I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 167, The Script Has Already Been Prepared, Causing an Uncontrollable Turmoil


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Gu Changge did not care at all about Gu Xianer’s rage. Neither did he care about the look in her eyes, which obviously wanted to stab him to death. He shook his head before letting out a sigh while standing up. He just wanted to help her improve herself as her brother so that she could achieve breakthroughs and be able to take her revenge as soon as possible. Why was she treating him like he had wronged her? 


[Well, she will understand and appreciate my painstaking effort to set this up sooner or later.] He thought, no longer paying attention to Gu Xianer. That place was filled with dazzling light as if a star had exploded.


“Does the Feathered Clan want to pick a fight with my Immortal Gu Family? Cough.. Cough… cough” Gu Changge said as he looked at Yu Jing. But before he could complete his sentence, his face turned even paler, and he started coughing as if his injury had gotten worse. 


The person behind him immediately handed over a handkerchief with a worried look in the person’s eyes. Their master had become so weak that they wondered whether he would be able to stand on his own. Many of  Gu Changge’s followers were extremely worried as they saw that his condition was truly horrendous. It seemed that he had not recovered from his injury at all. It made them hate the Feathered Clan even more. Not only did the Feathered Clan come here to take advantage of his condition, they had also brought a Transcendent grade weapon with them. They were acting like lunatics in their opinion. 


Gu Changge was so broad-minded that he cared about all  living beings in the world. He risked his own life to fight against the Successor of Demonic Arts and got seriously injured. But now, those from the Celestial Ancient Continent were thinking of it as an opportunity. They were even planning to use a Transcendent grade weapon to kill him. Were they not afraid of enraging countless people when they found out about it?  


Many angrily looked at those from the Feathered Clan. However, Yu Jing acted as if she did not notice their rage-filled gazes.


Yu Jing had a very cold look in her eyes as she stared fixedly at Gu Changge, “Gu Changge, did you expect to experience such a situation when you killed my clansmen? You made things even worse for yourself when you killed Master Long Teng. You’re simply reaping what you sowed. If you knew things would turn out like this, you shouldn’t have committed such vile acts. An evil person like you is bound to face retribution, sooner or later.” She spoke in a very righteous manner as if she had the moral high-ground. 


Gu Changge was their greatest enemy. He was a butcher that had slaughtered the young prodigies of the families and clans from the Celestial Ancient Continent. Yu Jing was overjoyed when she heard what he said. It implied that he wanted to use the force supporting him to put pressure on her. 


What did it mean? It meant that Gu Changge was already at his wit’s end. Otherwise, he would not need to speak such words. If he still had enough strength and trump cards, he would have used those instead. As for the Immortal Gu Family, no matter how strong it was, it could not break the rules and send a large number of people to help Gu Changge. Especially when all the Lost Clans were enraged because of him. Besides, it had been decided before the Celestial Ancient Continent was opened that no one would complain even if a participant dies!


“Long Teng deserved a fate worse than death. If you want to take revenge for him, I’ve nothing to say. It’s just that I never expected you guys to use a Transcendent grade weapon against me… Are you not afraid of provoking the factions of the outside world by going too far?” Gu Changge spoke slowly with a very calm expression. However, he appeared like a tiger that did not have the strength to even confront a dog at the moment.


“Master…” His followers felt like they were suffocating. They felt uncomfortable as they watched the scene. There were even some of them who clenched their hands into fists as they let out a low roar. They were feeling great sorrow at the current situation. It was like their hero was in dire straits! 


Their great master was someone so strong that he could look down on others. Everyone among the young generation would act humbly in front of him. He was so self-confident and invincible that he had even dared to curse at the Great Elder of Skyward Schloss. But right now, he was being driven into a corner by a mere Feathered Clan due to being gravely injured. 


Of course, the Feathered Clan was not a weak group by any means among the Lost Clans. It had enough strength to be ranked as one of the top fifteen. So, was their master really out of options?


Gu Xianer, who was fighting with a bunch of young prodigies from the Feathered Clan, was taken aback when she heard Gu Changge’s words. [Was he so seriously injured that he has to now use his family name to threaten the other party?] She always had a feeling that Gu Changge’s words always concealed his terrifying, murderous intent.


*Whoosh…whoosh…whoosh!* Divine rainbows rushed over from every direction at this time. They were the other young prodigies who had heard about the news that Gu Changge was being attacked at the place where he was recuperating. The news spread very quickly and a large number of people were shocked when they heard it. They were enraged and had immediately come over to assist him. After all, Gu Changge currently represents the young generation of the outside world. He only got so severely injured because he fought against the Successor of Demonic Arts. Their conscience would not allow them to not come to help him at such a time.


“Don’t even think of hurting Young Master Changge!” A young prodigy roared as his entire body shone with divine light.  He had come to this place with many followers and they exuded had a strong aura..


“Now that we’re here, the Feathered Clan should stop your savagery! Young Master Changge might be seriously injured, but he has still got us!” Several divine rainbows rushed over from another direction as furious voices resounded throughout the place.


Listening to these words, Gu Changge smiled inwardly. It was just as he had expected. But there was still no change in his expression.


“With all these brothers here to help me, the Feathered Clan won’t have your way today….” He spoke slowly.


“Gu Changge, it doesn’t matter how many people come to your help today.”  Yu Jing coldly rebuked. She did not seem to be the least bit concerned about the arrival of the young prodigies from other factions. 


Meanwhile, all the outsider young prodigies showed a look of anger when they heard her words. They did not think that the Feathered Clan would be so arrogant that they would be completely ignored.


“Looks like those from the Celestial Ancient Continent truly want to challenge us. They have even brought a Transcendent grade weapon with them…” A young prodigy said in shock when he discovered the Transcendent grade weapon in Yu Jing’s hand. Once a person reached the Sacred Realm, no one from the young generation would be able to resist them. It enraged them even more but they were also a bit frightened. The Feathered Clan had come to completely slaughter their target without any care for the consequences!


“Damn it. I’ll definitely report this matter to my faction so that all my Elders know that the Feathered Clan has gone out of line!” Someone immediately said in great anger. 


The Celestial Ancient Continent was the territory of those born there. So, before the outsiders came here for training, it was already decided that the old generation would not meddle in the affairs of the young generation. The rule was established because the strength of the old generation exceeded the young generation by too much. Thus, the training would lose its meaning if they also got involved. Therefore, the use of a Transcendent grade weapon by the Feathered Clan was a blatant violation of the agreement. It was only natural for the young prodigies from the outside world to be shocked and enraged.


“Stop with your nonsense. So what if we kill you guys? Do you know how many inhabitants of the Celestial Ancient Continent died at your hands?” Yu Jing said with a smile. “Attack!”


*Buzz!* Several people behind her immediately spread out in all directions before they unleashed a joint attack. Suddenly, a bizarre sound resounded in the world that was like a dragon’s croon and a tiger’s roar. Right after, special techniques covered the whole sky and fearsome fluctuations caused the place to tremble. The cliffs in the surroundings collapsed and smashed deep into the ground.  


“Shit! Do they think we’re afraid of them? Die!”


“It’s a good opportunity to annihilate the natives from the Celestial Ancient Continent…”


“Young Master Changge is a righteous person. Now that he’s injured because of them, it’s time for us to fight for him.”


“Why did we not see you when Young Master Changge wasn’t injured? You’re just a bunch of opportunistic parasites that can only show yourself when he’s injured.” A young prodigy angrily scolded, one after another as they fought with their powerful enemies.


“I’m sorry for troubling you brothers.” Gu Changge showed a faint smile and he appeared to be very moved. But Gu Xianer, who was fighting with her enemies, sensed his evil intentions from the smile on his face. No matter how weak Gu Changge was, he was definitely not someone the Feathered Clan could bully as they wished. The aura he had displayed in the main hall earlier was powerful enough to suffocate her. 


[Just what exactly was he planning right now?] Gu Xianer was confused. In her opinion, the most terrifying thing about Gu Changge was not his strength.


*Boom…Bang…Bang!* A large number of those from the Feathered Clan attacked. All of them were in the Partial-Enlightened Realm. Consequently, the ground burst open with explosions. It was as if a galaxy smashed into the ground and shattered it. The explosion was like the collapse of an ancient star. 


Terrifying energy waves spread everywhere, annihilating everything in its way. TIt was the might of the true Enlightened Realm! A young prodigy that had come to help. He transformed into his original form, that appeared like a fire sparrow. He breathed a monstrous amount of flames that covered the whole area as he flew in his terrifying and ferocious sparrow form. He moved across the void while looking around through its bronze-like eyes and deliberately crashed into the ground down below like a lava from a volcanic eruption. Its scorching hot aura even left charred-black marks in the surrounding space.


“It’s useless! You worms are too weak! None of you, except for Gu Changge, has the ability to hold your own.” Yu Jing coldly mocked. She activated an extremely strong technique as she raised her hand and many ancient words appeared in the sky. 


The young prodigy that had transformed into his original form instantly coughed out blood while being blown away. He had a look of unwillingness on his face. There was too much of a difference in their cultivation realms. He was no match for Yu Jing. At the same time, the Transcendent grade weapon that seemed like a small sun appeared in Yu Jing’s hand. It began to gradually come to life. It was extremely powerful. Everyone felt their heart beating faster and their soul trembling. Their legs gave up and they felt an urge to prostrate on the ground. This was the power of the Sacred Realm! 


Yu Jing was on guard against Gu Changge, mainly because of the wisp of the terrifying sword energy. But she had speculated that Gu Changge should not have many of such trump cards left. 


“Gu Changge, you’ll surely die today.” Yu Jing looked at him with a cold smile. In her opinion, Gu Changge was no longer the powerful individual he used to be.


“Do those from the Celestial Ancient Continent really not care about the factions of the outside world?” Gu Changge asked indifferently. He appeared very weak but he still had a calm expression on his face. 


He seemed so frail that a wind could blow him away but divine runes flashed through his eyes as if he was analysing everything to get out of his situation. In reality, he was only pretending right now. After all, he had to present himself as a seriously injured, tragic, and heroic person in order to make everyone hate the Lost Clans. The success of the plan depended on his skills. If he overacted, others might doubt that he had ulterior motives. Of course, Gu Changge also felt that he needed to wait for a critical moment to achieve his goal. 


So how was he going to block the threat of a Transcendent grade weapon, despite the fact he was seriously injured due to hurting his Source? So long as he put on a good show, the outsider young prodigies would fly into rage. They would be full of hatred for the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent. He could also take advantage of this opportunity to increase his reputation, which might help him later on.




“Your condition is extremely serious. You must not fight right now!”


Gu Changge’s remaining followers that were standing behind him also joined the battle.


“How can I call myself your Master if I hide behind you?” Gu Changge shook his head when he heard their words. The expression on his face showed that he was not going to accept any objection. Now that the script had already been prepared, how could he not take the stage to show his performance?  


*Boom!* His aura went through a sudden change as if he had ignited his vitality to generate more power than his weak body would have allowed. Vast amount of energy had once again started to exude from him. But his face became paler and paler as if it had lost all his blood.


“Young Master Changge, you can’t do that!”




“I hope you understand the consequences of doing such a thing!”


A large number of young prodigies changed their expressions when they saw the scene. They knew very well that it was a hidden technique to temporarily raise one’s cultivation to its peak level. But like every hidden technique, it also had terrifying adverse effects on the user. Especially when Gu Changge was seriously injured because he had hurt his Source, doing such a thing would cause irreversible damage to him. It could even affect his foundation and future cultivation.


“How long will you be able to fight after using a hidden technique like that?” Yu Jing said with a cold smile. Divine runes flashed in her eyes as well. She had already noticed that Gu Changge’s blood essence was being consumed at a very fast speed. That he only looked strong on the outside.


“I’ll have enough time to kill you.” Gu Changge replied in a calm and indifferent manner. He appeared to be once again in his peak condition at this moment. Soon after, the independent godly weapons storage space appeared behind him. An extremely powerful, divine light surged from it. 


“He is extremely strong as expected….” Yu Jing’s expression changed a bit but she immediately calmed down when she thought of the Transcendent grade weapon in her hand.


“The Feathered Clan as well as all those from the Celestial Ancient Continent will pay the price for their actions today.” Gu Changge indifferently declared. No one noticed that he had a playful look in his eyes. He took a step forward on the mountain peak and disappeared right after. At the same time, clanging sounds came from inside the independent godly weapons storage space.


*Swish!* All the weapons inside like, sabres, spears, swords, halberds, axes, hooks, forks transformed into streaks of light as they rained down while exuding a great amount of killing intent.


“Die!” Yu Jing shouted as she rushed at Gu Changge with light overflowing from her golden wings! Another bunch of young prodigies from the Feathered Clan did not dare to approach him carelessly. They launched various spells to attack him. 


Someone transformed into a huge blazing fire bird, someone unleashed soul-annihilating light, and someone used a great ancient technique to attack. Every offensive method used here would be considered extremely strong in the outside world. They were terrifying. Supreme spells that could be a trump card of a family. But such powerful things were now used against a single person, Gu Changge. It was a shocking scene to those who were present, be it if they were natives or outsiders. It was enough to show just how frightened they were of Gu Changge. That even when he was gravely injured, they could not take him lightly


[Yu Jing has even brought a Transcendent grade weapon. No wonder she was so confident about her success. It’s just that, I don’t think this is going to end well…] Hei Yanyu appeared on a distant mountain peak and watched everything that was happening along with the young generation from other families and clans from the Celestial Ancient Continent. 


She was deeply shocked. She felt that things were heading in an undesirable direction. Even she had not expected Yu Jing to be carrying a Transcendent grade weapon. Its use would be against the intention of the organisers of this training event. It would be fine if she could kill Gu Changge, but if she failed, they would definitely face a very serious problem.


Suddenly, everyone heard someone spewing blood and screaming. Blood splattered in all directions and the scene looked unusually horrifying. Several young prodigies from the Feathered Clan had their bodies split into multiple parts. Even their spirit had not been spared, annihilated without a trace! 


The independent godly weapons storage space shone brightly, as all kinds of weapons shot in every direction and massacred all in their way. Gu Changge’s expression did not change. Although he looked very pale, he had slayed all the enemies in front of him in a single move! His body moved very quickly and did not stop for a second. With every step he took, sword light poured down on his enemies and an area of nearly a hundred kilometers was engulfed in terrifying sword energy.


*Ripping sounds…* Along with continuous terrifying sounds, all those from the Feathered Clan that were present within the area of attack were decimated.


Yu Jing was appalled as she watched the scene with widened eyes. [Gu Changge… How is he still so ridiculously strong even when he’s gravely injured!? I’m still not strong enough to be his opponent. Not alone.] Without any hesitation, she used all her power and even her Blood Essence to activate the Transcendent grade weapon in her hand. This weapon was mentally connected with her, or she would not have been able to activate it with her current realm. 


At this moment, everyone had some change in their expressions and Gu Changge also showed a frown as if he had come across serious trouble.


*Boom!* Terrifying power erupted, and right after, a sun-like object shot to the sky. It had wings on its back that engulfed the whole sky. It was extremely terrifying. Its surroundings seemed to be an inexhaustible sea of golden flames that was burning the sky! It was the weapon spirit inside the Transcendent grade weapon! 


Countless divine runes were flashing across the dazzling golden sun. Yu Jing’s face was completely pale as she activated the weapon and materialised its great power. As the sun appeared at the horizon, it seemed as if it could pierce through the sky and earth!


“These energy fluctuations…”


“It’s that Transcendent grade weapon! It’s not an ordinary one either!”


Many young prodigies that were on their way to the battlefield, including Wang Wushuang, Ye Langtian and others, sensed the aura from the weapon and could not help but frown.


“These fluctuations… It’s where Brother Gu is recuperating. Could it be? Those from the Celestial Ancient Continent are using a Transcendent grade weapon to kill him?” Chi Ling’s expression changed dramatically. She showed an extremely furious and icy-cold expression on her face. 


“Those from the Celestial Ancient Continent are really seeking their own death! Do they really believe that they can bully us as they wish…? They are too unhinged! To be using something like a Transcendent grade weapon in a fight among the young generation!” She also no longer cared about the training and immediately took out a Communication Rune to inform everything to the force she belonged to.


“Brother, aren’t those from the Celestial Ancient Continent being too shameless? Even if they are trying to kill Gu Changge, they are openly using a Transcendent grade weapon as if they don’t care about our own families and factions. They’ve truly crossed the line!” The girl in a robe beside Ye Langtian said in rage.


“Those from the Celestial Ancient Continent have truly gone too far. I’ll inform the Family that this training event has already become something else…” Ye Langtian said with a gloomy look.


Similar scenes happened everywhere. The young generation from the outside world were all enraged by those from the Celestial Ancient Continent. They were blatantly going against the agreement. Gu Changge was already in horrendous condition because he had fought against the Successor of Demonic Arts. Now, those from the Celestial Ancient Continent were taking advantage of his moment of weakness to use a Transcendent grade weapon to kill him! 


This one act caused a huge wave to engulf the Celestial Ancient Continent. It was something that can never be undone. Something that was going to lead to uncontrollable turmoil.





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