I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 183, If It’s Xianer, I’ll Agree to This Request and Admit Her Identity to the World.


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Actually, she was still quite worried that Gu Changge would reject the Great Elder’s request. If he did that, her previous speculations would be overturned. 


[The Great Elder is trying to protect me. Gu Changge’s thoughts are just too obscure. It’s hidden within layers of layers and it’s difficult for one to know what he really wants. Although Gu Changge doesn’t hold any malice towards me, who knows if he has any other ulterior motives? After all, no one can predict the future]


At that moment, Gu Changge saw the Great Elder, Gu Xianer and Gu Nanshan, all looking towards him. He already knew what he wanted to say. Without a change in his expression, he gently smiled and said, “Great Elder, do forgive me for not agreeing to your request…”


Hearing this, the trio’s expression changed immediately. Gu Xianer’s small face instantly became ghastly pale. It was as if all the blood had been drained from her face. 


Her body trembled. She gripped onto her dress so tightly that her knuckles turned white. [Did Gu Changge say that because he intends on getting rid of me?]


“Gu Changge, you…” 


The Great Elder’s face turned cold, [If Gu Changge can’t swear upon his Dao Heart, this means that he indeed still harbors ill-intent towards Gu Xianer. So, he may still intend to harm her. If he is like this, how can he expect me to trust him?] 


As if Gu Changge didn’t hear Great Elder’s mutter, he ignorantly rambled on, which made Gu Xianer’s expression turn cold as she heard it. “Great Elder, don’t you think this request is too unreasonable? If I swear upon my Dao Heart that I cannot harm my enemies in any way, doesn’t that mean that I can only await my death?” 


“Great Elder, if you were in my position, would you agree?” 


Gu Changge gave a gentle smile. At this point in time, he could only manipulate others through his words. 


“About this…” The Great Elder frowned, “I was indeed careless.” 


The Great Elder overlooked one thing, [If Gu Xianer wants to kill Gu Changge, what can Gu Changge do? Can Gu Changge only await his death? That is certainly impossible. Unless, Gu Xianer also swears upon her Dao Heart that she will forget all her hatred…]


The Great Elder shook his head, it was unrealistic. He only thought about protecting Gu Xianer and completely forgot about Gu Changge. He was the kind of man who definitely won’t let himself suffer. 


Gu Xianer was snapped out of her reverie. [I see. This request is too unreasonable for him. With his personality, he definitely will not accept it. Would I be willing to swear upon my Dao Heart that I will not harm any of my enemies? Not unless there is a problem with my brain or if that enemy of mine was of some special significance to me.] 


The thought of these helped Gu Xianer understand where Gu Changge was coming from, but it still made her feel desolate. [In the end, does he still see me as an enemy?]


Just as thoughts started to flood into the minds of the trio, Gu Changge opened his mouth and continued, “However, since this person is Xianer, I’ll agree to this request.”


[What!?] Hearing this, Gu Xianer was stunned, while her eyes widened. 


[Are my ears working? Did I mishear him? He had beat around the bush for so long, but chose to agree in the end? Why would he agree to such an unreasonable request? Does he really intend on leaving me, a ticking time bomb, alive?] Gu Xianer’s heart was flooded with many different complicated emotions… joy, happiness, excitement, sourness. Her heart felt like a broken seasoning bottle, it had a mixed taste of everything. 


“That’s why I said that Changge has his own good intentions towards you, Xianer…” Gu Nanshan reacted quickly. He was also surprised by Gu Changge agreeing. Still complimenting Gu Changge was definitely the best thing to do at this moment. 


From the perspective of the Gu Family, this was naturally the harmonious scene they wanted to see most. As long as Gu Changge agrees not to harm Gu Xianer, everything will be easy. 


Of course, Gu Nanshan was unaware that behind Gu Xianer, there were many greatly cultivated masters, which included a Peach Tree with an unimaginable lineage. Since Gu Changge took his life seriously, he had taken all of these people into consideration as well when he agreed to this proposal.


“Since you say so, I hope you can uphold your promise. By swearing upon your Dao Heart, I am sure you know the consequences if you were to break your promise.” The Great Elder nodded his head in agreement, while complicated emotions drowned his eyes. He thought…[Did I misunderstand him? Although his ways of doing things are truly demonic, he hasn’t reached the level of madness. Could it be that there was a reason behind him digging out his cousin’s bone?]


The Great Elder looked towards Gu Xianer, who was beaming in delight and shook his head, [Looks like I need to find some time to slowly explain everything to her.]


[Innate Demonic Nature…] The Great Elder pondered over this. Initially, he was uninterested in it. Now, he wanted to figure everything out about this condition. 


Gu Changge said calmly, “Great Elder, can you rest assured now?” 


[Even if Gu Xianer has any malicious intent towards me, I can easily suppress her. Thus, I’m not afraid of her doing anything to me. Well, she is probably too overwhelmed with happiness right now, to have an ounce of malice towards me. As for swearing upon my Dao Heart? It is useless to me. I’ve swore on countless things before. If swearing works, then just how do people continuously back out on their promises?]


“I hope you don’t disappoint me.” The Great Elder nodded his head. 


“Then I would have to trouble the Great Elder with the Celestial Ancient Dragon Race.” Gu Changge said with a smile. [The appearance of the Great Elder represents the stance of the entire Skyward Schloss. By the time I make an appearance with my identity as the successor of Skyward Schloss, I don’t believe the Dragon Race will not give in. As long as I can control them, uniting all Ancient Celestial Races will be much easier.] 


Gu Changge had a huge appetite and definitely wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. Currently, his target was all Celestial Races, but soon, it will expand to the rest of the factions in the Boundless Heaven. The day he finally conquers the entire Boundless Heaven, would be the day he reveals his hidden claws. 


When the Great Elder’s shadow disappeared, Gu Changge once again headed towards the Celestial Ancient Continent. Since he had promised, the Great Elder would definitely do it. 


‘Xianer, are you touched by my actions?” Gu Changge looked towards the still stunned Gu Xianer and chuckled. Even if Gu Xianer didn’t reply, he already knew the answer. After all, the System’s prompt had already shown him once again gaining Fortuity and Fatum from her.


“Who would be touched by you? A monster with hidden motives.” Gu Xianer snapped out of her jovial state and glared at him. She even moved a few steps back, hoping to get away from him. Though, she was just trying to hide her heart, which was thumping rapidly. 


“Then, that’s all well and good.” The smile on Gu Changge’s face disappeared as he recollected himself. “Remember everything I told you. Do not have any other feelings towards me. In the end, the only one who will regret, is you.”


“Gu Changge, don’t spout nonsense. Who holds any other feelings towards you?” Having her inner thoughts and feelings exposed, Gu Xianer was just like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on. She fiercely stared daggers at him. 


[This is the second time he is saying this to me. The first time could have been an accident, but what could the second time mean?] At that moment, Gu Xianer even had the illusion that Gu Changge could foresee the future. What made her over the moon just now, now made her frustrated and annoyed. 




Seeing how Gu Nanshan was about to open his mouth, Gu Changge’s eyes flickered as he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Ancestor. All it takes is just one sentence for me to admit Xianer’s identity.” 


Gu Nanshan nodded his head and shut his mouth. Although Gu Nanshan was an Ancestor, he couldn’t do anything to force Gu Changge and make him do the things he didn’t want to do. Afterall, Gu Changge was the Young Master of the Gu Family. Thus, he was also the face of the Gu Family. This naturally meant that he was someone who mustn’t be humiliated. 


If Gu Nanshan, an Ancestor, was the one who admitted Gu Xianer’s identity to the world, then the Gu Family would definitely be disgraced and become the object of ridicule of all the great factions. Gu Nanshan still needed to take such things into consideration and would not dare to do such a thing. 


“Gu Changge, I don’t need you to prove my identity. I don’t care about it.” Gu Xianer’s tone towards Gu Changge showed her usual hostile attitude towards him. 


“Then I’ll watch the show unfold from the sidelines and see how the Ancient Sea Palace is going to take their revenge on you. How does that sound?” Gu Changge asked casually. 


Gu Changge wouldn’t never let Gu Xianer be arrogant to such a degree. It was time to put this pawn, the Ancient Sea Palace, to good use. Of course, if Gu Xianer continues to be so haughty, Gu Changge would let her understand the meaning of a true spanking. 




Gu Xianer grinded her teeth, [I won’t be afraid of the Ancient Sea palace if they don’t have such a large force with such strong foundation. Gu Changge, you best stop looking down on others. At most, I’ll just escape back to the Peach Village when the time comes. No matter how strong the Ancient Sea Palace is, can they dominate the entire Endless Sea Clan to fight against Peach Village?]


“Don’t make trouble, be more obedient. This is an opportunity that I have specially prepared for you. You are originally the Youngest Princess of the Gu Family, the jewel in everyone’s eyes…This is who you should be.” Gu Changge said, as he gently smiled and looked towards her.


Gu Xianer had never seen such a soft and gentle side from him before. She was stunned by the sight of this. 


There was a buzzing sound in her head, preventing her from hearing what Gu Changge had said. In her head, the only words she could hear was ‘Don’t make trouble’, which continued to play on a loop, as if her head was a broken radio. 


Gu Xianer suddenly felt her face getting hot, [I must look like a boiled crab right now! …]



The news of the many cultivators from the Ancient Sea Palace rushing towards Skyward Ancient City shook the entire Boundless Heaven, attracting the attention of many cultivators. This had caused them to come forth to spectate the scene. 


As the ancient force that has ruled the Endless sea for countless years, the power of the Ancient Sea Palace was undoubtedly great. 


The Cult of Immortality and alongside many formidable factions were quite vigilant against the Ancient Sea Palace and did not dare to easily provoke them. 


Thus, the news of a female disciple of the Great Elder of Skyward Schloss killing the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Family rocked the world. Many cultivators thought that the Ancient Sea Palace would rage and force Skyward Schloss to surrender this female disciple.  


Although Gu Xianer’s identity wasn’t a secret, no one in the Immortal Gu Family acknowledged her. This meant that Gu Xianer was most likely kicked out of the Immortal Gu Family. Now that she killed the Seventh Princess of the Ancient Sea Palace, many cultivators believed that it was impossible for the Immortal Gu Family to go against the great and powerful Ancient Sea Palace for a mere descendant that was already kicked out of the family. 


That wouldn’t be a smart move, plus the Great Elder of Skyward Schloss would most likely be unable to protect Gu Xianer. No matter how powerful he is, it is impossible for him to fight against the great power of the Ancient Sea Palace. Not to mention, it is impossible for the Skyward Schloss to go against the Ancient Sea Palace for a mere disciple. 


By this reasoning, when the Ancient Sea Palace started aggressively charging forward with their thousands of warships, many already believed that they knew how this would end. Still, they undoubtedly feel deeply sympathetic. Maybe it was regret and pity… towards a little girl who was strong enough to be on par with Gu Changge. 


It was obvious that all the Ancient Sea Palace wanted was revenge. That was why they had chosen to go to Skyward Schloss, instead of the Immortal Gu Family.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!*


At that moment, the thousands of kilometers East of the Skyward Ancient City were filled with mighty warships that covered sunlight from the sky, creating a bone-chilling atmosphere. A terrifying aura swept across, shaking the world. Many people  from the Ancient Sea Palace, such as shrimp soldiers and crab generals, had emerged from the deep sea. Dark blue runes shot up the sky, just like the large blue sea. With their eyes full of murderous intent, they rushed into the area where Skyward Schloss was located. 


“Seeing how aggressive the Ancient Sea Palace is, a battle is inevitable. It is obvious how furious they are. They are serious about getting justice for their Seventh Princess.”


“It was during the fight between young prodigies, their little princess got killed due to her incapability. How do they still have the face to seek justice?” A cultivator at the side said as their eyebrows furrowed. They found the Ancient Sea Palace’s action to be shameless. 


“You can’t say that. It can only be called a fight between the younger generation when they are of the same status. One with seemingly no status offended someone chosen by heaven, born with immeasurable backing. So, how can that be called a fight? That can only be called throwing yourself to the wolves.” Another cultivator sneered.


“Yeah, that’s true.” The rest of the cultivators sighed. 


“However, I heard that the situation at that time had nothing to do with that Gu girl, instead she was actually the one who was being chased after. At that time of crisis, the Immortal Gu Family’s Young Master, Gu Changge, appeared and saw how a member of his family was being bullied. Thus, in a fit of fury, he suppressed the Ancient Sea Palace’s Seventh Princess. Afterwhich, the Gu girl killed the Seventh Princess, creating this chaos.”


“Yea, what a pity for that girl. Aside from the Great Elder, I‘m afraid no one else will protect her. The Gu Family didn’t even react to this ruckus caused by the Ancient Sea Palace.” 


In each Ancient City, there were cultivators discussing the situation. During their discussion, they rose up into the sky and turned into divine rainbows, as they followed behind and to watch the exciting bustle. 


They were unaware of the many secrets of the Immortal Gu Family, and even more so of the many great cultivators hidden behind Gu Xianer. In fact, no matter how strong the Ancient Sea Palace was, they couldn’t do much to Gu Xianer. And Gu Changge knew this. However, it did not stop him from using the Ancient Sea Palace, a force that was obviously great for Gu Xianer’s experience, as a pawn in his game. 


*Boom! Boom! Boom!*


Tens of thousands of Sea Clan members blocked the sky. One could hear their terrifying aura from millions of kilometers away, and they had reached Skyward Schloss.


“Hand over the murderer! Skyward Schloss, hand over Gu Xianer! Return justice to the Seventh Princess!” All of them roared, which was so loud it shook the sky. 


In one of the Ancient Sea Palace’s warships in the sky, appeared a leader with blue hair. He had a medium built and his eyes were cold and indifferent. 


“Skyward Schloss, hand over Gu Xianer!” Although he was the Great Commander of the Ancient Sea Palace, he was also shouting, hoping to pressurize Skyward Schloss into handing over Gu Xianer. 


The death of the Seventh Princess had caused the Sea King go into rage. Every member of the Endless Sea Clan within a radius of hundreds of millions of kilometers felt the brunt of his anger. 


The blue-haired leader stood out, his hand holding a blue trident, radiating a fearsome aura. The aura of the Sacred Lord Realm crashed down onto the world, causing it to tremble. Soon, the imposing aura consolidated into showing the Sacred Lord Dharma Body, which stood at the horizon. 


The Sacred Lord Dharma Body covered the sky and blocked all light. It was a sight that was beyond terrifying. Its eyes were like vast lakes that covered the sky in an instant. The runes around it transformed into a long chain, wrapping around the trident in its hands. The formidable force of the Sacred Lord Realm once again caused the world to tremble under its might. Countless cultivators saw and felt helpless. Their eyes widened and they couldn’t breathe. This was a scene that they could merely imagine in their heads. Now, seeing in real life, it was truly something else. 


“A Sacred Lord Realm being’s true form!” 


“The Ancient Sea Palace must be truly livid to have sent such an extraordinary cultivator.” 


The spectating cultivators were all frightened. Their faces turned pale as they retreated towards safety. If a war started and the Sacred Lord Dharma Body striked, they definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow and would surely turn into ash, only to be collected by the wind. 


“This is the Sacred Lord Dharma Body!” 


The faces of many Elders of Skyward Schloss changed. Facing such a fearful force made them feel as though half their soul was going to be frozen. Their cultivation level was only at the Quasi-Sacred Realm. If they fought, they were sure to die. 


“The Great Elder hasn’t returned to Skyward Schloss, what can we do? Invite those old monsters to deal with this?” 


In a split second, their faces turned solemn. They weren’t clear about how much hatred there was between Gu Changge and Gu Xianer. Thus, they thought, [If the Great Elder doesn’t appear, no one else can stop that Sacred Lord Realm being from the Ancient Sea Palace, even the current Skyward Schloss Master’s cultivation level was only in the Sacred Noble Realm….] 


“Gu Xianer is the Great Elder’s disciple. Even if the Ancient Sea Palace continues to advance aggressively, they probably won’t dare to cross that line.” The faces of the crowd of Skyward Schloss’ Elders and disciples changed.


At that moment, a divine rainbow appeared in the sky, followed by a tiny slim figure. Beautiful and graceful. It was Gu Xianer.


Her face was indifferent. Despite facing the frightening Ancient Sea Palace, she remained unfazed. Her expression was still and calm, with not a single hint of fear. 


“I am here.” Gu Xianer said gently.


At that moment, the world went quiet. Many were shocked by Gu Xianer. Seeing how things were, they didn’t think she would dare to appear. In fact, the tens of thousands sent by the Ancient Sea Palace were just in front of her. In addition, there were even high level experts hidden in the midst of the dense army. 


[There is even someone with a Sacred Lord Dharma Body here! Where does Gu Xianer get all her confidence and courage from?]


The Immortal Gu Family did not bother to shelter her, and the Great Elder didn’t appear. Skyward Schloss had also chosen to remain silent. Currently, her weak and frail silhouette stood there, alone. 


“Little girl, you’re very brave to come and dig your own grave. I guess that saves you some torment.” The Ancient Sea Palace’s Great Commander said while coldly looking at her, It was as though his words words were subtly hinting that he had already given her the death penalty. 


“Do you know how the Seventh Princess died?” Gu Xianer asked, as she wore a calm expression. 


“How did she die?” The Great Commander’s face turned cold as he furrowed his brows. At the same, the tens of thousands Endless Sea Clan members behind him became even more furious. They didn’t think Gu Xianer would dare to bring this up. This made them so angry that they wanted to immediately rush forward and stab her with a thousand knives.


“Because she bullied me.” Gu Xianer said calmly, while facing the rage-filled eyes of the Endless Sea Clan.


“You…” The Great Commander was shaking with rage. At this point, no one dared to stand with her, yet, Gu Xianer dared to still provoke them. She was really the best in seeking her own death. 


Suddenly, the Sacred Lord Dharma Body waved its palm. An extremely terrifying force transformed into a golden palm and shot forward. This one golden palm seemed to have the ability to crush and destroy everything, with runes and the Principles of the Sacred Lord Realm glowing in it. Space itself trembled and shattered!


At that moment, a pill, radiating a frightening glow, shot over. The glow of a sword followed, smashing this golden palm into pieces. Afterwhich, Gu Changge placidly strolled out of the Void. 


“What a powerful Dharma Body, but don’t you think it’s beneath your status to use such a method against a little girl?” He chuckled, directly facing the fearful might of a Sacred Lord Dharma Body. 


It was not like Gu Changge did not wish to continue stringing things along behind the scene. It was just that the show he had built up had arrived at the climax. To show the Ancient Sea Palace was digging its own grave, he naturally had to come out and make a bigger scene. That way, the impact would be larger. 


Gu Xianer remembered what her Ancestor, Gu Nanshan, had said to her earlier on, “Do not worry and stand up with confidence.” 


Since her Ancestor was able to kill a being in the Sacred King Realm with just one wave of his palm and she had many hidden trump cards in her hands, Gu Xianer naturally did not need to worry about her own safety. That was why she went in front of such a large army without any hesitation. Still, she would have never thought that Gu Changge, and not her Ancestor, would be the one shielding her.


[Could it be? Is he going to use this to admit my identity to the world?] Gu Xianer blankly looked at Gu Changge with her unblinking gem-like eyes.  


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