I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 164, Poking at Gu Changge’s Sore Spot? I, Gu Xianer Find It Awesome


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Of course, it was difficult for the one-third of a Celestial Herb to be comparable with a Celestial Herb that was intact. Especially when it was only in the form of a Divine Spirit. Its effect was only a bit better than Heavenly Herbs. Perhaps, Ye Ling himself did not know the spirit turtle to be a Celestial Herb.


“Master, Miss Gu Xianer has come outside the ruins to meet you.” As Gu Changge completely digested the one-third part of the Celestial Herb, many thoughts flashed through his mind. Suddenly, the voice of his follower sounded from the outside.


[Gu Xianer? She’s actually here?] Gu Changge slightly narrowed his eyes. He had not expected such a thing. But when he carefully thought about it, it made sense for someone like Gu Xianer to come at this kind of time. 


[Looks like she’s worried about this good brother of hers. She’s truly a tsundere that has a sharp tongue but a soft heart.] He showed a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips before saying, “Let her come in.” 


He was pretending to be injured, which would allow him to be in an even more advantageous position when dealing with her. The training period in the Celestial Ancient Continent was coming to an end and the Celestial Gate was about to appear. Gu Xianer taking the initiative to come looking for him had presented him with a very good opportunity.




Outside the ruins, Gu Xianer had a cold expression. She had a proud, aloof air about her like an icy mountain. Her face was exquisite, flawless, and shiny, and her eyes were glittering and attractive like a gemstone. She was dressed in a green skirt and had a slender and elegant figure, which made her seem absolutely beautiful.


She had already inquired about Gu Changge’s current location from various cultivators. After his battle with the Successor of Demonic Arts, Gu Changge got seriously injured and had chosen this place to recover. When she was hurrying over to this place, several divine senses scanned her in order to confirm her identity. It made her shiver inwardly because it made it seem as if Gu Changge was really injured. Otherwise, those around the place would not be in such a state of extreme alert and suspicion. After the Ancient Sea Palace incident, a lot of young prodigies had come to know of her identity. They were aware that she and Gu Changge had an extraordinary relationship. That was the reason they had let her come in.


“Miss Xianer, please follow me. Master is waiting for you inside the hall.” Very soon, the person who had gone to report her arrival returned and respectfully informed her. Then, she led the way for Gu Xianer.


Gu Xianer followed behind the other party. She had maintained a cold and unconcerned look on her face, but she was furtively observing the situation around the ruins. The number of cultivators at this place was high, and all of them had very powerful auras. It was quite obvious that Gu Changge’s had gained even more followers over these past days and his force had become even more fearsome. 


On the contrary, she had always been alone, except for having that big red bird. If she had any intention to hurt Gu Changge, this place would have instantly become a hostile and dangerous territory for her. She deeply felt the fearsome power and influence that Gu Changge held. It was just that when these people with powerful aura looked at her, all of them showed respect towards her. It astounded her a bit. It was obvious that the closer a creature was to the depths of the place, the more they were valued by Gu Changge. It would not be an exaggeration to call them his most trusted subordinates. 


[But why are these people so respectful towards me? Is it because of Gu Changge’s instructions, or did they misunderstand my relationship with him?] Gu Xianer thought when she came to her senses. At the same time, she also confirmed one thing… Gu Changge had never told others about the antagonistic relationship between the two of them. Gu Xianer had complicated feelings about it… She even felt a kind of happiness that she did not clearly understand herself.


[Gu Changge has really been hiding something from me. From the very beginning, although he bullied me in various ways, he never attempted to kill me…] As Gu Xianer looked around her, she became even more sure of her previous speculation. [There are a lot of unknown secrets related to the incident that happened during my childhood. It’s just that Gu Changge won’t tell me about them. Furthermore, his objective is to make me work hard to improve myself so that I can become strong… so much so that I can even defeat and kill him.] 


Gu Xianer already understood Gu Changge’s main goal. She did so by taking various things that had happened into account. Gu Changge wanted her to improve herself, and he would not kill her. But she could still not understand the reason for him to be doing things like this. Gu Xianer was planning to investigate and understand this matter after leaving the Celestial Ancient Continent. It was revenge that had been the driving force for her to cultivate diligently until now. She wanted to become much stronger, untill she could defeat her great enemy, Gu Changge. But right now, taking revenge was already not that important to her. After all, the animosity between them was because he had dug out her bone. But, she now knows it was done for some other objective than what she had believed earlier. She really wanted to understand the secret behind that incident. She cannot bear the thought of it being kept in the dark forever.


“Is Gu Changge’s seriously injured?” Gu Xianer could not help but ask the person that was leading the way.


“Miss Xianer, you’ll have to find it out yourself. Master hardly comes out these days, so we servants also do not get to see him. Most likely, Master’s injury is still serious, or he wouldn’t be acting like this.” Hearing the question, the person made a bitter smile before explaining the situation to her and letting out a sigh.


“Thanks for letting me know.” Gu Xianer nodded in response.


Soon, she was brought in front of a vast palace. As the lingering glow of the setting sun illuminated its surface, it appeared divine and holy like a celestial tower that was situated in the world of men.


“Miss Xianer, Master is waiting for you inside.” The follower said before he left.


Gu Xianer suddenly got nervous, even though she herself did not know why.  After all, this was her first time meeting Gu Changge alone. There was always someone else beside them when they met so far. In other words… the two of them would be meeting each other without any external disturbance.


[Even if my guess is wrong and Gu Changge wants to kill me, I’ve enough confidence in my strength to not be afraid of him.] Gu Xianer spoke to herself.


*Boom!* While she was having all these thoughts, the gate of the palace opened all of a sudden and dense celestial mist surged out of it. The inside looked like a celestial realm in the world of men. Gu Changge had a composed look on his face. He was wearing a loose robe and sitting at the centre of the palace, as if he was waiting for her to walk over to him.


“Since you’ve have come here, why’re you still standing outside?” Gu Changge said with a faint smile as he looked at Gu Xianer. But as his skin was pale and his lips seemed to be drained of colour as well, it seemed very unnatural for him to be acting in such a manner.


Gu Xianer was stunned. She simply could not believe that this was the same Gu Changge who always appeared lofty and indifferent. Considering Gu Changge’s haughtiness and his nature of thinking himself above everyone else, he absolutely would not allow others to see him like this if his injury was not very serious. It was no surprise that he almost never came out as he definitely would not want to allow his subordinates see him in such a condition.


“Gu Changge…” The various emotions that Gu Xianer showed on her face disappeared the very next moment. She walked inside the large hall in a very natural manner. As the two of them looked face to face, she said to the other party, “I feel relieved to see that you haven’t died yet.” Gu Xianer spoke indifferently as he concealed the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. She did not want Gu Changge to sense the change in her emotions.


“Oh? if your brother died, you wouldn’t need to take revenge. Wouldn’t it be a matter of great joy for you?” Gu Changge asked as he chuckled. He did not express any opinion about what she said.


“Only I can take your life. If someone else dared to kill you, I’ll kill them myself. You can’t die before I come to kill you.” Gu Xianer spoke coldly. The look in her flawless, gemstone-like eyes seemed to be asking for a beating. Although Gu Changge was pretending to be injured, he was still amused by her words.


He could not help but gaze at her with a deep look in his eyes. Afterwards, he let out a sneer, and the smile on his face disappeared. “Gu Xianer, do you want to be disciplined again? Or do you think that you can act in an unbridled manner because I’m injured? I can easily suppress someone with ability like yours even if I’m seriously injured. Could it be that you have come here to make use of this opportunity to mock me?” 


Gu Xianer was still worried about him, but hearing his words annoyed her. [Does this guy not get that I’m concerned about him?] However, she also could not say anything positive in front of him. She had already expressed her attitude with her words, but Gu Changge did not appreciate her kindness.


“Gu Changge, you’re overthinking things. I’m not someone that would attack an injured person. When I want to defeat you, I’ll do it in a fair battle. I don’t need to use petty tricks.” Gu Xianer spoke indifferently. She was speaking the truth which also showed her proud and unyielding character.


“Oh, then are you pitying me right now?” Gu Changge said while looking into her eyes, making her unable to say anything in response. “I haven’t fallen so low that I’d need your pity. Gu Xianer, get lost from here before I change my mind.” 


Gu Changge, with no smile on his face, looked quite indifferent. Terrifying pressure appeared inside the large hall as if a sun had appeared in the clear sky and it was about to fall down.


Gu Xianer slightly changed her expression. She did not think that Gu Changge could have such a fearsome pressure even when he was injured. An ordinary cultivator would have been totally scared, causing their legs to go numb and making them kneel down. Of course, the way he so quickly changed his attitude had also left her speechless. After all, he was clearly smiling at her just moments ago. But the moment she said something displeasing to him, he immediately changed his attitude. Even a tyrant would not act like this. Still, this was the Gu Changge she was familiar with. He was extremely haughty and could not accept any gesture of kindness. Of course, she was also not worried about Gu Changge killing her.


But Gu Xianer still could not help but ask with a frown, “Gu Changge, you’re still pretending to be tough at such a time? You’ve already hurt your Source. If you continue to use your cultivation, it’ll only worsen your condition… I’ve got a Heavenly Herb that is used for healing that is very effective for healing Source injuries. I’ll give it to you in return for saving me earlier.” 


A shiny Heavenly Herb appeared in her hand that had an extremely strong herbal fragrance. Just a whiff of it could relax a person’s pores and make them feel as if they were soaring through the world. However, Gu Changge did not even give it a glance. He appeared quite aloof and unconcerned. As he sat in his seat, he seemed extremely indifferent like an immortal from nine heavens who had not the slightest hint of emotions within him.


“You…” Gu Xianer’s frown deepened. She wondered whether she had poked at Gu Changge’s sore spot. [He doesn’t need anyone else’s kindness? He doesn’t want others to be concerned about him? Why? What’s the reason? Why would Gu Changge try so hard to tear our relationship apart, when it is already so hard to maintain a normal conversation? What is the reason for all this? What is Gu Changge thinking?]


“Gu Xianer, you think I need your pity?” Gu Changge looked at her indifferently with no concern for her show of goodwill.   


“Gu Changge, how are you so unable to recognize others’ good intentions?” Gu Xianer was even more annoyed. Only she alone knew  how hard it was for her to make the decision to pay him a visit. Still, never would she have expeceted Gu Changge to show such an attitude towards her. Not only did he not welcome her, he was also preparing to attack her. She speculated that she had touched on some objective of Gu Changge, and it was the reason for him to be acting in such a way. Seeing the sign of weakness on his face, she could not get herself to be angry at him.


“I don’t need kindness from anyone. Especially not from you.” Gu Changge spoke while looking at her indifferently, but his tone had suddenly become softer. “Gu Xianer, keep this in mind. Don’t have any other emotions for me because it’ll only hurt you in the end. You only need to focus on diligently cultivating and taking revenge on me in the future. There’s no need for you to think too much about other matters.”


“Gu Changge, stop being delusional! I don’t have any other emotions for you…” Gu Xianer flared up when she heard his words. She shouted at him as a panicked look appeared on her face for a moment. It seemed as if he had hit the bullseye. [He is delusional! How can I possibly have any other emotion besides hatred for him? I was only worried about him being killed by someone else because of his injury. If such a thing happened, how would I be able to take me revenge?]


“That’s good to hear.” Gu Changge nodded at her without any change in his expression. “I’ll take your herb, but I won’t take advantage of you.” He waved his hand as he spoke.


*Buzz!* Suddenly, dazzling golden rays of light appeared as light from treasures and divine things spread everywhere. A vast and mysterious independent godly weapons storage space had opened up in the void and light of all kinds of weapons exuded from there as they made a series of clanging sounds.


Gu Xianer forgot to breathe for a moment when she looked at the scene before her. She was overwhelmed by the ‘wealth’ in front of her eyes. Her  beautiful eyes could not help but widen. Her first thought was ‘how could Gu Changge be so rich?’ Her money-grubbing nature showed itself and she could not look away at all.


“Choose ten of them. It’ll be an exchange for this Heavenly Herb.” Gu Changge’s calm and indifferent voice sounded.


Gu Xianer came back to reality and she seems to have quite the difficulty in looking composed. Having over a hundred godly weapons right before her eyes was very captivating to her. She thought about her storage ring that was empty for the most part. It only had five or six magic tools in there, except for the things that were gifted to her by her masters. But Gu Changge could make over a hundred godly weapons appear with a wave of his hand. Furthermore, each of them was extraordinary with traces of spiritual essence within them and even describing it as high-end equipment would be insulting it. Gu Xianer felt aggrieved and she clenched her hands into fists. She wanted to give the healing Heavenly Herb to Gu Changge out of kindness and good intentions and here he was showing off his wealth to her. How could he bully her like this?!


“Gu Changge, don’t humiliate me like this. I, Gu Xianer would rather force my way out of here then…” Gu Xianer spoke indignantly. It seemed as if there were countless icy blades in her eyes that wanted to riddle Gu Changge with gaping wounds. If looks could kill, she would have killed him countless times.


“It’s fine if you don’t want them.” Gu Changge immediately interrupted her words.


“I do!” Gu Xianer glared at him. It was an awesome opportunity for her after all.




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