I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 185, Shocking the World by Digging Out the Daoist Bone, Where Is the So-Called Fairness?


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The sword-like beam penetrated the front and back. It had sent a ton of blood splattering everywhere. 


Suddenly, the world seemed to hum, as though it was chanting. Golden lotuses bloomed in space, as the sound of the Grand Dao reverberated. Divinity surged and there was even a gentle fragrance that permeated the atmosphere! Every drop of blood was crystal clear. As though it came from an ancient deity. Each drop seems to contain a small world. 


This scene shocked everyone, they didn’t think that Gu Changge would do something like this. [He actually harmed himself?] 


Many cultivators were even more confused by what Gu Changge had just said, [Return the bone? Return what bone? Is he really trying to dig out his own bone?] Many people couldn’t react fast enough. 


“You…” At this moment, even the Ancient Sea Palace’s Great Commander froze up. He originally had an expression of mockery but now, his face seems to only contain shock. 


“Gu Changge…” Gu Xianer’s voice started to tremble, as her beautiful eyes widened. Her jade hand tightly squeezed the corner of her skirt, while her heart stopped. 


She thought that Gu Changge would personally reveal the truth behind what had happened back then. But she didn’t expect him to be so ruthless, he directly dug out the bone from his body to return her. *Buzz!* Her entire head was empty as she stared at this scene with her mouth agape. She didn’t know what to say as she stood motionless in the air. 


“Who would’ve thought that Gu Changge would dig out his bone just to return it to his sister…”


“This guy is ruthless! He had no hesitation. It seems like he had expected all of this to happen…” 


The hearts of those cultivators, who secretly knew something about what happened back then, raced. Towards a junior like Gu Changge, they felt a strong sense of danger. That was fear and apprehension. 


“For his sister, he dug out the bone from his body… Who would’ve thought that Gu Changge would do something like this? If he knew this was going to happen, why did he do it in the first place? But it is still a good thing that he has revealed the truth. All these years, the Gu Family has wronged Xianer. Anyways, who cares about such gossip? Even if you take into account those in the Beyond, who would dare mention my Gu Family’s flaws?” Gu Nanshan sighed. 


When he looked towards Gu Cu Changge, his eyes softened. At that moment, even he felt that what happened back then may have been like what Gu Xianer had guessed. There hid a forbidden secret. 


At the same time, Gu Changge’s words resounded through Heaven and Earth. In simple and frank words, he described everything that happened back then. After all, paper can’t hold fire. It was just a matter of time before everyone found out about what happened back then. Thus, it was better for him to admit it himself. As long as he was the one who initiated it, nothing would go out of his control. Furthermore, who said that it would greatly negatively  impact him? 


Gu Changge continued, “This Daoist Bone originally belonged to Gu Xianer. Back then, when she was young and her parents were away, I took the chance to steal it. This caused her to suffer outside the Gu Family for more than ten years. Because of this, I owe her. Today, I can return to her the justice she deserves in front of everyone.” His expression and voice was calm, but his pupils wore a strange look. 


The sword-like beam pierced through everything, producing endless clanging sounds. At the site of the wound, was a splendid brilliance that interweaved inside. One after another, the glowing runes appeared. Crystal clear yet mysterious, vast yet secretive, holy yet ancient. As Gu Changge continued, the secret from back then was finally revealed. 


“Who would’ve known that there was such a huge secret between Gu Changge and Gu Xianer… This is unbelievable! If Gu Changge hadn’t admitted all of this, we wouldn’t have known anything. Up till now, rumours are still saying that Gu Xianer is the young prodigy of Nirvana. Turns out things are like that! Speaking of which, Gu Xianer is quite pitiful, having her cousin dig up her Daoist Bone when she was so young. ”


“Yeah, she had to endure such a thing at such a young age! Gu Changge is too much! She was originally the jewel of the Gu Family, but she had to roam the streets all these years. It is not easy having to experience the outside world at such a young age…” 


In the past, many young girls were envious of Gu Xianer having a big brother like Gu Changge to protect her. But none of them thought that Gu Xianer actually had such an unfortunate life. Now that Gu Changge had confessed to all of this, does that mean he plans to make it up to her? 


At that moment, everyone was stunned. Regardless of age, gender or faction, everyone was speechless. Even those who already knew something about what happened back then, were surprised that Gu Changge would personally reveal the truth. As they saw how Gu Changge frankly admitted everything and personally dug out the bone from his body, they found their hearts racing quicker.


Gu Changge was cruel to others, but he was even more cruel to himself.


If it were them, they couldn’t have dug out their bones so calmly. Just the thought of it sent shivers down their spine. However, whatever happened was a private matter of the Immortal Gu Family. How it ends had nothing to do with them. But after today, Gu Changge’s reputation and prestige would definitely suffer. 


As the most prominent young prodigy of the current generation, the brilliance that he radiated was incomparable. His ability had already reached the level of being known as the Walking Taboo. If there was one word to describe the past Gu Changge, that would be ‘perfection’! But now, there were unerasable stains on this perfect man. 


How old was Gu Changge ten years ago? How could he do such an inhumane thing? Who would’ve known that a cruel heart was hidden under his calm and jade-like demeanor. Now, even if he did everything in his power to make it up to Gu Xianer to fill the guilt in his heart, it would still be hard to erase that stain. This would follow Gu Changge for a lifetime! 


At that moment, many girls who used to admire Gu Changge felt like their world had collapsed. Their sight went pitch-black. In their eyes, Gu Changge was perfect, a piece of flawless jade, an unrivaled prince. How could he do such a thing? 


“Impossible, none of this is possible, this is all fake…” They muttered to themselves. It was difficult for them to accept it within such a short period of time. 


“Gu Changge, don’t say anymore… Whatever happened back then is all in the past.” At that moment, Gu Xianer, who had been stunned for a long time, finally snapped out of her thoughts. Her cold voice trembled. Her eyes turned slightly red. 


Despite her doing her best to act calm, it was obvious that her feelings were in a mess. Her mind was similarly confused. 


*Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!* It was as though there was a mosquito in her head. How could she possibly be calm at such a moment?


“Since I dared to do it, why would I not dare to admit it? I’ve used this Daoist Bone for so many years, now it’s time for me to return it to you…” Gu Changge calmly said, while looking at her. 


Seeing how Gu Changge’s face suddenly became pale, while his eyes remained very calm and indifferent like a bottomless lake, Gu Xianer shouted, “Stop it! I already have a new bone, you don’t need to return that to me!” Gu Xianer’s voice trembled, despite her attempts to stop. She moved towards Gu Changge as she wanted to stop him from further harming himself.  


Back then, when they were in front of Skyward Schloss’s gates, Gu Changge already had a close shave with death when he took her strike. Even the Daoist Bone was almost shattered! From Gu Xianer’s point of view, the grievances between them were almost resolved back then. Thus, she didn’t expect Gu Changge to return her the Daoist Bone. She didn’t want Gu Changge to do this, it felt unnecessary. The grievances between the two had long ended. 




But Gu Changge’s was too fast. She could not keep up. Now that things had reached this point, how could he stop? 




More blood gushed out of the wound as Gu Changge dug deeper. The dense blood, rich in divinity, trickled down his arm. Then, Gu Changge’s expression suddenly turned pale. His eyebrows furrowed, as he violently dug deeper and tore it out! A colorful ball of light suddenly appeared on his palm!




The splendid crystal Daoist Bone made a bizarre sound that caused the world to tremble. It was the sound of the Grand Dao. Every cultivator felt the convergence of the Grand Dao towards the item on his palm. The bone was definitely extraordinary, it could directly stimulate the Dao within them. 


“Isn’t this the Daoist Bone… What petrifying Talent it contains, it’s unimaginable how it can affect the world itself! This is the talent Gu Changge has been using, no wonder he’s so powerful. So, this Daoist Bone has always belonged to Gu Xianer…” The expressions of many cultivators changed greatly as they all felt the powerful surging aura of the Grand Dao. The Dao in them came to life, and started to circulate on its own, allowing them to make a small breakthrough. What did that mean? It meant that this Daoist Bone could aid in their cultivation and affect the Principles of the World.  


“No wonder Gu Changge is so powerful, it turns out he has been using his sister’s Daoist bone all along… but he is a cheater. After today, he will never get to enjoy his former glory again!”


“With this bone, I can also be as powerful! The Daoist Bone is so powerful, no wonder he made such a choice back then. But now, he is forced to helplessly reveal the truth! Haha, it seems like the Walking Taboo is merely achieved through his sister’s Daoist Bone…” Hidden in the dark were excited young cultivators, who were always jealous of Gu Changge. At that moment, they couldn’t help but feel happy as they saw what was happening. They felt that Gu Changge’s cultivation and power would definitely be reduced tremendously when he dug out the Daoist Bone. Now, they finally had a chance!


Of course, there were also cultivators hidden in the dark, with their fiery eyes glued to the Daoist Bone. They knew and felt the great power hidden within the Daoist Bone. If they could comprehend the innate patterns and various mysterious runes that it contained, their cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds! 


“To those who are planning to snatch this Daoist Bone, you can try.” At that moment Gu Changge, who held onto the Daoist bone, looked extremely weak and pale while his face remained stoic. His extraordinary demeanor remained undiminished! 


The pool of ruby-red blood on his white robe looked grisly. This scene was unbearable for many women. They turned their gaze away as their hearts trembled. The tens of thousands of people from the Ancient Sea Palace silently stood at the edge of the sky, their hearts were trembling too. A ruthless person like Gu Changge made them feel a whole new level of fear. 


The Great Commander, who stood in front of Gu Changge, turned pale. What Gu Changge did was beyond his imagination. He thought that he could use this matter to threaten and pressurize Gu Changge, but Gu Changge’s actions made him tremble uncontrollably. His entire body even went cold. This definitely wasn’t something that an ordinary person would do! The young man in front of him was terrifying!


“Now, I will return this bone to you.” Gu Changge smiled. Wrapped in endless runes, the Daoist Bone fell towards Gu Xianer.  


“Gu Changge…” Gu Xianer’s fingers gently trembled as she caught the bone. It still had Gu Changge’s blood on it. However, Gu Xianer went into a daze as she was suddenly at a loss of what to do. She really didn’t expect Gu Changge to dig out the Daoist Bone from his body. 


She felt the familiar aura it contained and instantly knew that it was hers. It was the Daoist Bone that once grew within her body, with the many innate runes and terrifying Talent that had once belonged to her. All along, her cultivation had always been motivated by the thought of defeating Gu Changge to take back what was hers. However, now, she felt lost, as if she had lost her goal. In fact, her hatred towards Gu Changge disappeared long ago. Her feelings towards him were very complicated, so complicated that she couldn’t even explain it herself. 


“There are some things that you can’t covet.” Suddenly, Gu Changge’s voice gently resonated in the atmosphere. This made Gu Xianer raise her eyes and blankly stare at him. An unexplainable serenity flooded her heart. [Gu Changge is obviously diabolical. Every part of him reeks of evil. But why? Why does he treat me so well? Why only me?] 


“Not good…” Gu Changge’s words sent shivers down the spines of the many cultivators who were secretly looking at the bone. They felt as though they were caught in the act by a terrifying monster. It was as though a chill had enveloped the world! 


Gu Changge wanted those people to know that losing the Daoist Bone wouldn’t affect him at all. Without such a deterrence, there would be clowns who would constantly jump to their deaths. And that would be boring. 




Gu Changge’s eyes swept across the building as a divine light appeared within his eyes. Black and white runes condensed in the air and made clanging noises, before they crashed through space, instantly pierced through it! 


The space trembled like a torn sheet of paper. 


As though an unparalleled divine sword had been unsheathed, the atmosphere was blanked by an immeasurable energy that took the form of a sword. It was so fast and powerful that it seemed as though it could split Heaven in half. Everyone watching felt cold all over. Many could somewhat feel a deep yet vast energy, as if six mysterious ancient wells appeared somewhere in the world. The sword-like beam shot out of the ancient well and the divine light disappeared, as if it was connected to the world of the dead. 


“Ah!!!” A shuddering scream soon followed. In that building, the faces of the many cultivators who stole glances at Gu Xianer’s Daoist Bone, showed fear and despair. They wanted to quickly escape. But the sword energy moved so quickly that it seemed to pierce through time and space. 


The sword-like beam swept and pierce through the area between their eyebrows. With a buzz, it left behind a pile of bones and dissipated divine spirits. A gust of gentle breeze then blew across, turning the pile of bones into ash. 


“Hey! Even after all that, Gu Changge is still so strong!” 


“How horrifying. All it took him was a glance to turn them into ash. It seems like the Young Master of the Gu Family is truly more than one Daoist Bone!” 


“The Walking Taboo must not be underestimated!” 


This scene sent more shivers down people’s spines. Even their souls were quaking. Those thoughtless people coveted after something that wasn’t theirs, this just serves them right!


“I persuade all of you to put away those unnecessary thoughts. The road to death is long, don’t overcrowd it. If not, you won’t have any space to walk once you’re there. Xianer has suffered all these years. I, as her brother, I will make it up to her, one by one. Thus, none of you need to worry about this. But if you insist on meddling in the private matters of my Gu Family, this is how you will end. Xianer has suffered enough, if anyone dares to touch her, I will personally come to exterminate your entire clan!” Gu Changge said as his eyes lightly swept across all directions. 




His pale and bloodless face only intensified the fear that hung in the air. Everyone in the distance lowered their eyes, afraid to make eye contact with him. At that moment, no one dared to say more. 


Gu Changge personally explained everything that happened back then, and even dug out the Daoist Bone from his body to return to Gu Xianer. Regardless of what happened, Gu Xianer couldn’t muster up any hatred towards him anymore. 


He has shown his courage, which caused the hearts of many to tremble uncontrollably. Not to mention, this was truly a private matter within the Gu Family! Even the Great Commander in front of Gu Changge had a sudden change in expression, and couldn’t help but take a step back. 


“How is it? Have I returned the Ancient Sea Palace the justice you wanted?” Gu Changge laughed as the corner of his mouth wore a strange expression. His wound healed quickly as his blood radiated a dense divine light. The strands of divine light connected his wound as well as the torn ligaments, causing his wound to heal quickly. The surging and frightening vitality was like a vast yet exuberant galaxy. 


At that moment, the System’s prompt sounded in his mind, 


<*Ding!* “The hatred of the Fortuitous Lady, Gu Xianer, has been resolved. You have earned 8000 Fortuity and 40,000 Fatums.>


However, Gu Changge didn’t care about that at the moment. After all, he already knew this would happen. Now that Gu Xianer’s hatred has been resolved, he was not far from his goal. Not to mention, he enjoyed some unexpected joys today. 


“Xianer is the pride of my Immortal Gu Family. In my opinion, what the Ancient Sea Palace has done today, is already picking a fight with my Immortal Gu Family. Ancestor, what do you think?” Gu Changge opened his mouth and showed a gentle smile, which instantly made everyone forget how frail he was when he dug out the Daoist Bone from his body. It was as though a bone wasn’t dug out from his body just now. 


“All these years, Gu Changge has been using Gu Xianer’s Daoist Bone. He has never shown his own Talent and techniques to the world… that means, Gu Changge actually has other powerful techniques… Even that energy just now… it seems to involve the Principles of Reincarnation…” Many cultivators whispered in the dark, their eyes filled with shock. 


“Not good!” As soon as he heard Gu Changge’s words, the Great Commander’s face changed. He immediately brought out the Sea King’s decree. 




The Sea King’s decree was huge. As soon as it was brought out, it let off a vast and dense sea of energy. The word ‘kill’ on it was like a small golden sun, instantly filling the sky. 


“Please protect me, my King!” The Great Commander’s scalp went numb, as he shouted while he knelt down and prayed for protection. Everyone watched this scene in shock. The golden-coloured decree was suspended above the Great Commander. 


The aura of an almighty being covered the sky. Long chains of runes intertwined and shot up, causing the space to crack open. It seemed as though an Absolute Being was coming! 


“Hmph! You’re seeking death!” With a cold snort, a dark-faced old man appeared from the void! That was Gu Nanshan. 


“All of you, stay here!” He swept over the decree and indifferently ordered. This intensified the fear in the tens of thousands of people from the Endless Sea Clan. When they faced the blinding glory in the sky, they couldn’t help but kneel down. Otherwise, their legs went jelly and they fell to the ground! 


Even the faces of the many Elders in Skyward Schloss and those old masters who had been awakened by the blast of energy from the Sacred Lord Realm Great Commander had changed. 


At that moment, Gu Nanshan showed a domineering aura that was no weaker than Gu Changge. He made his move. In his palm, stars trembled as if they were being shattered, causing the fear in the air to peak. 




The whole world changed. It had suddenly become dark. Up in the sky, the stars started to tremble. It was as though they were going to fall from the sky. An incomparably large palm fell down from up above and crushed down those from the Endless Sea Clan. The many warships and flying boats, even mounts, shattered under the pressure of the palm. It seemed as though they were reduced to mere powder and disappeared in an instant! 


“The Gu Family Ancestor has made a move!”


“Amazing. It seems like the Immortal Gu Family’s stance on this matter is clear. They plan on destroying the Endless Sea Clan!” Everyone wore horrified expressions. Once they felt Gu Nanshan’s aura, he saw him as invincible, even when faced against Heaven! 




A terrifying scene could be seen under his palm. There, the sky trembled and the earth was overturned. The sea of blood was endless. Corpses filled every inch of the ground. It was accompanied by the terrifying crushing sound. It was clear that everyone from the Endless Sea Clan who got caught was crushed by Gu Nanshan’s palm. Everything was destroyed, and warships were decimated! 


“The Gu Family is just too much! Having the old bully the young. Do you not feel shameful at all?” At that moment, an angry and majestic voice sounded. A sea dragon wholly made of dark immortal gold spread its wings and soared. It had emerged from the golden decree. 


Space cracked open like a torn piece of paper! Its eyes were like two small suns, while its body was surrounded by godly flames. Divine light burst forth as if it could burn anything and everything. On its back, sat a fuzzy yet terrifying figure, which bobbed up and down chaotically. The figure donned an immortal gold crown and held an imperial sword in one hand! 


“My King, please save us!” The Great Commander’s face, which was extremely desperate, now suddenly saw a glimmer of hope. 


*Tsk!* With the Sea King on top, the sea dragon swooped down and was about to rush towards Gu Nanshan. The Sea King’s eyes were cold and sharp, his power was monstrous as well, as if it was unrivaled. 


“The Ancient Sea Palace hasn’t earned the right to be presumptuous in front of my Gu Family!” With a cold expression, Gu Nanshan made one quick move to destroy the golden decree. 


Gu Nanshan then focused on the Great Commander and killed him with the supreme power of his palm. 


With any resistance, the Great Commander exploded, his body and divine spirit destroyed in a second! Thus, the Sacred Lord Dharma Body also fell. This scene horrified all those in the Endless Sea Clan who were still alive. 


“Stop!” The Sea King was furious. A mighty divine ability burst forth. It sent hundreds of millions of blinding beams of light in all directions! 


Immediately, the sky cried and mourned. The Sun and the Moon turned dim, as if everyone was transported back to the ancient times. The most terrifying war that made everyone tremble had started. No matter how far they were, they couldn’t help but kneel on the ground, even their divine spirits were firmly suppressed, even though those further could not see the war clearly. 


Accompanied by the Sea King’s earth-shattering roar of unwillingness, the golden decree broke into fragments and fell from the sky, turning into ash. The tens of thousands from the Endless Sea Clan were then killed, with not a single one surviving! 


When Gu Changge ordered those from the Primal Celestial Temple to seal off the surrounding eight thousand kilometer radius, he had trapped everyone in this inescapable pit of death. 


After the war, everything that happened spread out immediately. It caused a sensation in the Boundless Heaven. When it spread to the great forces, everyone who heard what happened couldn’t help but shudder!




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