I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 159, This Man Is Simply Not Human, He Even Dares to Plot Against a Supreme Being


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Gu Changge seemed to be a little surprised and intrigued, especially seeing that Ye Ling still had more than 5000 Fortuity on him even after cutting ties with Chi Ling. However, since he succeeded using the Fortuity Plundering Talisman once back when killing Long Teng, he planned to do the same thing this time. Even though he had any methods he could use to defeat Ye Ling and make him lose his Fortuity points, there was no need for that because it was too complicated.


<Once the Fortuitous One, Ye Ling, is killed, you will receive 3000 Fortuity and 15,000 Fatums. Additional rewards will be calculated separately.>


Looking at the task given by the System, Gu Changge realised that in addition to the rewards he would gain from the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, he would also receive a huge amount of Fortuity. He was already calculating the benefits he would gain from killing Ye Ling since he didn’t think that he would have any chance of escaping.


“Gu Changge, you’re simply someone strong who oppresses the weak! I swear I will kill you!” Hearing Gu Changge’s reply, Ye Ling was left startled for a moment before shouting in anger as he didn’t expect such a reply from him.


[I can still take the blame for him even when I’m dead?] Ye Ling suddenly felt a shiver down his spine, at the same time,  he was filled with an infinite amount of rage and hatred. [Gu Changge is completely evil and deserves death! Even if he dies by a thousand cuts and is crushed into pieces, it still won’t be able to resolve the hatred inside my heart. Is he not going to let me go even after I die?]


The monstrous black divine light lingering around Ye Ling’s body rose into the air and transformed into a intimidating life-like black dragon. It had scales as hard as steel and divine runes intertwined on its body, providing it with spiritual energy. At the same time, the white divine light intertwined and turned into a white phoenix. It flapped its wings, ready to soar to the sky as it opened its mouth to let out a sharp screech!


*Roar!* The black dragon stood with its head up and let out an earth-shattering roar that caused the land to tremble!


This was the revolution of the Power of Reincarnation. The black and white colour represented the life and death aspect of reincarnation. Its manifestation contained frightening power. Even those in the Enlightened Noble Realm would have to be careful. They would not dare to come into contact with it.


“Why do you always like to say the same thing? What do you mean I’m ‘someone strong who oppresses the weak’?” u Changge’s expression remained unchanged as he casually smiled. “Do you really think I will stop kicking you around after shouting that?” He waved his sleeves and stood tall in the air.


*Hum!* He raised his palm and pressed it downwards, creating a giant palm that covered the sky. With mist and runes floating around it, the billion ton god-like palm caused the space to distort, as if it was about to crush it into pieces.


The frightening power was enough to fill Ye Ling with fear. and his face to change as he knew that this was formed by a sea of runes. The user of so many runes definitely had an extremely deep understanding of various spells and techniques. It was obvious that he would also have earth-shattering power that could defeat any opponent in the blink of an eye, but most importantly… it involved the Force of Law!


*Boom!* No matter how powerful the Power of Reincarnation was, it was obliterated instantly in the face of a Force of Law of a higher tier. The phoenix and black dragon suddenly let out a miserable scream as they were crushed into pieces by Gu Changge’s palm!


“I have no enmity with you, so why are you doing this to me?” With a pale face, Ye Ling tried to escape the range of the palm but soon realised that space itself had frozen. It was as if he had plunged into a mud pond. Immediately, he felt a shiver down his spine.


*Boom!* At this critical moment, he crushed a rune and the power of the Sacred Realm emerged from him. With the Force of Law intertwined with his attack, it erupted and swept towards Gu Changge.


“How boring.” Gu Changge then withdrew his smile as his eyes grew colder.


*Hum!* A frightening surge of Demonic Energy blasts out. The Eight Barren Demon Halberd appeared in his palm just like an overwhelmingly vicious demon bursting out of its cage. It gave him a feeling of joy and excitement.


He turned towards Ye Ling with a cold gaze and swept the halberd towards him! The devilish light of the halberd emitted was frightening. It was entangled with black Divine Chains of Order. As it was swung down, the force was capable of destroying the ancient heavens and split the chaotic universe in half!


“This is…” The spirit turtle in the pendant was suddenly filled with fear and trembled. It recognised this ultimate weapon. It didn’t expect such a thing to be in the hands of Gu Changge.


*Boom!* All of a sudden, space in front of Ye Ling exploded, causing him to let out a miserable cry. At the same time, the rune that he activated was annihilated instantly. All the bones inside  his body got crushed by the horrifying energy. Clouds of blood began to burst out of his body.


“His power has surpassed the Sacred Realm…” the spirit turtle stuttered. “Ye Ling! Stop hesitating and use it! Otherwise, you will die!” Its voice sounded the most frightened it has ever been.


As for Gu Changge, he wasn’t surprised that one strike from his halberd couldn’t kill Ye Ling instantly since it was normal for a Fortuitous One to have many life-saving items. Even so, no one could stop him from killing Ye Ling today.


“Let’s see how many times you can resist me.” His body was filled with Demonic Energy as his eyes began to darken. His raging energy was like a frightening sun rising and falling, causing the stars in the sky to tremble. When he struck his halberd once more, the space in front of him was easily torn apart like a broken piece of paper.


“How is this possible…” At the moment, Ye Ling was terror-stricken. Despair filled him while he was covered in his own blood. His entire body was struck by the halberd, causing the Seven-Coloured Immortal Armour he wore inside to instantly blow apart. It was an armour that was capable of resisting an attack from someone in the Sacred Noble Realm! This means that Gu Changge’s strike just now had reached the level of the Sacred Noble Realm!


Thinking about it, Ye Ling felt his soul freeze as he almost lost his will to defend himself.


[Gu Changge is also another young prodigy! But why! Why is he able to possess such terrifying power!? Is this the horror of the Forbidden Demonic Arts?]


It was so unfathomable and horrifying that his body began to shiver in disbelief. But he still at least managed to hear the spirit turtle’s words.


[I-I don’t want to die!]


“Master! Save me!” he roared and activated an ancient golden rune with all his might, even going as far as to burn his Blood Essence. Then, at position on top of the crown of his head, the place where his Divine Spirit was stored, it started to radiate light.


This was the most powerful life-saving method that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being left for him, and now, he had no choice but to use it because if he didn’t, Gu Changge would definitely kill him.


*Hum!* The golden rune was lit up by him, causing it to spurt out a terrifying light, as if an almighty existence was coming to life from it.


At this moment, even the cave and palace not far away were trembling, emitting a strange sound. As the golden rune lit up, space began to distort and the terrible black divine light spread out. As if a black sun had risen and covered the place in its light.


Then, a tall blurry figure appeared as if it came from the distant past. Its eyes were horrifying, seemingly containing a black sun and a white moon. It felt like an ancient god had descended upon the world. 


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had emerged!


His eyes were dark, and even though no one knew how ancient this ghostly figure was, the energy within continued to rise, distorting the surrounding space to the brink of collapse.


As the terrifying pressure descended, Gu Changge guessed that this Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was most likely an ancient being that had stepped into another world, which was the Celestial Realm!


Just his ghostly figure alone was powerful enough to completely destroy those in the Sacred Lord Realm!


“Master, save me!” Looking at the tall figure, Ye Ling couldn’t help but reveal a face full of joy. He shouted excitedly as if he came back from the dead. He finally felt hope of surviving.


“Master!” The spirit turtle in the pendent was also excited as it called out the figure.


“The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being…” Yin Mei’s face changed slightly. She glanced at Gu Changge worryingly. After all, it was a being of the Celestial Ancient Times whose fame was so ancient that it was said he could control the reincarnation of all. That he understood the mystery of reincarnation, and remained immortal.


However, when she noticed that Gu Changge’s expression remained unchanged, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.


“Useless.” The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being let out a cold grunt.


The moment his ghostly figure appeared, he first glanced at Ye Ling with eyes clearly full of disappointment. Even though he was only a manifestation of a being an unknown number of generations ago, he was still able to quickly understand the current situation. [As my successor, I can’t believe that he is forced to use his last resort by a young man in the same generation as him. How disappointing. I didn’t expect my successor to be this useless…]


“Little Gui, you have disappointed me too.” He looked at the spirit turtle inside the pendent and spoke while completely ignoring Gu Changge next to him. After all, he was a Supreme Being. Even though he was just a ghostly manifestation without his body, he could still destroy a young prodigy with ease. However, doing so to a junior was still a little inappropriate.


“Master…” the spirit turtle murmured with guilt as it understood why the Supreme Being would say such a thing. However, the entire situation was too complicated for him to explain since Gu Changge’s powerful might wasn’t something that could be described with a few words. Most importantly was that the Supreme Being still hadn’t noticed the true identity of Gu Changge in front of him.


“Master…” Ye Ling was also embarrassed, but now, he was filled with confidence once more.


[No matter how powerful Gu Changge is, will be able to go against a mythical figure of the Celestial Ancient Times?] 


In fact, Ye Ling didn’t know that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had left a ghostly manifestation of himself inside the golden rune. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to be in such a wretched and desperate state in the beginning.


[The situation is about to turn. Now, it’s Gu Changge’s time to be desperate!]


However, he was surprised to find out that Gu Changge’s expression didn’t change at all at this point. [Isn’t he worried at all? Why isn’t he scared? Is he pretending to be calm, or does he have something up his sleeves?]


“Supreme Being, sadly, you are just a ghostly manifestation…” Finally, Gu Changge spoke and thoroughly examined the figure in front of him, looking a little disappointed.


“Hmm? You dare belittle me, little one?” The eyes of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being immediately darkened as he stared at Gu Changge with an immense yet frightening pressure that was preparing to sweep down and crush all living beings. If he was in the outside world, he could definitely destroy the world with one move. Likewise, in this space, he was the absolute master.


Even so, Gu Changge still maintained a casual attitude and smiled. “Belittle? No, Supreme Being. It’s just that you’ve overestimated yourself.”


Before doing anything, he naturally considered everything, including the fact that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being would leave such a thing for Ye Ling, which was within his expectations. So, he was not worried at all because everything was still under his control.


“Little one…” The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was infuriated as he had never been belittled like this before, let alone by some youngling. Even though he was once a being high above others, he was now ghostly manifested with emotions. Just as he was about to raise his hand to destroy Gu Changge, he immediately saw the Eight Barron Demon Halberd in his hands, causing his pupils to dilate.


The stronger one became, the more they knew. Thus the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being knew the origins of this halberd, which was absolutely shocking! He just didn’t notice it just now. When he did. He could not help feeling stunned.


*Hum!* Right at this moment, the space in front of him became blurry. Every inch of space was filled with the Force of Law. He was startled as soon as he realised that he was trapped… Although he could still breathe, he was still shocked by his current predicament.


“Supreme Being, I hope that you watch carefully.” Gu Changge smiled faintly before disappearing on the spot.


The next moment, his body stepped forward and appeared right in front of Ye Ling. Immediately, the Eight Barron Demon Halberd fell from the air, containing an indestructible sharpness, and the Demonic Energy lingering around it was enough to flood every inch of space.


“What…” Just as Ye Ling was about to breathe a sigh of relief, his face suddenly turned pale and his eyes widened in fear.


At this moment, he felt his soul freeze as he shouted in despair with a grim face, “Master! Save me! I don’t want to die! I’m not satisfied yet! I haven’t stood on the top of others!”


However, without giving him a chance to react, Gu Changge used the Eight Barron Demon Halberd and destroyed the entire space in the next second.


As proof, Ye Ling, whose expression was filled with despair and resignation, was instantly turned into a mist of blood. His body and soul got completely destroyed!


“Your Successor can’t even withstand a single blow from me.” Gu Changge turned toward the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being with a smirk.


“Little one, how dare you! I’ll kill you!” After coming back to his senses, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was enraged. No one would dare to kill his successor in front of him. [Does he have a deathwish?! Even if he is the master of such an ominous weapon, I won’t allow you to live!]


A raging aura started to appear, as if a piece of the sky was about to collapse and kill Gu Changge.


“Don’t worry, Supreme Being. You will be joining your successor soon.” The faint smile on Gu Changge’s face still remained the same.


From his sleeves, a black flask the size of a palm emerged.


*Hum!* Following his will, a series of bright black runes suddenly appeared. As if it was imprinted onto the area surrounding them. They sealed the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being tightly within this space. These black runes contained a strange power, and just like chains, it penetrated every inch of the place, causing black mist to keep on rising.


“This is… Nommening… You are…” The next moment, the expression of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being changed drastically. He knew that he had fallen into a trap, especially when he looked at the black Grand Flask conjured by Gu Changge. He could only look on in disbelief


He no longer dared to underestimate Gu Changge because he was the Successor of Nommening!


“Is this man still human? He even dares to trap a Supreme Being. How horrifying…” The spirit turtle inside the pendent was still alive, but he was trembling in fear while watching the scene.


*Hum!* Soon, there was a dense proliferation of black runes, and the rising black mist transformed into pitch black darkness, enveloping everything!


While holding the Grand Flask in hand, Gu Changge stepped into the darkness!


There was a hint of anger, resignation and disbelief in the spirit turtle’s voice as his heart trembled!


[That’s the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being! My once invincible master! Even if he is just a ghostly manifestation now, he still has a frightening power that could destroy a galaxy with just a thought!]


Seeing a terrifying character that couldn’t be found in this era being trapped by a young man, the spirit turtle couldn’t help but let out a roar of resignation. The scene was so shocking that it scared him beyond measure. [If this gets out, it is bound to cause a huge uproar!]


Soon, the fluctuation disappeared and the engulfing black mist faded away.


As the runes began fading away, Gu Changge calmly walked out, and the Grand Flask flickered away under his sleeves, leaving no trace at all.


As for the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s ghostly manifestation, it was already gone.




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