I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 180, An Effortless Fondness, Starting to Set Gu Xianer up Again


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After all, Gu Xianer was a Fortuitous Lady who shouldered two powerful protagonist story templates. Whether it was the peach tree in Peach Village, or the group of strong cultivators behind her, none of them were easy to deal with. Also, since the beginning, Gu Changge didn’t have any plans of killing her at all. With this in mind, he laid out numerous schemes.


Now, under his ‘guidance’, that silly girl had finally fallen… right into his grasp. It wouldn’t be long until she realised his ‘good intentions’. He was certain that she no longer harbour any murderous intent towards him. At most, she would be exasperated by him, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity for revenge and make him pay for what he did to her. However, he couldn’t care less about her insignificant means of revenge because he could just suppress her with the tip of his finger.


Besides, seeing Gu Nanshan’s attitude towards her, Gu Changge knew that the Ancestor definitely felt guilty about her and would listen to her every word.


Gu Changge’s plan was simple. As the Ancestor of her lineage, Gu Nanshan certainly wasn’t willing to see his own lineage decline. However, what Gu Changge was currently doing had no problems in terms of the interest of the whole family, and he would even receive plaudits from many family Elders. After all, the entire Celestial Ancient Continent presented a huge opportunity, and since Gu Changge got involved in it, the Gu Family was now able to enjoy a huge portion of the pie.


Compared to the rest of the younger generation, Gu Changge’s planning was enough to amaze them. At the same time, it made them realise that with the Gu Family in his hands, the family would not deteriorate, something they felt was happening before. Instead, it would prosper and enhance in his hands.


With this in mind, even if Gu Nanshan wanted to teach him a lesson, he would have to do it somewhere no one could see him. At the moment, Gu Xianer’s status was a bit awkward. Even though she was born as the princess of the Immortal Gu Family, no one dared to recognise her identity in fear of offending Gu Changge and his lineage. 


Gu Changge’s status in the Gu Family was now equivalent to that of an emperor, so those who wanted to vindicate Gu Xianer and her lineage didn’t dare to open their mouths in fear of him. There was also the matter of the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family who officially died in Gu Xianer’s hands, which was something worth Gu Changge doing something about.


“There is also the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race, who are the most difficult to deal with. This is going to be a little tricky… But it is still a wonderful opportunity.” Gu Changge squinted his eyes.


*Boom!* Soon, the numerous imposing auras who had descended upon the Celestial Ancient Continent left it. With the sky trembling, it drewing the gaze of the many Elders and disciples of Skyward Schloss. Up in the sky were huge ancient bronze warships that were emitting ancient powerful auras. They moved and rested above the Supreme Peak.


“Greetings, Young Master Gu!” Many from the Primal Celestial Temple gathered here with respectful faces.


Gu Changge slightly lowered his head to give a small nod and allowed them to rest on the Supreme Peak whereby some were stationed inside the mountain gates of Skyward Schloss. One could see this as a provocation, but now in Skyward Schloss, no one dared to speak a word about it because Gu Changge’s influence over the place had reached an unprecedented height.


“How is the situation?” he asked.


“Young Master Gu, the remnants of the Feathered Clan are now scattered all over the land and have been dealt with,” the powerful cultivators from the Primal Celestial Temple answered respectfully.


They received orders to rush to the Boundless Heaven and were dispatched by Gu Changge to help him clear out all obstacles within the Celestial Ancient Continent. The Feathered Clan was the first to bear the brunt of his schemes, and after the fall of the clan, there were still many scattered clansmen.


“Excellent” Gu Changge said with satisfaction while nodding his head. It was his personal rule to stamp out all sources of trouble, so naturally, he didn’t plan to let them go easily. Now, he had successfully deterred the entire Celestial Ancient Continent, he didn’t need the group of powerful cultivators from the Primal Celestial Temple to show themselves. This was also in order to prevent any unnecessary trouble from them being in the Celestial Ancient Continent. With them stationed on the Supreme Peak, they could obey his orders at all times.


Just as the group of cultivators from the Primal Celestial Temple were returning, a raging sound was heard from another side of the sky. It was as if an army were rushing towards them.


The Immortal Guards have also returned to the Supreme Peak.


“Good work.” Gu Changge couldn’t help but look at them and smile.


“Young Master Gu, no matter what help you need, we will always be at the forefront to help. Once you truly take charge of the Gu Family, we will be willing to open up new frontiers and die for the Gu Family.”


While the sky was filled with surging immortal light, the voice of an Immortal Guard echoed loudly. As soon as he finished declaring his loyalty, the Immortal Guards rushed into a portal and disappeared along with their murderous aura. However, a tinge of their terrifying aura still remained in the air, leaving many of the disciples on the mountain peaks of Skyward Schloss horrified.


In the meantime, Gu Changge stood on the peak and watched with a puzzled expression as they left. [They are quite powerful tools, but sadly, the day has yet to come. One day, I will be able to completely command the Immortal Guards.]


Usually, they would spend their time killing and cultivating in other realms. They would only open a portal to arrive into this world once they were summoned by the family. This time, they obeyed Gu Changge’s orders and came to conquer the Feathered Clan, purging the forces that were disrespectful towards the Immortal Gu Family. However, once their mission concluded, they left.


Unless Gu Changge became the true head of the family, he wouldn’t have the rights to command such a terrifying and effective force. This time was an exception. After all, the rest of the factions and cults had their eyes on the huge opportunity called ‘Celestial Ancient Continent’. Thus, the Immortal Gu Family sent a mighty justified crusade against the Feathered Clan to impose themselves and render everyone else unable to mutter a word of complaint.


As for the other factions, they didn’t have the same kind of excuse. On the surface, they were saying that the reason they sent their powerful cultivators to the Celestial Ancient Continent was to protect the younger generation. To prevent them from getting injured or killed. However, the Celestial Ancient Races weren’t fools. They knew how Gu Changge conquered the Feathered Clan and would not allow the same thing to happen to them. Thus, every clan had begun to cower and hide within their territories, since it was better to be a coward than invite trouble.


They were quick to act, leaving many factions helpless since they couldn’t find any excuses for the time being to attack them. Even in this world, everything needed to be done within reason. Otherwise, a single dominant family would attract the other great factions to counterattack, which wasn’t conducive for a long and stable reign. However, if a family were to have the power to rule over all the other factions, why not rule over the entire Beyond?


“Prince Gu, are your plans a success?” Just as the Supreme Peak grew quiet, a clear cold voice was heard in the void.


Yan Ji’s figure appeared with picturesque features which were cold and enchanting.


During this period, she had been cultivating on the Supreme Peak, waiting for Gu Changge’s return. He didn’t bring her along with him during the expedition to the Celestial Ancient Continent so that her presence wouldn’t be exposed.


“It went well.” He smiled and suddenly thought of something else, so he ordered her. “I just so happen to have something that I need your assistance in.”


“Prince Gu, your wish is my command,” she answered with a hint of confusion in her eyes.


After a period of not seeing him, she realised that she could no longer read his thoughts. Before this, she could still feel a sense of danger on him, but now, the feeling had completely faded away, as if she was facing a surging ocean. It didn’t mean that she had become stronger, nor did it mean Gu Changge had become weaker. Instead, it meant that he had become much more powerful and terrifying. Noticing the gap between them siden by so much, she could only sigh inside her heart as she came to the realisation that Gu Changge’s talent was something unprecedented.


“It’s nothing much. I just want you to lead my men to find the whereabouts of a few people for me. They had disappeared into the One Dimensional World for more than ten years now,” he said with a smile.


At the same time, a light flashed through his palm as he bought several Border Shattering Talismans from the System Shop and gave it to Yan Ji.


“Prince Gu, you are looking for someone?” She was confused, but did not ask much else. As a follower, there were some things that she didn’t need to know.


“Yes, I’m looking for a few people. I’ll ask someone to gather information about them and hand it over to you. If you encounter any dangers in that world, your priority is escaping with your life. If you accidentally lose your life, I will be greatly saddened for a long time.” He smiled, revealing his sincerity and concerns for Yan Ji in his words.


“Don’t worry, Prince Gu. I’ll be careful.” She felt a sudden warmth inside her heart as she was clearly moved by his concerns.


The Border Shattering Talisman was far more precious than a Domain Shattering Talisman. In the Overworld, the Border Shattering Talisman was an artefact that could allow its user to blast open barriers and escape. However, Gu Changge didn’t hesitate to take out several of them and gave them to her as a way for her to protect herself.  She was confident in her ability. After all, she was in the Sacred Lord Realm. Thus, in her eyes, Gu Changge was doing this because he was genuinely worried about her safety and wanted to give her a little more security. Naturally, she was able to notice the subtle intentions of his actions.


On the flip side, in reality, what she did not know was that he gave her so many Border Shattering Talismans because he simply felt that this journey would be truly filled with dangers. Although Yan Ji was powerful, she might still encounter life-threatening situations.


After all, the people he wanted to find were Gu Xianer’s parents and grandfather.


Back then, her grandfather was trapped in the One Dimensional World because of an incident. It was difficult for him to break free. Afterwards, her parents brought some of the people in the family to go support him. However, they completely disappeared, leaving Gu Xianer back home in this world, alone. This was what happened prior to Gu Changge’s deranged moment where he dug up her bone.


However, from his understanding, they should still be fine.


[According to Gu Xianer’s outrageous luck, her parents and grandfather should still be fine. They might even be blessed by the disaster and gain a huge increase in strength. That would certainly be such a cliche plotline.] Gu Changge secretly thought to himself. [Well, since Gu Xianer doesn’t know about this, she is most likely still worried about them. What a great way to set up my next scheme. It is such an effortless way to gain her appreciation, so why should I leave it around and not use it?]


Of course, he definitely needed to do this in secret. Not only couldn’t he let Gu Xianer know about this, he also couldn’t let those within the Gu Family backing him to know.


One must make a name for himself for doing a good deed, but now wasn’t the time to let everyone know. That was why, in his eyes, there was no better candidate than Yan Ji.


Soon, the person he sent out came back with information about Gu Xianer’s parents and grandfather. He handed it over to Yan Ji. After receiving her mission, she quickly disappeared and left.


Over the years, not only did Gu Changge order Yin Mei to secretly gather cultivation resources for him, he also left her in charge of training some deathsworns (soldiers who are willing to die for him). From time to time, he would also occasionally show up and go to various places, looking for a talented young man or woman to train as his secret force.


He had sent a message to Yin Mei, asking her to send some of the deathsworns to a specific location, and wait for Yan Ji.


Gu Changge’s planning was meticulous. He made it such that his many methods would remain hidden. After all, the less people who knew about Yan Ji’s presence, the better.


As time passed, a few days went by in a blink of an eye. During this period, it wasn’t just Gu Changge who brought his followers away from the Celestial Ancient Continent, even the other young prodigies did the same and stopped the expedition, brought away by their Elders.


Ever since the Celestial Gate appeared, it alarmed many of the old monsters. They immediately head towards the place. There was a storm brewing within the Celestial Ancient Continent, which made it difficult for any further training to continue, so it was better to send everyone back.


Recently, the many events that happened within the Celestial Ancient Continent were spread to different corners of the world, and the news even reached other realms, causing a huge uproar. News about the appearance of Ye Ling as the Successor of Demonic Arts, his battle with Gu Changge which resulted in his heavy defeat and disappearance, and the death of Long Teng, the young leader of the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race, in the hands of Gu Changge…


Among the younger generation, Gu Changge’s reputation had reached an unprecedented height. Whether it was his ability as the Walking Taboo or his actions, it was enough for anyone to admire him. Therefore, all of a sudden, many of his fanatical admirers appeared.


Of course, many people were also secretly wary of Ye Ling, worrying about the powerful strength of the Successor of Demonic Arts. The fact that he was able to escape Gu Changge’s grasp proved how powerful he was.


Ye Ling’s strength wasn’t something an ordinary young prodigy could contend against. At the moment, the White Tiger Clan still hated him to the core and refused to give up searching for his whereabouts. The Nine-Tailed Fox Clan also got involved in the situation since Yin Mei, the current Gifted Lady of the clan, was almost killed by him. Naturally, she stood out righteously, vowing that she would kill Ye Ling in this life to avenge her long-dead fiance, Bai Lie. 


Seeing her taking such a stance, many couldn’t help but feel impressed. [It must be difficult for her to have the courage and bravery to stand up against the Successor of Demonic Arts. It seems that deep seated hatred had been planted in her heart after she found out that Ye Ling had deceived her.]


Thinking about how Gu Changge stepped forward and rescued her when she was in distress, many were left even more impressed.


Outside Skyward Schloss, lots of young cultivators came to visit Gu Changge. Several powerful young prodigies even wanted to follow him. Since they want it themselves, Gu Changge didn’t reject them. After all, followers were seen as a symbol of status to the younger generation.


Young prodigies were the best among the younger generation, and they possessed unyielding hearts. Therefore, for them to submit to someone who they hadn’t even fought before just showed how deep their respect and admiration for Gu Changge was.


As for the Successor of Demonic Arts, no one was suspicious of Gu Changge. He won’t even come to mind. Instead, there seemed to be traces of the Successor of Demonic Arts within the other young prodigies, which aroused the suspicions of many cultivators.


After the death of Bai Lie, the White Tiger Clan took the initiative and cancelled the marriage between him and Yin Mei. They went further and further down the path of revenge on the Successor of Demonic Arts. Sadly, no one knew that Ye Ling’s corpse had already been turned into dust, buried inside a well in the Celestial Ancient Continent.


No one was able to find him, and because of this, it only made others think that the Successor of Demonic Arts was truly mysterious and powerful, causing quite a bit of panic.


Meanwhile, the many grudges piled up in the Celestial Ancient Continent exploded all at once. For example, the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family, who was suppressed by Gu Changge and finally killed by a little girl named Gu Xianer. It had enraged the Ancient Sea Palace.


As the ruler of the Endless Sea Clan, the status of the Seventh Princess was unquestionable within the Ancient Sea Palace. She was even being groomed to be the next Palace Master.


However, Gu Changge’s status was too noble for them to go after while Gu Xianer was different. After looking into her identity, the Ancient Sea Palace finally realised that something was off. Even though she was indeed a member of the Gu Family, no one was able to publicly prove it.


Instead, there seemed to be some grudge between her and Gu Changge from the start. Furthermore, this talented young girl, who was said to be on the same level as Gu Changge, appeared to have a strange past.


News of her coming from the Land of Abandoned Celestials in the Outer Domain and her surviving alone during her childhood excited many within the Ancient Sea Palace. They believe that they had uncovered a scandal within the Immortal Gu Family.


[Since the Immortal Gu Family refuses to recognise her identity, it is only natural for us to take revenge on her. Who else dares stop us?]


After all, everything was caused by Gu Xianer murdering the Seventh Princess’ little brother! It was reasonable for her to pay with her life!


Unless the Immortal Gu Family exposed the scandal themself and recognised Gu Xianer’s identity, causing a huge uproar and becoming a joke within the many factions, who else could stand up for her? Not even the Grand Elder of Skyward Schloss could do so!


Suddenly, many powerful experts from the Endless Sea Clan came rushing out of the Endless Sea, intending to exact revenge on Gu Xianer.


At the same time, in Skyward Schloss, Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle when he received the news. “Everything is panning out the way I expected. The Ancient Sea Palace has come right on time.” 


He began to move and headed towards the peak where the Grand Elder was situated, waiting for Gu Xianer’s return.


In the meantime, inside the Celestial Ancient Continent, in the middle of a vast mountain range, a terrifying heavenly might was revealed. It was as if the extinction of the world had just arrived. The Sacred King Realm Feathered Clan Ancestor was determined to escape as he rushed towards Dragon Island where the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race was located. However, on the way, Gu Nanshan caught up to him. 


Gu Nanshan displayed his might and instantly obliterated the Feathered Clan Ancestor.


Afterward, Gu Xianer, led by the Grand Elder, caught up to him. With her brows jumping in joy, she simply snatched all the inheritance left behind by the now deceased Ancestor.


“A being in the Sacred King Realm really does have rich inheritance.” She revealed a bright and stunning smile as she couldn’t help herself in the face of such treasures. All the while completely unaware that Gu Changge was setting a trap for her.


Meanwhile, although Gu Nanshan was a little tempted by the treasure, he was too embarrassed to snatch it in front of his own descendant. [As her Ancestor, I must set an example!]


Gu Xianer naturally noticed the reluctance in his eyes, so she revealed a bright smile and said hurriedly, “Thank you, Ancestor Nanshan!”


[Given how well-behaved I am, I don’t think he’ll have the guts to snatch these away from me.]


Of course, Gu Nanshan understood her intentions just by looking at her expression. [This little girl might look cold and quiet, but she is quite a troublemaker at heart.]


He couldn’t help but reveal a cheerful expression and said, “Little girl, you don’t need to be polite with me.”


“You’re so nice, Ancestor Nanshan.” Gu Xianer gave him a sweet smile, revealing a shallow pair of dimples that looked extremely adorable.




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