I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 166, Afraid That Gu Changge Has an Evil Intention Since He Is Concerned All of a Sudden


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Gu Changge showing himself drew the attention of all the people in the battlefield, be it the young natives from the Feathered Clan or his own followers.


Clouds and mist were winding around over the cliffs, Celestial Flowers and Sacred Herbs seemed to have burst into bloom. There was a sense of sacredness in the air. A young man was dressed in a robe. It was fluttering in the breeze while he was sitting there.. He appeared just like a young god with glossy hair. Although he looked pale, showing his weak condition, there was a cold and deep look in his eyes, as if he was looking down on all living beings. He had a presence that made others tremble with fear.


“Gu Changge!”


“He has finally shown himself!”


The leader of those from the Feathered Clan was a decent-looking young woman. She had golden wings on her back that appeared sacred and dazzling. Every time she unleashed an attack, a rain of light would pour down over a large area. She was none other than Yu Jing, who had clashed with Hei Yanyu from the Black Hawk Family. She had brought along a large number of young natives here to kill Gu Changge while he was still seriously injured. She was powerful, already in the Intermediate Partial-Enlightened Realm. Her strength was more than enough to crush many youths from the outside world, and even their young prodigies.


*Rumbling!* As she looked at Gu Changge on the mountain peak far away, her eyes shone with a cold light. They had a murderous and cold look in them. She had finally seen his real face. The otherworldly and transcendent young man was the main culprit that had killed Long Teng!


Gu Changge had not even shown his face over these past few days as he had been recuperating from his injuries. Nonetheless, Yu Jing was cautious. She was not as stupid as Hei Yanyu thought. She had spent a long time observing things before making her appearance. She had also instigated many natives to cause trouble for Gu Changge in order to know everything she could about him. However, she soon came to find out that all those that she instigated had disappeared when they went in. It was precisely because of this, Yu Jing could tell that Gu Changgge was truly injured and in serious condition. 


His subordinates were the ones who had been often using pills to deal with their enemies. The pills they used contained a very terrifying sword energy that could even take down a being in the Quasi-Sacred Realm. It was quite obvious that such powerful pills were something like a trump card that an ordinary person would not have much of. However, Gu Changge was forced into giving them to his subordinates to use in their fights against the young natives she instigated. 


What does that mean? It means Gu Changge was likely not in a condition to fight. Otherwise, he would not choose to make use of such precious pills. After all, such precious treasures would be limited in quantity as their refining process is very complex.  Even Yu Jing, herself, did not know what to do against the extremely frightening wisp of sword energy that could instantly kill someone in the Quasi-Sacred Realm. Unless one was at the Sacred Realm or was using a Transcendent grade weapon, there was no other way to resist that kind of sword energy. Therefore, Yu Jing concluded that Gu Changge was definitely in dire condition, that he might have even used many of his trump cards during his great battle against the Successor of Demonic Arts. Otherwise, things would not have turned out like this.


[This time, I’ve brought a Transcendent grade weapon with me. Although I can’t use its full might with my strength, just a wisp of its power would be enough to suppress them all. Gu Changge is gravely injured for sure. This is a good opportunity for us to take revenge for Master Long Teng and our clansmen! It’s also an opportunity to allow everyone to know of the Feathered Clan’s might!] A lot of thoughts flashed through Yu Jing’s mind as she looked at Gu Changge on the mountain peak. A chilly killing intent was exuding from her.


As Gu Changge looked over the scene below, an unusual look appeared in his eyes for a moment.




“We pay respect to Master!”


Loud voices resounded from every inch of the mountain range. Many divine rainbows landed near the mountain peak he was sitting on. All of them were Gu Changge’s followers. They had been fighting an intense battle with the Feathered Clan. It had resulted in large parts of the mountain range turning into fine powder. When they saw Gu Changge, who had not shown himself for many days, they were all excited and shouted respectfully in his direction. They thought that the reason he had shown himself, despite being injured, was in order to boost their morale! Consequently, even more killing intent surged from them and their eyes turned red. They roared ‘die’ at the young natives from the Feathered Clan, so loudly that their collective voice shook the sky.


“The sword pills bestowed by Master can execute all our enemies.” Someone roared as he took out a glittering and translucent artifact. Monstrous killing aura was exuding from it.


*Crunch!* A pill got crushed and burst into blinding light. Suddenly, a terrifying sword energy appeared. It cut through a mountain ridge so easily, as if it was sharp enough to cut through the sky and split the earth apart.


*Puff…Puff…Puff* Those from the Feathered Clan that were in the way showed an expression of panic and desperation as the sword energy destroyed them, completely annihilating their body and soul.


[I don’t believe that you’ve still got more of those sword pills!] Yu Jing had a cold expression with no hint of surprise on her face. She was already planning to use her Transcendent grade weapon.


*Boom!* Scorching hot and dazzling aura appeared from inside her sleeves. It seemed as if a small, golden sun had come to life. Its terrifying force spread out in all directions, scaring, shocking, and terrifying everyone around her.


“The aura of the Sacred Realm…”


“It’s a Transcendent grade weapon!” Someone said with a heavy voice, his eyes full of fear. After all, only someone at the Sacred Realm would be able to resist an attack from a Transcendent grade weapon. It could overpower any cultivator below the Sacred Realm!


[They have even brought a Transcendent grade weapon to deal with me. The clans from the Celestial Ancient Continent seem to be livid with me…] An indescribable smile appeared on Gu Changge’s face. For him, this was nothing surprising. Those from the Celestial Ancient Continent had suffered heavy casualties over these past few days. Their situation had gotten so bad that they have started to cross the line. 


They were crossing a line the outside world and the Celestial Continent had a tacit agreement since a long ago. Because the Celestial Ancient Continent was moved over to its current location by an unbelievably powerful ancestor of Skyward Schloss, many factions who still held great respect for Skyward Schloss, restrained themselves from trying anything against the natives, even though they really coveted the Celestial Ancient Continent. However, due to his schemes, more and more clashes were taking place between those from the Celestial Ancient Continent and the factions from  the outside world. As a result, many young prodigies from both sides got seriously injured or killed. There were even factions whose members in the Celestial Ancient Continent got completely annihilated. 


The situation had gone so out of control that those from the Feathered Clan were brazenly using a Transcendent grade weapon in a fight among the young generation. It was no longer training but a massacre of the cultivators from the outside world. No matter how ancient the families and clans in the Celestial Ancient Continent were, this place was nothing more than another secret domain to the factions and cults of the outside world. And yet, they were brazenly and openly crossing the line now. There was no way the factions of the outside world would tolerate such a thing. Once they heard news of this, they would most likely be enraged and would want to raze the Celestial Ancient Continen to the ground. 


This way, Gu Changge would get the reason to use his position against them. It would give him an excellent opportunity. After all, there was a tacit agreement between so many factions only because there was no big excuse for them to act. But right now, he had created that excuse for them!


[The Celestial Ancient Continent is a gold mine for the factions of the outside world. So, once they have a justifiable reason to take action against its native residents, even Skyward Schloss would not care about their well-being. They would at most occupy an entrance to this continent.] Gu Changge thought with an expression of expectation and intrigue. 


To him, the leader of the young generation of the Feathered Clan was stupid. He believes she was the best person to cause the situation to escalate out of control. With a bit more string pulling, he could use his identity to easily kill the Lost Clans. 


Gu Changge’s gaze swept across the battlefield once more. He had located Gu Xianer, who had been forced to participate in this ongoing battle. She was currently fighting against a few young prodigies from the Feathered Clan. 


Dazzling runes were appearing around Gu Xianer. She seems to be using a combination of wondrous techniques, resulting in very strong offensive power and terrifying spells. Even stars appeared to stream down from the sky as they suppressed and killed everyone in her vicinity. Although she was not physically large and imposing, she had an air of invincibility about her. Power from her terrifying vigour and blood erupted and surged in all directions. All of her opponents had their expressions changed, They were all in fear as they coughed out blood again and again while being blown away. Some even turned into blood mists after taking a hit.


“Like I said, I’m not the person you’re looking for! I’ve no relationship with Gu Changge! Why’re you messing with me if you want to deal with Gu Changge?” She was feeling extremely irritated. It was terrifying to see her fists making the void tremble. 


Soon after leaving Gu Changge’s palace, she was stopped by those from the Feathered Clan before she could go far. They did not even say anything and immediately attacked her. It angered her so much that she was dying to fly back to the palace and settle accounts with Gu Changge. 


[It is just as he said! That I’ll help him! But how the hell can you even call this helping? I’m clearly being forced into this situation!!] It was only natural for her to be annoyed by Gu Changge’s smile at the time. As she fought her opponents, Gu Xianer noticed Gu Changge’s presence on a mountain peak far away. The moment she saw him, she felt so angry that she wanted to rush over to him and kick away the chair he was sitting on. 


That guy was watching the battle in a leisurely and carefree manner. Not only did he not participate in this battle, he also did not seem to be sorry for getting her involved.


[Damn you, Gu Changge. You are truly full of evil schemes… I was a fool to visit you because I was worried about your condition! I should’ve known that you’d bully me again!] Gu Xianer gnashed her teeth. She was so angry that it seemed as if her rage-filled gaze could pierce through the void and stab through Gu Changge like a sharp sword. 


Gu Changge shot her a glance and said in an unhurried voice, “Xianer, it must have been tough… for you to come all this way to help your brother!” He had an indescribable smile on his face. He could not spoil this girl too much, since she often needed a spanking.


“Gu Changge, don’t speak nonsense…” Gu Xianer felt that things could only continue to worsen. Her beautiful eyes overflowed with coldness. She was dying to tear his mouth off. Gu Changge was definitely trying to get her into trouble!


“These two have been colluding to keep us in the dark. It’s obvious that they’re together but she still dares lie to us!”


“This girl is in cahoots with Gu Changge! She’s still trying to deceive us after killing so many of our people!”


“How dare she still make excuses! Don’t let her slip away!” Hearing Gu Changge’s words, those young prodigies from the Feathered Clan became furious and their attacks became swifter and fiercer. Rumbling sounds could be heard along with flashes from runes as many fearsome spells were unleashed. The whole place shone magnificently as terrifying fluctuations spread around.


Gu Xianer shot Gu Changge a hateful glare for getting her into this situation. However, she could not remain distracted and had to focus on her opponents. Although she had achieved some break-through in her cultivation, it was still worse by several levels compared to the many natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent on this battlefield. The best she could do was to not be in a disadvantageous position against them, so that it would be difficult to determine the winning side over a short period of time.  


[Gu Xianer is in the Honoured Lord Realm. But as a Fortuitous Lady, who follows not one but two story cliches, not only is she invincible against those in thee same realm as her, she’s also able to easily fight against those in a higher realm than her…  Looks like it’s not going to be difficult for her to deal with them. Your brother isn’t the devil. I’m only helping you improve yourself. I’m doing this all for your sake.] Gu Changge narrowed his eyes on the mountain peak. Right after, he spoke with a worried voice, “Xianer, be careful. There are so many of them there, so don’t be careless. Don’t get hurt, ok?”


[Why is Gu Changge suddenly worried about me?] Gu Xianer was taken aback when she heard what he said. A doubtful look appeared on her face as she felt that those words of his sounded odd for some reason. Even when she was not afraid of most things, Gu Changge’s sudden concern for her did make her fearful of its implications.


[Damn it! Is he still not satisfied after getting me involved in this…?] Very soon, her expression changed into extreme rage. She perceived the evil intention in his words. He was not express his concern for her but to make a show of it in front of other young prodigies from the Feathered Clan.


“Looks like Gu Changge cares a lot about that girl. Quickly! Capture her!” Yu Jing waved her hand as she ordered. A cold light flashed through her eyes. Listening to Gu Changge’s words, she had come to the understanding that there was an extraordinary relationship between him and Gu Xianer.




“Die!”  Many divine rainbows streaked towards her direction as a large number of young prodigies from the Feathered Clan rushed at her from every direction.


“Gu Changge…” Gu Xianer was on the verge of blowing her top. She gnashed her teeth as her chest heaved up and down.




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