I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 169, Scheming Against All the Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent, the Extremely Frightened Feathered Clan


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At this moment, not only Hei Yanyu but other young prodigies and natives from the Celestial Ancient Continent were shocked. They widened their eyes, unable to believe it. The scene in front of them was just that incomprehensible. They did not expect that Yu Jing’s aura would disappear without a trace.


“Yu Jing died…? Gu Changge is that strong even when he’s seriously injured?”


“She can’t kill him even after awakening the Transcendent grade weapon? Gu Change must have a Transcendent grade weapon as one of his trump cards…”


“Who would’ve expected him to be having such a trump card!”


Their souls shivered, with fear all over their faces. The remaining members of the Feathered Clan were even more shocked and they stood rooted in place, as if they were petrified. After all, this was a great blow to them. Yu Jing was the most outstanding prodigy of the Feathered Clan. She was in the Intermediate Partial-Enlightened Realm and it was rare for her to come across a rival among those in the same generation. But she had been killed by Gu Changge, who was not only seriously injured but was also relying on a hidden technique to raise his cultivation level. This was even accomplished despite the fact that she had a Transcendent grade weapon. Their minds were in a mess when they saw this outcome.


*Boom!* Flames hovered over the horizon before quickly disappearing. The terrifying pressure of the Sacred Realm had vanished as well. The Transcendent grade weapon that appeared just like a giant sun crashed down and smashed into an area between the mountain peaks. As dust filled the whole place, Gu Change could be seen calmly sitting down on the ground. However, everyone could sense that his body was extremely weak at the moment. It was a condition that appeared when one ran out of Blood Essence. His face was pale as a sheet of paper, making it difficult to describe his current expression. But despite all this, everyone was still stunned and full of admiration for him.


Many of those from the outside world could not help but roar fanatically.


“So strong! Young Master Changge is simply invincible.”


“So what if the clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent try to bully us? Young Master Changge can still deal with them even in his current condition!”


“He’s the Walking Taboo after all!”


A large number of people felt their blood boiling after witnessing the scene before them.




“Protect Master!”


Divine rainbows streaked across the sky from every direction. Gu Changge’s followers landed near him in order to protect him. No one thought that Yu Jing, who was using a Transcendent grade weapon, would be the one to die at Gu Changge’s hands, who was seriously injured. Not even a Transcendent grade weapon was effective against him! 


This meant that Gu Changge definitely had something that was on the same level as a Transcendent grade weapon. But it was quite astonishing in itself as an ordinary person was not capable of using a Transcendent grade weapon, at least, not able to use it in a way that could enable the weapon to show its true power. What Gu Changge did today was something that had carved a great and righteous image of him in the hearts of the young generation!


“Master, are you all right?”


Looking at his concerned followers, Gu Changge showed a very calm expression as if he was not in serious condition. 


“I’m fine. It’s just that I can’t use my cultivation for some time.” He replied after thinking a bit. He could make use of his so-called recovery time to secretly do some things he had in mind. 


“It’s all because we’re so useless that you had to deal with everything alone.” 


His followers felt even more guilty after hearing his words.


Gu Change shook his head as he spoke with a composed expression. “You don’t have to blame yourself for this. If I didn’t underestimate the strength of the Successor of Demonic Arts, I’d not be in this condition now.”


He then looked at those from the Feathered Clan and a strange light flashed through his eyes. “Kill them all. Make sure that no one survives.” He instructed indifferently.


“Yes, Master.”


His followers rushed to the battlefield once again after receiving his order. They immediately sieged and killed those from the Feathered Clan that had yet to come to their senses. A large-scale battle had started once again. Gu Changge closed his eyes and took some pills as if he was trying to heal himself. He did not believe that someone would be foolish enough to attack him now. If someone really tried anything against him, he would simply appear to ignite his Blood Essence and throw his sword offensive pills at them. 


Furthermore, the secret technique that he had used or could use was called a ‘secret technique’ because it was something others could and did not know of. So, they would not know about its effects and they would have to believe whatever Gu Changge said about it. If someone wanted to ask anything about it, he had various responses prepared for them. Now, he had personally set the foundation for the great show that was about to be played. Now, those from the Celestial Ancient Continent would become the target of everyone else. As this plays out, it was time for him to reap profit in the midst of all the confusion. Naturally, as he enjoyed the show as well. 


Most importantly, Gu Changge considered it the best opportunity to devour the whole Celestial Ancient Continent. Next, he planned to send some people to the Gu Family to tell them what he wanted. He could also have the Primal Celestial Temple, the place his mother belonged to, to start interfering in this matter. He was determined to eat the first and the biggest piece of this delicious platter.


“Gu Changge was truly secretly plotting something. Yu Jing was bound to die, no matter how she fought against him. In this way, he achieved the goal of leaving a good impression on everyone…” On another side, Gu Xianer frowned after watching everything happening before her eyes. 


She was not the least bit surprised by the outcome of the battle. She knew that Gu Changge had too many tricks up his sleeves. She shot a hateful glance in his direction, as if she was noting down what he had done to her today before she transformed into a divine rainbow to leave the place. 


Nothing good happened whenever she meets Gu Changge. She already plans to stay away from Gu Changge so that she does not fall into his trap again. Most importantly, she was confused about what attitude she was supposed to have towards him. It made her a bit unwilling to face him. 


[What did he mean when he said that I should not have other emotions for him? He is sometimes nice to me, but is cold like ice towards me at other times…] She could not understand which side of him was true. Gu Xianer shook her head as she dispelled these thoughts from her mind. She once again felt the strong need to return to the Gu Family once she leaves the Celestial Ancient Continent.




“Miss, should we participate in the battle now?”


“Gu Changge has no more strength left, so it’s a good opportunity for us.”


Many of those from the Celestial Ancient Continent around Hei Yanyu asked her. In their opinion, it was perhaps an excellent opportunity for them. Gu Changge was most likely very weak in his current condition. No matter how strong he was normally, he was clearly out of strength right now. He would not be able to do much if they attacked together.


The young prodigy from the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan immediately shook his head when he heard their words, “Let’s retreat. We’ve already angered so many people. Many more of them will come here as well. If we try to attack at such a time, they won’t let us do what we wish… Besides, do you guys really believe that Gu Changge has no means to deal with us because of his current condition? Is it not possible for him to deliberately pretend to be weak so that we would take the initiative to attack him? After all, it would allow him to kill all his targets in one place.” His words sounded so reasonable that many of those who heard it had a chill run down their spine.


The young prodigy from the Divine Crocodile Clan turned a bit pale when he heard his words, “Gu Changge’s means and schemes are just too frightening.”


Hei Yanyu pondered for a moment before instructing. “Our priority should be to think of a way to deal with the fury of the factions of the outside world. Due to Gu Changge’s deliberate manipulation, those from the outside world are most likely filled with rage and hatred for us by now.” She looked at the young man surrounded by others with a look of fear and admiration in her eyes. 


She found Gu Changge to be even more fearsome than Long Teng. While acting calm and indifferent, he had created a direct conflict between all the clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent and the outside world. He clearly had deep murderous intentions! By doing what he did, he had put them all in great danger.


[There is a reason that Long Teg died at his hands. He’s too fearsome. We shouldn’t antagonize him unless there is no other option.] Hei Yanyu left the place along with her clan members. She had a premonition that the Celestial Ancient Continent was going to be thrown into great disorder. One that would affect every clan.


Very soon, the information about what happened today spread everywhere. The situation in the Celestial Ancient Continent had become even more chaotic. Almost all those from the outside world were extremely furious and filled with indignation. The Feathered Clan had acted against the spirit of the training by openly using a Transcendent grade weapon to kill their young prodigies. Now, not even Skyward Schloss could protect the clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent. 


This matter quickly became a hot topic in every place. Many were full of anger and hatred. No matter how powerful the clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent were, it was impossible for them to deal with the fury of so many factions. Even if Gu Changge’s extraordinary identity was not taken into consideration, his actions alone allowed him to stand on the moral high ground. There was no one who could say anything against him right now, let alone slander. His attempt to slay the Successor of Demonic Arts was for cleansing evil from the world and also for maintaining the peace. So, there was nothing improper about his actions. In contrast, the Feathered Clan took advantage of his injured state to kill him with a Transcendent grade weapon. Many people held great disdain for such shameless action.


At the same time, there was a gloomy atmosphere inside the territory of the Feathered Clan. They had come to know of everything very soon. The current clan head had let out such a loud roar in fury that it shattered a large mountain that covered an area of several thousand kilometers. He was not furious because of Yu Jing’s death but because of the fact that Yu Jing used the Transcendent grade weapon, which was against the agreement between the two sides. This matter had pushed the Feathered Clan to its inevitable demise.


“Damn it. Yu Jing acted just as Gu Changge had planned…”


“This Gu Changge is clearly a person from the young generation. So why is he able to do such sinister things in such an experienced manner…?”


There were many Elders gathered inside a grand palace. All of them had extremely dark faces. They were livid, but were also very afraid of the situation they were facing. The Feathered Clan had become victim to Gu Changge’s ploy! 


They were not fools and they had figured out the truth after analysing things. Yu Jing believed that she could kill Gu Changge because he was in a weak condition. That was the reason why she chose to use the Transcendent grade weapon without any hesitation. Gu Changge obviously had a powerful trump card but he acted as if he had used everything at his disposal in order to mislead Yu Jing. He had deliberately done this to make the Feathered Clan go against the agreement.


As such, the factions of the outside world, including his Immortal Gu Family, would obtain a reason to interfere in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Who would dare to say anything to them now? Even the True Dragon Clan of the Celestial Ancient Continent would not dare to rebulk them.  


The Immortal Gu Family has the title of ‘immortal’, it was hard to imagine the quantity of their accumulated resources as well as their terrifying strength. So, it was absolutely impossible for the Feathered Clan to be their opponent. In such a situation, it was only possible to resist them if all the clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent fought together. Gu Changge must have really racked his brains to create a good reason for achieving his objective!


An old woman cursed in anger, “Damn it! How could Yu Jing act so foolishly!? We shouldn’t have given her a Transcendent grade weapon. Thanks to her, the whole clan has been cursed to meet its demise…”


“It’s meaningless to talk about that now. Let’s think about how to handle the current situation. Our clan isn’t the only one that has suffer because of Gu Changge’ scheme. All the Lost Clans are going to suffer as well… As such, other clans would also want to do something about it. This is the greatest danger that the Celestial Ancient Continent has ever faced. If we failed to ensure our safety, I’m afraid that all the clans are going to be annihilated.” An Elder said with a solemn look on his face. 


This Elder had a very high position in the Feathered Clan and so his words carried great weight. He was Yu Jing’s grandfather. It was because of this connection that Yu Jing managed to get a Transcendent grade weapon. He had given the weapon to her because he was worried that her life might be in danger if she came across Gu Changge. But Yu Jing’s use of the weapon in battle had now brought about a disaster to the whole Feathered Clan.


“Gu Changge is still quite young and yet he could think of such a vicious plan. He is like those old monsters that have lived for countless years. It’ll be a huge problem if we let him off. Let’s go all out and show him that it’s not a good idea to provoke us…” An Eldzer spoke up with a cold light flashing through his eyes.


“We need to handle this matter carefully. Right now, there’s still room for discussion, but we’ll face certain doom if we really attacked him. Don’t forget! Gu Changge has one more important identity!.” Another elder interrupted him while shaking his head.


“That’s right, he’s the Successor of Skyward Schloss!”


Upon hearing his words, everyone fell silent as they felt a chill run down their spine. They could have never imagined that a young man would force them into a situation of life and death.


“Let’s discuss this matter with the True Dragon Clan. Let’s have them be the representative. After all, Yu Jing attacked Gu Changge because of the order from them.”


Soon after, they came up with ideas to involve the True Dragon Clan. This way, they might be able to defend themselves when the Immortal Gu Family takes action against them.


Unlike the gloomy atmosphere within the Feathered Clan, it was solemn and quiet inside every dragon island where the True Dragon Clan was located. They had sensed that something was odd when they saw nearly all the young prodigies contacting factions of the outside world. The clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent were going to face the greatest danger in history. 


At the moment, at a location that was shining brightly, where one could hear the singing of hymns, everyone from the True Dragon Clan had gathered. Several hundreds of thousands of them were prostrating on the ground. They had a fanatic and sincere expression on their faces as they paid their respects to the Ancient Celestial Temple in front of them. They were praying, singing old and celestial litany. Many of them also cut open their wrists to offer their blood, which contained the divinity in it. Their blood flashed brightly before it got sprinkled on the statue before them. It was an ancient statue of a Supreme Being that seemed to be looking down on everything. It had dragon horns that seemed capable of piercing through the sky.


*Buzz!* Bizarre fluctuations began to spread across the place.  


“True Dragon, bless and protect us.” The Great Elder of the True Dragon Clan shouted passionately.


“True Dragon, protect us!”


All the other members of the clan shouted like madmen. When jointly attacked by the major factions of the outside world, they had chosen to cut off all retreat. Their progenitor, the True Dragon, was still not dead. So long as even a wisp of its true spirit appeared in this world, it would be enough to frighten the factions and save them from the great danger they were facing.


Great turmoil happened across the Celestial Ancient Continent after Gu Changge’s battle with Yu Jing. A large number of those young generations from the outside world contacted their sects in anger and urged them to raze the continent. Meanwhile, the young natives from the Celestial Ancient Continent were asked to return back to their clans. 


The young natives dared not go outside in fear of being killed by groups of outsider young prodigies. Meanwhile, the ringleader behind everything, Gu Changge, was leisurely passing his time while recuperating from his so-called injury. 


During this time, various people like Ye Langtian, Chi Ling, Peng Fei and others visited him. Gu Changge deceived them all and dodged their questions by using various tactics. He made them feel even more indignant. It caused their anger and hatred towards the clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent to reach new heights. During this time, Gu Changge stayed inside his resting place and almost never came out to show himself. 


Since the Successor of Demonic Arts appeared at the settlement of every major clan, leading to many ancestral burial sites being emptied by him. A large number of people were panic-stricken. There was the reappearance of the Successor of Demonic Arts, who was also suspected to have a terrifying cultivation level. Be it natives or outsides, those that came across him, would be unable to escape death.


All these events caused an atmosphere of great insecurity to loom over the Celestial Ancient Continent.




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