I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 182, You Don’t Understand The Good Intentions Of Your Brother; Swear By Your Dao Heart That You Will Not Hurt Her!


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Gu Xian’er was confused, [Why did Gu Changge come here? Why is he instead, not resting in his Supreme Peak? He caused a huge uproar in the Celestial Ancient Continent and just left a mess like that?]


The Great Elder quickly reacted and walked out of the Void. As his sleeves fluttered in the wind, he asked, “Gu Changge, why are you here?”


The Great Elder has never looked at Gu Changge without hostility. Regardless of whether it was in the past or in the present, it was always the same. Although he respected Gu Changge’s abilities, he just couldn’t agree with how Gu Changge does things. Their ways of cultivation were also just too different!


Gu Nanshan’s expression wasn’t any friendlier either. But he still had to put up an amiable expression as Gu Xianer was right beside him. This just made him feel even more depressed inside.


“Of course I am here to await the arrival of the Great Elder and my Gu Family’s Ancestor. Oh and also, to check and see if Xianer has been slacking on her cultivation.” Gu Changge said with a smile. He was tall and slender, with a demeanour as calm as a lake. The way he spoke was parallel to his robes, posh and elegant. 


“After not seeing Xianer for some time, I am happy to see that her cultivation has improved.” As he spoke, he looked towards Gu Xianer, who discreetly hid behind the two old men while he wore a handsome smile that would have captivated those who didn’t know him.


Naturally, such a smile could not captivate Gu Xianer. She remained cold and indifferent. On top of that, she even rolled her eyes at him. 


She knew that Gu Changge would never be so kind as to visit her, [He is probably materialising some sort of scheme in his head. Secretly calculating every move in his heart.]


Gu Xianer vividly remembered that instance when she went to visit an injured Gu Changge with goodwill. [Not only did he not appreciate it, he even humiliated me! I really dug my own grave that time. Forced to get embroiled in the massacre of the Feathered Clan.] 


Gu Xianer captured this injustice, and took note. She was now waiting for the day when she could take revenge. 


“Why? Are you still angry at me for what happened that day? I did that for your own good. As a young cultivator, if you lack training, it will be hard for you to become successful in the future. When I was your age, I had already killed an endless mountain of people… Well, unlike you, who was unable to deal with a mere Princess from the Ancient Sea Palace.” 


Seeing Gu Xianer’s expression, Gu Changge could have guessed what she was thinking. Instantly, he flashed his kind smile yet again and spoke as he shook his head. The expression he wore was rather genuine and sincere, as though he was a brother who truly cared about Xianer. 


Hearing these words, even Ancestor Gu Nanshan was a little stunned. He thought to himself, [Gu Changge and Gu Xianer are archenemies. The fact that they can meet each other so amicably is already better than I expected. Why do they look like they’re on such good terms? Did I really misunderstand the situation? Or did Gu Changge already resolved the problem with Gu Xianer?]


At this point, he suddenly had a stroke of enlightenment. 


[No wonder Gu Xianer no longer has any hatred or harmful intent towards Gu Changge! The feelings have already been resolved by him!] Gu Nanshan heaved a sigh of relief. 


His anger and desire of punishing Gu Changge had also decreased. [Gu Changge, this descendant, may be vicious, but he is still capable.]


“Gu Changge, stop acting…” 


It was good that Gu Changge did not speak further. If not, Gu Xianer would have erupted in rage. [He really is trying to hit all my sore spots!]


Gu Xianer got so enraged that she was grinding her teeth. She was reaching her breaking point. As she stared at Gu Changge, her alluring crystal-clear eyes had an air of coldness and hatred. Her stare was like ice blades that were going to pierce through Gu Changge. 


Just now, she had a bright smile plastered all over her face. Her trip to the Celestial Ancient Continent could be described as rewarding and successful.  However, in a blink of an eye, her small face became cold and indifferent, just like an iceberg that would never melt. 


“Right now, you won’t understand my painstaking efforts.” Gu Changge lamented with regret and disappointment as he shook his head.


Hearing that, Gu Xianer coldly asked, “Ancestor, can you lower Gu Changge’s cultivation? I want to have a fair and square duel with him to tear off that mouth of his!” 


[This Gu Changge is really trying to step on my toes!]


“Xianer, have you become bolder because your direct Ancestor is by your side?” Gu Changge snickered, not seeing Gu Xianer as an equal. He spoke with a casual and relaxed tone. 


This expression of his made Gu Xianer itch with resentment, as she recalled the few instances when she was bullied or ‘taught a lesson’ by Gu Changge.  


“Xianer, *cough*, I think you must’ve misunderstood my intent…” Right then, Gu Nanshan also coughed and said. [So far, it seems like the hatred between Gu Xianer and Gu Changge had mostly been resolved. Just… not completely…]


As an Ancestor, it was only natural that he wanted to see their relationship mend itself.


Although he definitely held no fondness for Gu Changge, he couldn’t let the both of them fight. Thus, he quickly stopped Gu Xianer’s outburst. After all, even he, an Ancestor, could not tell just how strong Gu Changge was. 


[Who knows what Gu Changge has up his sleeves? Based on her current abilities, if Gu Xianer fights him, even if I do as she asks, she will definitely still lose.]


“Old man, aren’t you on my side? Why do you favour Gu Changge so…” Gu Xianer was frustrated. In front of Gu Changge, she couldn’t be her usual carefree self.


“I am doing this for your own good.” Gu Nanshan said helplessly. 


Hearing the exchange between the pair, Gu Changge continued smiling. He raised his glass, pouring the drink into his mouth.  [Just asI thought, even if Gu Nanshan hates me, he can’t do anything about it. After all, he isn’t a fool. If he broke the truth to her, he would have ruined any hopes of mending my relationship with her. On the flipside, he might even help me, just to maintain the peace of the current situation. For example, right now…]


“Xianer, if you don’t believe your older brother, you can go ask around. Just what is the Ancient Sea Palace currently doing.”


The thought of this changed Gu Xianer’s expression, “Ancient Sea Palace…”


She was caught in a daze, a myriad of images started flashing in her head. Many of the images were blurry, however, there was one that was extremely vivid. [The sun was setting at that time and murderous aura filled the air. Gu Changge descended from the sky and blocked my path…] 


Gu Xianer snapped out of her thoughts as she recalled. [That’s right. I was the one who killed the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Although Gu Changge suppressed the Seventh Princess, I was the one who murdered her. I am the one who ended her life. The Ancient Sea Palace will not let me off unscathed. If the Ancient Sea Palace wants to get revenge, they will definitely come after me. Gu Changge isn’t a fool, he didn’t kill the Princess. Instead, he let me do it before escaping, and now, I have become his scapegoat.]


“You’re right, the Ancient Sea Palace will definitely come to me for revenge.” Gu Xianer said while nodding her head. [With my current status, the Ancient Sea Palace wouldn’t think of going after me as much of a threat. But, things would be different if Gu Changge was the one who killed the Seventh Princess. If he did so, the Ancient Sea Palace still wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on him. If so, why did he purposefully pin the blame on me? Just what is he trying to do?]


“I’m afraid the Ancient Sea Palace is already on its way here. Gu Xianer, don’t let my piece of goodwill down, ” Gu Changge said.


[Is he really telling the truth?] Gu Xianer questioned his intent. 


[It looks like he is trying to fool me again. But, why did he save me when my life was in danger? But then again, why did he let me kill the Seventh Princess? There are only two possibilities. One, he genuinely wants to see the lively scene of battle. He feels that the consequences wouldn’t be that bad. He doesn’t want to offend the Ancient Sea Palace, but he wanted to see me do so. But how is that possible? He is Gu Changge. With his character, is there anyone on earth that he dare not offend? So, the second possibility. He is just too arrogant. He is obviously worried for my safety, but he still acts like his usual arrogant self.] 


This was all exactly as Gu Changge had said, ‘painstaking effort’ he had put in to arrange all of this for her. 


She shook her head, wanting to shake out all these thoughts, [Why is he going to such lengths just to torment me? Is he trying to help me get stronger so that I can defeat and then kill him? To get revenge? A normal sane man would never do something like that. But, has this always been his ultimate goal?]


Gu Xianer felt conflicted. [If this is his true goal, he must really be stupid. It isn’t like him to do something like that.]


Seeing how he successfully made Gu Xianer feel conflicted, Gu Changge smiled and turned to the Great Elder, “Actually, my main purpose for coming here, was to discuss something with you.”


“Oh? What would you like to discuss then?” The Great Elder asked with a frown. 


“Naturally, it is to discuss what happened recently. If I recall correctly, you once promised to protect all the Celestial Ancient Races…But now that the portal to the continent has been opened, with many factions from the outside world having broken the peace and stability inside…” Gu Changge reminded him with a smile. He did not care that the Great Elder got more and more worried as he continued talking. 


“Don’t think that this old man doesn’t know who the main culprit behind this mess is. Don’t come to me acting like you’re a saint!” The Great Elder hostilely interrupted. 


Gu Changge smiled apathetically. “It’s useless to say these things now. The emergence of the Celestial Gate has sent tremors through our world. Great Elder, do you plan on letting the various Celestial Ancient Races break up as their Elders disperse to escape this disaster? As long as the Celestial Ancient Races are not unified, the chaos and unrest within the continent will never cease. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for Skyward Schloss?” Gu Changge continued, with an expression of ‘So what if you know what I did? What can you do about it?’


“Cease your wishful thinking. My Skyward Schloss will never interfere with any power struggles. It is our crede and mission. One that has been passed down through generations. A position we hold that will never be broken.” The Great Elder solemnly declared. Gu Changge’s intent was obvious. He wanted to use this opportunity to dominate the Celestial Ancient Continent and unite the Celestial Races.


But Gu Changge was speaking in euphemisms, [What did he mean by Skyward Schloss’s opportunity?]


Gu Changge was appointed as the successor of Skyward Schloss. If he does this, it would mean using the Skyward Schloss’s name to force all the Celestial Races to obey him and to be at his disposal, just like what happened to the Feathered Clan. 


The Great Elder had lived for countless of years, so he easily understood Gu Changge’s motives. 


Furthermore, Gu Changge did not intend to cover up all of his objectives. He continued smiling and reminded,”Great Elder, don’t be so quick to reject my offer. Don’t forget, you still owe me a favour. In the end, Xianer is still a member of the Gu Family. If you really have her best interests at heart, you should consider my offer. I don’t want to use that favour against you.”


At this point, everything became obvious. Everyone there were not fools. Gu Nanshan couldn’t help but be in awe, he underestimated Gu Changge’s courage!  


Gu Changge was definitely the first to talk to the Great Elder in such a manner!


Hearing how Gu Changge mentioned her, Gu Xianer felt uneasy. 


“Gu Changge, what are you up to again?” Gu Xianer coldly stares at Gu Changge.


Gu Changge ignored her question, and continued smiling. He sat down on the stone chair. 


“What a pity, the drink had gone cold…” He shook his head slightly, thinking about how he should’ve had Yin Mei stay with him. Her ability to warm up his alcohol was not bad.


The Great Elder’s expression stiffened. With fury in his eyes, he asked “Are you threatening me?” 


“No, no, how dare I? Great Elder, don’t accuse me.” Gu Changge said with a smile, [Do you think I would say yes if you ask me directly?].


“Hmph!” The Great Elder couldn’t help getting annoyed. [If that wasn’t your intention, why else would you bring up Gu Xianer!? You even brought up that favour I owed you. It’s obvious that you are hinting that if I don’t agree with your proposal, you would use that favour against me. In otherwords, it’s an overt plot that would not allow me to refuse!]


[Wow, the way this rascal schemes against others is truly ruthless.] Gu Nanshan heard about this favour from Gu Xianer before. In the past, the Great Elder and Gu Changge had made a bet. When the Great Elder lost, he would both concede the Skyward Schloss successor position and grant Gu Changge a favour. 


Seeing the scene in front of him, Gu Nanshan couldn’t help but be stunned by Gu Changge’s methods. 


[Even the Great Elder has no room to refute Gu Changge. He also has fallen into Gu Changge’s scheme…] The thought of this helped Gu Nanshan slightly composed himself. Now, it seems like him falling into Gu Changge’s scheme wasn’t all that shameful.


“Great Elder, you should reconsider my offer. Xianer is currently in a bad position. As her Master, even if you don’t think about her well-being, you should at least think about Skyward Schloss. I know you don’t dare to unite the various Ancient Celestial Races, but… I do.” Gu Changge made the usual smile he wore, as he revealed his ultimate goal. 


“Gu Changge, don’t use me to threaten my Master. It will not have any effect.” Gu Xianer furrowed her brows. Anger was written all over her small face. [I just want to pounce onto him and stab his heart a thousand times! Isn’t he just trying to use me to threaten Master? It’s not like I’m a fool. I’m just right here! It’s easy to understand the meaning behind his words.] In Gu Xianer’s opinion, she had already seen through Gu Changge’s true intentions and did not believe that Gu Changge would do anything to her. 


“This is the first time I see someone threaten others in such a transparent and refined manner. Gu Changge, you really are something.” The Great Elder said. Hidden in his eyes were images of turbulence and havoc. 


He was truly enraged. 


“Great Elder, no matter how angry you are, it’s useless. After all, you still owe me a favour. If you intend on bullying the weak, I’m sure my Ancestors won’t sit idly by.” Gu Changge continued with his usual air of nonchalance, but smiled at Gu Nanshan towards the end of his sentence. 


Naturally, he wouldn’t have said such words if he wasn’t a hundred percent certain. Now that he knew Gu Nanshan’s stance, what else was there for him to care about? 


The Great Elder calmed himself, before replying with a sigh,”You’re biting off more than you can chew. You’re just a young lad, how are you going to unite all the Ancient Celestial Races? Even with your current status, you can’t do that.” 


“That is not important. It is not something you should care about,” Gu Changge said with a smile.


The Great Elder paused for a while before speaking, “I can accept your proposal, but you need to swear upon your Dao Heart that from today onwards, you cannot harm Xianer by any means.You must also acknowledge her identity.” 


His expression revealed the internal conflict within him. Still, he hesitated for a very long time before making this decision. [I once promised the Ancestors of each Ancient Celestial Race that I will protect them. Now that the enemy has overpowered and coerced me, this is the only choice I have left. But before this, I need to get Gu Changge’s guarantee. It must be in relation to Gu Xianer’s safety. After all, she most likely will be my last direct disciple.]


The Great Elder was generous and upright. Gu Xianer’s biggest enemy was Gu Changge. But now, Gu Changge’s stance is unclear, even the Great Elder was perplexed about Gu Changge’s true goal. 


“Master…” Hearing her Master words, Gu Xianer was momentarily stunned, she even forgot the resentment she had towards Gu Changge. 


She didn’t expect her Master to give into Gu Changge for her. This made her feel touched, as warmth flowed over her heart. However, she felt that this was completely unnecessary. Gu Changge was most likely just bullying her fun. 


Hearing the Great Elder’s words, Gu Changge couldn’t help but shake his head. With a victimised expression, he asked “Why do all of you always have such deep hatred towards me?”


[The Great Elder sure hit the spot with this one. Afterall, I never had any murderous intent towards her. What a waste of a request. The Great Elder and the rest are just too cautious when it comes to dealing with me. Such a request is so easy that it can’t even be considered a request.] However, Gu Changge also couldn’t and won’t bother to explain himself. Thus, it was normal that his actions would make others on guard against him.


Seeing how quiet Gu Changge became, the Great Elder asked again with a grave look, “So, Gu Changge, do you agree?” 


[If you don’t agree to this, I definitely won’t agree to your request as well.] 


At that moment, Gu Xianer looked towards Gu Changge. There were ripples in her flawless gem-like eyes, hiding the small emotions only she knew about. 


She also wanted to know Gu Changge’s attitude towards her, and the Great Elder’s words were a test for Gu Changge. Thus, Gu Xianer could not help became nervous. 




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