I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 170, You Guys Only Need To Remember One Thing. That I’m Your Master


Translator: Zetra

Proofreader: Silavin


In a mountain range outside the Black Hawk Family, when all the major races of the Celestial Ancient Continent were worried about their safety, Gu Changge walked out from the void. He swept his gaze over the mystical mountainous structure in front of him with an indistinct smile on his face.


“It’s time to reap the harvest again. Not only did the seed I sow turn into a tree that’s bearing fruits, it has even grown into a luxuriant forest. Hei Ming didn’t disappoint…” Gu Changge said with a tone of intrigue and a calm expression. 


As he stepped forward, the void in front of him became fuzzy. He soon reappeared in between the mountain range. He was acting extremely carefree, as if he was walking around in the backyard of his house. He did not conceal his aura nor did he bring his followers along with him. As a result, his aura was sensed by others the moment he appeared outside the Black Hawk Family. Powerful divine sense swept across the place. Soon, several powerful auras appeared on the mountain peaks. 


They had black wings on their backs. They were all in the True Enlightened Realm. They asked with a booming voice, with shocked looks on their faces when they saw Gu Changge walking towards them, “Who is he?”


“Inform the Great Elder of the Black Hawk Family. Gu Changge has come to pay a visit.” Gu Changge said with a faint smile as he swept his gaze over them with his hands behind his back.


The two from the Black Hawk Family showed a dramatic change in their expressions when they heard his name. Nearly everyone in the Celestial Ancient Continent had come to know of his name. Be it the older or younger generation, they all knew about him. One of the many rumours about him stated him to be an extremely evil person, who wanted to kill everyone in the Celestial Ancient Continent. 


There were even rumours that he had conspired against the Feathered Clan in order to make the factions of the outside world enter the continent, to carry out complete annihilation of its inhabitants. To those born and raised in the Celestial Ancient Continent, the name ‘Gu Changge’ could make a child stop crying in fear. Those two from the Black Hawk Family naturally knew how fearsome he was, causing them to immediately change the look in their eyes.


They had a terrified look on their face as they asked with trembling voices, “Gu Changge, what business… do you have here?” Their lips shivered and their souls shuddered as they asked him. It was obvious that they knew those in the True Enlightened Realm would not be able to so much as lift a finger against Gu Changge. 


Rumours state that he was seriously injured but his aura was completely normal and he seemed to be perfectly fine. His physical condition could not be better and there was no sign of injury on his body.


[Were the rumours wrong, or is it the person in front of us is someone else who is pretending to be Gu Changge?] They forcefully suppressed the fear in their hearts and unleashed a combined attack towards Gu Chngge.


*Boom!* The ripples generated by the power of the True Enlightened Realm spread across the place. It greatly shook the area of several hundred kilometers around them.


“I’ve come to take away what belongs to me.” Gu Changge answered with a faint smile. His figure became extremely fuzzy for a moment as he continued to walk pass without being affected by the attacks. 


“Since you’re not willing to report my arrival, I’m only left with one option, to go by myself. But why don’t you guys cherish your life?” Bizarre waves crossed the distance in a flash and annihilated the bodies and spirits of the two True Enlightened Realm members of the Black Hawk Family.


Gu Changge did nothing to conceal his arrival. With great confidence, he walked through the void as he made his way to the depths of the Black Hawk Family’s territory. A spider web-like picture was taking shape in his mind at the moment. Every line was interconnected with each other. It included all the members of the Black Hawk Family. He was even able to clearly know what they were doing and thinking at the moment. No one could stay hidden from his perception and he had control over all their lives. This was all thanks to the Entanglement Immortal Might, and of course, Hei Ming, who had made plenty of contributions to it. It was because of Hei Ming’s notable contribution that Gu Changge was now capable of effortlessly controlling the lives of everyone that were associated with the Black Hawk Family.


“Damn it!”


“Someone had trespassed into our territory!”


“Stop him!”


All clans and families associated with the Black Hawk Family were alarmed. A huge commotion happened at the main entrance.


*Boom!* Many black streaks of divine rainbow rushed towards Gu Changge. They were all members of the Black Hawk Family, who had responded after hearing the commotion. It made them furious, seeing someone so brazenly trespass into their territory for the first time after many, many years.


“This old man wants to see who is so bold as to dare trespass into our territory…”


Inside a palace, the Elders who were discussing something just a moment ago, had an icy-cold and furious look on their faces as their beak-like nose flickered with a black light.


*Buzz!* Right after, they disappeared from inside the palace and reappeared outside, in the sky.


“What’s going on? Someone dares trespass into our territory? Who’s this daredevil that wants to die?” A girl in a white robe muttered to herself in confusion. She was on a mountain peak with surging clouds and mist. She had a slim and graceful neck and she looked beautiful and pure. It was none other than Hei Yanyu.


“Is it the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being? If my guess is right, the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being is that person called Ye Ling, and he’s also the Successor of Demonic Arts. If it’s truly Ye Ling, we need to be careful. He’s someone who has managed to escape with his life after fighting against Gu Changge.” She felt apprehensive and pondered a bit before transforming into a divine beam, soaring to the sky to check on the actual situation.  


At the same time, on another mountain peak with clouds and mist winding around on it. Hei Ming, who had already moved into the palace from the courtyard he was living in earlier, suddenly opened his eyes while cultivating. He sensed a bizarre and vague feeling inwardly like when he faced the Absolute Being.


“What happened? Did the Absolute Being come here to look for me? It certainly does feel like it…” Hei Ming was shocked. He soon showed great delight and excitement. 


He felt certain about his guess. It was because after obtaining the Entanglement Immortal Might from the Absolute Being, his life had changed and he had experienced great growth. It was not an exaggeration to say he had grown by leaps and bounds. It would be great if he could get more things from the Absolute Being. After all, everyone had greed and there was no limit to it. Earlier, Hei Ming wanted to be valued by the family, but now, it was not enough. He was not satisfied. He also got up and headed over to the direction from where he could hear the uproar.


“Gu Changge… it’s you…? How is this possible?”


“Why have you come here? Were you not seriously injured and recuperating from your injury?”


A large number of those from the Black Hawk Family widened their eyes, showing extreme shock on their faces. Many from the Black Hawk Family had seen his face before. Especially those who had followed Hei Yanyu to gang up on and kill Gu Changge. 


They were extremely shocked as they watched the young man casually walking over to them. Who else could it be other than Gu Changge? They never thought that he would come to their territory alone, that no one would be able to stop him on his way here. [Has his injury healed already? What is his purpose in coming here?]


“I’ve come to take away what belongs to me. I don’t want to waste my time, so I want to talk with someone who can speak on behalf of the Black Hawk Family.” Gu Changge replied with a calm and carefree smile. He did not seem to care about the fact that he was surrounded by a large number of hostile individuals right now.


“Your thing? What do you mean?”


“You trespassed into our territory for such a thing?”


Many questioned with a dark look on their faces. It seemed as if they were getting ready to attack him. Although Gu Changge was strong, it was only true when compared to those in the same generation. Right now, he was in their territory and they were not going to let him do as he pleased! 


The history of the Black Hawk Family dated back to the Celestial Ancient Times. They had many Sacred Realm powerhouses, including a few Ancestors that were in the Sacred King Realm. There was no way a single young man could force his way into their territory. Not when they had such a terrifying force. Was he acting like this because was relying on something, or was he simply not afraid of death?


At this time, multiple terrifying auras spread across the sky. There was even a Quasi-Scared Realm being among them. He looked very ancient and he had a hunched back. He stared at Gu Changge as he waved his hand, “Make way for me and stay your hand! Gu Changge, what exactly is your objective for coming here?” 


He was an Elder with great authority in the Black Hawk Family. Many members of the family felt relieved due to his appearance. The truth was that all of them were secretly on guard against Gu Changge. He was someone that the female young prodigy from the Feathered Clan could not kill even after using a Transcendent grade weapon. It meant that Gu Changge had some way to resist those in the Sacred Realm. Therefore, they were not confident in overpowering him.


“Like I said, I’m here to take what belongs to me. Do you not understand my words?” Gu Changge replied with an indifferent tone. He did so while looking calm and carefree like before. He did not care about the fact that he was talking to someone in the Quasi-Sacred Realm. Rather, He was actually waiting for someone in the Sacred King Realm from the Black Hawk Family to show themselves. They were the ones that could truly speak on behalf of the Black Hawk Family. As for those in the Quasi-Sacred Realm, he could easily kill them with his current strength, which was in the peak Enlightened King Realm.


“The thing that belongs to you? What do you mean by that?” The Quasi-Sacred Realm Elder frowned as he asked, staring fixedly at Gu Changge. He did not dare to carelessly attack the other party. The current situation of the Celestial Ancient Continent was unclear. Many clans were worried about their safety because the factions from the outside world, who seemed to be planning to send their forces to the continent. 


If the Quasi-Sacred Realm Elder attacked Gu Changge, he would have to be prepared to have the whole Black Hawk Family enter a battle to the death. The price he would have to pay was too great for him to act carelessly. Even though the Black Hawk Family was a very ancient force, it was terrifying to imagine what would happen if a Family of Immortals tried to take revenge. They would not be able to avoid annihilation.


“I’m naturally talking about the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment and the whole Black Hawk Family.” Gu Changge replied with a faint smile. He did not feel that he was saying anything wrong. The Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment was a large piece of Reincarnation Stone left by the Ancient Supreme Reincarnation Being that contained dense Power of Reincarnation. Gu Changge was planning to compress it into a Symbol of Reincarnation, which he would combine it with his Nature God’s Chant. The reason was because he wanted the Nature God’s Chant to undergo a qualitative change and become the Celestial Chant. Therefore, he was determined to obtain the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment.




Hearing what he said, everyone was shocked. Even the Quasi-Sacred Realm Elder’s face darkened. Even if they ignored how Gu Changge found out about the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment, what did he mean by saying that the Black Hawk Family belonged to him?


Members of the Black Hawk Family from other peaks had also arrived by now. A large number of them had their expressions changed when they heard his words. Multiple clans took turns to control the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment. Currently,  it was the Black Hawk Family’s turn this year. It was not something that belonged to just one clan or family. 


Gu Changge’s words were no different from provoking them. They all stared daggers at him. If the Elder had not ordered them to stay their hands, they would not have been able to stop themselves from attacking him. They felt like they needed to make him understand whose territory he was standing on right now.


“It’s Gu Changge who came here? How’s this possible…? How has he recovered from his injuries so quickly?” Hei Yanyu was one of those who had just arrived. Her face turned pale the moment she saw Gu Changge. She did not dare to believe her eyes. At this moment, she felt a chill run down her spine. There was even cold sweat on her back. 


She knew just how severe Gu Changge’s injuries were after his battle with Yu Jing. That there was no way he could recover so soon. It meant that Gu Changge was quite likely only pretending to be injured back then. Just as she had speculated, his objective was to instigate the forces of the outside world to declare war on the indigenous people of the Celestial Ancient Continent.


“Could it be? That you guys still can’t feel it? Well, let me tell you this. I have control over the life and death of all of you. You all will die if I wish it to be so. It’d be best for you to not anger me. Although I’m a good guy, it doesn’t mean that you have the qualifications to discuss things with me. Tell your Sacred King Realm Ancestor to come here.” Gu Changge said with a faint smile. He ignored the angry, ice-cold, and hateful looks that those from the Black Hawk Family showed him after hearing what he said.


*Buzz!* Soon after, the sky and ground shook. A sense of fear suddenly welled up in their hearts. They felt as if their hearts were being grabbed by two formless hands.


“What is this?”


A lot of them showed dramatic changes in their expression. They immediately turned pale and their voices began to tremble. Some found it so hard to endure that they suffocated and fell down from the sky.


*Splat!* They instantly turned into a pile of meat paste! At this moment, all of them had a change in expression as they looked at Gu Changge. They all showed extreme fear. It was as if they were looking at some terrifying existence. They had no idea what he did just now. It was as if he held their lives in the palm of his hand, and he could annihilate them at any moment!


“You…” The Quasi-Sacred Realm Elder’s expression drastically changed. He could also feel that his life and death was in Gu Changge’s hand.


[What is this!? Could it be the Slave Mark…!? But the Slave Mark hasn’t manifested!] At once, his face turned completely pale. There was a look of despair and disbelief in his eyes. He had tried to use his cultivation to get rid of the fearsome thought but it was all to no avail. He was as powerless against it as a clay ox entering the sea. It was obvious that what Gu Changge did was beyond his understanding. It was not something that could simply be described as just unfathomable. [He is an Avatar of a True Immortal? No, he is more like the devil himself!]  


[Yes, it was this feeling…] On the other side, Hei Yanyu’s face had also turned pale. Her pupils shrank to the size of a needle tip. She showed a look of disbelief and fear. There was no one who was lucky enough to escape from Gu Changge’s grasp. They were all equally vulnerable to Gu Changge regardless of their cultivation realms. Under the influence of the Entanglement Immortal Might, their lives could end as easily as breaking a thread. 


[This is even more terrifying than the Slave Mark. Just when did he plant it in us…?] Hei Yanyu’s face lost all colour. She had always been smart. She was even called a young military advisor by those from her generation. 


Now, she has finally understood something. She finally understood why she had that feeling when she had seen Gu Changge for the first time outside the ruins. At the time, she had thought that it was just an illusion, but she knew now that she felt that way because Gu Changge must have already known about her existence. That the thought of killing her had occurred to him at that moment. However, it was just a fleeting thought that he had not really willed it. Thus, she misunderstood that it was an illusion. 


Hei Yanyu was completely horrified when she realised the truth. She looked at Gu Changge as if he was an extremely terrifying being. She felt like she was still underestimating just how terrifying he could be. [Just how did he do all this?]


“This is clearly not the Slave Mark, so how can you take control of our lives…?” The attitude of the Quasi-Sacred Realm Elder had greatly changed. He was terrified and very careful with his words. After all, there was no way he could confront Gu Changge with a strong front. Especially when the other party could end his life with just a thought. At this time, he could do nothing but hope that the Ancestors had some way to resolve this issue. Otherwise, just like Gu Changge said, the whole Black Hawk Family would belong to him! 


Everyone in the Black Hawk Family would be controlled by him forever. Worse, he still could not understand how Gu Changge managed to do such a thing, when they had never come into contact with him. They were full of despair! First, some trick was used on them without them realising and then, it turned out to be the kind that they did not know how to deal with. How was it possible for such a bizarre thing to happen?


“Is it really that important?” Gu Changge replied in a carefree and composed manner. “You guys only need to remember one thing. I’m your master from today onwards. You will be able to live if you work for me. Those who won’t, will die.”


Everyone turned pale. The place became deathly silent. It was no wonder that Gu Changge dared to trespass into their territory alone. Since their lives were in his control, it was a piece of cake for him to deal with them. He could easily come and go within this territory as if it was his backyard.


[This method of control is definitely connected with the Slave Mark in some way. There should be no one other than the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being who would know the connection between the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment and him… It’s likely that the Successor of Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being has already been killed by Gu Changge. That he has modified the Slave Mark to suit his needs… Perhaps, Gu Changge is the true Successor of Demonic Arts!] Hei Yanyu stared fixedly at Gu Changge. Her Primordial Spirit and body trembled as she thought about various things. 


With her intellect, she managed to speculate many things, and it was very likely that her speculations were right! Otherwise, it would not make sense! [But how was it possible for such a fearsome person to exist!?] There was nothing but fear in her eyes as she looked at Gu Changge. The more she thought about these things, the more frieghtened she felt.


[Oh? There’s surprisingly a smart person here.] Gu Changge was a bit surprised when he perceived Hei Yanyu’s thoughts. After all, high intelligence was needed to speculate the truth behind such things. However, he did not care if she knew. Hei Yanyu’s life and death were already his to control. She would definitely die if she dared to expose the truth. 


Gu Changge narrowed his eyes as he looked at a mountain peak far away. A terrifying aura was rising into the sky, like a matchless giant sun. The aura was extremely powerful, as if someone unmatched even against Heaven had awakened that was looking down on everything in the world.




Those from the Black Hawk Family got their hopes up when they saw the scene. It was none other than their Ancestor! He had lived for countless years and his cultivation was unmatched in this world. They were expecting that they might be able to turn around this undesirable situation with the help of their Ancestor. However, at the very next moment, Gu Changge let out a snicker. The soaring matchless aura instantly disappeared as if it had been blown away by the wind. All the members of the Black Hawk Race fell into despair when they saw this.





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