I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 16, Nature God’s Chant, Siege


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As of today, Gu Changge did not lack any Arts and Techniques. Quickly, he shifted his concentration to the Divine Talents Category.


The so-called Divine Talents referred to a formidable, innate technique a cultivator was born with. While some possessed a dominant bloodline that allowed them to inherit their predecessors’ powerful Spells, some were gifted with extraordinary physiques that granted mighty strength. Conclusively, there were innumerable—even unidentifiable—Divine Talents in the world, but they all shared one similarity—they were all created at a cultivator’s birth.


In the system, nonetheless, Divine Talents could be acquired by spending Fatums without involving the creation of a new life. Gu Changge swept his eyes across the System Shop. Right now, he already possessed the cosmically threatening Demonic Heart and Daoist Bone.


The Demonic Heart was known for its ability to contain all things without any conflicts. Those without a Demonic Heart were bound to encounter conflicts between their superior Talents and inferior ones, in which the former would overpower the latter. There were also instances where two Talents failed to fuse with each other, resulting in unpredictable hazards.


But of course, those were not of any concern to Gu Changge, or there wouldn’t be any need for the Daoist Bone.


The Daoist Bone, on the other hand, was an unrivaled Talent that was also naturally formed at the cultivator’s birth when numerous Grand Runes were engraved in their bones. As long as the Daoist Bone wasn’t neglected, all it required was time until the cultivator eventually became a forceful figure of Supreme Grade or higher. After all, the Grand Path was almighty, and compared to it, the Heavenly Path was notably inferior.


Nevertheless, a man’s greed was not to be easily sated. Swiftly, Gu Changge noticed one of the Talents listed in the System Shop, at which point his eyes glistened. 


“Nature God’s Chant,” he softly mumbled.


Just by its name, it was clear that the Talent was closely related to the Primordial Spirits. At birth, the possessor’s spirit would evolve into a Primordial Spirit, and those who had undergone such evolution were bestowed with the unimaginably intimidating power of their Primordial Spirit. As such, the strength of the cultivator exceeded that of their peers, and only a handful could take them on. Nonetheless, none was known to have possessed Nature God’s Chant.


Regardless, among all the Paths, the Primordial Spirits Path was the most bewildering. Most of the Arts that could cultivate Primordial Spirits were incomparably invaluable, and were kept as forbidden secrets by respective factions of the Grand Path. Needless to say, Gu Changge indeed needed such a vigorous Talent.


[Nommening can devour the source of kings as well as Primordial Spirits, so it basically complements Nature God’s Chant, and perhaps even improves it. But why is it so expensive? With that amount, I could have bought a Supreme Grade Art. Though, 1000 Fatums don’t actually sound that absurd.]


After thinking things through, Gu Changge was no longer hesitant, let alone reluctant. Speedily, he acquired the indomitable Talent.


In a flash, a refreshing sensation flashed across him. *Boom!* He could hear a terrifying roar in his mind as a chaotic aura surged. With that, otherworldly sounds echoed as golden beams radiated. His body was accordingly surrounded by a surreal aura. It was an extraordinary sight, as if the world was being torn apart.


Shortly after, an extravagant, dark stronghold surged in his conscience. Within the gloomy, icy stronghold sat a tiny man with deep, freezing eyes who possessed the Primordial Spirit. His existence was overbearing, as if he was overseeing the entire world. 


[So this is my Nature God’s Chant. I can feel the power of the Primordial Spirit increasing a hundredfold in this very moment.] Gu Changge let out a snicker. [And my power’s continuously growing. At this rate, I can really control the world! Splendid! No wonder everyone in this fantasy world is craving for more power. This feeling is indeed addictive.]



*Whoosh!* In the skies outside Supreme Stygian Holy Land, a number of radiant beams surged. Numerous daunting figures were rushing toward the holy land from all directions. Be it in flying boats, enchanted carriages, or riding on beasts, all of the forces appeared immensely menacing. The frightening forces came from different places of Eastern Barren, including holy lands, similar to Supreme Stygian Holy Land, that stood for thousands of years, as well as empires and ancient clans that were also dominant forces in Eastern Barren.


“When have the reports ever been faulty?” On the peak of a mountain, an elderly man quizzed. The elderly man appeared especially noble in his white garment, seemingly exceptional. At that moment, he was looking in the direction of Supreme Stygian Holy Land. 


The area was filled with endless mountains and Divine Islands floating in the sky, where Divine Beasts dwelled and ambiguous spirits wandered. Thus, the area was regarded as Pure Holy Grounds.


In that instant, the elderly man’s eyes were filled with greed and enthusiasm. If he could conquer Supreme Stygian Holy Land, Pseudo-Sol Holy Land, where he resided in, could certainly be the most powerful force in the entire Eastern Barren.


“Supreme Elder, the report has proved to be true. Back then, the Saint of Supreme Stygian Holy Land sealed off the borders. However, our scouts investigated the mountain area behind the holy land and discovered that the aura of Supreme Stygian Holy Land’s Supreme Elder disappeared a long time ago. It’s as if he passed away.” An elder behind the eldderly man in white revealed.


“Very well. I’ve brought all the elders with me today, and this is our very chance to annihilate the Supreme Stygian Holy Land.” The elderly man in white, obviously delighted, grinned as if he had predicted what was about to come. [Supreme Stygian Holy Land, your history of thousands of years is about to be buried in the soil of Eastern Barren!]


“Nonetheless, Supreme Elder, we received news that Supreme Stygian Holy Land has been keeping a tight connection with a mysterious young man, whose background was heard to be tremendously alarming.” All of a sudden, another elder came forth and disclosed.


“I have heard about it. A mere young man, no matter how strong his background is, won’t be able to overturn today’s odds for we won’t be the only force that’s targeting Supreme Stygian Holy Land. Besides, that lad my granddaughter’s been yearning for seems to have been imprisoned by Supreme Stygian Holy Land as well. They must be blind to confine such a talented prodigy…” The elderly man in white revealed a subtle, knowing smile.




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