I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 177, Not Complicated Connections, Lovey Doves


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


Despite having lived two lives, Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but be taken aback. Her mind was in disarray after witnessing hints of Gu Changge’s mysterious and unimaginable power. Without anyone noticing, he had broken through to the Sacred Realm. Such otherworldly cultivation speed would only instil hopelessness and dread within others.


Now, she finally had to acknowledge the true might of Nommening. This was the reason why whenever a Successor of Demonic Arts appears, they would cause disastrous turmoil throughout the world. Whereby, countless factions and forces would aggressively pursue the Successor.


His cultivation speed was truly unprecedented. Despite being a young man, barely twenty years old, he had already achieved a level unattainable by innumerable cultivators.


[Being targeted by Gu Changge… Must be a real nightmare…] Remembering how she used to think she had a chance to take her revenge on him, Yue Mingkong realised how ridiculous and ignorant she was.


*Boom!* All of a sudden, the Celestial Path before her eyes violently trembled. It was as though there was a horrifying earthquake. As the ground quaked, dense heavenly beams created from the Force of Law beaconed towards the sky.


“Gu Changge…” Yue Mingkong looked at him with her slightly narrowing chilly eyes.


The next moment, a burnt figure stormed out of the area with a Grand Flask above his head. Meanwhile, thunderous sounds roared across the sky followed by lightning bolts.


*Boom!* The Celestial Path was crumbling down. Cracks were spreading everywhere. Nonetheless, as if it was affected by an anomalous force, the sea of lightning that was about to erupt, disintegrated into thin air the moment it came into contact with the outside world. Then, what seemed like sun-melted snow started drizzling down from the sky. In the end, the wrathful lightning failed to land a blow on Gu Changge.


This was the first time he seemed to truly be at a disadvantage.


Back when he was absorbing the Celestial Spirits to break through his cultivation level, grey clouds amassed in the sky. Shortly after, the sky started grumbling. Lightning bolts started striking the land. Each bolt could injure someone in the Sacred Realm and might even blow apart their body.


Gu Changge knew that the phenomenon was triggered by the Principles of Nature in the Celestial Path. It was the Heavenly Tribulation. However, since it was limited to within the Celestial Path, breaking through in the outside world would not draw forth the Heavenly Tribulation. 


Since ancient times, Heavenly Tribulation only occurs when someone with world shaking amplitude attempts to breakthrough to the next Realm. This time, the Heavenly Tribulation seems determined to get him killed.


After withstanding a few strikes, Gu Changge had an ominous feeling and hastily left. He knew that the Heavenly Tribulation would only get stronger over time. Some attacks even seem to bear the might of a Sacred Lord Realm attack. Some even held a tinge of Sacred King Realm aura.


Naturally, he was aware of the immensity of his own power. However, there was no need to risk himself for the sake of breaking through.


As of now, he had broken through to Advanced Sacred King Realm. That sufficed for the time being. Besides, the Celestial Spirits in the Celestial Path were comeptely cleared out by Gu him. Even if he couldn’t finish engulfing all of them right now, he could save the remainder for the future. As such, he had accomplished his final goal and felt satisfied.


Now, the next thing to do was to wreak havoc.


“Pfft…” At that moment, looking at the wholly burnt Gu Changge, Yue Mingkong failed to hold back her urges. She let out a melodious chuckle. It was her first time seeing him so pathetic after being chased down by the Heavenly Tribulation. It was as though he was facing some sort of worldly cleansing.


In response, Gu Changge shot her a calm glare with an expressionless face. As he subtly gently shook his body, the ebony layer of ash on it immediately fell apart. Following a breeze of subtle aroma, his reborn skins glowed elegantly with a heavenly gleam. He was overflowing with an aura that could obliterate all lives.


On the other hand, Yue Mingkong continued peering at him with her non-flickering glistening eyes.


“You’ve been staring for quite some time. It’s time to return the favour, don’t you think?” Gu Changge casually said with an enticing grin.


[R-Return the favour?] Upon hearing what he said, Yue Mingkong’s body froze for a moment before she hastily turned away. She faintly countered. “Why don’t you put on some clothes instead?”


Chuckling, Gu Changge replied, “Well, I thought you were enjoying the scenery, so I thought I should just let you have it.”


Hearing that, Yue Mingkong gritted her teeth in frustration. [There’s no way I’d admit I was staring!]


Swiftly, Gu Changge took out a robe and put it on before walking out of the area. Simultaneously, he stated, “The Celestial Path is about to close soon, but since it was activated prematurely, it won’t be as easy to open up again…”


As he was speaking, he estimated that many ancient beings would visit the Celestial Path the next time it gets activated. It might even cause massive bloodshed. Since Gu Changge had seized everything precious within the Celestial Path, the ancient beings wouldn’t be able to find anything valuable even if they were the first to arrive the next time.


Except Yue Mingkong and him, no one else knew about this.


“That’s no longer important. Nobody in the world knows that you’ve entered beforehand,” Yue Mingkong stated. Although her acquisition wasn’t as bountiful as Gu Changge, she, too, encountered a notable breakthrough in her cultivation. She almost achieved Peak Partial-Enlightened Realm.


“Indeed. Nobody in the world except you,” Gu Changge smilingly claimed.


Hearing that, Yue Mingkong was stunned. [What is he implying? Is he warning me that I’m the only one that would ever leak such information?]


“Don’t you worry. I will never reveal the truth to the world,” Yue Mingkong assured.


“I don’t doubt you, so why the long face?” Gu Changge shook his head as he straightforwardly replied, yet he remained somewhat perturbed.


Judging by Yue Mingkong’s personality, she was definitely one to thoroughly contemplate on his words. After all, her heart had been eternally scarred by his malice. Therefore, she had always been defensive against him and could never find herself to fully trust him.


Right now, Gu Changge’s need for Fortuity and Fatums wasn’t exactly urgent since he mostly spent them on Absolute Detachment Bones and furnishing his Inner World. Thus, he had an abundant excess of Fortuity and Fatums.


Unfortunately, fulfilling the System mission would require more time.


He made a rather simple plan. Due to the fact that most women were significantly more attuned to emotions than reasons. Having made sufficient preparations, he only had to wait for the opportunity to initiate one sentimental scenario.


Now that Ye Ling had died carrying the name of the Successor of Demonic Arts with him, it was time Gu Changge looked for a new scapegoat. [Where are you, my dear, new Fortuitous One?]


“Right. Here, compensation for you. There’s no catch. Just good ol’ me splurging on good ol’ fortune,” Gu Changge leisurely said. His tone was neutral. It was not too intimate nor too distant. As he raised his hand, fine traces of celestial energy surged. There were traces of a dense bundle of spirits being chained to his hand, shimmering in it.


Seeing that, Yue Mingkong was dumbfounded as she was left in disbelief.


“These are Celestial Spirits.” As Gu Changge was speaking, he sealed the Celestial Spirits within a jade flask. It contained a large number of Celestial Spirits enough, perhaps exceedingly more, for Yue Mingkong’s current rate of usage.


Once he was done, he lightly placed the jade flask onto her palms before taking a step backward. Soon, he was treading in the sky, with his garments swaying with the wind.


*Whoosh!* The next moment, all of his followers, including Yin Mei, appeared at the same time. They transformed into divine rainbows and departed, following behind Gu Changge.


“Gu Changge…” Yue Mingkong stood rooted, dumbfounded as she held onto the jade flask. For a moment, she was at loss for words. She didn’t expect Gu Changge to actually give her any Celestial Spirits. Essentially, he risked his own life to gather them in the Celestial Path. Each one of them was invaluable, and even those in the Sacred Kings Realm would kill for just one.


More importantly, her heart was uncontrollably palpitating. Back then, Gu Changge would only pull pranks on her and would refer to himself as her husband. But now, he was obviously keeping her at arm’s length. 


He was courteous when they spoke. She couldn’t help but feel dazed, bitter even. After all, it would be difficult for them to revert to their previous state, where she would constantly play dumb while he would continuously make fun of her.


“How I wish I hadn’t said those words back then…” Yue Mingkong shook her head as she let out a downcasted sigh.


Shortly after, she collected her emotions and withdrew the rune setups before leading her followers away from the region.



After leaving the Mountains of Horizons, Gu Changge immediately returned to the base camp he was at before. Since he had delivered his message to his family, he believed that they would immediately send forth a mighty force from the family towards the Celestial Ancient Continent. Moreover, given how he managed to conquer the Celestial Ancient Races while still remaining on the side of justice, the Gu Family was delighted.


Now that he had confused the entire world, he was confident that no factions would stay still and remain as irrelevant bystanders. After all, the resources and benefits the Celestial Ancient Continent possessed could magnificently amplify a force’s influence and power.


“Greetings, Young Master!” In the ruined site, a number of powerful soldiers were seen riding on ancient pure beasts. They all looked fierce and extremely intimidating. They were guarding the site with frightening overbearing auras. They donned battle armours that glowed with heavenly light. Each of them, as though they had experienced countless wars, had piercing gazes. Even the air trembled in their presence. They were known as the Immortal Guards of the Immortal Gu Family.


Every time there was a huge disturbance or battle that involved the Immortal Gu Family, the Immortal Guards were sent to resolve matters behind the scenes. Being the most ferocious force of the Immortal Gu Family, their hands were nothing but stained with endless blood.


Even with Gu Changge’s current identity, he could hardly control this many Immortal Guards. This was an exception due to what he had experienced in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Therefore, having received his orders, the Immortal Guards were awaiting his return at his base.


[Their power… With this army and my puppets, they are more htan enough to annihilate all the Celestial Ancient Races.] Gu Changge scanned the Immortal Guards and gave a nod.


Of course, he was aware that an Ancestor was also tagging along among the guards. Clueless to the Ancestor’s identity, all Gu Changge knew was the fact that he had come from the same branch as Gu Xianer. Regardless, it wouldn’t be an issue for any Ancestor from the Gu Family to annihilate the formidable cultivators from the Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent. 


[Even if that Ancestor were to disagree with my actions, I’ll make sure that they comply. Besides, the Grand Elder still owes me one, so I’m pretty sure he’s dying to enter the continent. If things don’t go smoothly, I’ll just go for plan B.]


Gu Changge narrowed his eyes as he had planned everything out beforehand.


[I’ll first start with the Feathered Clan. They have been wishing for my death. As the first victim of my blade, they should be a great example to the rest of the Celestial Ancient Races. As for the others, if they are smart enough, they’ll know what to do to prevent history from repeating itself. During such turbulent times is the best opportunity for the Black Hawk Family to handle some secret business for me.]


“To the Feathered Clan territory,” Gu Changge blandly stated and the valiant Immortal Guards on their ancient battleship, whose figure was more daunting than the sky, shouted their response with thunderous voices.


In the meantime, three silhouettes were standing high up in the sky. They were watching what was happening. They were Gu Xianer, the Grand Elder, as well as the yellow-toothed farmer-like Ancestor of the Gu Family.


“Gu Changge is probably going to the Feathered Clan territory,” Gu Xianer spoke out her prediction once she noticed where Gu Changge was heading.


“Such murderous intent and menacing eyes… I can’t even imagine how someone like him became the Young Master…” As he was shaking his head in his heart, Gu Nanshan still wore an expression of appreciation.


“Ancestor Nanshan, the Feathered Clan is, at the end of the day, a clan that has lived through since the Celestial Ancient Times. They harbour unimaginable secrets. Are you just going to leave Gu Changge be?” Gu Xianer thought that it would indeed be difficult for Gu Changge to subdue and intimidate the entire Feathered Clan with just a few Immortal Guards.


“Fret not. I will intervene when the time comes.” Hearing that, Gu Nanshan subconsciously frowned before speedily withdrawing it, to reveal a forced smile. He wanted nothing more than to see Gu Changge fail.


Although he had praised Gu Changge in front of Gu Xianer countless times, he was only doing so solely for the sake of maintaining peace within the family. It was to help resolve the grudge between Gu Xianer and him, her cousin. He definitely does not hold the slightest hint of fondness towards Gu Changge. He even intends to teach him a lesson after hearing about how he bullied Gu Xianer. 


Nonetheless, since Gu Xianer had brought it up, Gu Nanshan was left with no choice. After all, how could he, as an Ancestor of the Gu Family, stand idly by while his descendants get bullied by the Ancestors of another faction? In that instant, Gu Nanshan couldn’t help but feel his head hurt. It was as if he was somehow being made a fool.


As the three continued conversing, they hurriedly followed Gu Changge in the sky.


At that moment, not only them, but the remaining forces in the Celestial Ancient Continent, including the Celestial Ancient Races, were in action. Recently, there had been numerous divine senses outside the Feathered Clan territory trying to spy on the clan.


*Zoom!* Just by seeing the numerous gargantuan bronze battleships in the sky, outsiders and natives couldn’t help but feel terrified. Apparently, those from the Primal Celestial Temple had been guarding the area for days. 


At the same time, within the territory of the Feathered Clan, they all wore solemn expression. Those with the Feathered Clan were all on high alert due to the Primal Celestial Temple’s potential invasion. 


With such a huge force, without making a move, it made natives and outsiders shocked. After all, the Primal Celestial Temple always showed a threatening attitude. However, they were now lacking in offensive initiation.


[So, that is the peerless Primal Celestial Temple! What impeccable might they bear! It is as though they could kill their enemies just by flaunting their blades! The demonic energy overflowing out of them is frightening!]


“It is said that the Feathered Clan attempted to murder Young Master Gu Changge with a Transcendent grade weapon. Such an act greatly angered the Primal Demonic Temple. Shortly after,  they sent their strongest men into the continent…”


“I’ve also heard that the Immortal Gu Family also got angered. That they sent an army of Immortal Guards here in order to annihilate the Feathered Clan…”


“The Feathered Clan must be panicking at how aggressive Primal Demonic Temple is coming at them, judging by their defences.”


“Indeed. I would be the same. Hell, I wouldn’t even dare imagine resisting. The Immortal Gu Family is considered one of the most enigmatic families in the Beyond. They have stood longer than any forces in the world.”


“They must hold immeasurable secrets. If war were to break out, even if it couldn’t rival the ‘Immortal War’, the fight between them and the Feathered Clan wouldn’t be inferior in any way.”


Meanwhile, outsiders and natives were discussing on the mountains far away. They were observing what was about to take place in the sky. 


Among them were countless young prodigies, including the Successor of Undead Lake Clan who was watching on a mountaintop with his people. Even Wang Wushuang, the Successor of the Immortal Wang Family was also nearby, contemplating what was to come. Of course, there were also Ye Langtian and Ye Liuli from the Ancient Ye Family.



Simultaneously, their eyes were filled with stupefaction once they realised the war had a distinctive purpose.


At the end of the day, the Feathered Clan was perceived as one of the Greatest Races, ranked at the top fifteen among all Celestial Ancient Races. Although they never had any Immortals being born from their clan, their Prime Ancestor was once an unparalleled figure, a being that achieved the Nirvana Realm. 

(Silavin: A realm below Quasi-Immortal)


*Zoom!* All of a sudden, an ambiguous, radiant pathway surged in the sky before everyone’s eyes, followed by a heavenly ring and divine lights. A bright figure pieced through the sky like a sword. Within it were the Immortal Guards, exuding terrorizing auras. They could be seen riding on ferocious beasts, as if they stormed into the continent from another ancient world.


“Charge!” A roar boomed through the sky.


“Young Master!” At that moment, a man standing on the front part of a bronze battleship respectfully shouted towards the approaching guards.


Accordingly, Gu Changge walked out. He stood on the battleship with his arms resting behind his back, as his garment swayed with the wind. He glared down at the Feathered Clan below with his cold eyes, all while his bloodthirsty followers had their murderous aura skyrocket up to the sky.


“At ease.” 


Gu Changge subtly nodded at those from the Primal Celestial Temple. These men were powerful cultivators under his mother. Furthermore, his maternal grandfather was the former Bishop, while his uncle was the current Bishop of Primal Celestial Temple, who was so devoted to cultivation that he had never been married or had any children. Thus, Gu Changge was naturally also the Young Master of Primal Celestial Temple.


Since his relationships and background were not complex, it was well known. Thus, knowing of his background, the other young prodigies were wise enough to know that they were remarkably inferior to him. Be it in terms of strength and background, hence they dared not provoke him.


Once Gu Changge showed himself, the atmosphere within his vicinity started to grow stiff.


“Gu Changge!”


“Release our Young Master!”


Suddenly, a number of figures from the Feathered Clan stormed up to the sky. They were so Infuriated that they spread their wings and soared while they cried out full of resentment and hostility. Judging from their appearances, they were about Gu Changge’s age, and were obviously the more reckles given how they barged out despite being forbidden by their Elders.


“Release their Young Master?” Gu Changge showed a fascinated smile as he asked.


In response, a middle-aged man in golden armour respectfully answered, “Young Master, they are referring to Yu Xuan, the Successor of the Feathered Clan.” As he was speaking, he dragged over Yu Xuan, whose cultivation was sealed.


“Gu Changge, I’ll kill you! I’ll avenge Yu Jing!” There was nothing but reluctance and exasperation on Yu Xuan’s face. He continued shrieking, as his reddened wrathful eyes glaring at Gu Changge. If his cultivation was not sealed, he would have slaughtered Gu Changge in a thousand ways.


“Who is Yu Jing to him?” Gu Changge smilingly questioned.


“Young Master, they are childhood friends, and they share a special bond,” the middle-aged man in golden armour answered with a condescending grin.


“Oh, that’s great, since I love fulfilling wishes. Why don’t I send him to his childhood friend so that they can share their affection for each other?” Gu Changge said with a smile.


“Gu Changge, let go of our Young Master!” All of a sudden, the youngsters from the Feathered Clan in front of them furiously charged at Gu Changge. They were carrying a forbidden weapon that was gleaming with a terrifying aura.


“Just a couple of you and a forbidden weapon, against me?” Gu Changge casually smiled. With that, he emotionlessly charged towards the sky and made a slashing gesture with his hand.


*Whoosh!* Heavenly runes intertwined as a black and white aura spiralled. The runes then radiantly combined and solidified, resembling a godly artefact that suppressed the sky before landing a blow.


*Boom!* The forbidden weapon was shattered and blood was splattered. Even the young prodigies in the Partial-Enlightened Realm were instantaneously disintegrated, despite carrying a forbidden weapon with them.


“Fools.” Gu Changge never expected that he still had to face such brainless children at such a time. And seeing how the rest of the Feathered Clan was so timid, whereby even its Elders dared not to show themselves, he was somewhat disappointed.


He turned around and raised his hand and sent Yu Xuan to his childhood friend. After all, a man was only as good as his words, so it was only acceptable that Gu Changge made them a pair of love birds in heaven.




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