I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 168, I’m Truly Benevolent, Playing the Role Till the End


Translator: Zetra

Proofreader: Silavin


*Boom!* Extremely terrifying pressure came down as something like a sacred sun was awakening. It was dazzling and astonishing, and all those fighting there were in a state of shock. 


They knew that their senses were not mistaken. It was a Transcendent grade weapon! Furthermore, it was a special Transcendent grade weapon that had been passed down from generation to generation. Just a wisp of the energy could demolish divine mountains and annihilate countless living beings. Its shockwaves could instantly destroy many cities! And right now, it had awakened and was releasing extremely terrifying pressure in all directions. 


Naturally, it had not truly awakened in the truest sense. It could only show some of its might because Yu Jing was only in the Partial-Enlightened Realm. She was simply relying on her might and even her Blood Essence to barely use the weapon in order to kill Gu Changge. 


The golden light shot into the sky from the Transcendent grade weapon. It seemed as if the monstrous flames from this light could even scorch and destroy the sky.


“Damn it! Run away! The Feathered Clan has really used that Transcendent grade weapon to kill us all…” A young prodigy changed his expression in fear. 


“If I knew this would happen, I would not have come here to watch the battle.” He immediately rushed to a far away place. But the wisp of a golden rune burned him to ashes just like a large sun would.  


“Stop. Are you not afraid of enraging other factionsl if you massacre others?” Gu Changge frowned with a cold look in his eyes. A terrifying and matchless divine light appeared behind him as he prepared to attack. However, he was still a step too late and could not save the person. 


Naturally, he actually had no intention to really save him. Very few young prodigies had died so far. This would not do. Especially if he wanted those from the outside world to hold even stronger hatred for the natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent.


“You should have considered the consequences when you slaughtered my clansmen!” Yu Jing smiled coldly. Since Gu Changge was still alive, she decided to kill the others first.


*Buzz!* As she activated the Transcendent grade weapon, strands of terrifying light rained down. Each strand scorched and destroyed the surrounding space. Many young prodigies were enraged as they retreated in fear. It was agreed by both sides that the existence of the Sacred Realm should absolutely not get involved in this training, because there was hardly anyone that could put up a fight against such power.


They were livid because of this blatant violation of the agreement, and that they could do nothing other than think of a way to escape from this place. They did not dare to face the attack head-on as it would instantly kill them. The young prodigies that had just been killed were the best example of what would happen to them.


*Boom… Boom… Boom…* Continuous explosions sounded as the mist of blood spread around. Many cultivators turned into ashes. A large number of people could not react fast enough to dodge the Transcendent grade weapon’s attack and immediately died. Even some natives from  the Celestial Ancient Continent were killed in that attack.


“No one can escape! It’s time for you all to die.” Yu Jing declared with a cold smile. Her Blood Essence, energy, and spirit were all being exhausted at an extremely fast rate. However, she could not care about that. She was invincible at this moment as she could kill anyone in here!


Very soon, everyone inside the ruins ran as far away as possible so as to not get hit by the shockwaves and die for no reason.  The power of a Transcendent grade weapon was not something those in the Partial-Enlightened Realm could resist.


“Slaughtered your clansmen? You investigate more. Do you have some proof before making such allegations? When did you see me do such a thing? Besides, the Transcendent grade weapon might be strong, but you can’t use it for too long.” Gu Changge said indifferently as he travelled through the void. 


At this moment, on the surface, he clearly had the cultivation of the Partial-Enlightened Realm. He easily dodged the wisps of divine flame that were pouring down from above. However, he did not forget to cough a few times while he was dodging them so as to make it seem that he was gradually losing his peak condition. 


It appeared as if the time his hidden technique could be maintained was about to be over. That he was about to go back to his injured state. He appeared like a seriously injured person, who was fighting for a just cause. Even till now, he was trying hard to hide the fact that he was no longer in his peak cultivation level.


“Gu Changge, why are you talking so smugly? Do you think you can keep dodging with the condition you’re in? I can kill you all with my Transcendent grade weapon before I run out of power!” Yu Jing mocked in disdain. She was convinced that Gu Changge was only talking big in order to gain a respite.


Gu Changge shook his head and did not say anything. At the same time, he took out a pill from his sleeve. After all, it was supposed to be his ‘precious trump card’, one that he should be using at such a time.


*Swish!* The pill pierced through the air as it transformed into a shocking sword light and, just like the Divine Chains of Order, slashed right at the Transcendent grade weapon in the sky.


“So you still have that pill…” The powerful sword energy fell on her, and Yu Jing instantly coughed out blood. Her body trembled intensely after resisting the attack. 


She was always on her guard against what Gu Changge could do, but she did not think that even a Transcendent grade weapon would not be able to block his attack completely. She was injured from the impact. 


“If you can use this pill to kill those from my Celestial Ancient Continent, I can also use a Transcendent grade weapon to make you pay for it!” She shouted at him and took some spirit herbs to restrain her injury.


“Of course, you can. I never said that you can’t. In fact, I should thank you for this.” A playful look appeared on Gu Changge’s face for an instant before he disappeared from his place and appeared in front of Yu Jing. He had deliberately controlled the volume of his voice so that only Yu Jing could hear him.


Yu Jing was preparing to use the Transcendent grade weapon with all her might. However, she couldn’t help but be taken aback when she heard what he said. 


[Gu Changge is thanking me? Why? What does he mean? Did he become retarded from his injury?] Her first thought was that Gu Changge was saying things just to confuse her. 


The Transcendent grade weapon hovering in the sky above stopped moving and terrifying divine flames poured down as if they were going to engulf the whole mountain range. When those present saw this scene, be it outsiders or natives, they suddenly changed their expressions and further distanced themselves from the place. It had become difficult for them to see what was going on inside the flames. Many felt that Gu Changge was becoming weaker and weaker, implying that the continuation of his hidden technique was near its end. They could not help but become worried. No matter how strong Gu Changge was, it would be very difficult for him to resist the power of a Transcendent grade weapon, unless he also had one.


“Well, my plan wouldn’t have worked if there wasn’t an idiot like you.” The space surrounding the whole place looked blurred due to the light from the flames. There were only two people left in this area as others did not dare to approach it. Gu Changge had a faint smile on his face as he travelled across space while ignoring the pressure from the Transcendent grade weapon above. He walked right over to her.


“I think, even if I don’t kill you, the Elders of your clan will do it once you return back to your clan.” His words sounded inside Yu Jing’s ears.


“Plan? What do you mean?” There was a shocked and murderous look on her face but she fell in a daze as if her mind had gone blank after hearing his words. When she came to herself, she felt a chill run down her spine as Gu Changge was already right before her. [Why is Gu Changge completely unaffected by the pressure of the Transcendent grade weapon? Is he also carrying something like a Transcendent grade weapon? One he has kept hidden till now? Otherwise, how is this possible? Does that mean, he was only pretending to be weak earlier?] 


Yu Jing’s whole body shivered in shock. She suddenly felt that things were not as simple as she had thought. Actually, her clan Elders gave her the Transcendent grade weapon so that she could save her life in a critical situation, if Gu Changge tried to kill her. The main reason behind her suspicion was that Gu Changge’s current abilities were not one of a seriously injured person, even if he did appear like one. Furthermore, the expression on his face seemed to be saying that he had already expected things would turn out like this, that all was according to his plans.


*Boom!” Gu Changge looked composed as if he knew what she was thinking. He did not say anything unnecessary and immediately unleashed his palm attack. Golden light surged and it felt as if many great mountains were weighing down on her.


“You…” Yu Jing tried to dodge the attack in shock but she felt as if space itself had freezed. 


“How’s this possible? The strength you have now, you weren’t injured in the first place…” Suddenly, she coughed out blood. A look of extreme terror and despair appeared on her face. She felt a chill throughout her body when she discovered Gu Changge’s secret.


“Looks like you aren’t that stupid.” Gu Changge smiled in a calm and indifferent manner.


“You don’t fear a Transcendent grade weapon because you also have one?” Yu Jing’s voice was trembling and her soul was shivering. There was an expression of disbelief on her face.


“I can even easily kill someone in the Quasi-Sacred Realm, so it’s foolish to want to kill me with a Transcendent grade weapon that is only semi-awakened.” Gu Changge burst into laughter when he heard her words. He was truly benevolent to tell her the despairing truth before her death.


“What!?” Yu Jing widened her eyes. She was horrified. There was so much information contained in Gu Changge’s words that she could not even begin to process them. She did not dare to believe that Gu Changge had planned this all along. 


When Gu Changge unleashed his attack, it was already too late for her to do anything. Her body exploded with a loud bang. Her primordial spirit disappeared without a trace in an instant. It showed that she could not even resist a casual attack from him! With that Yu Jing had been completely annihilated, only after showing a look of disbelief and despair.


*Boom!* Sensing the death of its user, the illusory image of the sentience inside the Transcendent grade weapon swivelling in the air like a sacred sun that appeared to be enraged. Flames poured down while taking the shape of a galaxy as if they wanted to engulf Gu Changge. 


Gu Changge looked at the illusory image before shooting a supreme sword energy from his finger bone, which exterminated it. The light from the Transcendent grade weapon dimmed all of a sudden. 


With this, no one would have seen how the battle ended. Even so, he still needed to play his role till the end. So, Gu Changge suddenly coughed out a lot of blood and his face looked several times weaker than earlier. He walked while swaying and stumbling, looking as if he was quietly trying to recover from his injuries. He already knew how to respond to others once they came here. Since everything was going according to plan, he was not worried in the slightest.




“Considering the condition of Young Master Changge, I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on for long. A hidden technique always has a time limit, and he most likely don’t have many pills left.”


“They humiliated us so much by relying on a Transcendent grade weapon! My Sunset Clouds Sacred Sect will definitely make them pay! I’m going to report to the sect about this. Those from the Feathered Clan won’t be alive for long. Even if they hole up in the Celestial Ancient Continent, no one will be able to save them.”


A large number of young prodigies saw the flames shooting to the sky disappear. They could not see what was happening as they discussed the unfair attitude of the other party. They were naturally frightened of the Transcendent grade weapon. 


Every Transcendent grade weapon in their sects were extremely precious treasures that not even an ordinary Elder was allowed to touch. So, it was quite obvious that the girl from the Feathered Clan could only have such a weapon if the Elders of her clan had given her the permission to do so. It was clear that this matter concerned the whole Feathered Clan.


[I guess this is Gu Changge’s true objective. He wanted those from the Celestial Ancient Continent to cross the line so that he could take action against them.] Gu Xianer had finally took down her enemies. When Gu Changge had participated in this fight, she had already guessed his intention. She had seen Gu Changge use a powerful sword technique that contained the power of Principles. She could tell that he could have saved many young prodigies a little while ago. That he had purposefully let them die. However, since he was still acting, he did not show any obvious hints as to what he was planning.


[She awakened a Transcendent grade weapon. What a crazy woman…] Hei Yanyu and others were watching the whole thing while standing in the midst of rolling black clouds. Many of them had dark expressions. They did not expect Yu Jing to do something so extreme. In the beginning, they thought that she was going to use the Transcendent grade weapon to intimidate the enemy, but they never expected her to actually use it to kill Gu Changge.


“Nothing can be done about this now. If Gu Changge doesn’t die today, the entire Celestial Ancient Continent would be thrown into disorder… It’s clear that Gu Changge is a truely fearsome person to be able to scheme like this. It seems that he’s consciously or unconsciously instigating other young prodigies against all the indigenous peoples of the Celestial Ancient Continent.” The young prodigy from the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan said as light flashed through his narrow eyes. He felt a chill as he stared at the terrifying illusory image of the Transcendent grade weapon.


“Did Gu Changge really plan such a thing? From what I can tell, he had used some kind of hidden technique to forcefully return to his peak condition. He should be confident in dealing with Yu Jing’s Transcendent grade weapon, or he wouldn’t have carried out his plan like this…” Another young prodigy continued to analyse. However, many others frowned as they felt that it was quite unlikely to be the case. 


Gu Changge already seemed to be seriously injured and he had also used a hidden technique to forcefully raise his cultivation to its peak again. There was no way he could hold on for long after all this. Besides, how could he deal with the power of a Transcendent grade weapon?


[Why do I constantly feel that something fishy is going on? I sense great danger from Gu Changge, so much so that I feel fear when looking at him…] Hei Yanyu thought to herself. 


She did not know whether her feeling was wrong but she would always feel fear from the bottom of her soul whenever she looked at Gu Changge. She had never felt like this before. It was as if he could decide whether she lives or dies with just a thought. Soon after, Hei Yanyu shook her head and ignored these thoughts, which seemed to be an illusion. She convinced herself that that was unlikely to be the case, if not impossible. She had never seen him before up till now, so how was it possible for her to sense such a thing? It was definitely because she was too afraid of him that she was having such thoughts. 


[Regardless of whether Gu Changge dies, this matter won’t end here. I’m afraid that we would need to worry about the future of all the clans and families of the Celestial Ancient Continent from here on out…] Hei Yanyu was having such thoughts when Yu Jing used the Transcendent grade weapon. 


She believes that even Yu Jing likely did not expect that things would turn out to be so troublesome. Most importantly, she underestimated Gu Changge’s position in the hearts of the young generation. Yu Jing used the Transcendent grade weapon in the end mainly because Gu Changge was still so ridiculously powerful even when he was seriously injured.


“So, the battle has ended? I don’t see the illusory image of the Transcendent grade weapon after Yu Jing activated it…” Hei Yanyu was a bit taken aback as she looked at the place where Gu Changge and Yu Jing were fighting. The longer she looked, the more her frown deepened. 


She was left dumbfounded. The scene before her was inconceivable. “Yu Jing was using a Transcendent grade weapon. Yes, she is the one that died?”





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