I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 160, Fooled Tool, A Big Catch


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


*Zoom!* Followed by a waft of some kind of crumbled substance, the Eight Barren Demon Halberd pierced through the sky before falling onto the ground. It dispersed the clouds and revealed the radiant sunlight. Walking out of the darkness, Gu Changge calmly withdrew the glowing runes surrounding him.


His garment was unstained, unlike one a warrior should possess after a gruesome battle.


[So much for the ghostly manifestation of the Supreme Being, huh…] Gu Changge shook his head before turning to the Supreme Cave, which was gleaming with silvery light, along with a palace supported by three white pillars.


[But I suppose these are all mine now.] He then revealed a faint smile as his prediction hit the nail on its head once again.


*Whoosh!* Regardless of the Eight Barren Demon Halberd’s reluctance to leave, Gu Changge heartlessly sent it back into his arsenal. After all, it was still not time for the public to know of this weapon.


<*Ding!* Fortuity Plundering Talisman application successful. Usage is rewarded with 5000 Fortuity and 25,000 Fatums.>

<*Ding!* Mission to eliminate Ye Ling the Fortuitous One complete. User is rewarded with 3000 Fortuity and 15,000 Fatums.>

<*Ding!* The Zero Fortuity Rule is now in effect. Long Teng’s Fortuity has reached zero. The Zero Fortuity Rule is now in effect. User is rewarded with an additional Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest.>


At the same time, the notification consecutively sounded a series of notifications.


[40,000 Fatums and 8,000 Fortuity? Oh, you make me blush, Ye Ling!] Gu Changge thought with a satisfied look.


A few moments ago, when he trapped the ghostly manifestation of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being with the Power of Void, he sneakily used the Fortuity Plundering Talisman. Thanks to how hopeless Ye Ling was, the talisman worked effectively, evident from his gained 5000 Fortuity.


Subsequently, he drained all of Ye Ling’s Fortuity, and by using the Zero Fortuity Rule, he obtained an additional Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest, in which its content was related to the now-deceased Fortuitous One.


[Open.] Upon Gu Changge’s will, a familiar beam flashed before his eyes.


Swiftly, a glow resembling the Yin Yang symbol appeared in his palm. The glow seemed like ethereal beams from the heavens and the galaxy. Yet, within it were various kinds of anomalies. It included reincarnation of life and death, the beginning and the end of the world, as well as the collapse of heaven. 


In a brief moment, Gu Changge caught a glimpse of countless otherworldly scenarios, with one of them being the World Tree tearing the sky apart, while the vast silver sea underneath it beckoned to the souls of mortals from all worlds.


[What good stuff. Holding the true meaning of the Sea of Reincarnation, it definitely possesses the cosmic force that holds the universe together!]


Gu Changge was quite content with his reward after having plotted against Ye Ling for so long. Apart from this, after refining the ghostly manifestation of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, Gu Changge found himself to gain quite a number of benefits. 


As a matter of fact, he had prepared for the worst since the very beginning, given the awful erraticness of Fortuity. Ye Ling’s Fortuity, despite him facing such a dire situation, remained high, which could only mean that the tricks up his sleeves were not to be underestimated.


Thus, Gu Changge predicted that the strongest protection the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being left behind for Ye Ling was some sort of Dao Physique, only to discover that it was merely a ghostly manifestation, which left Gu Changge somewhat disappointed. 


Judging by Ye Ling’s character, he should be protected by something as powerful as a Dao Physique. Alas, there was nothing but a ghostly manifestation that possessed hardly a fragment of the prowess of a Dao Physique.


Therefore, Gu Changge felt like he had overestimated Ye Ling’s strength. Though, it might have just been his own fault for overthinking things. Despite having come up with an immaculate strategy, he remained worried that there would be accidents and decided to set up even more contingency plans. He truly thought Ye Ling was, figuratively, a level-ten threat, while he was, in fact, merely a level-one threat.


Moreover, the Grand Flask Gu Change used earlier wasn’t a counterfeit forged with glyphs and runes, but the real deal itself. Allegedly, back when it was being forged, bloody smoke was seen spiraling towards the sky. It would conceal the twinkling stars as endless blood gushed out of the corpses of many mighty cultivators. One after another, the fresh disgustingly thick crimson blood streams pierced through the sky into the galaxy.


The Grand Flask was definitely one of Gu Changge’s ultimate cards. If it weren’t for the fact that he was concerned of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s powers, he wouldn’t have used the Grand Flask so rashly. After all, its distinctive aura tended to draw attention, which was why Gu Changge sealed it off in another dimension to prevent any of its aura from leaking out.


[And the Supreme Being thought I set all this up to focus on having a direct fight against him. He thinks too highly of himself.]


<The Ancient Reincarnation Celestial Beam, harbouring the mysterious celestial light of Reincarnation, is a force based on time. It involves the usage of the Origin of Time and Dao of Time.>


Gu Changge read the introduction of the Ancient Reincarnation Celestial Beam. It was a Talent item, similar to the Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood and the Void Marrow he encountered previously. The Ancient Reincarnation Celestial Beam and the Void Marrow were of the same level. While the former utilised the highest form of the Power of Time, the latter made use of the finest Power of Space.


Soon, Gu Changge started fusing with the Ancient Reincarnation Celestial Beam. He could feel a warmth embracing his entire body, as though he was showering in a pool of runes. Eventually, he chose to merge the Talent with his eyes, left and right, life and death.




Swiftly, a refreshing sensation flashed across his eyes, where endless, wondrous feeling surged, as if he was graced with the lights of heaven. As the heavenly light waned, a Rune of Reincarnation appeared in its stead, along with the terrorizing Power of Time that could manipulate life and death.


If anyone were to look Gu Changge in his eyes now, their hearts would surely tremble as their souls crumbled. His aura was so overbearing that it could make one hallucinate the birth of the universe and the beginning of all existence. They were all abyssal, mysterious, enormous, and aberrational.


When Gu Changge attempted to open his eyes, the heavenly light flashing from his eyes made his vision blurry. All he could see was the spiralling colours of black and white. That everything was engulfed by the Force of Time, all while an unidentified power occurred. Such power could instantaneously take one’s lives and lead them to the end, death.


“The Power of Time is indeed an unrivalled force. With such power, I’m afraid dealing with a being in the Sacred Noble Realm would be too easy,” Gu Changge happily muttered as the anomalies in his eyes disappeared. No one could sense any oddities now, including Yin Mei, who was standing merely metres away.


“Is that plundering…” The spirit turtle in the pendant was stupefied at such a sight after witnessing the power Gu Changge demonstrated.


[Isn’t that black and white the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s power to control time?] The spirit turtle was terrified.


Seeing how Ye Ling, along with his final card, was obliterated by Gu Changge, the spirit turtle was horror-stricken. He had known innumerable young prodigies throughout his entire life but none of them bore the same terrorizing aura as Gu Changge.


In fact, given how Gu Changge, from behind the scene, was able to take advantage of the entire world, including the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being himself, it was clear that his strength had achieved unimaginable heights.


[This new Successor of Demonic Arts and Nommening is so powerful that his existence alone eliminates all hope! I can already see him becoming the most dominant figure in the world!] Out of fear, the spirit turtle shivered, growing hopeless as he was certain that Gu Changge had no plans of letting him live.


“Congratulations, Master.” After Gu Changge cleaned up Ye Ling’s body and the ghostly manifestation of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, Yin Mei heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed with a smile.


“Thank you for the hard work,” Gu Changge replied with a subtle smile as he handed her a radiantly gleaming pill. “This is the antidote to the demonic affliction. From now on, you no longer have to suffer the torment of the demonic affliction.”


“It was nothing, Master. Thank you very much,” Yin Mei stated gratefully as she accepted the pill. Bearing zero suspicion towards the authenticity of the pill, she directly swallowed it right in front of Gu Changge.


In response, Gu Changge simply nodded.


As a matter of fact, the demonic affliction was initially planted inside Yin Mei solely as a precaution because he could not trust her. However, that was no longer necessary since Yin Mei had proven her loyalty to him, and of course, there was the contribution of the Demonic Manipulation Urn. As such, Gu Changge thought of lifting the demonic affliction as one of her mission rewards.


Naturally, Yin Mei understood that the removal of the demonic affliction was Gu Changge’s first step of trusting her. Knowing that it would be impossible for Gu Changge to fully trust a person, she was more than pleased with their current relationship.


“Well, there is an entire cave of treasures waiting for you. Just pick anything you want.” With that, Gu Changge pulled up his sleeves and wrapped his arm around Yin Mei’s slender waist as he brought her into the Supreme Cave.


“Thank you, Master,” Yin Mei said with a charming smile.


Remembering how Ye Ling claimed to love her, then wavered when he saw the treasures in the Supreme Cave and instructed her to wait outside, she subconsciously snickered in her heart. [Expecting me to reciprocate the feeling with such half-arsed sincerity? Dream on in hell, you buffoon.]


Although she was nothing but a pawn to Gu Changge, she was allowed to pick anything she wanted from the cave. It was obvious who, between the two men, was worth following. Because of that, Yin Mei couldn’t help but get curious how Ye Ling had managed to accomplish everything he did.


Very soon, Gu Changge picked up Ye Ling’s pendant that contained the Cursed Spirit of the spirit turtle. He intended to deal with this thing in the future.


As they walked into the Supreme Cave, various godly treasures a distance away from them were emitting light that shot out of the cave. The interior of the cave was rather neat as numerous runed weapons were hanging on its wall. Given the heavenly light refracting everywhere, it was as though they were in the personal storage room of a god. Be it axes, hatchets, sabres, pitchforks, talismans, urns, flasks, or swords, all of the weapons possessed some kind of spirit and exuded intimidating auras.


In the middle of the cave, there was a cushion made of leaves. It was held up by black and white branches. The cushion was overflowing with a dense magical aura, as if there was a figure sitting on it. At the same time, resonating chanting could be heard around the figure, as though a giant bell in the shape of the Yin Yang symbol was struck and its ring thundered through the sky, above all living things, while runes spiralled around it. And meditating on the cushion would allow one to attain enlightenment, hence its name, Cushion of Enlightenment.


Gu Changge recognized this cushion. It was regarded as a treasure of absolute value by normal cultivators, but to him, it was nothing but a boring toy that was even more inferior to that of the other weapons present.


“May I have this one, Master?” All of a sudden, with a look of surprise, Yin Mei pointed at an old, delicate mirror. Its surface was gleaming with supernatural energy.


“You may take anything you want. You deserve it.” Gu Changge walked to the centre of the cave where uncountable tiny anomalies were twinkling like little stars. Recognising it to be the core of the Supreme Cave, he immediately knew that only by refining it, could he gain control over the Supreme Cave.


*Whoosh!* At once, Gu Changge channelled all his concentration and revealed his current Primordial Spirit as he began the refining process, which proved rather effortless.


Hearing him, Yin Mei smiled even more beamingly. Wagging her snowy, puffy fox tails, she continued searching the cave for items that piqued her interest.


It was without question that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being bore immeasurable capabilities. Evidently, apart from the godly sealing array that sealed the Supreme Cave, he was also in possession of countless heavenly herbs and pills. To access them Gu Changge had to break their jars.


In the cave, the other most particular thing there were the five puppets hung in the centre of the cave. Those puppets, donning different looks, were the bodies of the deceased. Three of them were once in the Sacred Noble Realm while the other two were once in the Sacred Lord Realm.


[Despite Ye Ling’s cultivation level, the Supreme Being left such puppets for him. It seems someone had an overprotective daddy complex. These are basically Ye Ling’s easy way to power, but given the circumstances, I shall politely accept these puppets.] 


Alas, no matter how impeccable the legacy the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being left behind was, he couldn’t have expected his successor to be an incompetent tool, fooled by another, and had everying from him seized.


As Gu Changge was refining the core of the Supreme Cave, he simultaneously refined the five puppets as well. The aura of the puppets, despite being corpses, were quite strange. For some reason, even if it were to stand before a normal person, they wouldn’t feel anything odd. It would appear as though these corpses were just ordinary dolls, without any power in them.


Yet, these puppets harboured tremendous strength that could annihilate countless beings in the Sacred Realm. Most importantly, the puppets didn’t have to worry about death and pain. As long as they do not get completely destroyed, they could be slowly repaired in the Supreme Cave. To Gu Changge, who was quite in need of extra hands, these puppets would come in handy.


[Now that I possess part of the Supreme Being’s legacy, perhaps I could make use of this identity…] Gu Changge squinted his eyes. 


Unlike Ye Ling, the dimwit who chose not to expose his identity as the Successor the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being out of fear that he would be made a target. Even if Gu Changge were to announce to the world that he was the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, no one would dare to speak up against him. After all, none dared to even think of plotting against him.


Right now, not only was Gu Changge the Successor of Skyward Schloss, but he was also the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family. In the Beyond, except for the children of Ancient Emperors or reincarnations of an Immortal, no one could trump him in terms of status and identity.


Besides, since Gu Changge was someone with great foresight, Ye Ling’s death was something that would eventually be exposed. Thus, he needed another scapegoat in the future, and his ‘identity’ as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being came just in the nick of time.


[As expected, the incident whereby the Supreme Being enslaved the Celestial Ancient Races such as the Black Hawk Family, the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, and the Divine Crocodile Clan with Slave Marks is recorded here. Sadly, those Slave Marks works only with Ye Ling as its source of power.]


Gu Changge read a jade tablet which the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had written his will for Ye Ling. It clearly stated the Slave Mark incident. It was obvious that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had racked his brain to think of different means to raise his successor. Sadly, Ye Ling never really had the chance to use them.


[The Slave Marks require the legacy of the Supreme Being to be activated, which had been claimed by Ye Ling and has died along with him.] Gu Changge felt that it was such a waste.


Nonetheless, he pulled himself out of the disappointment. After all, he had been scheming against the Black Hawk Family for quite a while. Even though he couldn’t subdue the Celestial Ancient Races with Slave Marks, Entanglement Immortal Might worked the same. Actually, Entanglement Immortal Might could decide one’s death, unlike Slave Marks, which could only be used for suppression. Thus, Slave Marks are a thousand leagues below the Entanglement Immortal Might.




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