I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 179, The Immortal Gu Family Is the Retribution, He Doesn’t Know What’s Going On


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The moment Gu Changge said those words, Gu Nanshan’s figure suddenly appeared, amidst the shock and disbelief of the onlookers.


*Hum!* He took a step and left the sky before instantly showing up right next to Gu Changge. In ragged clothes, he had a hunched body, dark face and a mouthful of yellow teeth while carrying a kitchen knife, which blade had numerous chips on it, behind his back. His appearance of an old farmer left many people dumbfounded, to a point where they had their jaws on the ground.


[Is he the mysterious Gu Family Ancestor?]


The powerful cultivators from various factions and clans were staring at him in disbelief because his appearance was far different from the noble image they imagined in their minds.


Gu Changge was also slightly stunned, but soon, he revealed a bright smile and greeting, “Greetings, Ancestor Nanshan.”


After making sure from his aura that he was indeed an Gu Family Ancestor, Gu Changge breathed a sigh of relief.


[No matter how angry this Ancestor is, he won’t dare to react to such a blatant scheme since it involves the secrets and affairs of the Gu Family. To an ancient being like him, this is his number one priority. Therefore, he will definitely consider the bigger picture and endure all of this.]


Gu Changge was able to take absolute advantage of this. At first, he plans to draw the hatred of the Feathered Clan, and provoke them to kill him so that Gu Nanshan would be forced to show up since it was impossible for him to leave Gu Changge for dead. Not to mention, Gu Xianer now had her mind completely preoccupied, so at the moment, she probably didn’t care about exacting revenge on him for digging up her bone. Previously, the only thing motivating her to cultivate was her hatred towards Gu Changge, and defeating him so that she could take back everything that belonged to her. However, the motivation behind her cultivation for the time being had become the search for Gu Changge’s ‘hidden truth’.


Gu Changge also knew that Gu Xianer’s character wouldn’t allow her to sit aside and watch while he was in a ‘life or death crisis’. Thus no matter how low the possibility was, Gu Nanshan would always be dragged into this situation and forced to show up, becoming Gu Changge’s pawn to intimidate the Celestial Ancient Races.


However, the Feathered Clan had disappointed him because they didn’t dare to strike at him at all. Without any other choice, Gu Changge could only go with another plan. He came up with such a blatant scheme, which directly exposed the hidden location of Gu Nanshan. This approach of his could be described as ruthless and effective since he was able to have Gu Nanshan firmly under his control.


As for offending this Ancestor of his, it never crossed Gu Changge’s mind since he didn’t expect Gu Nanshan to like him anyways.


“I’ve got to give it to you.” Listening to him, Gu Nanshan also revealed a bright smile on his face and nodded.


However, in reality, he couldn’t wait to kill this unworthy descendant with one slap.


[He really does have a way of taking advantage of me!]


The thought of interfering in this matter never crossed Gu Nanshan’s mind. After all, even if he wanted to, he needed to wait until the crucial moment. Otherwise, it would destroy his reputation as an Ancestor. As such, Gu Nanshan also finally got to realise Gu Changge’s true personality as a very bold and decisive young man.


[If he even dares to use me as a pawn, who knows if there are other things he does not dare to do?]


“You’re being too kind, Ancestor Nanshan. After all, I’m just following your orders.”


Of course, Gu Changge understood the hidden meaning behind his words since his tone was clearly filled with dissatisfaction. However, Gu Changge couldn’t care less. Not only that, he simply pinned all the blame on Gu Nanshan right after. While speaking, his eyes didn’t even blink, which showed how skillful and familiar he was with lying, causing the smile on Gu Nanshan’s face to freeze.


Even so, Gu Nanshan was still an Ancestor who lived for countless years.


“Changge, you did well. As the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family, you didn’t let us down. Since the Feathered Clan seems to not know their place, there’s no need for them to exist any longer,” Gu Nanshan slowly said with a cold voice full of murderous intent.


At this moment, he was playing along with the situation, but there seemed to be a hint of malevolence in his eyes.


“I could only accomplish such matters because I have your support. Otherwise, how would I dare to do this?” Gu Changge smiled faintly with an arrogant expression, as if there was nothing Gu Nanshan could do about him.


From the perspective of an outsider, the Gu Family Ancestor was simply praising a descendant of his that he admired, and the two of them were having a harmonious chat, which made many envious!


[This is what an Immortal Family should be. Descendants that are respectful and intelligent, as well as Ancestors that are kind and powerful. No wonder they are able to stand tall for all eternity!]


“Why do I have a feeling that something is wrong…” High in the sky, Gu Xianer couldn’t help but mumble to herself as her eyes moved away from Gu Changge’s face. [Looking at that bright smile on his face, I know that he is definitely up to no good.]


“I knew that there was something fishy about this seeing how cunning this Gu Changge is!AS I thought, he has another powerful cultivator hidden behind him!” In front of the gathered Feathered Clan leaders, Yu Wudi breathed a sigh of relief, but his eyes still remained vigilant and wary.


From the Gu Family Ancestor, who suddenly appeared, he could feel the energy of a vast universe. The other party was so powerful that it frightened him to a point where he wouldn’t dare to look straight into his eyes.


“Leader Wudi, the Ancestor must be awakened. Otherwise, our clan will be annihilated today! The Gu Family even sent out their Ancestor…” Some of the Elders of the clan were stuttering.


Of course, they could also feel the terrifying energy coming from Gu Nanshan. They knew that they were no match for him, let alone capable of withstanding his one attack.


“Ancestor Nanshan, I’ll leave the rest to you since I’ll only be in your way if I stay here. I’m going to step aside for now.” Gu Changge then revealed a faint smile. 


Without waiting for Gu Nanshan’s reply, he immediately stepped backward and left the premises; it could even be seen that the surrounding space had blurred. Since he had achieved his goal, all he needed to do now was to find a place to watch and sit back to reap the benefits. At the same time, he couldn’t help but chuckle inside his heart.


[Did he actually think he can teach me a lesson? This Ancestor of mine doesn’t even know what’s going on once I’ve use a few tricks.]


“You…” Listening to him, Gu Nanshan was so infuriated that his beard was almost caught in fire.


[This bastard! No one ever dares to take advantage of me! But he did so in such a blatant way!]


“Where is your Ancestor? Tell him to come out and accept his death!” Gu Nanshan didn’t have a good temper to begin with, so the moment Gu Changge left, the frightening aura around him started to rise to a point where it could change worlds and destroy universes.


“He is so powerful!”


“This aura… I’m afraid that he has already surpassed the Sacred Emperor Realm…”


At this moment, whether it was the Feathered Clan or the group of outsiders and natives watching nearby, all of them were looking pale. This surging fluctuation was so strong that it could engulf everything and was suffocating them. Not only that, it was only a fraction of the power the Gu Family Ancestor was exuding!


[How powerful is this Gu Family Ancestor?]


“Go and ask the Ancestor for help!” Yu Wudi instantly froze on the spot while his body and Primordial Spirit trembled in fear.


He was a powerful being in the Sacred Noble Realm, but at this moment, he felt as helpless as a tiny ant. As for the other Elders of the clan, they were in a more devastated state with their pale faces and speechless mouths.


“Huh? Has he finally shown himself?” Gu Nanshan didn’t seem to be in a good mood as he prepared to vent all his rage for Gu Changge towards the Feathered Clan.


Meanwhile, deep within the land of the Feathered Clan, a golden sun rose. It was accompanied by a terrifying being who was so bright and dazzling that it made it difficult for others to open their eyes. 


This was a gigantic being with a pair of wings behind its back. With an intimidating pressure of the Sacred King Realm, seem to be a young-looking man. He glowed so brightly that the path in front of him was lit up instantly, which was weirdly intimidating.


“Greetings, Ancestor!” Those from the Feathered Clan couldn’t help but shout with excitement because their Ancestor had finally awakened!


“He is in the Third Minor Realm within the Sacred King Realm. Even so, he is still no match for the old man who walked out from the family’s Ancestral Land.”


After leaving the place, Gu Changge appeared on one side of a collapsed palace. He watched the play with his hands behind his back. He couldn’t help but nod his head as he had already predicted the outcome of this battle. Without mentioning other aspects, every Ancestor within the Gu Family was outrageously powerful, which was something unanimously recognised by the various factions and cults.


“Hmph, the Immortal Gu Family has always been those that oppress others. Aren’t you afraid of retribution?” The Feathered Clan Ancestor stood in the sky with wisps of mist blurring his face. He obviously knew that Gu Nanshan would be difficult to deal with. After all, he was unable to see his cultivation, so he couldn’t help but speak in a deep voice. As soon as he woke up, he quickly understood the entire situation and was angered by Gu Changge’s actions, but the immediate priority at the moment was to force back this Gu Family Ancestor in front of him.


“Retribution? The Immortal Gu Family is your retribution!” Gu Nanshan revealed his mouthful of yellow teeth. As he spoke, it caused everyone to shiver and feel a frightening sense.


“Damn you!” The Feathered Clan Ancestor made his move. He revealed an extremely powerful aura, showing his strength in the Third Minor Sacred King Realm. The moment he slashed forward, one could feel the land moving, and at the same time, he opened his mouth, spitting out a metre long divine sword that was shining brightly with golden light before turning it into a slash. The sword was polished by the teeth of an unknown being, which gave it a golden and indestructible body. It had been used since the beginning of the Celestial Ancient Continent, and its invincible power could easily slice through the world.


Looking at the terrifying attack, everyone was in shock. Their Primordial Spirits trembling. After all, in this era, no one had ever seen someone in the Sacred King Realm fight.


*Haaa…* In the meantime, the Grand Elder shook his head, as if he didn’t wish the situation to come to this.


Gu Xianer asked in confusion, “Master, why are you sighing? Is Ancestor Nanshan really that powerful?”


“He isn’t powerful.” The Grand Elder shook his head and continued, “He is extremely powerful.”


*Clang!* The moment his words came out, Gu Nanshan sent out a punch with a cold expression and shook off the sword, as if it didn’t affect him at all.


*Crack!* As the golden divine sword trembled, the runes on its surface shone and erupted horrible fluctuations. Then, it instantly cracked and exploded into pieces!


“Don’t you get it? We, the Immortal Gu Family, are the retribution!” Gu Nanshan coldly declared once again.


His one punch was incomparably frightening, as if it could cleanse tens of thousands of years of history! At the same time, immortal corpses and a sea of blood began to rise around it. The light of the punch reflected everything brightly and clearly, causing the entire earth to tremble.


“What…” The expression of the Feathered Clan Ancestor changed as he revealed a face of shock, fear and disbelief. Other than that, there was also a hint of despair. 


“No…” He screamed in disbelief as this insignificant-looking Gu Family Ancestor had a cultivation that far-surpassed his.


*Poof!* Blood exploded from his body and evaporated instantly under Gu Nanshan’s punch. Everything, including his Primordial Spirit, was turned to dust.


*Hiss!* Watching the scene, everyone on the mountains and around the land were startled. They could not help but take in a deep breath.


[Did we just see the Feathered Clan Ancestor getting killed with one punch? What is this? How powerful is this Gu Family Ancestor?]


Everyone in the Feathered Clan couldn’t help but feel their spines tingling while their bodies shivered. At this point, many people were left completely dumbfounded.


“Hmph!” Gu Nanshan was a little satisfied with the intimidation he had displayed as he let out a cold grunt to ease his anger slightly. Then, he glanced at Gu Changge and realised this descendant of his didn’t look surprised at all. Instead, he was staring at him with a cheerful smile.


“That bastard! Is he trying to provoke me?” Looking at him, Gu Nanshan could feel the rage growing inside of him once more.


Amidst everyone’s horrified and shocked gaze, Gu Nanshan suddenly disappeared and rushed towards the deepest part of the Feathered Clan’s palace. He needed to vent his anger, and a terrifying aura that was awakened at the same place just now, immediately escaped like a tidal wave. It was another Feathered Clan Ancestor.


The Ancestor never expected to witness such a horrifying scene the moment he woke up. At this moment, his body was shivering. His heart was on the brink of exploding as he couldn’t wait to play dead.


“These descendants are sending me to my death!” he roared as soon as he saw Gu Nanshan slashing towards him without any hesitation. While his soul trembled and was on the brink of collapse, he transformed into a shadow and except from the place.


An escaping Sacred King Realm expert wasn’t something one could easily catch up with, but Gu Nanshan was really in a bad mood. Seeing this ignorant being running away instead of waiting for his death, he became more infuriated.


As he moved his feet, long distances seemed to be covered with each step as Gu Nanshan quickly chased after him. All of a sudden, the heavy and frightening pressure soon faded away from the land.


All natives and outsiders looked on as though they just got out of a pool of water. They were covered in cold sweat with pale faces filled with fear. Around the mountain peaks, many young prodigies of various factions and cults were still shivering. Someone in the Sacred King Realm, who in their eyes was invincible and could destroy everything in the Celestial Ancient Continent, was just killed by the Gu Family’s Ancestor with just one punch.


This scene had left such a shocking impression in their minds. They could even feel their heads buzzing while remaining stunned.


“How terrifying is the Immortal Gu Family…”


“I don’t even dare to imagine their true strength. Their one Ancestor alone is already so powerful…”


“Rumour has it that the Immortal Gu Family does not have much of anything except for their Ancestors. Even they themselves do not know how many old Ancestors are in their Ancestral Land.”


This was something that most cultivators joked about before, but now, they couldn’t help but consider the truth behind the rumour. The powerful Feathered Clan remained untouched and everlasting since the Celestial Ancient Time, which was why they had Ancestors in the Sacred King Realm, but in front of the Immortal Gu Family, they couldn’t even withstand one attack.


“I knew I shouldn’t have let him in. The Lost Clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent are no longer the same as they were back in their prime. How could they possibly withstand…” The Grand Elder had a headache watching this scene as he had predicted this would happen.


“Is Ancestor Nanshan really that powerful?” Gu Xianer opened her mouth slightly as she was also stunned. She never expected that insignificant-looking Ancestor of hers to actually be such an astonishing person! [If he could kill someone in the Sacred King Realm with just one punch, he is probably almost on the same level as those masters of mine.]


“If you had known this was going to happen, would you still do the same thing back then?” Gu Changge’s figure reappeared along with his voice. He stood and chuckled in front of the devastated Feathered Clan, who was filled with despair and fear. [Gu Nanshan is certainly ‘kind’ to help me solve my main problem. Not only that, he even used this battle to deter the rest of the clans and races. Now, it is time for me to show up and reap the rewards.]


“Gu Changge, you…” Yu Wudi stuttered in fear while looking pale. He no longer had the calm expression that he had before as the leader of the clan.


As for the other Elders of the clan, they were also looking pale, not daring to speak. At this moment, in their eyes, Gu Changge was no different from the farmer-like supreme being just now who could decide their life and death. [Even our Ancestor got easily blown to pieces without being able to resist, so what chance do descendants like us have? What’s more, the Dragon Race have also given up on us!]


“Do you still remember what I previously said?” Gu Changge smiled faintly while his robe fluttered in the wind, giving him a dashing and transcendent look.


“I do.” Yu Wudi hurriedly nodded his head, as if he had grabbed onto a ray of light in the dark.


Hope also emerged in the eyes of the rest of the Feathered Clan. They didn’t wish to die. They were willing to do anything to survive, which was something any cultivator was not a stranger to.


“That’s great. I told you that I will give you all two choices. You can either submit to me, or you can die.” Gu Changge still maintained the faint smile on his face, but this time, everyone could feel the frightening aura that he was exuding.


“We choose to submit and be slaves. We will obey your orders no matter what!” the Elders of the Feathered Clan immediately replied with faces of joy. After being scared to death by what they had witnessed just now, they knew nothing good would come from disobeying Gu Changge.


“Okay, but before that, you must do one thing first,” Gu Changge casually said with a smile on his face. His expression remained unchanged as if he was discussing something trivial. “I just want you all to prove your loyalty to me. I’m not asking too much, am I?”


There was a strong sense of playfulness in his smile.


“What!?” Everyone in the Feathered Clan was stunned as they could feel Gu Changge’s terrifying aura and malicious intent.


[He is using ‘prove your loyalty’ to make us kill each other! What a diabolical plan. If we actually do such a thing, the shame will be deeply branded in our blood, unable to be removed for all eternity!]


Other than them, many of the cultivators nearby couldn’t help but shiver as they swore never to offend Gu Changge. [he might look like an angel, but his methods are cruel and frightening to the core!]


“Gu Changge’s methods are still as ruthless as usual. He has no mercy for his enemies at all.” Gu Xianer felt relieved inside her heart. Compared to his enemies, Gu Changge actually treated her quite well. Otherwise, with the kind of murderous and hateful attitude she had towards Gu Changge at the beginning… It was terrifying enough just thinking about it. [Well, at least the Feathered Clan knows what to do and is willing to submit to a higher power. But if that’s the case, what were they thinking before?]


Gu Changge didn’t see himself as a merciful person. The best thing he could do now was to use this event to deter everyone in the Celestial Ancient Continent and let them know of what happened today. From today onwards, the entire Celestial Ancient Continent was under his control!


Soon, the Feathered Clan fell into complete chaos after Gu Changge muttered those words. Some were even shouting to kill Gu Changge with red eyes and fierce faces. They would rather die than submit, but in the end, they were all simply killed by him. However, most in the Feathered Clan chose to live, not wanting to die so stifled and unwillingly.


Under the suppression of the Primal Celestial Temple and the Immortal Gu Family, the Feathered Clan who showed proof of their loyalty survived, Meanwhile those who chose to resist were executed. The shame today to those who continued to live was enough to make them not lift their heads for the rest of their lives when facing another clansmen.


Quickly, what happened today spread out to the outside world and every part of the Celestial Ancient Continent, causing a huge uproar. After hearing the news, none of the natives could calmly sit down as they were terrified to death by what had unfolded.


The ancient and enormous Feathered Clan was facing annihilation. They were then reduced to Gu Changge’s slave, forever working for him and obeying his orders.


In the midst of this purge, that mysterious Gu Family Ancestor also fell into the focus of discussion for many cultivators. The true strength of the Immortal Gu Family had shocked countless cultivators. The intimidating Primal Celestial Temple and the Immortal Guards of the Gu Family had caused huge discussions to take place after the battle.


Under immense pressure, Skyward Schloss was forced to continuously open up many portals connecting the Celestial Ancient Continent to the outside world. Thus marked the end of the training for the young prodigies. However, it also marked the start of great chaos in the Celestial Ancient Continent.


Many factions and cults still descended onto the continent, trying to snatch its resources. The True Dragon Clan decided to close the Dragon Island where the clan was located. With divine lights shooting into the sky, they activated their defensive formation. When activated, roars of dragons shook every land, drawing the attention of many cultivators.


No one knew what was the purpose behind the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race’s actions, but soon, many days passed.


One day, deep in the Mountains of Horizons, a bright celestial light suddenly appeared, shining in the sky. Meanwhile, chimes of heaven seem to spread, as if many angels were dancing there. All of a sudden, many powerful cultivators were stunned by this strange sight.


In the midst, many ancient immortals appeared, sitting cross-legged and chanting scriptures that contained great mysteries. Many old cultivators rushed towards the place to do some research before discovering something astonishing.


“The Celestial Gate has emerged! There might also be a Celestial Path that contains the opportunity to become an Immortal!”


The moment the news spread, it immediately shocked the entire Celestial Ancient Continent, even causing a terrifying uproar in the Boundless Heaven.


An Immortal! This word carried a different meaning within the Beyond because anything to do with Immortals was definitely something extraordinary, let alone becoming one.


Instantly, the Celestial Ancient Continent once again welcomed many frightening and powerful cultivators. However, this news had no effect on Gu Changge, who finished his plan against the Feathered Clan and was now intending to take over the entire Celestial Ancient Continent.


He even couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’ve already taken away all the good stuff. Even if the Celestial Path is now open, what else can you find inside?”


Gu Changge was now leading his followers back to Skyward Schloss as they planned to leave the Celestial Ancient Continent. After all, the passages between the two worlds had been completely opened, so the Celestial Ancient Continent was nothing more than a back garden that he could enter at any time.


Besides, he needed to prepare the next step of his plan, which was to think of a way to use Gu Nanshan’s deterrence to its fullest potential. At the same time, he also needed to consider how to solve Gu Nanshan’s rage.


Even though it felt good taking advantage of an Ancestor, there would still be consequences. Thus he soon thought of a plan and directed his attention to Gu Xianer.


Silavin: The Sacred King Realm has 9 Minor Realms




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