I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 181, Yin Mei, Who Chose Positivity, Is Now Baffled


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Despite venting all his rage, he still couldn’t let it go. Once Gu Nanshan thought of how an Ancestor like him got manipulated and used against his will by Gu Changge, he was livid. “How maddening! How could such an unfilial child be born? What good will it do if they anger their Elders like this!?””


Seeing the smile on Xianer’s face, Gu Nanshan felt melancholic despite the stoic expression on his face. Meanwhile, the Great Elder, who stood a distance away, chuckled. He was delighted when he saw Gu Nanshan’s expression.


Sympathy? At this moment? He didn’t have that, nor did he find it necessary. The previous time he got enraged by Gu Changge, he looked exactly the same.  No one would ever benefit from facing an insufferable guy like Gu Changge.


Gu Nanshan could only sigh seeing such a thing befall his direct descendant. [Such schemes and methods are truly frightening!]


Even for someone as old as him, this was way beyond his capabilities. With everything intertwined together, no one could truly understand what was happening behind the scenes.


“The Celestial Ancient Continent training is ending. Xianer, follow me back home. It’s time for you to understand everything.” In a flash, Gu Nanshan’s face turned solemn, it was rare for him to show such caution.


As an Ancestor of Gu Xianer’s family line, he had to think of a way to rectify their name and restore the family’s former glory. However, before this could happen, he had to first fight the injustice Gu Xianer faced.


“Ancestor, is what you are saying true?” Hearing that, Gu Xianer became speechless. She wasn’t doubting the authenticity of Gu Nanshan’s words; she just felt that such a thing couldn’t be true. 


It would require the rest of the Gu Family to agree. After all, this matter involves the name of the Immortal Gu Family. With Gu Changge being the successor of the Immortal Gu Family and the inheritor of Skyward Schloss… with so many highly respectable titles and identities, how could they possibly allow his name to be stained? 


A large majority of the Gu Family’s Elders would think about the bigger picture and take his side.

If not, why would she stray away from home and wander around aimlessly all these years?

Although Gu Nanshan was an Elder with great cultivation, he still wasn’t on par with the other Elders of the family. Afterall, who doesn’t have Ancestors who were Elders of the family? If the Elders were to make an appearance for every single issue, there wouldn’t be a need for the leader of the family to make the final decision. 


Not to mention, the most important point… How would Gu Changge react to this problem? With his personality, would he do something that would benefit others at his expense?


Actually, Gu Xianer has also considered all these before. That was why, when Gu Nanshan said those words, she immediately shook her head, believing that it was impossible.


Her current ability has yet to reach the point where the Gu family values her. She was a far cry compared to Gu Changge. Although the Gu family was nice, everything has to be considered for the long-term interests of the family. Gu Nanshan’s decisions and actions were no exception.


“Xianer, don’t worry. With me here, you will have justice for what happened that year.” Gu Nanshan’s face froze, he never expected Gu Xianer’s reaction to be so calm. This made him less confident of what he was about to do. 


He knew that even with Gu Xianer’s current ability, they couldn’t get the attention of the whole family. The most they could do was put pressure on Gu Changge, into not secretly hurting her. 


[Will this even help though? Based on Gu Changge’s recent actions, it doesn’t seem like he has any intention of killing Gu Xianer.] This puzzled Gu Nanshan. He questioned something he heard before, [Why did words of Gu Changge facing some kind of difficulty come up in the past?]


“Really? Since you said so, I believe it then.” Gu Xianer said sternly. Despite saying that, ‘If I believe you, I would be a fool!’ was written in his crystal clear eyes.


Gu Nanshan felt embarrassed. He really liked this little girl, and felt guilty. He sincerely wanted to make up for all these years of suffering she had endured.  


“Gu Changge has his difficulties. Xianner, you must believe that the family really has nothing against you…” Gu Nanshan reiterated. 


“What exactly are Gu Changge’s difficulties?” Gu Xianner asked. 


“…” Gu Changge went quiet. He also wanted to ask Gu Changge what issues he had! Nonetheless, Gu Xianner’s tone came as a surprise. It was one filled with confusion, not subscription. She was earnestly questioning him. However, Gu Nanshan doesn’t reply, or rather, couldn’t.


Gu Xianer then stopped asking. She realized that this matter involved an extremely big secret, one so big that even Gu Changge’s Ancestor can’t talk about it, and it was a mystery that she would need to solve by herself. 


[Gu Changge, one day, I will unravel your secret…] Gu Xianer swore in her heart, as she clenched her fist. 


Afterwhich, the three of them left. Afterall, the main purpose of the Great Elder and Gu Nanshan going there was to protect Gu Xianer. They were afraid that something would happen to her.


After the training ended, the various sects scurried in. Leaving any junior member there would be dangerous.


In a swift motion of waving his sleeves, the Great Elder caused space itself to turn blurry. Out of it, appeared a path. He then led the pair to leave the Celestial Ancient Continent and return to Skyward Schloss. 


Afterall, Gu Nanshan was an Ancestor of the Gu Family. He traveled millions of kilometers. Now that the matter has been settled, the Great Elder needed to host him.


However, just when the three left the Celestial Ancient Continent and returned back to the peak where the Great Elder usually cultivated, they froze at what they saw. There stood a young man carrying a carefree expression. His obsidian black hair was tied up with a black hairband. He was wearing a warm smile and had aloof demeanor as he sat there. It was clear that he had been waiting for some time.




At the same time, within Boundless Heaven, in a magnificent ancient city 80,000 kilometers away from Skyward Schloss. High in the sky, a splendid chariot was parked, surrounded by several figures with strong auras. 


“Princess Mingkong, what’s the point in getting people to block your enemies?”


From the chariot, came a charming soft voice. In it, a woman in a red dress sat gracefully. Nine fluffy and snow-white fox tails fluttered about as they were held in the arms of two maids. She was Yin Mei, the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.


At that moment, Yin Mei had a strange yet charming smile on her face, which hid an inexplicable meaning. Outside the chariot was the chariotman, a cultivator in the Enlightened Noble Realm. Faced against this group, his expression remained solemn. 


“Mistress, this group is really strong!”


“It’s alright, I think Princess Mingkong is a reasonable person, who won’t embarrass a weak woman like me.” Yin Mei’s voice carried a light smile, as if she wasn’t worried at all.


Meanwhile, the surrounding space seemed to tremble, creating ocean-like waves on its surface. It was a terrifying sight to see. In all directions, numerous cultivators appeared and surrounded the chariot. Their powerful divine sense swept all directions.


*Dong!* The world trembled, ripples erupted in the sky. Those who were preparing to watch this lively scene from a distance could not help but let out a groan. Their blood tumbled as fear filled their faces. They backed away as far as they could, and were too scared to come close. 


[What a horrifying group!]


“You have overstepped your boundaries! You should never have gotten so close to him.” An aloof yet refined woman stepped out of the void. Her voice was calm yet cold. With each step  of hers, the dazzling lotuses of the Great Dao emerged, blooming one by one. Each lotus had a silver glow, which turned into writing that imprinted the sky. Anyone who saw it had chills down their spine.


She was Yue Mingkong, the Fourth Princess of the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty, who had just left the Celestial Ancient Continent. Her body was shrouded in immortal splendor. The outline of her face was blurry, her eyes looked deep yet calm, her wide sleeves danced in the wind, and her expression remained emotionless. Her pair of gem-like eyes were a type of indescribable beauty. If described, it would obviously carry the aura of a supreme emperor, indifferent and noble.


Yin Mei sat upright in her chariot. She seemed unsurprised by Yue Mingkong’s actions. When she saw Yue Mingkong at the Mountains of Horizons, she knew her relationship with Gu Changge would be given away. 


From Yin Mei’s point of view, such trivial matters probably don’t mean much to Gu Changge. He would not care at all. After all, she was just his pawn that was in a precariously important position, she could never be on par with Yue Mingkong.


Naturally, with Yue Mingkong’s intelligence, it was impossible for her not to know all of this. That’s why Yin Mei knew early on that Yue Mingkong would take the initiative to find her. 

However, she did not think Yue Mingkong would come so fast. She had just left the Celestial Ancient Continent, and Yue Mingkong had immediately come to stop her. Such a strong and decisive approach aligned with the rumours. 


Yin Mei knew how possessive this future emperor was towards Gu Changge. She didn’t allow any other woman to come even half a step close to Gu Changge. The current scene was the best proof. Thus, hearing the words she said, Yin Mei couldn’t help but smile. “Princess Mingkong, you’re too overbearing, if Master hears of this, wouldn’t he be angry?”


“I don’t care about such trivial matters.” Yue Mingkong brushed it off. With her understanding of Gu Changge, she knew Gu Changge would not be moved by Yin Mei, he was at most using her.

Even so, she had to ensure Yin Mei knew she could never have any ulterior motives. 


Besides, she hoped Gu Changge would get angry at her, at least it would prove that she had a place in Gu Changge’s heart. Yue Mingkong was worried that, towards this matter, Gu Changge would have his usual nonchalant attitude.Neither blaming, nor questoning.  


“Oh? Looks like Princess Mingyue has fallen out with Master? Differing opinions?” Yin Mei’s smile turned quaint, she had noticed a trace of loneliness and loss in Yue Mingkong’s words.

She was naturally gifted with the ability to control these tiny emotions, allowing her to be perfect at acting. 


Once Yin Mei noticed Yue Mingkong’s hidden emotions, she had some sort of enlightenment. [No wonder when she left the Celestial Ancient Continent so early, she didn’t follow Gu Changge. Looks like the two fought on the Mountains of Horizons. And the problem most likely stemmed from Yue Mingkong.]


At first, Yin Mei admired Yue Mingkong. For a woman to be treated this way by Gu Changge, Yue Mingkong was definitely the first. But now… she saw herself having a glimmer of hope. She didn’t want to be Gu Changge’s pawn, she genuinely wished for Gu Changge to look at her.


“How did you know that?” An horrifying flash of light suddenly beamed from Yue Mingkong’s eyes. It turned into the shape of the moon, containing formidable divine might. 


“It’s obvious.” Yin Mei snickered. Now, she didn’t feel as scared of Yue Mingkong as before. 


[So what if I’m not as strong as you? Your importance to Gu Changge is lower than mine. The benefits I can provide Gu Changge, cannot be replaced by you. As long as you aren’t stupid, you will not lay a finger on me.] Yin Mei knew that Yue Mingkong was the same as her, she was also afraid of Gu Changge becoming sick of her. And that was an opening that she could make use of. 


“Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?” Yue Mingkong coldly asked. As a regressor, she didn’t see Yin Mei as her equal. Her appearance here was just to warn her.


“I am not scared. If you kill me, Master probably won’t blame you. However, you’d better think before you act. If you do so, you probably won’t be able to enter into the Master’s heart. Ever. Have you thought about this?” Yin Mei said with a smile. While still inside the chariot, she chose to confront Yue Mingkong. 


“Are you threatening me?” Yue Mingkong’s eyes instantly sharpened, her breath became shaky. It was as if she could easily destroy thousands of metres of mountains and rivers. 


[A mere vixen had the audacity to threaten me!?] Such a thought has never crossed her mind!


Most importantly, whatever Yin Mei had said was the most worrying matter that had been on her mind. 


“No, I am just carefully explaining how it is.” Yin Mei shook her head. 


“Of course, if you don’t kill me, you would need to be careful from now on. I can help Master in many ways that you cannot. Let’s see who will win Master’s heart first.” Yin Mei said impreturably, as if she didn’t care about Yue Mingkong’s cold and murderous aura. She did not feel weak at all. Now that she has Yue Mingkong’s weakness, it was only natural that she made use of it to her benefit, and whatever she said hit the nail on the head. 


“Haha, how funny.” However, what surprised Yin Mei was how Yue Mingkong didn’t burst out in anger, instead, her eyes showed more mockery than rage.


“You seriously think someone like you can get Gu Changge’s heart?” Yue Mingkong’s voice was calm, yet showed a hint of belittlement, that she didn’t think much of whatever Yin Mei had just said.


She was never worried about Gu Changge liking another woman. It was just seeing him with another woman that made her feel sour and uncomfortable. Even if she knew Gu Changge was just acting and he didn’t mean any of his actions. She would still feel the same. After all, no one understood Gu Changge more than Yue Mingkong, and she was confident of that fact.


In her opinion, Yin Mei’s confidence was pure ignorance and foolishness. She was too unbothered to care about Yin Mei’s insolent remarks.


”However, I did learn something from your words… find the root cause of everything, and not try to change everything.” Yue Mingkong said. She got the answer she wanted. She was not going to give up on her goals over such trivial matters. At the same time, she wouldn’t do meaningless things either. [Even after I regressed, I am still too powerless to stop Gu Changge. So, why not change the ways I do things then?]


“Yue Mingkong, what do you mean?” Yin Mei’s eyebrows furrowed as she asked, directly addressing Yue Mingkong by her name. She was puzzled, [Why is she so calm when she hasn’t earned Gu Changge’s heart?]


Yin Mei found this situation completely unbelievable!


However, Yue Mingkong did not answer Yin Mei’s question. She just waved her hand and disappeared. Following her, the rest turned into divine beams and shot into the sky, disappearing from Yin Mei’s eyes.


“If you can really win his heart, maybe it’s not a bad thing.” Yue Mingkong’s voice came from afar.


“What…” Yin Mei, who was in the chariot, was stunned. 



Next to the Endless Sea, by its bank, there was an Ancient City called Eastern Edge. 


There had once been an Ancient Aristocratic Family here. For millions of years, from the past to the present, they experienced prosperity, decline, retreat, revival and were the overlords of this land. It was a pity that they offended the Primal Celestial Temple, which later came to be known as the Primal Demonic Temple, forcing their cultivators to make a move on them. This caused the annihilation of the family.


What was known as their home, was now a desolate ruin. Remnants of a large fire. Every path towards it was charred. The walls, bricks and tiles were all broken, reminders of those glorious years.


The scene was desolate and passing cultivators would glance at it and sigh.


“Aiya, back then, the Immortal Sun Family was so powerful, no one in Eastern Edge dared to refute a word they said. If they stomped their feet, it would start an earthquake but now, you can’t even find a trace of their existence.”


“The Primal Demonic Temple attacked from all sides, it was horrifying. Their force was unstoppable, anything would be destroyed in a split second!” Many elderly lamented. 


“But no matter how strong a family is, one day they will crumble. That’s what they get for offending those they shouldn’t offend.” The people beside sighed. 


“Hey, lower your voice! Some words can’t be said, have you forgotten what happened to the Immortal Featherfolks? Be careful with your words!” Someone broke the silence and warned. 


Hearing that, everyone instantly shut their mouths, their eyes held a shade of horror.


At that moment, there was an outburst of clattering, reverberating from a distance. Although it sounded quite far, it was still deafening. It came from the Endless Sea. Upon hearing the sound, cultivators throughout the entire city moved towards it to check.




Seeing the scene, everyone was shocked to the core and took deep breaths. The frigid cold air hitting the roofs of their noses.


It was coming from the Endless Sea, which was the territory of the Ancient Sea Family. 


The Sea Family would occasionally visit with goods from the sea. But today was different. Warships rushed in. So many that they blocked the light coming from the sun and sky. 


A gigantic blue flag fluttered in the wind.


[The Ancient Sea Palace!]


The scene terrorized everyone present, the Ancient Sea Family led an army of many Sea Clans, rushing out from the Endless Sea. 


Some people were instantly reminded of what happened in the Celestial Ancient Continent. There, the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family got robbed and killed by a young girl named Gu Xianer. 


[Could it be? The Ancient Sea Family is enraged and wants to take revenge?]


This news spread quickly like wildfire. It resounded from every ancient city, causing a huge uproar.



Right then, at a mountain peak in Skyward Schloss, coated with thick clouds and mist, the winds blew with great force. Everything seemed ethereal and lofty, like a fairyland on earth. 


“Oh, the Great Elder and Ancestor are back?”


Gu Changge, who was eating alone on his marble table, felt the sensation and stood up with a smile plastered on his face, ready to welcome his guest.


The space in front of him became blurry and a portal appeared. Out came three shadows, each with differing expressions, but none with a positive one. They all wondered, [Why is Gu Changge waiting here?]


The beaming smile on Gu Xianer’s face quickly twisted into a frown. Her big round eyes were filled with resentment and confusion. 




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