I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 186, Gu Changge is Only Cold On The Outside, Warm On The Inside. I Will One Day Tear Down That Facade Of His.


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Now, in Skyward Ancient City, everyone from the Ancient Sea Palace had been wiped out. 


The only thing that remained were the scattered wrecks of the ancient warships and the residue of a dreadful aura that spoke volume on how terrible the ‘war’ had been. The news spread quickly, and like a boulder thrown into the deep sea, it had set off large waves.


The cultivators who had been there to personally witness everything, in the past few days, were in such shock that they felt numb. Thinking back to the event made them feel chills all over.


Not only did the Ancient Sea Palace fail to gain any advantages, they had also thoroughly offended the Immortal Gu Family. In a way, they had even torn off all pretense of respect.


Many cultivators had a feeling that in the coming days, the situation in Boundless Heaven would undergo terrifying changes. 


The Immortal Gu Family has let everyone know of how strong and terrifying they could be. That they were not to be not taken lightly!


On that day, a golden decree covered the sky. It was full of boundless divine might and appeared like heavenly punishment.  The Sea King of the Ancient Sea Palace, Xu Ying, personally made an appearance yet was unable to change anything, and in the end, following his decree, he was also beaten into dust by the Gu Family’s Ancestor. 


During the following period of time, this matter became widely circulated and began spreading like wildfire from the Skyward Ancient City to other regions.  Regardless of the cultivator or faction, they were unable to sit still and were deeply shaken. However, it was quickly buried by other gossip.


No one could have predicted that it would end up involving a secret of the past. Whether it was Gu Changge’s words from that day or Gu Xianer’s origin and miserable experiences from her youth, it shocked countless people. After this incident of digging out her Daoist Bone, Gu Changge’s reputation took a bit of a tumble. In many of the younger generations’ eyes, his image has been besmirched, a little. 


The sensation caused by this incident was no less than when the Successor of the Demonic Arts appeared and killed several young prodigies. Some even thought Gu Changege’s methods were crueler and more vicious than the Successor of the Demonic Arts. 


However, such views were mired in all kinds of voices. Many of the younger generations were incredulous and found it hard to accept, however the reality was proven with Gu Changge’s own actions, and the words he spoke out of his mouth. He had gone out of his way to dig out the Daoist Bone, which had left a soul-shaking impression.


However, Gu Changege’s courage to admit what happened in the past to the entire world also made many people admire him. From another perspective, his actions, in the view of many people, were understandable. After all, was there such a thing as a perfect person in this world? That was impossible.


No person was perfect, not even a saint or a sage could accomplish such a thing. Gu Changge had some stains that could not be washed away, but was that not completely normal?


From this point, many young girls who already harbored deep admiration for Gu Changge — even thinking this version of Gu Changge was more down to earth — did not admire him any less. This version of Gu Changge was unlike before, where he was exceedingly perfect like an Immortal from Heaven just without a trace of dust on him. The girls felt that this version of Gu Changge was less distant from them. In other words, more intimate to them.


No one was perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. On that day did Gu Changge not confess to the whole world and try to make amends? Did he not show remorse and the desire for atonement? He was willing to compensate Gu Xianer for the mistake of the past. So, why could he not be forgiven? Those words said by Gu Changge in front of the entire world. Were they not convincing enough?


In fact, during this period of time, there were more praises for him than anything else from people who thought Gu Changge was brave beyond words. After all, who could have done the same as him, admitting his mistake from the past then digging out the Daoist Bone in front of everyone as atonement?


Thus, during this period of time, there were all sorts of opinions. Some praised him, some cursed him, some were moved, and some ridiculed him… Such discussions were especially prevalent among the younger generations. 


The young prodigies in the Skyward Ancient city that day and had witnessed everything, were given a tremendous shock from the incident. They were deeply disappointed. Gu Changge may have dug out the Daoist Bone, but his strength was as oppressive as ever and was not the least affected. 


They wanted to surpass him. However, it was nigh impossible for them to use this chance to overtake Gu Changge. The cultivation he revealed on that day was the Peak of the Partial-Enlightenment Realm. Compared to the rest of the young prodigies that had only touched the door to the Partial Enlightenment Realm, the difference was too big, it made them feel despair. This was the insurmountable mountain crushing the peers of the same generation as him. 


At least up to the present, there had yet to be another youth who could be considered a Walking Taboo like Gu Changge. 


Even the mysterious and cruel Successor of the Demonic Arts could not compare. Although missing up to present date, none had forgotten that Ye Ling was strong enough to injure Gu Changge and escape from him. Still, the Celestial Ancient Continent was the perfect hotbed for the Successor of the Demonic Arts. So, who knew where the successor was, and what extent his cultivation had leapt into.


Meanwhile, many cultivators began to see the contradiction as they thought deeper about the situation. [Why did Gu Changge choose to dig out his cousin’s Daoist Bone? What exactly was he scheming? Was he after Gu Xianer’s Talent to make himself stronger? If so, why did he now choose to dig out the Daoist Bone in front of Gu Xianer and everyone else to return it to her? Perhaps, the Daoist Bone no longer had any use for him?]


This matter was truly strange and was riddled with suspicious points. Some guessed he might have done so because of pressure from the Immortal Gu Family. Gu Changge, as the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family, currently represents the Immortal Gu Family. Every word and every move he makes reflects upon the Gu Family. Therefore, they forced him. After all, if this matter was not taken care of properly, it may be exposed one day. When that time comes, Gu Changge would have no other choice but to acknowledge Gu Xianer’s identity. 


Regardless, the majority believed that the secrets revealed were merely the tip of the iceberg.




As the matter was spreading rapidly. Simultaneously, at Supreme Peak, the mountain breeze blew over and the wisps of clouds and mist in the surroundings were like jade girdles. There were blossoming celestial flowers, gorgeous sacred flowers, clear springs flowing, with the ringing sound of bells. This beautiful landscape seems to come out from the Celestial Realm. 


“What is it? Speak, quickly.” Gu Changge stood on the mountain peak with his hands behind his back and his expression serene. He spoke calmly with his back facing Gu Xianer. Meanwhile, the little girl wore a complicated expression, not knowing what to say for a while. 


Currently, Gu Changge did not have a single injury on him. There was not even the slightest change in his breathing. For him, digging out the Daoist Bone did not affect him at all. However, for the sake of the setting, his face still looked a little pale. 


It had been three days since he confessed the truth to the public. 


That day, after Gu Nanshan wiped out everyone from the Ancient Sea Palace, Gu Changge ordered those from the Primal Celestial Temple to clean up the battlefield. He, on the other hand, returned to Supreme Peak, and during that period of time, he didn’t say a single word to Gu Xianer, much less had any interactions with her. 


A green skirt and sleeves fluttered about. Thousand strands of black hair scattered about, caressed by the mountain breeze. Gu Xianer was in a daze. She looked at Gu Changege with all sorts of emotions in her heart. She clenched the hem of her skirt, her heart not nearly as calm as her expression suggested, and even her knuckles were white. 


So far, these past three days were as Gu Changge had expected it to be. 


At first, Gu Xianer thought he would explain to her what happened in the past. Thus, her heart was full of expectation. After all, he had confessed everything in front of the whole world, and even said he would compensate her. So, she thought, [isn’t this proof that he feels apologetic and wants to make amends? He even damaged his own Source, and dug out the Daoist Bone to give it back to me. He even went as far as to forbid anyone from hurting me. And he did so in front of so many people. So many factions had heard and seen what he did. It has truly shocked many. ]


At the time, the domineering and solemn attitude Gu Changge had made Gu Xianer’s mind buzz. She even felt an unprecedented sense of peace and security. At that time, although Gu Changge was ruthless and manipulative, it didn’t seem too bad to have a brother like him. So, she decided that she would reluctantly forgive him and no longer blamed him for the thing he did more than a decade ago. Hence, from that day onward, the karma between both of them would be wiped clean. None would owe the other. 


However, Gu Xianer didn’t expect that after that day, it was like Gu Changge had forgotten about her. Not to mention explaining things to her, he didn’t concern himself with her at all. It was a cold attitude, just like how she had ignored Gu Changge in the beginning. It bewildered her, she couldn’t understand why he was acting like this. 


She really believed that Gu Changge was feeling remorseful over digging out her bones that day and wanted to compensate her. However, Gu Changge had yet to tell her the secret that no one else knew. [Why are things right now so different from what I have imagined? It is as if… him appearing to protect me from the Ancient Sea Palace’s wrath and everything he did later on, was merely to acknowledge my identity and to return the bone back to me… Did he perhaps only do so because of pressure from the family?]


It came to no surprise that Gu Xianer’s thoughts went in that direction. After Gu Changge returned the bone to her, the two of them no longer seemed to have anything to do with each other. Both of them, as if in a split second, seem to have become strangers with no ties to each other. The grievances between them had been wiped clean, and thus, returned to being strangers. After all, a superficial sibling relationship like theirs, naturally seemed like there was no need to maintain it. 


However, this was a conclusion Gu Xianer was unwilling to believe, nor was she willing to accept. She was certain Gu Changege was hiding a secret, and he was purposely putting on a show and treating her like this. He was acting like this because he didn’t want her to get closer to him and know of his secret!


Thus, Gu Xianer took the initiative. She came to Supreme Peak, found Gu Changge, and planned to demand an explanation. 


Unfortunately, hearing Gu Changge’s reponse, Gu Xianer had to suck in a deep breath and restored the calm and cold expression she wore in the past.


“Gu Changge, everything you did three days ago, what exactly is your goal?” Her voice was extremely calm as her small face wore a serious expression. Gu Xianer felt the need to rip off the facade Gu Changge was wearing. [Just what is it? Just what can’t you voiced out? What is it that you must keep secret?]


Gu Changge obviously treated her well before, and she refused to fall for this cold facade of his. She knew him to be someone who was actually cold on the outside but warm on the inside. 


“What purpose? Gu Xianer, you ran all this way over just to ask me that? Here I thought it was something important. You really disappoint me. Why are you wasting time like this? Why are you not using it to cultivate? Or did you think I can’t repress you in the future? So, you lost your motivation to cultivate?”


Hearing this, Gu Xianer was stunned for a second. Meanwhile, Gu Changge turned around and looked at her, making a small chuckle as if he was looking at a fool.


Naturally, she was irked by his casual and condescending attitude. She frowned and said tepidly, “Gu Changge, stop pretending. Don’t think you can hide it from me like this.”


[It has always been like this! He would use any method to make me diligently cultivate, trying to make me surpass him. Even now, that hasn’t changed! It is so obvious. Does he really think I wouldn’t notice?] Ge Xianer met Gu Changge’s eyes. She peered on as if she wanted to see through him.


“Oh? Pretending, that’s something interesting. Gu Xianer, do you think after I said those words and swore upon my Dao Heart, that I won’t be able to hurt you? I haven’t spanked you in such a long time and your courage really grew a lot, hasn’t it?” Gu Change looked at her and snered, “Don’t try to provoke me, or I’ll really throw you into a latrine pit and make you suffer for three to five years.”


“Gu Changge…” Hearing this, Gu Xianer’s voice became louder and her eyes were full of fury. She glared at him and asked, “I already forgave you, what more do you want from me?”


She knew Gu Changge was angering her on purpose. But she still couldn’t help being angry.


Gu Changge unenthusiastically replied, “You? Forgive me? I offered my life to you last time, but you were the one who refused. We no longer owe each other anything.”


“You…”  Gu Xianer’s expression froze. What Gu Changge said wasn’t wrong, the grievances between them had indeed been cleared. But something like this, how could it really be cleared just like that and have all the scars be erased?


“But you clearly confessed and dug out the Daoist Bone for me.” Gu Xianer continued to speak, refusing to give up. If it weren’t for the fact that she couldn’t beat Gu Changge in a fight, she really wanted to teach this stubborn guy a good lesson. [Why must you still be so prideful even now? Wasn’t it good that you’ve confessed everything?]


“Do you really think those words I said were sincere? Don’t you understand the concept of hurting yourself to deceive others? Gu Xianer, how can you be this naive? Did you really feel moved by my little act? I was merely saying it for the world to hear so that I can maintain my reputation. Meanwhile, give the family an explanation.” He had a casual expression and spoke as though everything that had happened had nothing to do with him.


Gu Xianer’s face turned pale. The more Gu Changge explained, the more incredulous she became. He was clearly feeling guilty about something! Thus, she could not help but wonder, [Gu Changge, why is he always like this? It’s as though he can’t understand other people’s good intentions?]


“Why can’t you understand my good intentions towards you?” Gu Xianer gritted her teeth. She wanted to rip apart his heart and see what exactly was in there. Otherwise, she really couldn’t know what he was thinking.


“Kindness? I don’t need it. People like me don’t need any kindness.” Gu Changge shook his head. 


“Since I’ve said so much, are you still unable to understand? Is there really a need to ask again?” He said as his expression carried a trace of ridicule, completely unlike the time he had protected her. 


“Gu Changge, you…” Gu Xianer gnashed her teeth angrily at his words. [Doesn’t need any kindness? He speaks as though he is carrying some great pain or hatred.]


If she didn’t know he was doing this on purpose, she would have exploded on the spot. She swore to herself that she would definitely tear off Gu Changge’s facade.


“What? What about me? Don’t you know you’re being disrespectful to your elder?” Gu Changge looked at her coldly. Suddenly, he waved his sleeve and a large palm appeared in the air. In an instant, Gu Xianer was sent flying off the mountain peak.


“Gu Changge, you’re too much! I’ll definitely make you suffer in the future! I will uncover your secrets, and find out the truth…” Gu Xianer’s cold voice tinted with rage came from afar. She was angry to the point of grinding her teeth, but in an instant, she was gone without a trace after being pushed away by Gu Changge’s palm.


“Then I, your brother, will be waiting for you to find out the truth.” A breeze arose from the mountain, swaying his robe. The cold expression on Gu Changge’s face faded, replaced with a look of interest. His words just now were partially true and partially false. But for Gu Xianer, it was already enough.



During this period of time, the entire Boundless Heaven was covered in a heavy air, and there was a sense of foreboding, as though a storm was coming


Majority did not dare to show themselves outside if they could. The Successor of the Demonic Arts, someone that had hid for a long time, had traces of reemerging once again, and the ones who were to meet their demise, were the top elites from various clans and factions!


Even the large Immortal Sects outside of Boundless Heaven as well as countless other large Cults of Immortality were in a state of unrest…


“To think Brother Gu was hiding such a past, it’s really unexpected! It’s a pity I wasn’t there myself to witness the fun. Him digging out the Daoist Bone to give back to his cousin. The upheaval of the Ancient Sea Palace. Such bravery. As expected of the number one person among us in the younger generation!”


Within the Ancient Ye Family, inside a palace. There was someone whose body was dazzling, and his hair resplendent as if aflame. He was Ye Langtian, and currently, he looked like the son of the Sun God.


Hearing of the news, he sang praises. His eyes were full of admiration for Gu Chengge. In his eyes, Gu Changge was indeed worthy of the title of number one amongst the younger generations. At least right now, there was yet another young prodigy that could go toe to toe with Gu Changge.


Only Yue Mingkong, who was always mysterious upon acting, made Ye Langtian feel like she had a chance of winning Gu Changge in a battle. However, the two were future husband and wife, so why would they fight?


Ye Langtian was having a discussion, which was taking place in private. A discussion that the outside world would not know of. 


“So then, what could Brother Gu’s Talent be? Since the Daoist Bone did not belong to him, could it be a Talent related to space?” Ye Langtian said as he narrowed his eyes. He suspected Gu Chengge’s hidden Talent was related to space. Everything he saw Gu Changge in battle, the speed he displayed left him in disbelief. It was as if he was instantly appearing and disappearing. It made sense to suspect that he was moving through the void. As for the matter of digging out the bone? In fact, the majority of the young prodigies around Ye Langtian did not think much of the matter.


This was a world where the strong prey on the weak. Swallowing the weak to strengthen oneself was a natural thing to do. Ye Langtian never saw himself as a saint. Even he has flaws so he could understand why Gu Changge would dig out the bone back then. Not to mention, people were immature in their youth. So, making such a choice wasn’t something surprising. 


What was more surprising was the fact that Gu Chengge confessed everything. This was already far beyond anyone’s expectations. If it were him, he wouldn’t dare to do something like that.


“So there was such a thing between Gu Changge and Gu Xianer. But to think a person like Gu Changge would do something like digging out his little sister’s bone, it’s quite unexpected.” Beside Ye Langtian, the beautiful maiden in purple skirt said in shock. She was Ye Liuli.


Speaking of Gu Chengge, she once again remembered the matter that happened in the Nether. However, the scene where Gu Changge forced her to apologise, and even the memory of Ye Chen, were in a blur. She still remembered when Ye Chen angered Gu Chengge. At that time, although she wanted to help Gu Chengge, she couldn’t do anything in the end. The whole thing concluded quickly when Ye Chen got killed by Gu Chengge. 


In her eyes, Ye Chen was an insignificant character of little to no importance. He wasn’t someone worth worrying about. Meanwhile, she would often find herself thinking of Gu Changge, and it frustrated her to no end. Anytime she had ill intentions towards Gu Changge, there was the feeling of being pressed under divine might. 


“Brother, do you think the Ancient Sea Palace will really fight with the Immortal Gu Family? The Immortal Gu Family’s depth is unfathomable but the Ancient Sea Palace isn’t easy either. They’ve ruled over the Endless Sea Clan for so many years and their rule has never been broken…” Ye Liuli asked, bringing this topic up. In her opinion, this would most likely determine how the situation in Boundless Heaven would change next. 


“That battle won’t happen. The Ancient Sea Palace wouldn’t dare to engage.” Ye Langtian’s face had a peculiar smile. 




At the same time, at the end of a large swamp, there was a dark blue sea. 


Sailing in the sea were black battleships made of bones. A large golden sun was always visible as it sank into the depths of the sea. At this moment, the air was shaking with battle cries as well as fierce yells. Large waves after waves of Endless Sea Clan members poured in from all directions; they were the commanders and affiliated forces dispatched by the Ancient Sea Palace to various places. 


A Great Commander, tens of thousands of Endless Sea Clan members, and even a decree from the current Sea King, was sent to Skyward Schloss. Their goal was to seek justice for their Seventh Princess but they got completely annihilated by an Ancestor from the Immortal Gu Family. 

This naturally angered all within the Endless Sea Clan, and they gathered together, determined to wash away this humiliation. 


At this moment, a thick fog shrouded the air. 


There, held the Ancient Sea Palace, built on the ocean floor. 


The celestial energy here was dense with interwoven red clouds. An ancient tree holding up the sky split apart the surrounding sea, formless a borderless world. There were Sun and Moon, and Stars. The Principles of the World here were perfect. 


Looking around, the mountains and rivers, the pavilions, the castles, the palaces and the towers were like a complete other world. At the centre, inside an ancient palace, wearing a golden crown and holding King Celestial Dao Sword was the Sea King, who wore a grim expression while saying, “The Immortal Gu Family is despicable! My Ancient Sea Palace has countless years of history. This is the first time we’ve suffered such humiliation!”


He still remembered clearly, not longer after his figure appeared, a rusty kitchen knife had slashed towards his head. If it weren’t for the fact that his Spiritual Manifestation was sturdy and had been refined by him for a long time, that slash would have turned him to dust. 


What made the Sea King the angriest was the Immortal Gu Family’s domineering attitude that refused to give them any face. It made it seem like… the Ancient Sea Palace was afraid of the Immortal Gu Family!


“Your Majesty, are we going to fight or not this time? If we’re going to fight, I will gather all the elites of the Endless Sea Clan right this instant and launch an attack on the Immortal Gu Family. I will make sure to show everyone that we’re not to be taken lightly.” 


At that moment, someone with a tortoise shell, with green bean-like eyes spoke. From how this tortoise shelled man sees it, given the inexhaustible number of the Endless Sea Clan, the Immortal Gu Family wouldn’t be able to hold up no matter how powerful they were. After all, the most vast and boundless territory in the Beyond was still the sea!


The Endless Sea Clan was strong, and although they weren’t like the Ancient Immortal Race that each form their own clans, their strength lies in their number!


When the Sea King heard this, his expression changed instantly. However, in the end, he still couldn’t help being disappointed. 


“This King isn’t a match for the Gu Family’s Ancestor, if we really fought the Gu Family because of this… it’s not worth it, the Gu Family has gone through countless battles and remains undefeated. Unless… we have reinforcement…” 


“Even so! Gu Changge! He is merely a youth! How is he so powerful?” The Sea King growled, extremely frustrated, but all he could do was voice his anger here.


The high-level members of the Ancient Sea Palace below and in front of him were even more silent. They dare not speak carelessly.


At this moment, everyone’s expression changed, and they felt a terrifying aura coming from the sky outside the underwater palace, where the sea was vast and the sky was trembling.


“It’s that Gu Family Ancestor!”


The Sea King’s expression suddenly changed. He didn’t expect Gu Nanshan would chase him all the way here. He quickly took a step forward. His aura was terrifying and awe inspiring. The Divine Chains of Principles quickly shot outside the palace in a killing spree. 


[I must not step back!]




In the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty, inside a splendid, ancient, and magnificent palace hall.


After leaving the Celestial Ancient Continent, Yue Mingkong had intercepted Yin Mei on the way, and after some threats, she returned and now sits firmly on the throne. 


Wearing a long robe fit for an emperor, she was reading memorials, and her brows would wrinkle from time to time. Within her cold and profound phoenix eyes, various emotions flashed by before becoming tranquil again. 


“That’s what happened in Skyward Ancient City that day.” Below her, a female official was replying respectfully.




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