I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 187, It’s All Because Of My Believes, Even Against Heaven Itself!


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Yue Mingkong, who was sitting on the throne, listened to the report and calmly closed the memorials.


After returning from the Celestial Ancient Continent, her cultivation level had increased significantly. She gained many things during this trip, especially from Gu Changge. Such an act of generosity was something that she never would have imagined possible from someone like him. A drop of Five-Coloured True Dragon Blood and several Celestial Spirit, which she had not fully refined yet. These things could be considered the two greatest opportunities that the Celestial Ancient Continent contained, and they were the things she wanted the most. After all, they were extremely beneficial to her.


Naturally, it was not her alone that desired them. Many old monsters also wanted them. They were willing and currently engaged in a life and death battle over such opportunities inside the Celestial Ancient Continent. If they knew she possessed such treasure, they would certainly be jealous.


“You’re dismissed.” Yue Mingkong lightly ordered while possessing the prestige of an emperor. She ruled over the life and death of the hundreds of millions of people under her. She was a terrifying and captivating being. Her cold phoenix eyes could make anyone under its gaze tremble.


With just one order, the Ministers in the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty, who stood in front and beneath her, broke out in cold sweat. None dared to even make a sound while breathing.


“Yes, your Majesty.” Upon receiving her order, everyone in the hall retreated. The ones that were left behind were the few female officials which Yue Mingkong trusted.


“Have you checked? Are these rumours really true?” Yue Mingkong asked in an uncaring manner. However, underneath that calm façade of her, she was hiding thoughts that feelings she only allowed herself to know about. 


“Your Majesty, the rumours are absolutely true. Young Master Changge had personally dug out the bone with his own hands. He did so in front of the Ancient Sea Palace and all the forces present. So, there can be no mistake. It is true.” The female official replied.


“Young Master Changge had also declared that if anyone harms Gu Xianer, he would personally go and annihilate their entire clan.” The female official continued to explain as she couldn’t help but tremble. Gu Changge’s simple words meant the arrival of a storm made of the blood of many.


“He… Did he really say such a thing? Changge, Just what exactly are you thinking? I can never seem to grasp what is on your mind…” With a wave of her hand, she dismissed all her trusted female officials as well. There, on the throne, she sat for a while. Unmoving as she closed her eyes and murmured.


From the memories of her previous life, she knew Gu Xianer’s life ended in tragedy. Gu Changge had never once mentioned the bone digging incident, let alone dig it out himself. From the beginning, he had simply continued to chase down Gu Xianer, until he ended her life. During his hunt, he would employ any means necessary. Naturally, this being Gu Changge, meant that those who had brought up Gu Xianer, were killed by him using various ruthless and cruel methods.


Knowing such an ending, Yue Mingkong had been trying to change Gu Xianer’s fate from the start. She wanted to provide her with more opportunity to survive her inevitable encounter with Gu Changge. However, when she met Gu Xianer for the first time, she was shocked to discover that the little girl did not seem to hold that much hatred for Gu Changge. It was something that bewildered her.


Naturally, she had this investigated. It seemed that Gu Changge had taken the initiative to bring back Gu Xianer’s side of the family, back into the Gu Family. He even released those from her family line that were detained.


Yue Mingkong believed that this was the best decision he could have made. In fact, this was what she had first hoped to achieve after she had regressed. She actually planned on persuading Gu Changge to do this, so that her husband would not go down the path of ruining the lives of those closest to him. 


Fortunately, Gu Changge did not need her to intervene. He was the one who had taken the initiative to mend his relationship with Gu Xianer.


Naturally, this was suspicious. Yue Mingkong even began to suspect that he was also a regressor. However, his actions later proved that he was not because he did not seem to have any insight into the future. 


[Unless… he is merely pretending to be a fool, hiding the truth from everyone. But considering his strength at that time, it is clear that he did not need to hide nor shy away from others. Still, the thought of having the already seemingly invincible Gu Changge, be a regressor on top of his already powerful Talents and unmatched abilities… that would truly be the most devastating outcome… Well, I’m most likely just overthinking and worrying over nothing…] Yue Mingkong thought, after being puzzled by that incident.


She discovered that the current Gu Changge was still the same as the one she knew in her past life. His personality was still the same. It was just that this time, she had noticed a slight hint of humanity within him. Although meagre, even a sliver of humanity was a massive difference for the man she knew as Gu Changge.


It was such a huge difference that Yue Mingkong initially couldn’t bring herself to believe it. She had always thought of everything he did as a calculated scheme meant to confuse her. However, then a series of events went by. Events with him that had gone completely outside her expectations. It even made her start to question her memories of her previous life.


Because of these memories, she acted as though she already knew everything, which had caused her to greatly misunderstand the current Gu Changge. Due to her memories, she always felt as if he had some kind of evil goals in mind. Otherwise, everything he did held bad intentions.


It was because of these memories, that their originally recovering relationship had now abruptly dropped to a standstill. Or more accurately, regressed, and froze at that point where they had become strangers.


[If I just did not suspect him… If I just cherished the good intentions he had for me… Maybe I would not have said what I said in the Mountains of Horizons…?] Yue Mingkong knew that her their present strained relationship was due to her overreliance on her memories of her past life.


Still, she knew that if she had not regressed, she would have been how she was. A naive and kind Fourth Princess of the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty. Someone who did not have the qualifications to enter Gu Changge’s eyes. For the her of the past, controlling the entire Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty would have been nothing but a pipe dream.


“He must be very disappointed in me… who has always been suspicious of the kindness and truth he showed.” Yue Mingkong sighed.


Gu Changge digging out the Daoist Bone and returning it to Gu Xianer, confessing what he did to the world, was like a slap to her face. All the suspicions she held had been overturned. Her earlier state of indifference just hid the complex emotions she was filling: regret. Disappointment and guilt…


[He even told me his biggest secret… that he is the Successor of Demonic Arts. He trusted me… wasn’t that enough? Changge is one to never show or speak of his emotions. If someone wanted to know what is thinking, they needed to guess based on his actions…] Yue Mingkong’s thoughts were in a mess. Partially full of joy and partially full of sorrow. 


She was happy to find out that he had a place in his heart. Otherwise, why would he give her the Celestial Spirits? He could have dealt with her instead.


She already knew him to be someone arrogant and stubborn. He was always the type to never express his true emotions. Instead, he would always wear a face of indifference. That added to her misunderstanding of him, and the words she said that might ruin that new joy she discovered. She feared that the small place she had in his heart would disappear due to her actions. Thus, sorrow also consumed her.


[I’m such a fool. I only just realised that he truly does care about me…] Yue Mingkong could feel her heart filled with warmth as she thought about this.


The words she said to Yin Mei that day, ‘find the root cause of everything, and not try to change everything’, played in her mind. Since she could not stop Gu Changge from doing as he pleased, why not join him? She could use her knowledge as a regressor and help him rule over the world. Who knows? If she might be able to prevent the tragedies she had experienced from occurring?


“Even if you are against Heaven itself, I will stand by your side. Just why am I so foolish? Willing to give my everything to you?” Yue Mingkong softly muttered as she secretly made up her mind. Her expression was tranquil and profound. It was as though she had figured everything out.


Actually, she didn’t care much about her own end. The day she regressed, she had simply pledged to change the fate of those close to her. However, it seem that her pledge was unnecessary. Gu Changge’s actions so far had shown her that fate itself has changed. He would not tread down the same path. Thus, such tragedies would not occur.


As for the horrendous experience Yue Mingkong had gone through, and the hatred she had towards him, she could only choose to accept and bury it in silence. Never to unearth it, hiding deep inside her heart. [I’ve endured much worse. This is nothing…]


[Compared to my past life, the whole situation has not really changed. First is the appearance of the Celestial Spirit inside the Celestial Ancient Continent. It would be followed by the arrival of those old monsters from antiquity. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they would be able to find nothing since all the Celestial Spirits have already been taken away by Gu Changge…]


[Next would be the army dispatched by the Ancient Sea Palace. They dispatched many elites from the Endless Sea Clan, to seek revenge on Xianer. This led to Xianer’s direct Ancestor to go into rage. He would annihilate all Endless Sea Clan members that went after her. He even went as far as to storm into the Ancient Sea Palace and cause a huge massacre. After that, no one really knows how the battle went. However, the result was clear when the Ancient Sea Palace sealed themselves away from the world for the next hundred thousand years. They even prohibited the Endless Sea Clan under them from leaving the Endless Sea…]


[As for what had happened in the Celestial Ancient Continent, it seems to have little to do with Gu Changge. However, so far, the information I have received is far too vague. It’s not enough to make any decent conclusion. I only know that the True Dragon Clan led a resistance, which was eventually suppressed by the Great Elder…]


Yue Mingkong sorted out how everything should have played out from her memories.


[During the battle at the Ancient Sea Palace, it seemed like one of Gu Xianer’s hidden masters got disturbed. That master is most likely the one who sent that jet-black sword blade from who knows how far away to the Endless Sea. With two beings that could be described as peerless, sweeping through the sea, it is not strange that the Ancient Sea Palace’s murderous desires got squashed. Well, judging from this outcome, everyone now knows that even without Gu Changge, Gu Xianer still has an unparalleled identity. So, it is safe to say, she will not be in any life-threatening incident like this one again.]


Yue Mingkong thought of what had just happened and compared it to her memories. She could tell that these small changes would not have affected the overall direction of things. After all, she knew that although the Ancient Sea Palace was ancient and had a long history ruling over the Endless Sea for countless years, they would not dare go to war against the Immortal Gu Family. Thus, Yue Mingkong was never really that worried about Gu Xianer.


[She will be fine as long as Gu Changge harboured no thoughts of dealing with her. her most dangerous enemy is and will always be him… After all the matters at hand are settled, I have to look for her. There are some things she needs to know.]


Yue Mingkong no longer intended to be trapped in her own thoughts. She no longer wished to think about Gu Changge all day. She suspects that throughout this incident with Gu Xianer, he has some kind of hidden goal. However, it was simply too tiring to constantly predict what he was thinking and doing. In other words, she was exhausted. She has shouldered this hatred of hers and worries for far too long.


[Even if he has some other goal in mind, I will not care about it any longer. It’s useless. No matter how hard I try. No matter how much I plan, it is simply impossible to stop him. So why bother? The world is still in motion. It is still changing ever so slightly. Even so, the general trajectory of how things play out will not shift that much. If he really ends up killing me again, I will just accept it.]


Yue Mingkong was truly indifferent about her death. She believes that Gu Changge was the only person who could do so and no longer bothered to think much of it. It was more than enough for her to know that the cold and indifferent Gu Changge actually had a place in his heart for her. That alone was already more than enough to satisfy her for this life.


[The Eternal Overcast will one day come. All the Immortal Families and Cults will send forth their strongest masters and construct the Immortal Academy. They will put all their effort into training the one True Immortal who will rule over this era. At that time, many emperors, ancient princes and monstrosities, even newly enthroned kings who surpassed their peers, will appear…] Yue Mingkong began to recall a memory from long ago.


For Gu Changge, that would be the ultimate training ground, full of countless resources to devour and refine inside his Grand Flask.


Meanwhile, for the younger generation, this was supposed to herald the start of their golden age. However, it would actually be the start of their nightmare. Who knew just how many young prodigies had suffered under Gu Changge’s treacherous hands in her past life?


So what if they were emperor or ancient princes? In Gu Changge’s eyes, they were only meals, nourishing or not.


Outside was the Eternal Overcast, while inside had the Successor of Demonic Arts… it was a world that could never be at peace.


Just like its name suggests, the Eternal Overcast was a region that spanned over infinity. It was similar to the Boundless Heaven and was said to contain multiple ancient universes. However, it terror laid in its ability to engulf and devour. It would devour anything. small world, plans, even the sky. None were spared.


It was a living world that was self-aware. It knew that by consuming others, it could grow itself.


When it first appeared, no one even noticed its existence nor its innate ability to devour the world. The many factions and races, one aware of it, regarded it as the most frightening thing in existence. After all, it had no family, no background. Much less any less to threaten. There was no consciousness to plead to. It was just a world instinctively devouring to constantly improve and get stronger.


[When the Eternal Overcast appears, and many Ancestors will come out…] Yue Mingkong vaguely remembered what had happened. It was not something she got involved with personally. Thus, she only knew things from what she heard from others.


At that time, Gu Changge had a plan to conquer it. However, she did not know if he succeeded. Likewise, she did she know what he had planned at the time.


The Eternal Overcast was a disaster that involved the entire Beyond. Its arrival meant the appearance of many Ancestors. They were forced to work together to save everyone. After all, each time the Eternal Overcast appears, many forces get wiped out, devoured into extinction. So, how could the Ancestors not act?


However, in this world, apart from True Immortals, who would dare claim that they had the ability to destroy a world? If not, how could anyone resolve the crisis known as the Eternal Overcast? Even Immortal Sects and Families that had once had one of their own turn into an Immortal, would feel helpless against it.


The only one who could truly defeat it was the Mortal One. He was an Immortal Ancestor that continues to go through Samsara and reincarnation. Someone who can never have true death.


When the Eternal Overcast looms, the factions would seek out the Mortal One’s reincarnation for assistance. Naturally, that means the Mortal One’s identity was peerless. Incomparable to any other. He was an existence that even the greatest of ancient emperors must treat with respect.




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