I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 174, Getting What She Deserved, I’ve Completely Misunderstood Him


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Gu Changge didn’t take much notice of the System’s notification sound since everything seemed to be developing as he had expected. At this point, it would be unreasonable for her to continue suspecting that he would kill her. Most of the time, she was just an emotional woman pretending to be rational. Granted, only when he wasn’t around.


“Why am I being so nice to you?” He smiled and asked her instead, “What did I do before to make you think the way I am now is being nice to you? After all… there has to be some prerequisites for you to compare me to.” 


He revealed a look of intrigue.


As for Yue Mingkong, she was left stunned for a moment before realising that she had made a mistake. [Given how perceptive he is, it is likely that he can infer something from what I say.]


She pondered for a while before coming up with a vague answer. “You were so indifferent towards me before. So much so that it’s impossible for you to give me this many good things for no reason. It would already be nice if you weren’t always cold towards me.”


Her statement was reasonable since Gu Changge had always been indifferent towards her previously. However, ever since her regression and directly falling out with him, everything changed. It had led him to act the way he did now. Even so, she still believed in one thing, that was if she was still as naive and kind as she was in her previous life, she probably would never get to experience her current situation and speak to Gu Changge in such a manner. She would never be able to hold his hands and see his gentle smile. That was why she knew that his change in attitude towards her wasn’t actually because of him. It was because of everything she did that made her no longer seem as lowly as she was in her previous life.


She couldn’t tell whether it was a good or a bad thing. Gu Changge’s emotions were difficult to read, but at least, for now, she no longer seemed as insignificant in his eyes as she did in her previous life.


Hearing her response, Gu Changge didn’t deny it and smiled. He clearly knew what she said was not wrong. 


“I see. It seems like my Mingkong has her little tantrums too… Then, I’ll be blunt. I didn’t find you this charming before, but now, I understand how charming you are. It isn’t too late, right?” He said with a smile. He had long prepared a reply for that response.


“Gu Changge…” Yue Mingkong was startled. She obviously didn’t expect him to be so honest.


[He also called me his Mingkong? Does he mean that he didn’t care about me in the past but cares about the current me? How simple and straightforward. He did not beat around the bush. It really suits his style of taking everything for granted.]


Listening to his corny words, she felt her heart falling into chaos again. Even though she clearly knew what Gu Changge said were mostly likely lies, she still couldn’t help but love to hear him say it. As her eyes lit up, she kept on scolding herself inside her heart. [Why am I so stupid and… easy?]


She obviously knew that Gu Changge wasn’t a good person. He was alway full of malicious intent. His heart was most likely already painted black, which made it difficult to associate him with the word ‘good’. 


After living two lives, Yue Mingkong had long seen through his true nature. However, she would still get cheerful for most of the day because of just a few words from him.


“You don’t need to suspect whether I have other intentions. This Cushion of Enlightenment is useless to me, so I’m fine giving it to you.” Gu Changge was quite honest with her since he felt that honesty was much more effective now than ever. [I’m putting on a tragic drama after all. I need to take the initiative.]


Yue Mingkong stared at him with her cold eyes. She let out a faint grunt. It was rare for her to see Gu Changge being so honest. She even started to see it as the real reason he gave the cushion to her. [How could he be willing to give me something that is useful to him? Though, if he is willing to tell me the truth, it means that I actually have a place inside his heart.]


This was the only point that she cared about.


*Hum!* Just as she was about to ask him about Yin Mei after receiving the Cushion of Enlightenment, Gu Changge had already grabbed hold of her slender waist as the two of them fell towards the ruins below.


She was left puzzled and confused.


In the meantime, Gu Changge looked sideways and stared at her flawless face while smiling. “Mingkong, you really are capable. It seems like you had really set up this place a long time ago.”


He couldn’t show any signs that he expected all of this from the start. Thus, he tried to create a surprised face, as if he truly bumped into her by coincidence.


“It didn’t take me that long. Just a month or so,” she replied.


“A month or so… It seems like the day I predicted is almost here.” He smiled


[The day he predicted?] Yue Mingkong thought that the day he mentioned, was the time the Celestial Spirit would appear. What she did not know was that he was simply talking nonsense. 


No matter how powerful Gu Changge was, it would be impossible for him to predict the time the Celestial Spirit appears. He actually needed to rely on the spies he placed next to her in order to know about the Celestial Spirit’s location. The reason he said those words was to give Yue Mingkong a sense of him having everything under his control. It so that she wouldn’t disrupt his plan.


Of course, Gu Changge had already used his divine sense to sweep through the nearby space and could sense the surging fluctuations coming from the ruins. The ancient and powerful runes imprinted on it not only have a concealing effect, but they also have an attacking effect. Therefore, when the Celestial Spirit appears, it could delay other cultivators for a while and prevent them from finding it immediately. As for Gu Changge, he was more than satisfied by what she did. These had indeed helped him a lot.


“Looking at all these arrangements, I can see that you have long prepared for this,” he asked with a casual smile. However, she didn’t know that he was asking her this question knowing everything already.


After thinking about it, she answered while her eyes twitched. “The Celestial Spirit’s appearance is of great importance, so I can’t help but be cautious.”


At this point, she was actually still worried that he would force himself into the situation, which would render all her preparations useless. After all, the importance of the Celestial Spirit was far greater than Long Teng’s Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood or the Cushion of Enlightenment. By then, even though Gu Changge wasn’t ruthless enough to do anything to her, it was still possible for him to abandon her and take everything for himself.


[He will definitely do something like that. For some reason, I just can’t seem to gain any advantage over him even though I’m a regressor.]


“Mingkong, it seems like you also know about the Celestial Spirit. No wonder…” Gu Changge smiled while seemingly looking indifferent.


Hearing his reply, Yue Mingkong breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that he would keep on pursuing the matter, leaving her in a difficult position to answer. If she wasn’t careful, she might even let slip of her secret as a regressor to him.


[Based on his personality, who knows what he will do to me if he finds out?]


Gu Changge was able to anticipate what she was thinking. After all, she only let her guard down a little and had yet reached the point of completely trusting him. Even so, he wasn’t in a rush to have her trust him. A long-term plan had already been laid down, and under the layers of schemes, he was now waiting for Yue Mingkong and Gu Xianer to fall right into his trap.


[Just cultivating for years is so boring. If I don’t do anything to keep myself entertained, wouldn’t life be too dull?] He revealed an intriguing smile.


Soon, Yue Mingkong brought him inside the long abandoned ruins. Many ancient temples and shrines appeared to have collapsed and decayed with moss and vines all over the place. This whole area oozed a sense of seclusion.


Outside the ruins, their followers stood guard. They were there in case anyone arrives at this time and disturbs them. One could see that Yue Mingkong and Gu Changge were treating this matter very seriously. They had even laid down many terrifying formations. If anyone nearby accidentally stepped on the hidden runes, it would conjure up a thunderbolt. Its frightening blow that would obliterate anyone in an instant.


In front of a stone wall that shimmered with runic light, Yue Mingkong stopped leading the way and turned around to look at Gu Changge’s face with her cold gaze. 


“Gu Changge, are you planning to abandon me later so that you can have everything for yourself?” she directly asked.


From her tone, one could feel the sultry emotion of an angry wife. She was ready to speak to him first and hear his assurance… Although his words weren’t going to convince her, it was still better than nothing.


Looking at the flawless face up close, Gu Changge pondered for a moment before laughing. “In your mind, have I always been such a person?”


From his laughter, she suddenly felt a vague sense of self-mockery.


“Aren’t… you?” she asked back.


With that, the smile on his face disappeared. He even began to look a little disinterested.


“Have I ever done anything to hurt you? Why are you so wary of me?” He then asked with a calm expression.


Even though he did have such intentions, to directly say it in front of his face was not even taking his own pride and status into consideration. All of a sudden, he was really tempted to take action and kill her. However, after a quick thought, he realised that perhaps she should be taught a lesson so that she gets what she deserves.


Yue Mingkong rarely saw such an expression on his face. She was terrified by his calmness.


“I don’t think so…” She had suddenly lost all confidence in her voice.


Logically, according to Gu Changge’s selfish personality, it was perfectly reasonable for him to do what she said. However, due to recent events, she felt that something wasn’t quite right… as if she was the one who always had the preconceived notion of him having some other nefarious intention.


In the end, she was the one who believes that he always tries to exploit others, including herself. However, ever since she regressed to this life, Gu Changge never really did anything to hurt her. Even after she found out his secret as the Successor of Demonic Arts, he never had any intention of killing her.


Instead, she was the one who kept on speculating on his thoughts and intentions. In her previous life, Gu Changge had indeed killed her.  He had become the person she hated the most, but in this life, he was obviously completely different…


[I’m looking at the current Gu Changge based on the viewpoint in my previous life.] Thinking about it, she was suddenly filled with mixed emotions. After all, it was indeed somewhat unfair towards the Gu Changge of this life, who clearly never hurt her.


[It is undeniable that Gu Changge is an evil man, but he is also human. He must have felt bad after listening to what I said just now, right? The main reason I want to avenge my past life is because I’m worried that he will kill me in the future. I want to protect myself, but is he really going to try and kill me in this life?]


Yue Mingkong couldn’t figure out why Gu Changge changed, but she was certain that it was caused by her regression.


Just as she was about to say something after thinking about it, Gu Changge had already released her waist and took the lead towards the stone wall ahead.


His dashing face looked particularly calm, and at this moment, he seemed like a superior angel from heaven with no signs of emotions.


For a moment, Yue Mingkong was left startled on the spot, looking seemingly dejected, but soon, she caught up to him.


She wasn’t used to Gu Changge’s sudden coldness towards her. She always thought that his kindness was just an act, which was why she always held disdain towards it. However, upon reflecting, she noticed that she might have just been overthinking everything. That it might really not be an act. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have shown such an attitude and expression.




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