I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 171, God Among Men, A Man of Compassion


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Seeing how even their Ancestor, who was in the Sacred King Realm, could not even take Gu Changge on, everyone from the Black Hawk Family instantly fell into despair. After all, no one wanted to be a slave. 


The Black Hawk Family had gotten used to being the apex dominator, So, they couldn’t accept the fact there was someone else above them. Even back when Ye Ling, the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being first appeared, instead of welcoming him with open arms, their first instinct was to kill him. To eliminate any future threats.


However, the pressure they felt from Gu Changge was even more terrifying than that of the Slave Mark. While Slave Mark could only suppress their powers and forbid them from attacking Ye Ling, Gu Changge, on the other hand, had their lives in the palm of his hand. Even their Ancestor could do nothing.


In fact, right as their Ancestor was coming out, he got instantly subdued by Gu Changge’s mere thought. Those that saw this scene couldn’t help but be frightened by Gu Changge’s unfathomable methods.


[How is this possible!? I don’t see the Absolute Being here! Butm why am I able to detect his aura!?] Having hurried over, Hei Ming found himself dumbfounded.


Although he did not know Gu Changge’s true identity, he could sense the same mysterious feeling coming from him. It was the same thing he experienced when he first encountered the Absolute Being. In that instant, there was nothing but shock in his eyes, He intuitively assumed that Gu Changge, like him, was favoured by the Absolute Being.


Out of nowhere, Gu Changge shot Hei Ming a glance and a knowing smirk. [Oh? There’s my precious pawn. I should make good use of him.]


“Please, Prince Gu.” In the depths of the silence-filled mountain range, an energetic old man with a wrinkly face, dressed in white, walked out. Stupefaction was all there was in his deeply sunken eyes. He momentarily feigned some of his alarming Sacred King Realm powers around his body, before quickly withdrawing it. That old man was the other Ancestor of the Black Hawk Family. The Ancestor Gu Changge subdued earlier had yet to show himself.


Nodding his head, Gu Changge rested his arms behind his back in a relaxed posture. Right as he took a step, the air suddenly turned blurry. With the Ancestor showing the way, they swiftly arrived at the centre of the Black Hawk Family’s palace.


Under the terror-fileld eyes of the Black Hawk Family members, Gu Changge reached the palace. This was where all the higher-ups were gathered. They forgoed their current training session and obligations. At once, they hurried to the palace with trembling, surprised faces, daring to not say a word.


At the same time, the young ones of the Black Hawk Family assembled outside the palace. They had no idea what was going on. All they knew, that what they heard, which was that Gu Changge had come into their territory. Seeing how dazed and subservient their Ancestors were, they were immediately left speechless.


[Gu Changge is an enemy of all the Celestial Ancient Races! Why are the Elders and Ancestors so courteous to him? Are they afraid of him?] Sadly, no one was there to explain to them the reasons for that. Due to the complexity of the occasion, the young ones were still deeply disturbed by what was happening.


Among them, only Hei Ming and Hei Yanyu were allowed entry into the palace. This was due to their special positions.


“Please be seated, Prince Gu.” The other Sacred King Realm Ancestor, who looked rather miserable, too, came to the palace. She was a cold old woman, and she bore a very unique feature of the Black Hawk Family. Her gargantuan wings could cover a significant area from the sun.


Right now, her eyes when she looked at Gu Changge were still filled with dread and shock. Despite the generations she had lived through, it was her first time witnessing something so unorthodox.


Back then, all she felt was an exploding sensation in her mind. Her Sacred King Realm Primordial Spirit, too, was about to burst into pieces. That one terrifying experience still haunts her. Gu Changge was merely a young man, yet he possessed such terrorizing abilities.


Leisurely, Gu Changge sat on the central seat of the palace. With a mischievous look, he looked down at those underneath him. Under the dead silence, everyone including the Elders in the Sacred Realm, were breaking out in cold sweat. None had the courage to speak up.


After all, although they knew nothing of Gu Changge’s plans, they were aware that upsetting him would only end in instantaneous death. With how their lives were controlled by the will of another, it certainly felt like they constantly had a dagger pointing at their throat. They could only trod the path to the abyss blindfolded, whereby negligence meant fatality.


“Yanyu, serve some tea for Prince Gu,” one of the Sacred King Realm Ancestors turned to Hei Yanyu and instructed.


“Right away.” Hei Yanyu, wholly frightened by Gu Changge, after having figured out his true identity, started to figure out everything. However, having no intention to disobey her Ancestor’s instructions, she brought tea to Gu Changge with shaky hands.


Although she was usually a generous, social woman with her fellow clansmen, she was, at the end of the day, a young woman. Fearing death wasn’t unreasonable.


“Prin—Master, please enjoy your tea.” Hei Yanyu was about to address him as ‘Prince Gu,’ but remembering his personality, she hastily switched it to ‘Master.’ It certainly wouldn’t be worth it to die just for using the wrong pronouns or honorifics.


Moreover, her thoughts were rather simple. If her Ancestors, who were in the Sacred King Realm, had no way of dealing with this issue, then everything has already been set in stone. Everyone in the Black Hawk Family was now Gu Changge’s underlings. Thus, she rather feigned willingness to serve him at such a moment.


Seeing that, the Elders of the Black Hawk Family heaved a sigh of relief. Their thoughts were similar to those of Hei Yanyu, they were aware that their only choice was to submit.


Gu Changge took an assiduous look at Hei Yanyu. 


The young woman, seemingly in her late teenage years, was blessed with features of utmost elegance. Her hair, ornamented by exquisite hair sticks, was as lustrous as the clouds; as she donned a robe decorated with paintings of heavenly sceneries, her appearance resembled the God of Beauty herself. Her looks were delicate but so was her mind. It gave her tacitness and intellect. After all, she was able to figure out his true identity so quickly.


“Name?” Gu Changge mindlessly asked as he accepted the tea. Though, the question was pointless, as he was fully aware of Hei Yanyu’s name, identity, as well as her every thought. Nonetheless, it was to prevent the Black Hawk Family members from knowing that he could even read their minds. Otherwise, it would be hard to instil the mindset of a puppet within them.


At the end of the day, what Gu Changge wanted was an obedient race under him. If they fail to listen to him and fulfil his every command, like they were his puppets, he would rather have them devoured with Nommening.


Besides, judging by the current requirements of Nommening, even if he were to devour the entire Black Hawk Family, instead of breaking through to Sacred Realm, he would probably only attain Intermediate Quasi-Saint Realm at most. Furthermore, it would be quite a waste to devour two slaves who were in the Sacred King Realm.


“Master, my name is Hei Yanyu.” Hearing that, Hei Yanyu seemed somewhat pleasantly surprised as she hastily answered. Back when she was targeted by Long Teng, her rebelliousness persisted in her heart. She was completely unwilling to serve him, hence her resistance against him, which reflected in her valiance and ambitions.


However, now that her life was no longer her own to control, she was left with no choice regardless of her reluctance.


Wordlessly, Gu Changge nodded before sweeping his gaze across the crowd.


“Honoured to meet you, Master!” Upon Hei Yanyu’s initiation, the higher-ups of the Black Hawk Family gradually changed their honorifics for Gu Changge. It was to indicate their loyalty to him. At that moment, all there was in the palace was nothing but cheers.


“I know all of you abhor me, and would kill to slaughter me.” Gu Changge took a sip of his tea before revealing a casual smile. “So…”


He then pointed his finger.






“And you.”


Those who were pointed by Gu Changge immediately grimaced out of dread. Following a loud bang, their entire bodies exploded and disintegrated as their blood sprinkled in the air.


“Don’t you dare bear any resentment for me. Or I will know about it,” Gu Changge smilingly stated. “Just remember this—I am God among men. Disobey me and well, you’ve seen what happens.”


Gu Changge’s words were simple, and his expression was casual as ever. Yet, they bore such an overbearing message that none could withstand it.


*Whoosh!* Seeing that, everyone in the palace was stunned. The thoughts in their heads were about to burst. Silent and unforeseeable, that was how their peers died. It was clear that Gu Changge’s methods were too terrifying. It was as though he could actually sense their hatred for him.


Upon that thought, many faces turn pale. They were thoroughly dumbfounded. They, along with the two Sacred King Realm Ancestors hastily pleaded, “Please calm down, Master. We gladly pledge our allegiance to you.”


Having lived for so long that their eyelashes basically completely fell out, they wouldn’t want to die so meaninglessly. After all, even ants cherish their lives, so how could men not?


As a matter of fact, years prior to this, their Prime Ancestors were also slaves to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Becoming subservient to Gu Changge now was not totally unacceptable. As long as they commit themselves to him, he wouldn’t kill anyone out of whim.


“Oh, I certainly do like understanding men.” Retaining his smile, Gu Changge stood up with his arms crossed. 


“Be smart and less of you will die. It’s a win-win, no?” Yet, that grin of his left the crowd immensely agitated.


“Understood, Master.” In response, everyone in the palace responded in unison. They dared not have any second thoughts.


Sensing their detestation of him speedily fading away, Gu Changge nodded in satisfaction. He was pleased with the swift and effortless subduing process. But of course, he had no intentions of disclosing what method he resorted to to gain control of their lives. After all, enigmas were the most effective in instilling fear. Besides, he couldn’t simply divulge the existence of the Entanglement Immortal Might.


“Above all, fret not. I, Gu Changge, am a man of compassion. What I hate doing the most is killing innocents. However, as long as you submit yourselves fully to me, I just might make your clan the most formidable, perhaps even the most dominant force in the Celestial Ancient Continent.”


With a chuckle, Gu Changge voiced his offer, which he had zero interest in fulfilling, thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to give a verbal assurance.


“Thank you, Master!” Hearing that, the Black Hawk Family members excitedly thanked him with gratifying looks. They knew of how genuine their expressions were, which Gu Changge had no intention of exposing.


As the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family as well as the Successor of Skyward Schloss, many found his words credible due to his identities. In fact, many were willing to confide in him. At the very least, he was remarkably more trustworthy than some jester named Ye Ling.


One of the Sacred King Realm Ancestors stood up and declared the matter to the entire Black Hawk Family. And so, the Black Hawk Family readily submitted themselves to Gu Changge. They swore to unconditionally actualise their master’s every command.


Once the news spread, turmoil broke out within the Black Hawk Family. Many expressed their bafflement and reluctance.


“At the end of the day, Gu Changge is only a young man, so what gives him the right to be the Black Hawk Family’s Master?”


“Our Ancestors are figures that dominate the sky and are invincible! So how could we, who bear their blood, submit to someone else!?”


To combat voices of discontent, the solution the Black Hawk Family’s Ancestors went with was rather simple. Forceful oppression and exilement of those who opposed. Given Gu Changge’s merciless methods, there was no way he would let any opposers off easy, so the Ancestors were being actively assertive. Very soon, the resisting voice among the Black Hawk Family was completely dealt with.


Gu Changge was quite content with the speed of how things progressed. It was clear how much those in Black Hawk Family cherished their lives.


“You seem smart. I shall have you gather talents that possess various powers regardless of their race. From now on, the Celestial Ancient Continent shan’t close down again, as it shall be my finest hunting ground. Do a good job, and I shall reward you handsomely.”


Meanwhile, in the depths of the Black Hawk Residence, on their way to obtain the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment, Gu Changge said to the wary Hei Yanyu behind him. He had a look of intrigue as he instructed her..


Dazed, Hei Yanyu then flinched as she hastily replied, “Worry not, Master. I will definitely complete the task you have given.”


Gu Changge’s sudden utterance caught her by surprise. He even arranged a mission for her, which was to ‘gather talents that possess various powers’. Knowing the true meaning behind those words, she felt goosebumps all over her. It was an obvious innuendo, which she understood without the need for Gu Changge’s explicit explanation.


One might even assume that they were spiritually in synergy. Though, it was most likely that Gu Changge was just too lazy to say it in words, while Hei Yanyu was intelligent enough to understand, and she knew not to ask as some things were best kept secret.


After all, any matter pertaining to the Successor of Demonic Arts was simply too terrifying. If that was really Gu Changge’s secret identity, it grew apparent to her how he managed to fool the entire world. Thinking of that sent chills up her spine. She even concluded that ‘terrifying’ was no longer eligible to describe the man.


Shortly after, they traversed through mountain ranges, taverns, and palaces. From there, Gu Changge could see the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment that was forged with the Stones of Reincarnation. According to legends, it was a stage left behind by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being when he was enlightening those in the continent during the Celestial Ancient Times. There were even etchings and carvings regarding the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being on the stage.


“Master, that is where the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment is. Typically, only Elders with the strongest cultivation may enter to feel the wonders of the Principles of Reincarnation,” Hei Yanyu respectfully claimed. Upon reaching the area, she remained the only guide for Gu Changge. The others were dismissed by him.


Although the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment was invaluables, it was nothing compared to the lives of the Black Hawk Family members. Nonetheless, she knew that once Gu Changge was to refine the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment, the other factions such as the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and the Divine Crocodile Clan would be infuriated. After all, countless clans had imprinted markings on the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment with the purpose of preventing other clans from hogging it.


“The Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment…” Standing at the mountaintop, Gu Changge gazed afar with his squinted eyes. Among the billowing clouds, the subtle figure of a towering stage could be seen.


*Whoosh!* All of a sudden, following the black and white heavenly beams in his eyes, a daunting celestial sword appeared out of thin air. It quickly shot towards the tall stage, producing a deafening ring.


[So that’s the Power of Reincarnation…] Hei Yanyu was shocked. Her prediction was proven right. The true Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had been killed by Gu Changge, and that was why he was able to use so many abilities of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


*Boom!* Along a grand, thundering noise, blinding lights flashed in front of them. Mystical rain even began to pour everywhere. Right then, the stage was vaguely showing its extravagant, monumental form. The ancient texts that were etched with immaculate, glorious handwritings, resembling little suns that bore traces of energy.


After activating the stage, Gu Changge took a step forward and walked onto it.


The stage was grand. With the radiant gleams and heavenly lights glowing and intertwining around it, it appeared awfully magical. Then, as the black and white heavenly beams fell onto the stage, the frightening aura of the Principles of Reincarnation could be felt.


Gu Changge sat down with his legs crossed, passing his time without any interruptions.


On the other hand, Hei Yanyu simply observed him from afar. What he had shown, astonished her. The Principles of Reincarnation, which they used to absorb and resonate with, were now being syphoned by Gu Changge with Nommening. She could not help but be impressed by his audacity.


*Whoosh!* As Gu Changge remained stationary, a number of black Grand Runes appeared in the air. They began condensing, forming a Grand Flask that engulfed the black and white heavenly beams.


*Zoom!* All of a sudden, the region was covered in blinding lights, as if the stars in the sky had plummeted to the ground all at once. It was an immensely terrifying sight to see.


As Gu Changge was refining the energy, his mastery over the Power of Reincarnation speedily improved. Eventually, a Symbol of Reincarnation that was formed by innumerable solidified black and white runes was merged with his Nature God’s Chant.


“The Symbol of Reincarnation is equivalent to one’s life. If one day, I were to get obliterated, I could be reborn with the same form using the Symbol of Reincarnation. It’s yet another life-saving method up my sleeve.”


At that moment, Gu Changge opened his eyes as black and white heavenly beams flashed across his pupils. He could feel his mastery over time was approaching his limit. Although the function of the Power of Reincarnation was extensive, it mainly revolved around time as well as life and death.


Finished, Gu Changge took a step forward and returned to where he was. With the Principles of Reincarnation drained, the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment was no longer of any use to him. Plus, there were more reliable resources in the world than Stones of Reincarnation.


“Congratulations, Master.” Upon Gu Changge’s completion of refining the Principles of Reincarnation, the astonishment in Hei Yanyu’s eyes persisted as she hastily went up and congratulated him.


“Let’s head back to the base,” Gu Changge said and departed.


Since the Black Hawk Family had stood for so long, they definitely possess countless treasures. Given his greed, there was no way he would miss out on them.


Meanwhile, when Gu Changge was refining the Principles of Reincarnation within the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment, the other clans, including the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and the Divine Crocodile Clan, went through a huge change.


“What is the Black Hawk Family doing? Why do I sense our marking on the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment being meddled with?” Holding a snake-headed cane, an old man with sharp eyes coldly said. 


According to his senses, his clan’s marking on the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment was being interfered with. However, the interference wasn’t significant. Clearly, the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment remained in the mountains.


Because of that, his wariness towards the Black Hawk Family intensified. Although embezzlement and power-hogging could be done easily, one would still need the capability to do so.


“Judging by the movements of the other Celestial Ancient Races, the forces from the outside world are about to approach. My people and I shall think of ways to survive through the upcoming hardship.” As he was muttering, he summoned his fellow clansmen for a discussion.


At the same time, outside the Celestial Ancient Continent, things were going merrily in the Boundless Heaven. As the young prodigies spread the news from the continent, about how the Celestial Ancient Races ignored rules and arbitrarily committed murder. Hearing it made many factions livid. They immediately sent forth their experts.


As the matter caused a great commotion, even the Grand Elder, who made a promise with the Ancient Beings from the Celestial Ancient Continent years back, was deeply perturbed. He knew he had no way of stopping what was to come.




Terrorizing heavenly beams could be seen all over the ambiguous sky as ancient battleships, enormous flying ships as well as floating mystic mountains were approaching from all directions. Riding on top of these transportations ‘vehicles’ were cultivators with formidable might. Upon seeing such an overwhelming and menacing flood of people suddenly approach, those in the nearby ancient cities were startled.


[Something huge is about to happen in the Celestial Ancient Continent!]





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