I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 163, Still Thinking Too Highly of Oneself, Refuse to Be Convinced Until Faced With Grim Reality


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On the top of the mountain, white clouds and mist were surging, appearing like a veil of celestial energy that spread all over the place. As far as one could see, they were surging forward with great momentum, across the mountain range. But Gu Xianer was in no mood to appreciate all of this. Her expression clearly looked as if she came across something that was really troubling her, making her unable to come to a decision.


“Big Red, do you think it’s really true that Gu Changge got seriously injured after fighting with the Successor of Demonic Arts?” Gu Xianer asked the big red bird on her head as she hugged her legs.


The big red bird rolled its eyes when it heard her. It looked to be saying, ‘Why the heck are you asking me such a thing?’


Gu Xianer also knew that it was pointless to ask a bird about such things. However, she was clueless and uncertain at the moment, needing some place to vent. She had also heard of the news that Gu Changge had tracked down the Successor of Demonic Arts and fought against him. 


In the beginning, she did not really believe it, as she knew just how terrifying Gu Changge’s strength was. She just could not think of anyone else beside her among the young generation who could put up a fight against him. Of course, she was only referring to the strong her in the future. In her opinion, there was at least no one among the young generation right now that could be Gu Changge’s opponent. 


But still… The one who fought against Gu Changge this time was the rumoured Successor of Demonic Arts, who had no conscience and was an unfathomable existence. She had not truly seen how fearsome the Successor of Demonic Arts was, but she had heard many different types of information about him. He was surprisingly able to escape safely when so many great factions and forces were searching for him, and now he had even disappeared without a trace. No one could tell how strong such a powerful existence could be. So, it was not impossible for Gu Changge to be hurt by the Successor of Demonic Arts. She was thinking of Gu Changge as someone too invincible, but the reality was, he could also get hurt and lose his life, like any other normal person. 


This realisation had made her a bit worried for him. According to the rumours, Gu Changge was seriously injured and had even hurt his Source. He seemed so frail that a strong wind could blow him away. When Gu Xianer heard about it the first time, she was first stupefied and then laughed it off. She had clearly seen how Gu Changge did not show any reaction and weakness even after being struck by her blade. She could not believe that he could be so severely injured after confronting the Successor of Demonic Arts. But later on, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that things were not as simple as they seemed. Considering Gu Changge’s nature and ability, there was no way he would let the Successor of Demonic Arts escape if he could truly kill him. Therefore, the only possibility was that Gu Changge had lost his strength to fight, just like the Successor of Demonic Arts. After all, there must be a reason why they did not continue to fight each other. 


[If that is really the case, Gu Changge’s injuries should not be light]. With such thoughts in her mind, she had no mood to look around for fortuitous opportunities. Her cultivation had already increased rapidly. Not only did she get the Eight Scared Plantain, she also came across a Nirvana Fruit later on. She had also fought fierce battles with those from the Celestial Ancient Races. Once her cultivation broke through to the Advanced Honoured Lord Realm, she had become several times stronger than when she had just entered the Celestial Ancient Continent. She was confident that she could resist Gu Changge’s palm suppression the next time they met.


“I’m not worried about him getting injured. I’m just afraid that I won’t have anyone to take revenge on if he dies like this.” Gu Xianer convinced herself. She gave herself a good reason for when Gu Changge shows his disdain towards her and doesn’t welcome her visit. Of course, it was also an excuse, to prevent herself from showing any kind of concern for him. This way, she could also go to see just how gravely injured Gu Changge was. She could also verify if the Successor of Demonic Arts was as powerful as the rumours claims.


“Fortunately, I found a heavenly healing herb a few days ago. I can give that to Gu Changge, as thanks for saving me. I’m so generous. To be doing such a thing when I’ve yet to settle accounts with him for what he did to me in the past.” After muttering to herself, Gu Xianer transformed into a divine rainbow and soared to the sky, riding on a magic tool. She left the place at a very extremely fast speed.




While all the Races in the Celestial Ancient Continent as well as the cultivators from the outside world were looking everywhere for the Successor of Demonic Arts, Gu Changge led his followers to a random ruin. It was in the name of staying there for recovery. But the truth was, he was secretly using various means to intensify the hatred between the cultivators from the outside world and the Celestial Ancient Races. Once this hatred reaches its apogee, it would be the best time for the big shots from both sides to conclude the young generation’s training. 


Gu Changge did not mind making things extremely chaotic. After all, right now, he was gradually fading out of their field of view. Only some natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent, who wanted to know about his actual condition, would approach this area before disappearing without a trace. Taking advantage of this time, Gu Changge had once again bought many nice things from the System Shop. He bought three Transcendence Bones for another hand, foot, and one finger of his right hand. 


Gu Changge refined the Hepta-Metal Principles and Sword Principles of the Endless Immortal Might inside this finger bone. These two ultimate offensive Principles would naturally show even greater power when stacked up together. So, Gu Changge had decided to refine the finger bone into a supreme sword bone. 


Gu Changge’s intention was simply. It was to look cool. When facing an enemy, he would lightly point his finger forward, unleashing a peerless sword beam that would instantly behead the other party. Apart from this, he had also raised the cultivation level of his Skyward Ascension. As such, his superficial cultivation was already at the Intermediate Partial-Enlightened Realm. Moreover, he was secretly using Nommening to crazily hunt lone powerful cultivators without stopping. Consequently, the traces of the Successor of Demonic Arts had appeared once again, causing panic everywhere. Many natives and outside cultivators felt as though they were in imminent danger. 


However, to Gu Changge, he believed that they were overthinking things. Currently, even if a native appeared before him and took the initiative to present their Sources to him, he might not even feel like picking it up. At present, only Sources from those of the Enlightened Noble Realm and above would be effective in increasing his cultivation level. The higher his realm, the greater the quantity of Source and essence he required. Otherwise, unless his prey had a very powerful constitution or bloodline, he would not hold any interest in them. 


Gu Changge also considered pulling out the large net using the Entanglement Immortal Might, which he had laid to reap a bountiful harvest from the Black Hawk Family. He could perceive that the whole Black Hawk Family had been caught in a spider web. He could instantly annihilate all those inside with a thought. It was even more fearsome than the Slave Mark.


Time passed very quickly and several days have passed.


“So it’s just a spirit turtle… and here I thought that it’d be a legendary Black Tortoise.” Inside a vast and ancient hall, Gu Changge muttered with a calm expression but there was a note of disdain in his voice. He was holding a white pendant in his hand. Aura and light exuded from its surface as the image of a spirit turtle appeared on it. The spirit turtle’s entire body was pure white like jade. It was glittering and translucent, with a bizarre fragrance to it. Someone else would not be able to catch such a fragrance, but Gu Changge could perceive it as the Successor of Demonic Arts. Because it was… the fragrance of a Divine Spirit. This spirit turtle was a Divine Spirit, which was most likely not a turtle, despite its appearance, but rather, some kind of Celestial Medicine.


“Gu Changge, don’t humiliate this old one. I don’t care if you kill or torment me. I’d rather shatter my own soul than surrender in fear!”  The spirit turtle that appeared on the pendant was being unyielding at this moment. Since it had personally witnessed Gu Changge’s secret, given his nature, it was definitely impossible for him to let it off. 


The spirit turtle believes that Gu Changge was most likely going to use various means, like tourture, to force it to speak of the hidden secrets related to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Afterwards, Gu Changge would use all sorts of methods to force it to serve him. The spirit turtle understood all these things very well. It had seen too many things to not know what Gu Changge’s would do to it. Therefore, it was very unyielding. There was a look of righteousness and unwillingness in its bean-like eyes. Although Ye Ling’s personality had many flaws, he was still a good person in the end. How could it possibly bear serving someone evil and demonic like Gu Changge? 


Abetting the wicked would be an act of injustice to all those living in the world. It contradicted its own principles. If it tried to cling to life in the face of a great demon like Gu Changge, then who else could it expect to uphold righteousness in the world?  


“When did I humiliate you? Is calling you a turtle humiliating to you?” Gu Changge said with a faint smile, but his expression seemed as if he was looking at an idiot. “Or is it because you’ve been speaking for so long that you even forgot that what exactly you are?” 


Gu Changge acknowledged the fact that his skill to be hated was too much. If there was a level for it, he had already maxed it out. Thus, he did not care about a turtle putting on airs in front of him.


“Gu Changge, don’t go too far…” Just as expected, the spirit turtle could not help but shout at Gu Changge with a dark look when it heard his words. Even though it was described as a ‘spirit turtle’, it did not mean that it was really a turtle. It was just a name that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had given to it. Being called a turtle was a complex it had, even Ye Ling would try not to mention it when he was alive. But right now, Gu Changge was mercilessly bringing it up without the slightest hesitation. If not for the fact that it could not fight back, it would have fought Gu Changge to death for calling it ‘turtle’.


“Going too far? Again? Can you guys say something new?” Gu Changge shook his head as he spoke without a care in the world. Black and white colours seemed to be swirling in his eyes as vague traces of time appeared in the void.


“Reincarnation Principles…” The spirit turtle could not help but be shocked. Its divine spirit became more and more vague, as if it was going to transform into smoke and vanish into the air under Gu Changge’s gaze. It did not expect that Gu Changge would be able to control the Power of Reincarnation in a few days. His talent had far exceeded Ye Ling’s by an immeasurable extent. [He is simply too terrifying… No, terrifying alone is no longer enough to describe Gu Changge.]


“Tell me about your background. If I find it interesting, I’ll let you live.” Gu Changge said soon after. He was a bit idle right now, so he was using this time to deal with the spirit turtle. It was a portable grandpa-like existence for Ye Ling. Though, it was not as useful as a genuine grandpa. At most, it could be considered the guide of a Fortuitous One.


“Dream on! Gu Changge, this old one will not serve you. That would mean I would be allying with the wicked…” The spirit turtle immediately sneered with a knowing look. It had already expected that Gu Changge had ulterior motives behind sparing its life. After all, it was a creature that had followed the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being and knew about a lot of secrets from the Celestial Ancient Times. If Gu Changge was not a fool, he would know that keeping it alive would be better than killing it.


“I’m not going to ask it again. You think too highly of yourself.” Gu Changge let out a sneer. [This turtle really believes that it is someone special, huh? It is truly acting according to the standard cliches…]


*Buzz!* Black Grand Runes became faintly visible as he raised his hand and transformed them into a Grand Flask.


*Boom!* Wisps of black light poured down from the void as they enshrouded the spirit turtle.


“Ah…” It let out a horrible shriek as its Divine Spirit could be absorbed deep into the strange Grand Flask without much resistance.


Gu Changge was never interested in knowing about the many secrets of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. He was only interested in the alluring fragrance that he could sense from the spirit turtle. It had been a long time since he consumed a Divine Spirit that tasted so amazingly good. 


The last time he had it, it was the Divine Spirits of an Enlightened King, who had been reborn through possession. At that time, it had the same flavour. Gu Changge speculated that this taste had something to do with the Fortuity they have. It did not matter if the spirit turtle did not say anything, as nothing it was going to say was of any importance to Gu Changge.


“Gu Changge, are you truly going to kill me…?” The spirit turtle screamed in disbelief. To its surprise, Gu Changge was seriously planning to kill it off.


“People like you refuse to be convinced until they’re faced with grim reality.” Gu Changge said as he slightly narrowed his eyes. There was no hint of mercy in his eyes. A terrifying devouring power exuded from the Grand Flask. The spirit turtle could only look on helplessly as it transformed into black runes and submerged into it. “It’s made from a genuine Celestial Herb after all. But it’s been divided into three parts and it is formed from one of them.”


Immediately, his limbs and bones were filled with enormous amounts of herbal properties. Its quantity was so frighteningly great that it looked like a vast and turbulent galaxy. As a result, a sense of heavenly might surged and made the inside of the hall feel like the celestial realm. Fortunately, every cell in Gu Changge’s body seemed to have a pitch-black flask within them. All the sixty-trillion cells were churring as they absorbed the vast medicinal power. At the same time, some information appeared in his mind which helped him understand various things. The accumulation of energy in his body hit its limit and he very naturally broke through to the Peak Enlightened King Realm. Now, he was only a step away from reaching the Quasi-Sacred Realm.




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