I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 184, What Can’t Be Said About What Happened Back Then? Let Me Put on a Good Act…


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“Young Master Gu? What do you mean? After what has happened, you still want to protect her?” Gu Changge’s appearance, not only changed the Great Commander’s expression and made him furrow his brows, but also made the other spectators widen their eyes. Many knew one thing… that Gu Xianer and Gu Changge had a conflict and fell out. It has been like this ever since Gu Xianer was accepted into Skyward Schloss. 


[Now, he is standing up to help her?] That scene shocked everyone, all kinds of thoughts flashed in their minds, they were shocked beyond words. Even within Skyward Schloss, everyone knew not to go too close to Gu Xianer because doing so would offend and infuriate Gu Changge. That was why… Gu Xianer did not have a single friend in Skyward Schloss. 


Everyone in Skyward Schloss was shocked. They had guessed that someone would stand up for Gu Xianer, they just didn’t expect that person to be Gu Changge. 


As for Gu Xianer, people suddenly became envious of her. At that moment, they looked at the young man in the sky. He was wearing white robes with fluttering sleeves. Many young female disciples made up various stories in their heads, as their gaze became strange. 


“You’re asking me what I mean?” As though he heard the funniest joke in the world, Gu Changge’s tone became cold and indifferent, “At this point, do you still not understand? Gu Xianer is a member of my Gu Family. Only I can bully her. If you all want to try and bully her, hell awaits you!” 




The moment he said that, the whole world suddenly darkened. The mighty sound of the warships blared in all directions. Starting from the Supreme Peak, many extremely tall and ancient copper ships emerged. 


*Boom! Boom! Boom!*


The many cultivators who were originally from Primal Celestial Temple drove their ancient warships towards Skyward Schloss, blocking the eight thousand kilometers radius of the area. The terrifying divine light that flowed around the warships also intertwined in the area, forming what seemed to be a new galaxy. A might murderous aura surged which blanked the world. 


In between Heaven and Earth, behind Gu Changge, came his Grand Dao Dharma Body, which made its move. As though it was boundless and could contain Heaven and Earth, its palm could cover the entire universe. Facing the Sacred Lord Dharma Body, it was unfazed and continued to strike straight down! 


When Gu Changge made his move, he only exposed his surface cultivation level, which was in the Partial-Enlightened Realm, but he still dared to strike out against someone in the Sacred Lord Realm!


That scene was tantamount to a mayfly shaking a tree, but it still made everyone widen their eyes in horror. [Isn’t this going a little too far? Directly ignoring the might of someone in the Sacred Lord Realm and audaciously attacking?]


“Young Master Gu, you… Do you really want to start a war with my Ancient Sea Palace just for her?” The Great Commander’s face turned stiff. He became livid. He didn’t expect Gu Changge to dare make a move. Furthermore, there was an army blocking the whole eight thousand kilometers radius of this place. This was the method that the Primal Celestial Temple used to trap cultivators before committing a massacre! It was clear Gu Changge had set his mind on killing them. 




Facing Gu Changge’s strike, the Great Commander naturally did not care. With a wave of his hand, the Principles that a Sacred Lord Realm being controlled suddenly appeared. It turned into a large grinding disc, dissipating the blow from Gu Changge. The difference in their cultivation level could be described as the difference between Heaven and Earth. No matter how good Gu Changge’s skills were, nothing could change this vast difference between them. 


But what the Great Commander didn’t expect was for Gu Changge to directly strike at the Ancient Sea Palace, just for Gu Xianer. 


That suggested a conflict would erupt between both Sects, which could very well lead to the most terrifying war in history. It was indeed true that the Sea King feared the Immortal Gu Family. That’s why they chose the easier target, Gu Xianer, to seek justice for their Seventh Princess. If not, how could they raise their heads in front of the other great forces? 


They knew that the biggest reason why Gu Xianer could kill the Seventh Princess was because of Gu Changge. 


[Still… just for Gu Xianer, is it worth it for him to act this way?] From the Great Commander point of view, Gu Changge should be happy with this outcome. Thus, he wondered why Gu Changge would come and stop them. This made the Great Commander feel extremely furious, at the same time, confused. 


“Why do I still feel touched even though every word out of that guy’s mouth is infuriating…” Upon hearing Gu Changge’s words and seeing him standing in front of her, Gu Xianer immediately felt relieved. 


Although the chances of Gu Changge doing this as an act was high, it was still undeniable that he had come to her aid. The scene was similar to what happened back in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Just like what was happening now, he had also appeared to shield Gu Xianer from the army of people from the Ancient Sea Palace. But, this time, he was more direct about it, and tried to dominate everyone from the start. 


[No, he had planned all of this. He didn’t kill the Seventh Princess himself, because he wanted to stir up anger from the Ancient Sea Palace. He wanted to create such a huge commotion and attract the attention of everyone in the Boundless Heaven… and then create an opportunity for me?] Gu Xianer pondered. She wasn’t that stupid. 


Linking Gu Changge’s words from the past, Gu Xianer suddenly thought. [Now… how can I still continue to hate him?] 


Her feelings were so complicated that she couldn’t begin to comprehend them. 


Gu Changge gently smiled, “Why would I not stand up for her? If you are asking if it’s a matter of being worthwhile, then this is quite a nice opportunity I can take advantage of. Today, I have to tell everyone something. Xianer is my sister, and thus, is the Little Princess of the Immortal Gu Family. I haven’t been treating her well all these years and for that, I have been guilt-ridden. It is just that I haven’t had the opportunity to make amends. But…if the Ancient Sea Palace dares to bully her, I will trample your Ancient Sea Palace flat.” His sentences weren’t long, yet they resonated throughout the world. 


As if a bolt of lightning struck them, countless people were stunned and became speechless. No one thought that this would happen. Many who knew about the hidden tug of war within the Immortal Gu Family were shocked. In their opinion, it was impossible for Gu Changge to do something like this to the Ancient Sea Palace. After all, if what happened back then get exposed, not only Gu Changge, but everyone in the Immortal Gu Family would be humiliated. 


[Is Gu Changge really going to do that? Also, trample the Ancient Sea Palace flat? This level of audacity and confidence, is only to be as expected of Gu Changge!] It didn’t seem out of place for such words to come out of his mouth, instead it was very natural. Everyone felt how invincibile he was!


“Gu Changge…” Gu Xianer was once again shocked by Gu Changge’s words. [Seeing him like this, does he really intend on telling the world about the bone digging incident? But this won’t do him any good! If he wants to prove my identity, he can do it in another way.] 


“Gu Changge, why have you become so stupid? This is so unlike you…” Gu Xianer couldn’t help but mumble, her crystal-like eyes showing how her mind had become blank. 


Hearing Gu Changge’s words, the Great Commander’s face turned stiff as he coldly said, “Trample my Ancient Sea Palace flat? Young Master Gu, what a bold claim. Since you want to shield that little girl, then don’t blame me for being ruthless… The Sea King has decreed, today, we must capture Gu Xianer and uphold justice for our Seventh Princess.” 


The terrifying force from the Sacred Lord Realm swept across the sky. The void trembled and the stars moved. 


The Great Commander led the tens of thousands of members from the Endless Sea Clan here. If he retreated and ran away due to Gu Changge’s threat, wouldn’t the Ancient Sea Palace be severely humiliated? Not to forget, there were so many people watching them nearby. Everything that had happened would definitely be sensationalized and spread throughout the world. By then, it wouldn’t end well! 


From afar, the expressions of many spectators’ expression changed as they quickly fled. A war was going to break out, and its devastating and disastrous impact would be unimaginable. 


“Sea King? Who is that? I’ll say it straight, whoever dares to touch Xianer today, will have their entire sect, their families destroyed by the Gu Family. We will not spare a single person. Feel free to doubt the authenticity of my words if you don’t mind trying.” Gu Changge stood tall in the sky, with his hands behind his back. 


Still, hearing Gu Changge’s words, the Great Commander smiled. After all, Gu Changge was too weak for him to be concerned about. 


The Ancient Sea Palace seemed powerful and mighty, yet in comparison to the hidden force behind Gu Xianer, they were merely opponents to grind and gain experience. If the Ancient Sea Palace really intended on killing Gu Xianer, the Masters behind her would definitely not sit idly by. With her cultivation level, it was impossible for her to survive till now if she didn’t have any hidden force backing her. 


Even though Gu Changge chose to stand up for Gu Xianer, and seemed to be risking himself for her, behind the scenes, everything was for his own benefit. 


At that moment, everyone couldn’t help but gasp, as they felt the terrifying murderous aura from Gu Changge’s tone. Even the ruler of the Ancient Sea Palace became a joke in Gu Changge’s mouth. 


Everyone from the Ancient Sea Palace trembled with rage as they glared at Gu Changge, wishing they could kill him. The Ancient Sea Palace was too used to being the dominant power in the Endless Sea, they had never experienced such humiliation and belittlement! That wasn’t the level of simple provocation. 


“Young Master of the Gu Family. He has always been strong and confident. So much so that he doesn’t even place the Ancient Sea Palace in his eyes. But maybe he really does have that ability. Among the younger generation, who can truly compete with him? Let’s not talk about others first, just only his courage. How many people can match his courage alone? Talking and laughing freely, while contending against a Sacred Lord Realm being!” Many present couldn’t help but sign. 


The disciples of Skyward Schloss, one by one, became quiet. Afterall, Gu Changge still had another identity, Skyward Schloss’s successor! In fact, his actions had convinced many Elders that they needed to respect his abilities. 


At this time, the shadow of someone else started to appear behind Gu Changge. 


“If only I could have a brother like him, how nice would it be?” Many young girls fantasized in their hearts as their eyes were filled with pink hearts. They were envious of Gu Xianer. Wasn’t Gu Changge’s actions counted as him going against the entire Ancient Sea Palace just for her?


“How laughable. Young Master Gu, you are simply too arrogant. With the Sea King’s decree, so what if you have a Gu Family Ancestor behind you? Do you really think you can challenge the entire Endless Sea Clan? The might of the Ancient Sea Palace alone is far beyond your imagination!” The Great Commander laughed, yet his eyes were cold and indifferent. He was aware of everything that happened in the Celestial Ancient Continent. He knew how the Feathered Clan, which had Sacred King Realm Ancestors, were easily killed by the Immortal Gu Family Ancestor. 


That was why, in case anything happened, the Great Commander also brought along the Sea King’s decree. This decree was not a simple object, it was refined by the Sea King over a long period of time. It contained the full blow of the Sea King’s power at his peak. Even if the Gu Family Ancestor was in the Sacred King Realm, they could still defend themselves! Not to mention, behind the Ancient Sea Palace, was the gigantic and interwoven Endless Sea Clan, the oldest, biggest and most prosperous race. If an immortal war really breaks out, the Ancient Sea Palace need not be afraid! 


“Seems like the Ancient Sea Palace has a death wish, so, shall I lend you a hand?” Gu Changge chuckled as his hand was behind his back. As he said these words, a terrifying rumbling energy loomed in the sky. The many ancient warships from the Primal Celestial Temple came into view, small but densely packed runes drifted around the atmosphere, revealing a divine light. Following Gu Changge’s orders, a petrifying energy brewed, seemingly sinking the world into destruction. 


It was no secret that the Primal Celestial Temple was connected to the Immortal Gu Family. The blinding divine light was incomparably splendid. It intertwined with the atmosphere, its energy enough to bring everything to ashes. Seeing the scene before his eyes, the Great Commander’s expression suddenly became sullen and he loudly roared,“You dare!?” 


He raged. A huge palm that covered the sky like the Sun pressed forward. As if there was tens of thousands of feet stomping, the sky trembled, covering everything. It was a terrifying force large enough to engulf the entire Skyward Ancient City. At that moment, the surrounding cultivators, even those sleeping old masters who were clueless about the situation brewing, were awakened. 


“The might of the Sacred Lord Realm is a truly terror. It is able to overturn everything.” An old master solemnly muttered. 


Within clans and races, Ancestors were commonly in the Sacred King Realm. They only awakened or came out if a huge disaster had occurred. Afterall, in this day and age, those who reached the Sacred Lord Realm were so powerful that they had no opponents. Someone contending against a Sacred Lord Realm being was a sight so rare that it had never been seen before. 


“Primal Intent, come forth!”


With Gu Changge’s true cultivation level being in the Quasi-Sacred Realm, there were many possible ways for him to fight against someone in the Sacred Lord Realm. But currently, he couldn’t reveal his true cultivation level. That’s why he came up with another solution. 


Primal Intent was a Primal Celestial Temple secret technique. 


Coincidentally, many primal warships were gathered in all directions, he could make use of their energy. An average cultivator definitely couldn’t control such energy, their body and Primordial Spirit would explode. However, Gu Changge was not an average cultivator. His real cultivation evel greatly exceeded his current shown realm. However, even if anyone got suspicious, he could always lie about it, claiming that it was possible due to his own Talent.  


The next moment, a string of runes, which came from the ancient copper warship, gathered to form an ocean-like mass, before falling towards Gu Changge like a ray of light that took over everything. As Gu Changge’s energy grew exponentially without end, his Grand Dao Dharma Body surged and became a magnificent and intimidating size. 


As he shook his fingers and raised his hand, strands of sword energy bloomed in the atmosphere, as if it was an unrivaled immortal sword. It clanged loudly and shone a thick sword-like beam. The rumbling sound was so loud that it seemed as though it could move mountains, rivers, the Sun and the Moon out of its way. It was enough to cut down the stars that laid far out in space. 


It turned into sword energy several hundred meters in length and sliced through the huge palm. Instantly, terrifying waves erupted in the area, as if countless stars exploded all at one time. A tear appeared in the void and endless brilliance shot through the sky. 


“What!?” The Great Commander was surprised, he felt his palm being blocked and that there was a slight yet sharp sword energy that penetrated through. 


“This is a Primal Demonic Temple secret technique! Who would have imagined that, when used by Gu Changge, it would be a means to fight against someone in the Sacred Lord Realm!?” Many older cultivators were shocked. They recognised the method Gu Changge was using. He was utilizing the energy from the Primal Celestial Temple’s warships, which covered all directions. Otherwise, with Gu Changge’s current ability, it would be impossible for him to fight against someone in the Sacred Lord Realm. 


This secret technique could only be mastered by a few disciples in the Primal Celestial Temple, as it would explode once out of control. As the many cultivators saw how Gu Changge’s power grew to the point where he could fight against someone in the Sacred Lord Realm, their hearts trembled. Especially those in the younger generation, their eyes were about to pop out. 


“As expected of the Walking Taboo, any other young prodigy definitely cannot deal with such immense energy. Not to mention the control needed to not cause one harm. Is this the terrifying difference between the young prodigies and the Walking Taboo? The gap between us and Gu Changge is just too great… we can’t even begin to compare ourselves…” The young prodigies couldn’t help but quiver in fear. 


Although Gu Changge was only able to pull this stunt through tricks, it was enough to show his immense might. Even if they were given the opportunity to pull such a trick, they probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish what Gu Changge did. Afterall, not everyone was as monstrous as him!


“The Sacred Lord Realm is just that. With such meager power, you dare seek justice?” Gu Changge calmly questions while resisting a blow from someone in the Sacred Lord Realm. It was as if he did not care at all. With such a tone, he was just openly insulting the Great Commander. 


Nonetheless, he continued, “But since you want justice, I’ll have you know today what justice is.” 


Hearing this, the Great Commander’s face turned ashened and gloomy. His blue veins bulged in anger. It was the first time he had seen someone so rude and unreasonable. “What a liar, trying to bully the weak! In the first place, Gu Xianer was the one who killed a member of my Ancient Sea Palace. She has to pay the price for her act of murder! Gu Changge, no matter how strong you are, don’t you think you’re being too unreasonable?” 


Gu Changge completely did not show any respect to the Ancient Sea Palace at all. He didn’t even care about the Great Commander, someone in the Sacred Lord Realm! He was arrogant, overbearing and unreasonable! 


As he saw how the hatred within the Great Commander was about to explode, a strange color flashed in Gu Changge’s eyes. Then, with a faint mocking voice, he sounded out again. This time, showing an even more terrifying indifference in his voice and his strength. 


“With Skyward Schloss’s territory, all of you only need to remember one thing, what I say is justice. Now, I’ll say this. I was the one who made Gu Xianer kill the Seventh Princess. In short, I was the one who killed her. What can all of you do to me now?” 




With a wave of his sleeve, a frightening sword-like beam descended from the edge of the world. The trembling sound it made was as though hundreds of millions of swords were being shot out in unison, creating a deafening clanging sound! At that moment, everyone stared blankly at this scene as an indescribable feeling hung around in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Gu Changge showcased an extraordinary and invincible demeanor. 


“Gu Changge…” Gu Xianer was also stunned, she didn’t know how true Gu Changge’s words were. But whether it was true or false, it didn’t matter anymore. At least, right then,Gu Changge was true to his words, he was really standing in front of her and shielding her from harm. 


“The Ancient Sea Palace seems to be nothing more than just that! They only dared to bully Gu Xianer because they knew that she was an easy target. Now, I’m afraid, they’ve gone too far to back down!”


“Still, Gu Changge’s is too overbearing. Even the Ancient Sea Palace is too scared to do anything…” Many cultivators were shocked, but continued to speculate what was going to happen. 


At that moment, Gu Changge raised his palm and hundreds of millions of sword-like beams fell from the sky! He kept up his aloof attitude even though he was standing in front of an army, and even when faced against someone in the Sacred Lord Realm. He didn’t care even if there were tens of thousands of people in front of him. Those who once just admired Gu Changge, were now overzealous fans. 


“Gu Changge, you had better think about it carefully. Aren’t you afraid of us revealing the truth about what you did back then, once you wage war against us? What about your Gu Family’s name? Would your Gu Family dare to admit it?” Murderous intent flashed in the eyes of those from the Ancient Sea Palace as they could not take it anymore and shouted loudly at Gu Changge




However, upon hearing those voices, Gu Changge simply turned his head and glared at them. A sword-like beam shot across, directly slicing their bodies and divine spirits into two. The speed of the sword was so fast that even the Great Commander didn’t have time to react. The burst of the sword-like beam instantly pierced through the sky and illuminated even the distant starry space. Countless cultivators felt chills all over their bodies as they stared at the scene. 


“Try saying another sentence.” Gu Changge said coolly. At the same time, a ray of blinding light that seemed to be able to cut through the past to the present and the many light years to come, burst forth from his finger.


Death, destruction and horror. No one could accurately describe the divine power the sword-like beam contained, it was as though a true immortal could be defeated by it. There was no beginning and no end, it was difficult to find the cause-effect relationship. 


“You…” the Great Commander’s expression suddenly changed and it seemed as though his divine spirit was also frightened. Immediately after, the murderous aura on his face had also become stronger. However, the Great Commander knew that there was a Gu Family Ancestor hiding somewhere in the dark, thus, he dared not act rashly. 


“What did they say just now? Something about what Gu Changge did back then? Is there really some hidden secret? Looks like there are some hidden grievances and bad blood between Gu Changge and Gu Xianer.” In the distance, the eyes of the many cultivators widened in shock. They caught onto what those from Ancient Sea Palace were saying. After all, how could they not when those that died were killed because of what they said? 


[What is going on? What can make the Immortal Gu Family lose face?] The same questions rose in everyone’s hearts. Those cultivators who knew about some of these secrets also had a change in their expressions. If one said such a thing, it would be equivalent to offending the entire Immortal Gu Family. So, who would dare to open their mouth? 


The expressions of everyone looking at Gu Changge changed, as they anticipated his next words. Gu Xianer opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything. In this case, she was completely the victim. 


When the truth comes to light, the Gu Family would definitely lose face, just like what the Ancient Sea Palace had said. Gu Xianer only chose to keep it a secret and not announce it to the world because she was still close to the Gu Family. 


However, now, based on Gu Changge’s actions, it was highly likely that he would reveal the truth behind what happened back then. As the Gu Family’s Young Master, for him to do so… Gu Xianer couldn’t bear to see it happen. She had no reason to hate Gu Changge anymore. 


“What’s there not to admit about what happened back then? If one is going to act like a good person, he should at least have the courage to admit his wrong doings.” At that moment, everyone looked towards Gu Changge. A strange smile appeared at the corner of his lip. He had planned and waited for this for a very long time. 


He continued to keep the Daoist Bone that was no longer of use to him, waiting for this day. After all, he got the Absolute Detachment Bone from the System Shop to replace the Daoist Bone. 


“But this has nothing to do with the Gu Family. I was the one who did it. So, there is no need to blame everything on my family. Don’t think I’m as shameless as all of you. Now, let me take the opportunity to return the bone.” As Gu Changge continued, everyone, including Gu Xianer and even Gu Nanshan who was hiding, were both shocked and amazed. 


Using his fingers, Gu Changge suddenly lifted up the bright sword energy, before dropping it! With a huff, it pierced through his chest! 


A blinding amount of blood splashed out, intertwined with divine energy. The blood was so brilliant looking that it was able to reflect the sky.




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