I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 161, It’d Not Be an Exaggeration to Call Him a Laughing Buddha


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Proofreader: Silavin


Very soon, Gu Changge refined the portable Supreme Cave and stored it inside his Inner World. At the same time, he used Fatums to open up an independent godly weapons storage space in his Inner World. The inside of the space was vast and shining with golden light. There were all kinds of godly weapons hovering in there like sabres, spears, swords, halberds, furnaces, seals, bells… They were magnificent, dazzling, and looked so sharp as if they could pierce the sky.


This place was created by the Power of Space. Inside the godly weapons storage, all the godly weapons truly existed instead of simply maintaining their shapes with runes. It meant that Gu Changge opening up a godly weapon storage was equivalent to opening a treasure-house of godly weapons. If he used them to launch a surprise attack, he might also be able to immediately crush his enemy to death. As for why Gu Changge would do such a thing instead of using a normal means of attack, it was simply because he could afford to do so. 


Having suddenly obtained so many godly weapons, he really could not think of any other use for them. Yin Mei had only selected a few godly weapons that were useful to her, and the entire cave contained hundreds of them. None of them were ordinary as they were things that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had liked enough to leave for his successor. Gu Changge just wanted to say a word of thanks to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being for giving him all this. If Ye Ling was his treasure-hunting rat, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was his laughing buddha that brought him great wealth.


Afterwards, Gu Changge went over to another place to store the silver Lake of Reincarnation there. He also stored the Wondrous Roots of Reincarnation that had taken root inside the lake. The Wondrous Roots of Reincarnation could not only be used as a weapon, it could also be used to give birth to Fruits of Reincarnation. But at present, Gu Changge had no need to use the Wondrous Roots of Reincarnation as a weapon. Once he was done, he decided to leave the place.


He instructed Yin Mei before leaving, “Once we’re out of here, we’ll tell them that… Ye Ling fled after getting heavily injured…”


“Understood, Master. Ye Ling is still alive. He used a powerful trump card at the critical moment and avoided falling into Master’s hands.” Yin Mei nodded in response. She was exceptionally intelligent and understood his intentions without needing any explanation. Although Ye Ling was dead, they still could not let the world know about it right now. Otherwise, Gu Changge would not have anyone to take the blame for being the Successor of Demonic Arts. She and Gu Changge needed to put on an act in order to deceive the world.


“No… at the critical moment… Ye Ling used his Demonic Arts to seriously injure me. He also got injured during the fight and fled after injuring me.” Gu Changge shook his head as he corrected her.


Yin Mei’s script was also quite good, but it was not perfect. It was very easy for him to pretend to have been seriously injured because of Nommening. Even if someone investigated his injury, he could leave the traces of having his Source injured by Nommening. This way, others would not hold any suspicions. On the contrary, they would become even more vigilant of Ye Ling, as he could injure someone as powerful as Gu Changge. It would make them fear that they would not be able to put up a fight against Ye Ling. By making the masses think of him as someone very powerful, Gu Changge would also be able to pave the way for his future activities.


“Understood. Master’s plan is flawless as always.” Yin Mei realised his intentions. She felt even more admiration for Gu Changge while also feeling some joy at the same time. After all, Gu Changge had never explained to her anything when he instructed her to do things until now. She needed to guess about everything herself. Him being more open about his plans meant that he had more trust in her. Yin Mei quickly understood this point after thinking carefully about it.


“Let’s go.” Gu Changge said.


The two of them left the place. On their way back, Gu Changge suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood and his face turned very pale as if his body had weakened. It seemed as if his Source was injured. He had to properly control the extent of his injury so that no one could find any flaws. Of course, he was only pretending that his Source was injured. He would not do anything to really hurt himself.




When Gu Changge had rescued Yin Mei from the ‘evil clutches’ of Ye Ling, in the ruins thousands of kilometres away from the ancient city.


A large number of people, outsiders and natives, had hurried over here and the sky above was filled with divine rainbows and warships, making the scene appear extremely astonishing. Lights shooting up from various magic tools were spread all over the place. People were searching every corner to find and slay the Successor of Demonic Arts. This matter had alarmed thousands of young, and there were even six or seven young prodigies among them. The Successor of the Wang Family, Wang Wushuang, the Young Master of the Ancient Ye Family, Ye Langtian, the Successor of the Vermillion Bird Clan, Chi Ling… The moment they received the news, they had immediately rushed over here without stopping on the way, afraid that Ye Ling might escape if they were too late.  However, after they were done searching the entire ruins, they did even see a shadow of another living being, much less Ye Ling. They were dying to find Ye Ling at any cost.


“Did Ye Ling really get away?” Chi Ling asked with a frown. They had immediately come to this place after hearing the news, but it was all for nothing in the end. She suspected that Ye Ling was no longer present here.



*Boom!* A divine light landed in the sky at this moment. It transformed into a tall and dashing man who looked just like a young deity. It was none other than Ye Langtian.


He spoke with a heavy voice and solemn expression, “Chi Ling, we discovered a burial site here. And just as we speculated, the Sources of the old corpses inside have been refined by someone…”


“Is that so?” Chi Ling let out a sigh. Her expression was also solemn. She had kept burial sites in mind, which she had guessed would appear here, and would be desecrated. She did not really think that her guess would be right. Furthermore, the essence and Sources of a large number of old corpses had been devoured and absorbed by Ye Ling. The thing they were most worried about had ended up happening.


“It’s a pity that we were a step too late.” A person shrouded in fog walked over from another direction. He was none other than Wang Wushuang. He also let out a sigh. He did not expect to waste his time like this.


“Oh right. Why do I not see Brother Gu here? Wasn’t it him who delivered this news to us?” Wang Wushuang said with surprise when he discovered that Gu Changge could not be seen anywhere. He could not help but have doubts. Normally, it was impossible for Gu Changge, who provided them the information to be absent from this place. But right now, Gu Changge was nowhere to be found. Not even his followers were here.


“Indeed. Why did Brother Gu not come? It was also his follower who informed me.” Ye Langtian also spoke with doubt. [We immediately rushed here after obtaining the information. So why is Gu Changge missing? Was there something wrong with the information we receive?]


“Perhaps, Brother Changge didn’t come because he already guessed that we’ll return empty-handed.” Chi Ling spoke as she speculated about the reason. 


“Brother Changge likely knew that Ye Ling will escape. After all, Ye Ling in’t stupid, he’ll definitely choose to run away when so many people come to slay him. So, it was quite likely that we would gain nothing here. But since Brother Changge dared to inform us about it, he should have already found Ye Ling’s whereabouts. It might even be part of his plan to force Ye Ling out of this area and show himself…” Chi Ling analysed with a pondering look on her face. She had speculated Gu Changge thoughts based on her understanding of him.


Hearing her words, Ye Langtian’s eyes brightened and he could not help but say with praise, “Chi Ling, your analysis makes sense. Considering Brother Gu’s nature, it’s impossible for him to make any mistakes when it comes to matters like this. He definitely knew that Ye Ling would escape, and he only informed us to make him show himself.”


Listening to him, Wu Wushuang fell silent for a moment. Soon after, although he did not want to return like this, he could only say helplessly, “Looks like all of us were simply used by Brother Gu.” 


If an ordinary person did such a thing, he would have become furious at this moment. But he did not dare to be angry about what Gu Changge did. A Walking Taboo and a young prodigy were existences on two completely different levels after all. Not to mention, Gu Changge did it for the sake of everyone in the world. They really could not really say anything to criticise him.


“Brother Changge might have already met Ye Ling by now…” Chi Ling said.


“Chi Ling, I didn’t know you understood Brother Changge so well. It’s truly unexpected…” Ye Langtian could not help but say with a grin.


“Brother Ye, don’t make such irresponsible remarks.” Chi Ling was slightly taken aback before she said while shaking her head. She smiled wryly on the inside. She could not have that future emperor, Yue Mingkong, hear such words. She still clearly remembered the lofty palm from the other day that had smacked an Enlightened Realm being to death. She would not easily dare provoking a possessive woman like her. 


She felt that Yue Mingkong was absolutely stronger than Ye Langtian and Wu Wushuang. Just that she had just never shown her true strength thus far. Chi Ling vividly remembered the coldness and vigilance Yue Migkong had shown in her eyes when looking at her. If she actually dared to get too close to Gu Changge… she might truly attempt to kill her, while Gu Changge might not care.


Suddenly, a flickering light flew over. It was a young cultivator who was rushed to this place with a look of shock and disbelief on his face. It seemed as if he wanted to report some urgent matter.


“This is bad…!!” He shouted with a shocked expression.


Watching the scene, Chi Ling, Wu Wushuang, Ye Langtian, and other young prodigies could not help but look at him with a frown on their faces.


“Why’re you in such a hurry? Do you not know how to behave yourself?” A young prodigy scolded him. This newcomer was his follower.


“Young Master Changge is injured after fighting with the Successor of Demonic Arts…” The young man said with a trembling voice. His face was pale and his body was shaking in fear. This news had made him shiver and he found it simply unbelievable. Even Gu Changge, who was invincible in his generation and was the Walking Taboo, was injured when he confronted the Successor of Demonic Arts. He felt as if the sky had collapsed on him.




Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard him. They even doubted their ears. Gu Changge met the Successor of Demonic Arts, and then got injured after fighting him?  It was a bit too shocking news for them. All the cultivators widened their eyes in extreme shock as they stood in a daze. They did not dare to believe such a thing.


Chi Ling was the first to come to herself. She could not help but show a look of worry on her cold and proud face as she asked, “Is that really true? Is Brother Changge alright?”


“I only heard of this news from Young Master Changge’s follower. His injury doesn’t seem to be light, but he isn’t hurt too badly. Furthermore, the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, Yin Mei has already been rescued from the evil clutches of the Successor of Demonic Arts by Young Master Changge…” The young man had also calmed down now. He took a deep breath before speaking to everyone. After all, this news was really too shocking and unbelievable. They were all still looking for the traces of the Successor of Demonic Arts here but Gu Changge had already fought him.


“That’s good to know.” Chi Ling immediately let out a sigh of relief. The thing she was most worried about was the scenario where something serious happened to Gu Changge, despite him being so powerful. Fortunately, he was only injured. 


[It seems that the tricks up Ye Ling’s sleeves are truly astonishing. No wonder he was unfazed even when faced against many Enlightened Noble Realm and Enlightened King Realm beings.] As she thought about it, the look on her face became even colder. But she still could not help but be worried. If even Gu Changge suffered injuries at Ye Ling’s hands, what were they supposed to do if they came across him? They would likely not be able to escape from death.


“Looks like our guess was right. Brother Changge really used the information to force Ye Ling to show himself. It’s just that he underestimated Ye Ling’s strength…” Ye Langtian said with a sigh. In his opinion, Ye Ling had many trump cards, so it was quite normal for even someone as strong as Gu Changge to be injured by him.


“Where’s Ye Ling?” Wu Wushuang asked.


“I was told that Ye Ling used a powerful trump card and then fled after being seriously injured by Young Master Changge. His current whereabouts are unknown…”


“Fled…? This is truly a disaster! Even Gu Changge couldn’t kill him!” Wu Wushuang shook his head. Even at such a time, they still could not find faults with Gu Changge. He had schemed to take down the Successor of Demonic Arts, but was now injured as a result. They could only criticise the Successor of Demonic Arts. That he was really too sly and had countless tricks up his sleeves. It was unfortunate that he was not yet destined to die.


“Gifted Lady Yin Mei of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan and Young Master Changge had disputes between them but who would have thought that it’d turn out to be him who rescued her from the evil clutches of the Successor of Demonic Arts.”


“Although Young Master Changge doesn’t have a good reputation, Gifted Lady Yin Mei is still his junior sister in the end. It must be impossible for him to just let her die. Young Master Changge’s generousness is truly admirable.”


All the young prodigies in the ruins spoke one after another as they mentioned their opinion about this matter as well as their admiration for Gu Changge. He had rescued his junior sister, whom he had disputed with, from the hands of the Successor of Demonic Arts… The series of events that happened over these past few days had started to make them feel inferior to him. They even felt admiration for him. [This is the reason he is the Walking Taboo.]


“Indeed. I always believed that Young Master Changge is a powerful and overbearing person, but I didn’t think he would also have such a gentle side to him. Gifted Lady Yin Mei might have been really moved this time!”


“It is the classic hero rescuing a damsel in distress moment after all!”


“I’m actually a bit envious of Gifted Lady Yin Mei… Would Young Master Changge come rescue me if I fell into the evil clutches of the Successor of Demonic Arts?”


Many young women also mentioned their thoughts. They appeared starry-eyed and had an envious look in their eyes. To put into simpler terms, they had become Gu Changge’s fans after what he had done. He took the initiative to fight against and become the target of the Successor of Demonic Arts when all the others of the same generation were afraid. Such righteousness had made them admire him from the heart.


“Where’s Brother Changge now? Looks like we still need to meet him and ask him about the actual situation.”


Soon after, Ye Langtian and others discussed for a while and decided to meet Gu Changge to ask him about the details. That way, they would be more prepared to face Ye Ling when they meet him in the future.


*Boom!* Many divine rainbows left the place as they headed to the gathering place in the valley.


Very soon, the news about Gu Changge’s encounter with the Successor of Demonic Arts quickly spread across every place in the Celestial Ancient Continent and caused a big sensation. A large number of young prodigies who had not participated in the matter were immediately lost for words. They were extremely shocked. 




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