand. [He’s a demon! No. He is someone more terrifying than a demon!]


“Brother Gui, what should I do now?” Ye Ling’s back was full of sweat. His previous confidence and excitement was now completely gone. They had all transformed into fear and regret.


Gu Changge was definitely led here by Yin Mei, and Ye Ling happened to eliminate all obstacles for him. That allowed him to arrive here unhindered. Compared to Yin Mei, Gu Changge was definitely the most frightening person here. He managed to hide himself in the dark while simultaneously planning everything unbeknown to the people of the world. Not only that, his strength had already reached an unfathomable level.


“You can only pray that he doesn’t know what ace you have up your sleeve. Maybe the Supreme Being had predicted this day would come and left something for you,” the spirit turtle solemnly answered, not daring to relax in the slightest.


Today was a matter of life and death.


“Gu Changge, what do you want?” At this point, Ye Ling forced himself to calm down and wiped away his blood before asking him with a strong glare.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge examined the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s cave behind him as well as the Lake of Reincarnation inside the palace and casually replied “I don’t want anything else. I just want to kill you.”


[Ye Ling, you didn’t let me down. This is the place where the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being left his inheritance for you. The surging Power of Reincarnation has thickened into a mist, but now, it no longer has anything to do with you.]


“Gu Changge, if you kill me now, there will be no one to take the blame for you.” Hearing his words, Ye Ling stopped breathing for a moment but managed to calm himself down to negotiate with him. He still had an ace up his sleeves, but since Gu Changge dared to show up in front of him, there was no question that he was very confident in himself. No matter how reluctant Ye Ling was, he would have no choice but to give his all in order to survive.


Staring at the series of Fortuity above Ye Ling’s head, Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle lightly and said. “You don’t have to worry about that. You can still take the blame for me while you’re dead.”




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