I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 176, Nothing but Ally, Stop at None


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


In the tranquil mountains below the tender breeze and the drifting clouds, Gu Xianer was standing enthusiastically under a massive ancient tree, looking extremely captivating. As her skirt swayed along the wind, a delicate glow was gleaming in her eyes, making her seem absolutely stunning.


“Ancestor Nanshan, if you really wish to help me, then help me suppress his cultivation! To the Honoured Lord Realm! That is all I need! I want to defeat him right in front of everyone” She repeated her sentence to her Ancestor with a somewhat indifferent face.


Seeing how she was acting from the side, the Grand Elder found it to be extremely strange.


[This little girl always seems amiable, but why do her words bear the same darkness and boastfulness that is similar to that of Gu Changge? She’s asking for Gu Changge’s cultivation to be suppressed to one Realm lower than hers, so that she could defeat him publicly? How does one even bring themself to say such a thing? She must have learned such habits from Gu Changge!]


If Gu Changge hears about this, he would definitely not her off easy! He would surely be itching to give his sister a spanking. After all, instead of utilising her time to focus on training and cultivating, she chose to meaninglessly pick on him. Gu Changge would definitely think, ‘this girl is clearly asking for a beating!’


“Suppress his cultivation… Why don’t you just kill him for revenge instead? Oh, Xianer! If that brat Gu Changge ever dares to blackmail you, let me know at once. I’ll make sure he knows his place!”  After hearing what Gu Xianer wanted, Gu Nanshan paused for quite a while before loudly proclaiming. 


Gu Nanshan still assumes that when Gu Xianer was undergoing her training in Skyward Schloss, she was constantly bullied and harassed by Gu Changge. Thus, was afraid of him. This was why she was asking for something so foolish, which made no sense! [Why would a smart, well-behaved girl like Xianer allow herself to be so afraid of Gu Changge? In fact, she sounds as if she has no intention of avenging herself for the bone-digging incident. Or, am I mishearing things?]


“You’re overthinking it, Ancestor Nanshan! I’m sure you aren’t very informed of the news” In response, Gu Xianer rolled her eyes, somewhat disappointed with the reliability of her Ancestor.


At the same time, the Grand Elder was shaking his head in his heart. Although Gu Nanshan, as an Ancestor of the Gu Family, was definitely formidable, he could not hold a candle to Gu Changge. The latter was far more troublesome to deal with. After all, even after the Grand Elder had enlightened his mind, he still found it hard to put up with Gu Changge. [If he meets Gu Changge, Gu Nanshan’s restraint to kill those within his family would surely break.]


“Oh? Is there something else that I’m unaware of?” Gu Nanshan asked, confused. Judging by Gu Xianer’s intellect and expression, for her to say that must mean that unfilial people he asked within the Gu Family were hiding something from him.

“Ancestor Nanshan, didn’t you sense something is being kept secret about the incident back then?” Gu Xianer questioned with an impatient tone.


“Hmm?” Gu Nanshan was taken aback in that instant. “I suppose I did, a little…”


He grew suspicious of Gu Xianer’s resolute look. Digging out bones and killing fellow family members. These were not acts that those within the Gu Family should ever commit. That was why, when he came to know of it, he was furious.


He then started reliving the memories of him walking out of the Ancestral Land, only to see the odd faces on many family members. Though, there were some who appeared to think nothing of the matter.


Even until now, the leader of the Gu Family, Gu Changge’s father himself, remained deeply ashamed and perturbed by the incident.


Back then, Gu Nanshan was overcome with rage. He had failed to get to the bottom of the issue. But now that his thoughts were guided by Gu Xianer, he suddenly had a realisation. Gu Changge must have had a reason for digging out and seizing Gu Xianer’s Daoist Bone. All these years, Gu Changge was titled as the Avatar of a True Immortal, but that wasn’t solely because of Gu Xianer’s Daoist Bone.


“Gu Changge’s hidden Talent seems to be related to Space… The Daoist Bone is indeed powerful, but it’s not necessary to one who possesses a Space Talent.” Gu Nanshan squinted his eyes as he grew sceptical after Gu Xianer’s prompting.


Nonetheless, an Ancestor like himself shouldn’t be feigning ignorance before his descendants. However, he still let out a cough and put on a solemn expression. “I see you have noticed it too, Xianer. I didn’t know how I should’ve explained it to you, but now that you’ve thought things through, I suppose it’s for the best.”


He was undoubtedly nervous and confused, but that didn’t stop him from retaining the dignity and sternness of an Ancestor in front of the little girl.


In response, Gu Xianer revealed an accomplished look. As if things were as she had expected. She wasn’t at all suspicious of what Gu Nanshan had said.


“Why did you say those things first, Ancestor Nanshan?” she questioned with a scowl. 


Even if no one told her the truth of the matter, she would have looked into it regardless. Other than that, there was something else she had to do, to look for her parents and grandfather, who were still lost somewhere in the world.


“Ahem! I was afraid that you weren’t ready for the truth, hence the pretence. I’m sure you have acknowledged Gu Changge’s unspoken kindness by now, haven’t you?” Accordingly, Gu Nanshan replied with a straight face, followed by a couple of coughs.


Though, he really had no idea if Gu Changge had really any of those ‘unspoken kindness’ he spoke of. Although those words were spoken halfheartedly, when he remembered how Gu Changge’s relieved much of Gu Xianer’s resentment toward himself, he thought that this would be a good way to start. After all, he had no intention of causing feuds and bloodshed between family members. As such, he somehow ended up defending Gu Changge. 


Furthermore, since Gu Xianer was unharmed, and her hostility toward Gu Changge was not as intense, Gu Nanshan thought it was best for the conflict to be resolved. Though, he still couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girl in front of him.


“Unspoken kindness? Gu Changge?” Gu Xianer was stunned. Her expression grew complicated. Since she has been pondering over this matter for so long, many puzzle pieces seem to naturally fit into place inside her mind.


All this while, Gu Changge had been trying to goad her into detesting him. It was to make him become her target, and motivate her to grow stronger. The ultimate goal was to be strong enough to be able to kill him. However, his willingness to go this far was incomprehensible as regret alone could no longer explain it. And that was why, Gu Xianer felt that beneath Gu Changge’s facade was his greatest secret.


If Gu Changge were here to listen to Gu Nanshan and Gu Xianer’s conversation, he would be laughing so loudly that he would most likely choke to death. Especially after seeing how this Ancestor had ironically become his ally. 


Despite Gu Nanshan’s mindless babbling, he somehow managed to polish Gu Changge’s image to be even cleaner. In other words, he was doing Gu Changge’s job for him.


“Indeed, Gu Changge’s unspoken kindness.” At that moment, Gu Nanshan said with a deep smile.


Seeing that, the Grand Elder was dumbfounded. He even began to doubt himself. He even considered that Gu Changge might actually be a good person. However, no matter how much he pondered, he couldn’t find a connection between the term ‘good person’ and Gu Changge. Those two were diametrically opposed to each other, never to meet..


[Well, from another perspective, I guess, although Gu Changge’s demonic nature is innate, his actions so far are within the realm of normally. He hasn’t really committed atrocious acts. Well, with a few exceptions still within reason. So, he is not truly an evil being.] The Grand Elder started to question his past opinions.


With that, led by the two men, Gu Xianer departed the place, transforming into a divine rainbow.. 


As the Celestial Ancient Continent was about to be turned into a mess given that countless factions had arrived, Gu Xianer’s safety would be threatened if she were to travel alone without any bodyguards.


Her training in the continent was over so there was no need for her to be there any longer. Since the Immortal Gu Family’s blood ran in her veins, and she was even the Direct Disciple of the Grand Elder of Skyward Schloss, there was no way they would leave her alone given the circumstances. Thus, they brought her with them.



The Celestial Ancient Continent was in huge turmoil. With powerful cultivators sent from the factions from the outside world, they have subdued many of the Celestial Ancient Races. This was all to assert their dominance.


Naturally, the Celestial Ancient Races were agitated and angered. They even grew resentful towards the disruptors of peace, the Feathered Clan. If it were not for the fact that those form the Feathered Clan crossed the line, such a colossal disaster would never have occurred.


Naturally, Gu Changge, as the source of the chaos, was also another target the Celestial Ancient Races directed their hatred towards. In their hearts, Gu Changge was the physical embodiment of evil. That he would resort to any lowly tactics in order to hog all the benefits of the Celestial Ancient Continent. He first slaughtered Long Teng, the leader of the young generation of the Ancient Celestial Races, and then provoked both sides into turning against each other. Meanwhile, Gu Changge could reap all the benefits without so much as lifting a finger


In the end, it turned out that he had plotted against the entire Celestial Ancient Races. He managed to end up getting the factions from the outside world involved. It was obvious that none of these atrocities would have happened if it weren’t for him.


While many natives feared Gu Changge, so much so that his name could make them tremble in fear, the rest abhorred him. They couldn’t wait to dismember and burn his body.


Regardless, it was clear to the older generation of the Celestial Ancient Races that Gu Changge deliberately caused this mess. He knew that the factions from the outside world wanted an excuse and opportunity to enter the continent. That he had an excuse for them.


*Zoom!* All of a sudden, high up in the sky of the Celestial Ancient Continent, a number of gargantuan bronze battleships appeared. They exuded intimidating auras, as their shadows were large enough to cover a large chunk of the continent.


As the powerhouses from the Primal Celestial Temple landed on the continent, a middle-aged man in golden armour stood with his arms resting behind his back. There was a blinding glow surrounding his body.


“The Feathered Clan has used a Transcendent grade weapon to attack Young Master Changge with the goal of killing him. How should we settle this?” As his garment swayed along the wind, he stood on one of the bronze battleships. He gazed at an ancient city not far away as spoke in an emotionless tone.


The ancient city before him resembled a giant feathered man that was lying on the ground. It seems grand and extravagant. From a distance, the city walls didn’t seem ginormous. However, they took up a huge amount of space. 


Meanwhile, there were numerous powerful auras that filled the city. It was from the gathering of formidable individuals from the Feathered Clan.


Upon the words of the middle-aged man in golden armour, deafening roars from the other bronze battleships behind him thundered through the sky.


“Irreconcilable until death! Annihilation of everyone!”


“Irreconcilable until death! Annihilation of everyone!”


With such loud intimidating roars, resembling the might of violent thunderstorms that reverberated through the sky, those nearby were all startled. Even cultivators from the outside world were shocked for words..


The Primal Celestial Temple was known for their overwhelming dominance and protectiveness over their own people. It was something that they would demonstrate even till this day, and the remnants of their rage could be seen as a warning to all. And now, given how so many of them came from the outside world, and had stopped right outside the Feathered Clan’s territory, their purpose was quite obvious.


“The Feathered Clan is truly unfortunate. To be targeted by the Primal Celestial Temple. Even if they survive this, they would at least lose a limb!”


“All those people are insane!”


“The young ones are done, and now, it’s the old ones’ turn…”


At such a sight, the faces of many cultivators turn pale. They hurriedly evacuated.


Indeed, the Feathered Clan had been irrational, but even if they were being reasonable, that would mean nothing to Primal Celestial Temple. This just shows to the entire Beyond how Gu Changge’s background was one not to be trifled with. Even those who were tempted to badmouth him had to do so in hiding, out of fear for eavesdroppers.


“Well said! We’ve always been the oppressors. There’s not one force in the world that dared to go up against us! Now, brace yourselves, Feathered Clan!” On the bronze battleship, the middle-aged man in golden armour let out a snicker. He kicked a handsome injured man that belonged to the Feathered Clan, whose hands and legs were all tied up.


That man was nobody else but Yu Xuan, the Successor of the Feathered Clan, who was also a childhood friend of Yu Jing. They grew up together and were very close with each other.


However, when Yu Jing got killed by Gu Changge, Yu Xuan was so vexed that smoke rose from the top of his head. Sadly, there was nothing he could do. 


Upon hearing what the middle-aged man in golden armour had said, his face immediately turn pale as reluctance and immense anger filled his heart.


“What about you? Do you know who I am? Quite the audacity to challenge us, the Feathered Clan to a battle!” Yu Xuan growled. He was utterly humiliated.


Earlier, he was undergoing training and looking for opportunities to take his revenge on Gu Changge, only to walk into an ambush. He got caught by strong cultivators from Primal Celestial Temple on his way home. His guardian in the Quasi-Saint Realm was attacked from all sides, losing its life. 


After he got captured, he was tossed onto the bronze battleship. He got kidnapped by those from the Primal Celestial Temple and was brought out of his clan’s territory.


“Don’t be hasty, the Young Master has yet to arrive, so the show isn’t going to begin any time soon.”


“Soon, it will be time the Young Master sends you into the loving arms of your childhood friend! Everyone from the Feathered Clan will reunite again thanks to us!” The middle-aged man in golden armour coldly grinned.


“You intolerable scums! Karma will hit you sooner or later!” Yu Xuan yelled as his face turn paler. He was panicking and livid. Just by listening to the middle-aged man, he could already tell what the future held for the Feathered Clan.



In the Mountains of Horizon, where the sky shed its heavenly lights, cultivators that decided to visit the place would find themselves astounded by how it was turned into a sacred land that resembled the realms of the Celestials. Abundant with delicate celestial energy that wafted about, the mountains gave their visitors some kind of high.


Inside the stone room, Yue Mingkong was covered in radiant lights as her glistening eyes were deep and calm. She appeared extraordinary and refined. She was refining the Celestial Runes around her, attaining a great change throughout her body. 


If she were to compare to back then, it was like heaven and earth. Now that Gu Changge opened the Celestial Gate, Celestial Runes fell onto her like drizzling rain. Although she merely set up a protective barrier for him, she was still able to pick up some breadcrumbs.


*Boom!* Out of nowhere, the rain glowed even more intensely from behind the gate. An explosion was heard coming from that vast, enigmatic world, as though lightning struck something.


*Creak…* Baffled, Yue Mingkong turned towards the explosion and caught an individual with the Grand Flask on top of his head. His body was severely burned as he was hastily and miserably storming out of the gate. Meanwhile, a ferocious sea of lightning was following right after him.


Within the sea of lightning, innumerable weird-shaped terrifying creatures could be seen, emitting lightning of all sorts of colours. The size of some of them was equivalent to that of a mountain, seemingly awfully frightening as they each bore terrifying aura, comparable to those in the Sacred Realm.


At once, Yue Mingkong was bewildered. She sensed that Gu Changge had broke through to Sacred Realm. [Is this his true cultivation level? Forget his peers, there’s hardly a handful of Sacred Realm beings among the older generation. His tyrannical strength truly instils hopelessness in others!]




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