I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 172, She Really Is My Lucky Star, Those From the Celestial Ancient Continent Are Miserable


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In Skyward Schloss, the white robe of the Grand Elder fluttered in the wind, and many images appeared in his eyes, giving him the appearance of an immortal.


At the moment, he was standing on top of a mountain peak. His gaze penetrated layers of grey mist. He saw the many scenes within the Celestial Ancient Continent, which meant that he understood everything that had happened there. After realising the truth, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine.


“Gu Changge is forcing all the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent to their deaths with his scheme. He is truly evil. It seems like I’ve underestimated him,” the Grand Elder murmured with mixed emotions in his eyes.


Next to him stood an old man of medium stature. He was wearing dirty clothes, and his face looked ordinary and dark, just like a normal farmer in the mortal world with a mouthful of big yellow teeth. On his waist was a rusty kitchen knife. It had a few broken chinks and was pinned onto him. He looked simple without any unique features, but what was shocking was that such an old farmer was standing side by side with the Grand Elder, who was the most dignified person in Skyward Schloss. It even looked as though they were conversing as acquaintances.


Listening to the Grand Elder’s words, the old farmer couldn’t help but grin. “He is the prodigal son that hailed from my Gu Family. There’s nothing surprising about this scheme of his. Even though I’ve never met Gu Changge before, I heard quite a lot of stories about him within the Gu Family. Especially over this period of time… I’m not surprised that he would do something like this.”


At this point, the expression on his face seems to be one of intrigue.


The Grand Elder pondered for a moment before suddenly staring at the old farmer’s eyes and asking, “Brother Gu, have you really made up your mind?”


“I don’t have a choice, do I? Now that the young master of my family is getting bullied in the Celestial Ancient Continent and got almost killed, isn’t it reasonable for me to want to interfere? Or, are you going to stop me from doing so?” The old farmer smiled, revealing a row of big yellow teeth. In short, he was implying that he would strike back if the Grand Elder ever decided to stop him.


The strength of the Immortal Gu Family was known throughout the Beyond.


The Grand Elder smiled bitterly and questioned. “Brother Gu, don’t you understand? Or are you saying this on purpose? You obviously know that it is Gu Changge who is scheming against those from  Celestial Ancient Continent.”


“It doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that the young master of my family was attacked by one of their clans using a Transcendent grade weapon. This was done while he was training in the Celestial Ancient Continent. This matter has angered my entire family, so you should be grateful that we have not yet gone in to destroy the entire place.” The old farmer chuckled and continued, “All of the other factions have their own elites placed within the continent, so why are you only stopping me? Do you have a problem with the Immortal Gu Family?”


The Grand Elder remained silent as it wouldn’t be wise for him to answer that question.


[Do I have a problem with the Immortal Gu Family? Who knows what kind of monster would emerge from your family if I have a problem against it?]


“Are you still planning to stop me?” the old farmer asked again with a grin.


Listening to his question, the Elder Grand furrowed his brows. He had no doubt that if he gave an unsatisfying answer, the old-farmer-looking Ancestor from the Gu Family in front of him would definitely strike at him. If he got locked in a fight with the old farmer, it would give the other factions a chance to gain the  advantage.


Back then, he made a pact with the Races in the Celestial Ancient Continent. That if they chose not to avoid the outside world, he would provide some kind of protection. That pact had lasted until now. However, with Gu Changge’s recent actions, it had given the many factions from the outside world a chance to intervene, catching the Grand Elder off guard.


[It was a mistake letting Gu Changge in! He has caused a completely disaster!]


The Grand Elder pondered for a while and asked with a serious tone, “Brother Gu, with your ability, are you planning to annihilate every Celestial Ancient Race? If I remember correctly, you aren’t an Ancestor of Gu Changge’s lineage. Instead, you belong to Xianer’s lineage…”


With that, a hint of light seemed to flash across The Grand Elder’s eyes. He knew about Gu Changge digging up Gu Xianer’s bone, and naturally, the Ancestor of the Gu Family in front of him must know about it too.


Over the years, this Ancestor of the Gu Family remained dormant, but lately, he suddenly had a feeling to walk out of his ancestral land. He realised that the position of his lineage in the family was no longer the same as before, so how could this matter not attract his attention? 


Since it was him, as long as asked about the things that happened in the Gu Family while he was gone, no one would dare to hide anything from him. Therefore, his purpose for coming to the Celestial Ancient Continent was definitely not to help Gu Changge but to make him pay for what he had done.


In the Grand Elder’s eyes, this Ancestor of the Gu Family in front of him was probably here to protect Gu Xianer since he must be worried that Gu Changge might do something to her. However… now that Gu Changge was the Successor of Skyward Schloss, at least in this expedition, he represented the whole of Skyward Schloss. That was why even though the Grand Elder didn’t like the evil man in the slightest, he needed to find a way to stall the old farmer for the time being.


“You’re worrying too much. Gu Changge is the Young Master of my Gu Family, so how can I lay my hands on him? Harming someone within the family is completely forbidden with the Gu Family.” Listening to him, the old farmer smiled as if he couldn’t care less about killing Gu Changge, but a hint of radiant light still flashed across his eyes.


In the meantime, the Grand Elder remained emotionless, but he knew that he was implying that what Gu Changge did to Gu Xianer back then counted as harming someone within the family. Thus, he had laid out his intentions very clearly. It was obvious that even though this Ancestor of the Gu Family stated that it didn’t bother him, he was actually comepltely dissatisfied with the situation.


However, after receiving a promise from him, the Grand Elder felt quite relieved. [Gu Changge should be fine, but I’m afraid that he won’t get away from this without suffering a little.]


The Grand Elder squinted his eyes slightly before choosing a more compromising method. “Then I’ll accompany you on your journey, Brother Gu.”


The old farmer didn’t seem to be surprised by his words as he said with a thoughtful smile, “It seems like you care more about Gu Changge than my Gu Family does.”


The Grand Elder let out a cold grunt. “No matter what, he is still the Successor of Skyward Schloss. He has been chosen to be the next Palace Master. Even without all that, he is still a disciple of Skyward Schloss.”


To him, the Grand Elder, who has always been upright in nature, principles were more important. Even though he hated Gu Changge, he still understood that he was only playing tricks in the end and was just a young man who liked to infuriate others. Even if he disliked him, he had to admit that he still looked up to him for his competence.


“Hehe…” The old farmer smiled noncommittally and waved his ragged sleeves.


Immediately, the Grand Elder squinted his eyes slightly. A powerful pressure descended in the void behind the old farmer. Then, a blurry pathway appeared as if it penetrated through the starry universe.


*Boom!* A gate made of bright light emerged, which was closely followed by a burst of immortal sounds and rich celestial energy. It was as if it came from another world. After that, soldiers in divine armour walked out of the gate, riding ancient pure-blooded beasts. They were filled with a murderous intent, which was strong enough to cause the groun to tremble and sent chills in all directions. Every one of the soldiers was suited in a radiant war armour that seemed to have experienced countless battles. Their eyes were as sharp as knives, causing the surrounding space to be restless.


Without a doubt, this was an invincible team from the Immortal Gu Family. The moment they showed up, it felt as though a thousand armies and horses were charging forward from all sides. It created a frightening thunderous sound that filled the land. As for the other factions who were marching towards the Celestial Ancient Continent, all of them were left stunned.


“To have deployed such a team, it seems like the Immortal Gu Family has taken this matter seriously to an extent…”


The Grand Elder couldn’t help but feel a little shocked. After all, everyone in the team were at least in the Enlightened King Realm! Not only that, it was obvious that they had been through hundreds of battles as they were full of murderous auras.


“I didn’t send them here. Gu Changge ordered them to arrive as the Young Master. They won’t be listening to my orders this time.” Hearing the Grand Elder’s words, the farmer-looking Ancestor of the Gu Family shook his head.


[Gu Changge ordered them to arrive? Just what is he planning to do?] The Grand Elder was even more dumbfounded as he couldn’t understand Gu Changge’s intentions at all.


“Let’s go.” The old farmer took the lead. With a single step, the thick mist that enveloped the Celestial Ancient Continent above dispersed at once. He then brought the powerful and frightening team along with him.


After letting out a faint sigh, the Grand Elder followed suit. [I’m afraid that I can no longer protect those within the Celestial Ancient Continent this time.]


However, similar situations like this were happening all over Skyward Schloss at the moment.


*Boom!* Every second, one could see warships descending from the sky. The many factions and cults all landed on the Boundless Heaven at the same time. After Gu Changge’s plan succeeded, it attracted countless people to come forward. Naturally they wanted to have a hand in the Celestial Ancient Continent. With a proper excuse, they no longer needed to rely on the younger generation to play a front. Now, they could directly bring forward all their powerful warriors.


All pretence of cordiality has now been shedded away.



After a complete search of the land of the Black Hawk Family, Gu Changge was somewhat satisfied enough to leave. 


He didn’t want the Black Hawk Family to spread any news about him at all. It was important, at least before his plan succeeded, to prevent any explicit connection between him and the Black Hawk Family. This was just a small setup for him, but it would soon have a deadly effect. After all, the Black Hawk Family was still considered one of the most powerful forces among the Celestial Ancient Races, and yet, they were all effortlessly put under his control. If they secretly launched a counterattack at the critical moment, it would definitely cause great harm to the rest of the other races.


“Now that I’m done with Ye Ling, the next thing I need to do is to find where Yue Mingkong is hiding. I need to do it within the next few days before the appearance of the Celestial Spirit.”


After returning to his palace, Gu Changge sent out his followers to look for Yue Mingkong’s exact location. He didn’t know when or where the Celestial Spirit would appear. Even so, all he needed to do was to find Yue Mingkong. As a regressor, she definitely knew about his final goal, and according to her personality, she would think of a way to stop him.


During this period, she just so happened to have disappeared, which somewhat left a smile on Gu Changge’s face. He knew that she must have gone to the location of the Celestial Spirit.


He didn’t feel guilty at all using his fiancee as a treasure finder. However, once she finds out that she had been used like this, she would definitely have the urge to kill someone in rage. She had already been carefully avoiding Gu Changge, not attracting any of his attention. However, she would have no idea that everything she did was actually within his expectations.


Soon, the followers that he sent out came back along with news about Yue Mingkong. It was possible that she still hadn’t figured out that she was surrounded by his people. After all, he was always one step ahead of her. Not only that, he always knew that she was a regressor, so how could he not try to use her and let go of such an opportunity? When he found out that she was also coming to the Celestial Ancient Continent, he already had everything prepared.


“The Mountains of Horizons?” Inside the palace, he walked around with his hands clasped behind his back. The image of the mountains emerged in his mind.


[Since Yue Mingkong is there, it’s highly likely that that is where the Celestial Gate will appear. In that case, the location of where the Celestial Spirit will appear, has been secured. If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid that I would need to wait until the Celestial Gate shows itself before knowing the location of where the Celestial Spirit will appear. If I put it this way, she really is my lucky star, given how much trouble she has solved for me along the way. It makes my job so much easier…]


Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but reveal a smile of deep intrigue. He didn’t want to use Yue Mingkong as a pawn, but some things had already become a habit for him.


Then, he squinted his eyes.


[In order for Yue Mingkong to not suspect me, I better think of an excuse so that I can make it as though I bump into her in the Mountains of Horizons by coincidence.]


“Listen up!” He ordered.


At times like this, those puppets that Gu Changge had obtained from the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being could come in handy.


Soon, several divine rainbows shot up into the sky from within the ruins.




“Uncle Ye!”


Meanwhile, in a vast mountain range, a group of young prodigies led by Ye Langtian and Ye Liuli were respectfully waiting.


A rumbling sound was heard from the void, carriages and warships came crushing through the sky and had arrived. On the top stood a proud-looking middle-aged man with bright eyes. His cultivation had already reached the Quasi-Saint Realm. Behind him were a group of people from the Ye Family, each with powerful cultivation.


The middle-aged man was called Ye Miao. He was Ye Langtian’s uncle. These strong cultivators had also received the news, so they rushed all over from the outside world to provide support and justice for Ye Langtian and the others. They represented the attitude of the Ancient Immortal Race.


“The family has been informed of the situation. Over the next few days, the Celestial Ancient Continent will become a place of war. No one will be spared…” Ye Miao declared with a smile. He gave a nod as he glanced at the group of young prodigies from the Ye Family in front of him.


“Does that mean our training has ceased?” Ye Langtian asked.


“Yes. To ensure your safety, you will all now be under our protection. Since the Celestial Ancient Races have crossed the line and have not given us any respect, today is the day we shall let them know the power of the Ancient Immortal Race.” Ye Miao explained with his eyes lit up.


This was the stance taken by every faction from the outside world. No matter what, they must first ensure the safety of the young prodigies from every family and cult. Even though they had no say in regards to the deaths of the young prodigies who died during the expedition, it was now different after the Celestial Ancient Races intentionally crossed the line and began to slaughter them.


“Uncle Ye, the Celestial Ancient Races are actually only against the Young Master of the Gu Family. We are actually fine since they don’t dare to do anything to us…” Ye Liuli said with a delicate and gorgeous face that had a hint of anger.


Gu Changge had done the world a huge favour by fighting against the Successor of Demonic Arts. This was why everyone was greatly angered by the Feathered Clan’s shameless actions. In her eyes, Gu Changge risked his life for the sake of everyone. She couldn’t help but feel impressed even though she was bullied by him many times before. That, and she didn’t like the Feathered Clan at all.


Listening to her, a hint of strange emotion flashed across Ye Miao’s eyes as he shook his head. “If this hasn’t all been planned by Gu Changge, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have any excuse to intervene. You have underestimated how terrifying that man can be. Also, you don’t need to worry about his safety. The Immortal Gu Family has acted quickly. They are livid. They have sent over a powerful force to provide support. I’m afraid that the Feathered Clan is doomed…”


His words left Ye Langtian and Ye Liuli in shock. From what they had seen, Gu Changge had been forced to do what he did. They never expected this situation to be a ploy of his..


“Brother Gu’s methods are truly astonishing…” As Ye Langtian said in reaction to what he had just learnt. He even felt a strong sense of defeat rising within him.


[Not only is my cultivation far inferior to Gu Changge, he even wipes the floor with his tactics and thinking. If not for Uncle Ye’s insight, I probably wouldn’t have noticed…]


“Thanks to Gu Changge, the Ye Family can get a piece of the pie…” Ye Miao murmured while his expression grew colder. He gazed at the depths of the Celestial Ancient Continent, where the powerful races had gathered. After all, soon, the most frightening war would break out from there.


The Celestial Ancient Continent was already in a mess. Similar situations were occurring in other areas of the continent. The Golden-Winged Roc Clan, the Undead Lake Clan, the Immortal Wang Family and many other powerful factions were discussing the matter.


At the same time, many ancient bronze warships and flying boats came rumbling down Devil Mountain. Among them, a figure with rich Demonic Energy stood tall. He had a majestic and sweeping divine sense, like a surging sun that could envelope thousands of kilometres.


“The Primal Demonic Temple!”


“Who would have expected that vicious cult would join the party…”


Many of the cultivators were stunned. They quickly stepped back with pale faces filled with fear.


The Primal Demonic Temple was the name given to them by many cultivators and factions. Even though they called themselves the Primal Celestial Temple, their actions were usually ruthless and intimidating. However, most importantly, they were very protective of their members. They always upheld the principle of making others pay tenfold for what they did. This was why no one dared to offend them. They were a vicious bunch, who were also powerful maniacs.


“It seems like the powerful force behind Young Master Gu’s mother is the Primal Demonic Temple…” someone outside Skyward Schloss stuttered after realising the situation.


The events that happened within the Celestial Ancient Continent had been continuously known to the people in the outside world. That was mainly because there was a specific way to continuously pass news out. Therefore, during this period of time, the Celestial Ancient Races’ ‘bullying’ had naturally become a big deal.


“Now that I think about it, the Celestial Ancient Races are going to end up miserable.”


“Of all the people to offend, they just have to offend Young Master Gu.”


Many of the cultivators shivered as they suddenly had some sympathy for the Celestial Ancient Races.


Based on how the Primal Demonic Temple did things, the entire Celestial Ancient Continent would definitely be in great turmoil.





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