I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 173, Yue Mingkong Reflects on Herself, Why Are You Being So Nice to Me


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In the vast Mountains of Horizons, there were all kinds of trees and vines that were incomparably ancient. The mountain peaks here stretched into rows, filled with rich spiritual energy. Each peak appeared extremely lush, giving a vibrant feeling. At the moment, in the depths of a hidden ruin, a delicate and noble figure sat in front of an ancient stone door.


As divine rain sprinkled through the stone door, a faint light was being emitted from behind. The figure was wearing wide plain white silk clothes, dotted with a sea of ancient stars. It gave her a lofty and misty look. Her breath was profound yet calm, as if she was avoiding earthly concerns. With her hair fluttering in the wind, a series of celestial runes emerged one by one in her crystal-clear eyes, all while her face had the look of an angel.


She was Yue Mingkong. She had been cultivating here for almost a month, but with her current abilities, she still found it difficult to open the door. However, she was afraid that if she went to Gu Changge for help, he would be ill-intentioned and try to harm her. That was why she chose to focus on cultivating alone, to gain enough strength to open the door without him. However, it was perhaps this misfortune that allowed her to obtain a mysterious Immortal Scripture.


“With this Immortal Scripture, it can help me achieve a flawless True Immortal Body in the future…” she murmured to herself while a hazy divine light diffused out from the doorway. The divine rain contained immortal runes that were being refined by her, which were absorbed into her body.


This was the divine might of the Celestial Bone, causing her entire mannerisms to become unearthly, as if everything in the world had turned monotone to her.


However, she soon sensed a disturbance, causing her to furrow her brows.


She then got up and regained her usual mannerisms. That of a proud emperor, who held great power, always imposing yet cold.


“Someone triggered the prohibition formation that I’ve placed…” She transformed into a divine rainbow and left the place, flying high into the sky.


Meanwhile, many of her followers, who were hidden in all corners of the area, showed themselves. During this period, she had used her powerful abilities to control the lives of numerous people. She even forced them to submit to her. This included many natives of the Celestial Ancient Continent.


She had her own secret way of controlling others. In order to counteract Gu Changge’s Nommening, she searched and consulted numerous texts. Among them, she found a Divine Controlling Technique. Now, most around her were her servants, who she could kill off with just a single thought. With this technique, she didn’t need to be afraid of them betraying her.


[I’ve set up formations over every inch of space within a three thousand kilometre radius of the Mountains of Horizons… The fluctuation that I felt just now is not an illusion. There are several powerful auras heading this way.] On top of a peak, Yue Mingkong’s eyes grew colder as frightening fluctuations emerged from her palm. She stared at the direction the disturbance came from, a vague unpleasant feeling began to gnaw at her heart.


In fact, the person that worried her the most was still Gu Changge. Other than him, no one else knew about the coming appearance of the Celestial Spirit. However, she still does not know where he got this piece of information from. From her perspective, he was nearly invincible and the methods he had were too many to count. He was capable of doing things that even she could not imagine. This naturally included his current scheme to annihilate the Celestial Ancient Races.


[What he did is something that I would have never thought of. That poor Ye Ling, still taking the blame for Gu Changge even after he died.]


That was why she was now worried that Gu Changge might know about the appearance of the Celestial Spirit in the Mountains of Horizons.


[How should I explain myself to him when he comes? Maybe he’ll start to suspect me because of the Celestial Spirit. Our relationship finally eased a little, and we’ve gotten quite close to each other, but now, it might all fall down a bottomless pit once more…] All kinds of thoughts began popping up inside her mind.


*Boom!* Far away in the sky, many divine rainbows suddenly came rushing towards her direction. The young man leading the group had feathered clothes and wide sleeves. He had a delicate and dashing face, which gave him a transcendent look, just like a young immortal walking among men.


He was none other than the person Yue Mingkong didn’t wish to see the most, Gu Changge.


[He is actually here…]


The coldness on her face froze. The worst possibility she had envisioned actually became a reality. Not only that, Gu Changge also brought a large group of followers with him. Even the vixen, Yin Mei, was there. This left Yue Mingkong in an even worse mood. 


The coldness in her eyes began to freeze like an ancient iceberg. It was filled with chilling and murderous aura. However, the glare in her eyes wasn’t directed at Gu Changge. Rather, it was directed towards the person behind him. She wore a red dress and was swaying her nine fox tails, Yin Mei.


“Your Highness!”




Yue Mingkong’s group of followers were now looking at her with an awkward expression. After all, the person heading here was Gu Changge. He was not just anybody. He was her fiancee.


“Stop him.” she coldly ordered. In the meantime, there was a burst of dazzling light floating around her body. A palm-sized silver moon seal began to sink, exuding a terrifying pressure. Initially, she was still considering how to face Gu Changge, but now… she could no longer hold back her rage. [Since Yin Mei is accompanying him, it’s enough to prove that there is something going on between the two of them.]




Listening to her order, her followers looked at each other helplessly. However, since she had already issued her order, they had no choice but to obey. Therefore, they quickly rushed towards Gu Changge, who was heading over toward them. They tried to stop him and his group of followers.


“Oh, is Mingkong here? What a coincidence.”


Suddenly, Gu Changge revealed a surprised expression, as if he just noticed Yue Mingkong. He held his hand up, ordering his followers behind him to halt.


Meanwhile, her followers had no choice but to brace themselves and said, “Young Master Changge, this is Princess Mingkong’s orders…” 


None of them dared to lay a finger on him unless they had a deathwish. After all, there was no one in the world who didn’t know how powerful Gu Changge was. None of the young prodigies were a match for him. Not only that, he was on Yue Mingkong’s side. Her current reaction and order might have been given due to a small argument between them, which might even be caused by some kind of misunderstanding.


[Argh… All of us are now in a difficult position standing between the personal affairs of these two!]


“It’s fine. I’ve probably angered Mingkong again,” Gu Changge said knowingly, while waving his hand.


At the same time, Yue Mingkong glared at him coldly. She remained silent even after hearing what he said. [At least he knows that he has angered me!]


Gu Changge pretended to not know why she was angry and asked with a faint smile, “Mingkong, what happened? Aren’t you happy to see your dear husband?”


However, she turned her attention towards Yin Mei and asked, “Why are you here?”


Noticing Yue Mingkong’s glare, Yin Mei was taken aback a little. She had always heard about this Gifted Lady who was going to be a future Emperor. However, seeing how intimidating she was, Yin Mei realised how frightening this woman really was. Normally, any cultivator would instinctively lower their heads in front of her, but Yue Mingkong’s glare did not affect Yin Mei at all. Rather, she unexpectedly felt a sense of hostility and murderous intent directed towards her from Yue Mingkong.


[Why is she trying to kill me at first glance? It seems like she has already figured out the relationship between me and Gu Changge. It’s possible that she knows about Gu Changge’s Nommening too.]


Seeing how complicated their relationship was, Yin Mei was a little envious. After all, she would never dare to treat Gu Changge the way Yue Mingkong did. From Gu Changge’s words, she could feel a vague sense of affection. Seeing the always indifferent and cold Gu Changge reveal such emotions, she couldn’t help but wonder if what she saw was just an illusion. [Just how fortunate are you?]


However, she also suspected that Gu Changge was just putting on an act. But, no matter what the reason was, she believed that he wouldn’t allow Yue Mingkong to kill her.


“I’m also curious as to why you are here. It seems like you’ve set up the place not long ago…” Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile and ask after listening to Yue Mingkong’s question. At the same time, his eyes narrowed, as if he was interested in exploring the deeper meaning of her question.


Reading the situation, Yue Mingkong felt a thump inside her heart. She already guessed that Gu Changge might have long known that the Celestial Spirit would appear here. This would explain why he was surprised and curious about her showing up here.


[Based on his personality, he will definitely begin to suspect me. Now is not the time for me to be overly concerned about Yin Mei.]


“My goal is the same as yours,” she coldly replied, bluntly pointing out Gu Changge’s intentions.


“Oh, is that so? That’s great.” He smiled, seeming indifferent, as if he didn’t suspect her words at all. Then, he suddenly took a step forward. The space turned blurry and he immediately appeared in front of her.


“Gu Changge, you…”


She was slightly startled, but she didn’t believe that Gu Changge would do anything to her at this time because of the Celestial Spirit. Therefore, she gently stared at him with her jewel-like eyes in a calm and charming manner.


“I was injured a while back, but you didn’t come to see me. It made me a little sad…” Gu Changge murmured with a tinge of regret in his voice. He held her hands with a sad expression. Her hands were slender and flawless, as if it was made out of the finest jade. They exude the perfect temperature. 


Watching the scene, the group of followers read the situation and backed off. They made space for just the two of them. Meanwhile, Yin Mei, feeling envious, also retreated to somewhere else.


“You…” Yue Mingkong didn’t expect him to all of a sudden say such things in front of everyone. Her mind became blank and she didn’t manage to react to him for a while.


However, she soon remembered that he acted the same way in the halls of the Gu Family back when their parents were there. Thus, she quickly calmed herself down. [This is just one of his usual tactics. How can I be flustered just because of this!?]


“How could you be injured with your strength? You might be able to fool others, but not me.” She didn’t lie and stated her actual thought.


Gu Changge then shook his head and sighed. “I should be happy listening to your praise, but why am I not feeling that at all?”


At the moment, she refused to be moved by his nonsense.


“Will you be happy if I speak with a clear conscience?” she asked him instead with a sense of jealousy inside her heart. [Just when did he get involved with Yin Mei? I didn’t know about this in my previous life. But, I just don’t know how I’m going to ask him about it…]


“Of course I’ll be happy. After all, you are my lucky star.” Gu Changge smiled and replied to her in a thoughtful manner.


With a glance, she revealed a hint of doubt in her cold eyes. For some reason, she felt that there were malicious intentions behind that smile of his.


“Ye Ling has been killed by you, right?” she suddenly asked.


“I helped you kill him, so it should be fine, right?” Gu Changge didn’t deny her words as his gaze landed on the hidden ruins below.


“What do you mean you helped me kill him? You clearly had your eyes on his inheritance.” She was usually used to his shamelessness, but hearing what he said, she still gritted her teeth in rage. [Why does it sound like I should thank him for snatching my prey?]


“You can’t say that. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have killed Ye Ling. In all honesty, you are the main culprit, so please stop blaming everything on me.” Gu Changge casually stated, pinning all the blame on her.


No matter how cold and gentle Yue Mingkong was, she couldn’t help but grit her teeth in anger at this moment. If she had the ability to beat him up, she would have sent her delicate fist flying towards his face.


“Alright. I’ll stop messing with you. How could I forget about your share? This is a portion of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s inheritance that I got from Ye Ling. The rest of it is gone.” He smiled, and as he spoke, a Cushion of Enlightenment woven with black and white appeared in his hand. It was rich with Daoist energy.


The astonishing reincarnation runes flashed across it in a vague and ambiguous manner. From time to time, a sense of enlightenment could be felt from it.


It was tasteless to eat and a pity to discard. For Gu Changge, he had no use keeping it since he didn’t need to enter retreat for enlightenment, so it was better to give it to Yue Mingkong.


[She should be able to use it. After bullying her for so long, I should give her some compensation. Besides, I’ve already given Gu Xianer ten godly weapons.]


“A Cushion of Enlightenment?” Naturally, she recognised the cushion, so it filled her crystal clear eyes with more doubts.


[This is something that even those in the Sacred Realm would crave for. It is also mixed with reincarnation energy, which makes it even more precious. Is he really willing to give it to me?] However, when she thought about it, not only did Gu Changge give her that drop of Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood that she refined from Long Teng’s corpse, he also deliberately killed all the witnesses at that time. He even took the blame for her because he was worried that the True Dragon Clan might hunt her down in retaliation. Clearly, she was aware of all this.


[Why is he now giving me something as precious as the Cushion of Enlightenment without hesitation? What is he planning?]


She suddenly felt as though… she had been really wrong about Gu Changge all this time. [Maybe… he isn’t actually as bad to me as I think he is?]


“Gu Changge, why are you now being so nice to me?” she asked while looking into his eyes. Her voice was trembling and was now much gentler than before.


However, at this moment, the notification sound of the System rang inside Gu Changge’s head once more.


<Ding! The Fortuitous Lady, Yue Mingkong, reflects on herself and changes her attitude. Plus 2000 Fortuity and 10,000 Fatums.>




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