I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 165, Casually Creating Secret Collection, Your Brother Will Help You Improve Yourself


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Gu Changge was not the least bit surprised by Gu Xianer choosing to accept his proposal. There was no one in the countless realms who would not act hypocritically when presented with such opportunities. Besides, he was aware of the fact that Gu Xianer was poor. 


He had already done all preparations before he put his plan into motion to deal with her hatred. He had even gathered information about Peach Village, which was supporting her. He also became exceptionally clear about her money-grubbing nature. Since he currently could not act differently from how he was supposed to in front of her,  he had chosen to give her these items by calling it an exchange.


These godly weapons could also be considered his compensation to her. He was not so cold and heartless as to not understand her goodwill towards him. It was just that he had his own plan, and he was certainly not ‘letting her off’ easily. Moreover, he speculated that Gu Xianer would be even more convinced now that there was some secret behind the ‘bone extraction incident’. [Now, she will not be able to stop herself from seeking the truth. This will allow me to pull out more cards from my sleeves, and move her closer to my goal. Gu Xianer had yet to develop faith in me after all.]


[Well, it certainly won’t do if things stop becoming even more interesting.] He slightly narrowed his eyes as he shot a glance at Gu Xianer. Afterwards, he let her choose ten godly weapons for herself.


Gu Xianer was not flustered in the slightest, though it was not easy to have Gu Changge take out so many precious things to give her. She was going to make the full use of this amazing opportunity.


“Well, let’s do this equivalent exchange then. My healing Heavenly Herb isn’t just something you can get anywhere, you know? I had to put in a lot of effort to get my hands on it.” Gu Xianer said. She did not say this just to explain to Gu Changge, she was also comforting herself.


Gu Changge was sitting at the highest seat at the palace, looking down at her with a clam expression as his robe was fluttering.


*Buzz!* As if a treasury had just opened, light from the independent godly weapons storage space became blinding and dazzling. Suddenly, the big red bird on Gu Xianer’s shoulder started making sounds, as if it was saying something to her. Gu Xianer’s face could not help but show a look of pleasant surprise. She smugly raised her eyebrows and gave Gu Changge a look that seemed to be saying, ‘You’re definitely going to suffer a big loss.’


“So you speak bird language.” Gu Changge said as he glanced at the big red bird. He knew that it had the ability to seek out treasure. But since it was Gu Xianer’s pet, he had no plans of taking it for himself.


At this moment, the big red bird felt a shiver in its soul as if it was being targeted. However, the feeling completely disappeared the next moment. But it still made it tremble and it glanced at Gu Changge in fear.


“You’re the one who speaks bird language.” Gu Xianer was unhappy to hear him say such a thing. [How could you mock me like this? It’s just how I communicate with it. It has helped me find so many nice things over these past few days.]


Gu Changge’s face was extremely pale. However, he could not help but show a faint smile when he heard her, “I think that’s a nice big red bird. How about you lend it to your brother for a few days?” He spoke with nothing out of the ordinary in his expression, as though it was the same as before.


Gu Xianer curled her lip in her heart. She did poke at Gu Changge’s sore spot earlier. It was simply ridiculous how quickly it made him change his attitude.


“Dream on.” Gu Xianer immediately refused his absurd wish. After all, it had been with her since the time she left the Peach Village. The word ‘companion’ would not suffice to describe how she felt about this bird. Gu Changge was dreaming if he wanted to take it away from her.


“Quickly choose the things you want. You look as if you have never seen the world. Why are you taking so long to choose just ten weapons?” Gu Changge slightly raised his brows as he spoke like a young rich man. He did not even seem to care that he would be losing ten high quality weapons.


Gu Xianer was fuming inside. She vowed to have more magic tools than Gu Changge one day. Once that day came, she would throw all of them at his face. She did not want to cause trouble for him as he was injured right now. Otherwise, she would not have forgiven him for bullying her today. 


Soon, Gu Xianer chose ten different kinds of godly weapons under the guidance of the big red bird. There were too many nice things inside this independent storage space, and she was still coveting for more even after choosing the ten weapons that suited her the most. If not for the fact that she could not defeat Gu Changge, she would have made sure to rob everything from him. 


Until now, she always believed that she could be considered a somewhat wealthy woman, as she did not lack magic tools, pills, Heavenly Herbs, and powerful ancient spells. But only after witnessing what Gu Changge had, did she finally understand the true meaning of being wealthy! Gu Changgedid what was expected of him. He immediately closed the independent godly weapons storage space, regardless of her reluctance to look away from it.


“Gu Changge, actually I’ve got one more healing Heavenly Herb. I think that just one Heavenly Herb might not be enough to heal your injury…” Gu Xianer showed no embarrassment as she spoke to Gu Changge. Instead, she had a very cold expression but somewhat warm tone. She worded it as if she was seriously concerned for him. Someone unfamiliar with her might really believe that she was truly worried about him.  


“Gu Xianer, stop being delusional.” Gu Changge interrupted her with a chuckle. [As expected of someone that was taught by those old monsters in Peach Village. She can be clever at key moments even if she is a bit silly at other times. It will be impossible for an ordinary person to take advantage of her. The way she is  acting right now can deceive a large number of people.]


“Listen to me, you’ve hurt your Source… So, it’s best that you try your best to recover. You can’t go wrong with consuming more Heavenly Herbs. Seeing how you’re injured, I’ll take the loss and exchange one more Heavenly Herb for five godly weapons…” Gu Xianer spoke seriously as her beautiful, alluring eyes stared at Gu Changge. It was as if she had not heard his refusal earlier. She would not be making any loss from this exchange as she had already gotten ten godly weapons for a Heavenly Herb.


“Save your concern for yourself, will you? Or, do you think that I won’t really try to kill you?” Gu Changge changed the topic in a calm and indifferent manner.


Gu Xianer showed a stiff expression when she heard his words. She had almost forgotten that Gu Changge was her greatest nemesis. How could she casually bargain with him like this? Still, she did not believe that he would kill her.


“Gu Changge, can you tell me the truth behind everything?” She also could not help but show various emotions on her face.


“What truth are you talking about?” Gu Changge asked in reply. He seemed as if he had no idea what she was talking about.


“It’s already obvious by now…” Gu Xianer frowned at his reluctance to speak the truth.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Gu Xianer, you’re overthinking things.”


Gu Xianer felt that Gu Changge’s expression was gradually becoming cold. He was obviously not willing to talk further.


“I clearly want to kill you to take revenge. But why have you not killed me? Instead,  you are trying to protect me? Are you trying to make up for that incident in the past?” Gu Xianer asked while suddenly feeling impatient.


“Gu Xianer, don’t think too highly of yourself. I don’t kill you because I need to consider the bigger picture and the family’s honour as the young master of the Gu Family. Besides, you think I don’t want to kill you? Stop being so delusional. I wasn’t unable to kill you because of the experts supporting you. Otherwise, I’d have already killed you off.” Gu Changge sneered at her words, as if he was mocking her ignorance and naivete. His words were partially false and partially true. Even if he spoke the truth to her this time, there was no way Gu Xianer was going to believe him. Also, Gu Changge wanted to see how she would react to his words.


“Gu Changge, don’t try to deceive me…” Gu Xianer could not help but turn a bit pale when she heard him. She knew that it was impossible for Gu Changge to tell her the truth. Even so, she still did not think that he would speak in such an indifferent and heartless manner. Fortunately, she already knew that he would not tell her and prepared her heart. Otherwise, she might not have been able to endure it.


“I’ll definitely find out. I’m definitely not going to forget what you did to me back then. Gu Changge, just you wait for me.” Gu Xianer decalred. She had already seen how Gu Changge was doing, so it was time for her to leave. 


Gu Changge watched her silently. A look of interest appeared in his eyes for a moment. Her reaction was just as he had expected.


“Master, we’ve got a serious problem…” Suddenly, someone reported from outside the main hall.


Gu Xianer could not help but stop in her tracks when she heard those words. She had become curious. [A serious problem? What could be a problem for Gu Changge?]


“What’s the matter?” Gu Changge asked with a calm expression.


“A large number of young natives from the Celestial Ancient Continent have appeared three hundred kilometers away. They’re gathered on a mountain peak right now. It seems that they’re planning to launch a surprise attack.” The follower outside the hall reported in a respectful manner.


“Natives from the Celestial Ancient Continent? They’ve come to die again?” Gu Changge frowned. He was in a ‘seriously injured’ condition right now, so the young natives from the Celestial Ancient Continent had been trying to take him down. Recently, they had been sending groups after groups to achieve their goal, and it seemed that they had still not given up on the idea. If he was not ‘recovering from his injury’, he would have already led his followers to annihilate them. [Which foolish clan’s younglings are they this time?] 


Gu Changge looked at Gu Xianer. It was a very good opportunity to use her as a free hired thug. “Did you confirm which family or clan they belong to?” Gu Changge asked.


“They seem to be from the Feathered Clan.” The person outside the hall replied respectfully.


“I didn’t think they would be from the Feathered Clan. So, they dare come to step on me this time…” Gu Changge shook his head with a look of deep regret on his face. He seemed to be lamenting the fact that even the weak have come to take advantage of his condition. He looked towards Gu Xianer.


“Gu Changge, why’re you looking at me? If you think I’d help you deal with them, that’s never going to happen.” Gu Xianer felt a chill run down her spine as if she was being stared at by some ominous beast. And she was right, Gu Changge certainly did not have any good intentions towards her.


“It’s ok. You’ll help me.” Gu Changge showed a thought-provoking smile on his face.


“Dream on.”  Gu Xianer walked out of the palace with large strides, intending to immediately return the way she had come. She did not want to stay with Gu Changge any longer. After all, he had just pissed her off. But seeing that there was no risk to his life, even if his injury looked grave, she was relieved to some extent. She could not have someone else kill him before she takes her revenge.


“Master, what do we do about those from the Feathered Clan?” After Gu Xianer left, the follower outside the main hall asked again as he very carefully looked inside. Gu Changge was not in good condition right now. The members of the Feathered Clan were coming in droves and were looking quite menacing. Thus, it was  not going to be easy to deal with them. It sounded good when other young prodigies declared that they would show up to help him in his time of need, but no one could tell if anyone would actually come when needed.


“Capture alive those you can, and kill the rest of them.” Gu Changge casually gave his instruction. He was not in the least bit concerned about the lives of those natives.


“Understood, Master.” The follower withdrew from the place. Before he left, Gu Changge gave him glittering and translucent pills with strong sword light exuding from them. They contained a wisp of his sword energy exerted the strength of his true realm. The explosive power generated from crushing one could instantly kill a Quasi-Sacred Realm being. 


Others thought of such means as part of his secret collection that Gu Changge would exhaust sooner or later, so those from the Celestial Ancient Continent were taking turns to fight him so that he runs out of trump cards. But unfortunately for them, Gu Changge could easily create a ‘secret collection’ like those pills, that one could say that it was inexhaustible. 


Furthermore, the pills could be used just by crushing it and the sword energy contained inside could affect Principles at an extremely profound level. There was no one among the young generation who could rely on their own abilities to block this sword energy. Therefore, the natives giving their life like this was no different from dying for nothing in Gu Changge’s opinion. 


[Still, Gu Xianer is really out of luck. To have come at a time when members of the Feathered Clan are coming to attack me. Did she truly think that she would be able to leave this place without facing any issues? Even if she does not intend to fight them, those from the Feathered Clan would force her to.] Gu Changge thought.


Afterwards, Gu Changge also left the main hall. He walked over to the outside of the ruins to watch the show that was going to happen. Large-scale battles had continued for days in the vicinity of the ruins with divine lights from runes shooting up into the sky. But due to the pills bestowed by Gu Changge, the battle had turned out to be a bit one-sided. Many from the Feathered Clan would explode into blood mist whenever the sword energy was unleashed.


The surrounding was a bit cold due to the mountain breeze. Gu Changge’s face looked paler and paler and he seemed to have grown even weaker. He covered his mouth with a handkerchief as he let out a coughing sound. When his followers behind him saw this scene, they promptly helped him over to a stone chair. 


“Gu Xianer, this is your brother helping you improve yourself.” Gu Changge said with a look of interest as he located Gu Xianer, who was also fighting with a very displeased expression.




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