I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 189, I Shall Fulfil Their Desires, Having My Leeks Harvest Other Leeks!


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“Gu Changge!!! One day, I’ll make sure you crawl under me. Then, I’ll throw you into a latrine pit, and seal you inside so that you’ll be trapped in there for the rest of your life!!!!” 




A divine rainbow flashed by from the base of the Supreme Peak. It was Gu Xianer. She gave a cold *Hmph* towards the Palace on the peak of the mountain and then turned around to head towards the mountain where she usually cultivates. 


Seeing her like this made the followers behind her feel a bit helpless. They could only form forced smiles in front of her.


Every time she returns from outside Skyward Schloss, she would never forget to go to the base of the Supreme Peak and loudly curse at Gu Changge. At the start, Gu Changge would appear with a frown on his face and use the palm of his hand to force her to the ground. He wanted to make her understand that she was asking for a spanking.


Unfortunately, for some reason, it seemed as though Gu Xianer had gotten used to it. Rather, it seemed as though she wanted to get beaten up. She noticed that after each beating, she could feel the bottleneck in her cultivation loosening, showing signs of a breakthrough. 


Nevertheless, the strength Gu Changge showcased was as unfathomable as ever. He could easily suppress her. She noticed that whenever she tried to resist his strike, it was far more effective than cultivating on her own. This discovery was huge. She was truly surprised from the bottom of her heart.


Thus, she considered herself as Gu Changge’s personal sandbag… however, each time she got beaten, her butt would ache. Still, Gu Changge was ruthless as ever. He never seemed to show any mercy, even if she cried out in pain. 


Eventually, Gu Changge appeared to have grown bored of Gu Xianer, and he simply ignores her provocations. From then on, no matter what she did to try and provoke him, he would remain indifferent and not show himself. 


For some reason, this made Gu Xianer very uncomfortable. She even became angry. However, Gu Changge’s attitude towards her did not change. Rather, it was getting more indifferent towards her. The more he cared less, the more Gu Xianer wanted to annoy him. 


Meanwhile, after Gu Changge had confessed, her status had greatly changed. It was incomparable to before. Many young prodigies had actually sought after her to become her follower. It was a drastic change for her. She was used to cultivating alone, so for her to suddenly gain so many followers, it was something she still had a hard time believing, let alone adapt to. 


Though, some of these followers had actually come for Gu Changge. They just wanted to take advantage of her status as his little sister to meet him. There were naturally also some female young prodigies who got close to her, and saw it as an opportunity. Whenever they saw a chance, they would ask her about news regarding Gu Changge. 


Such embarrassing behaviour made Gu Xianer deeply extremely annoyed. It was till the point she chose to not care about them anymore. 


[These rotten so-called prodigal damsels… have

they looked themselves in the mirror first before daring to shamelessly ask

about Gu Changge?] Although she did not say her thoughts aloud, she was

obviously not pleased by the situation. 


Gu Xianer naturally knew that all these changes were due to Gu Changge’s confession. That day, in front of the entire Skyward Schloss, he had explained everything, and had acknowledged her status as a descendant of the Immortal Gu Family. Prior to that, she was just an unknown little girl. During that time, when others speak of her, their thoughts would instantly move to the ever so dazzling Gu Changge. 


But now, many realised and recalled how she had reached the same number of steps as Gu Changge did in the Skyward Path. This meant her talent was no less than Gu Changge. Furthermore, reached such a level without her Daoist Bones, only through hard work. It was only natural for such determination and perseverance to be admired by others. 


Still, Gu Changge’s radiance continues to overshadow her. Contrary to expectation, Gu Changge, who had openly admitted his past mistakes, became even more dazzling. His prestige once again jumped to new heights. 


If Gu Xianer knew and understood what the word ‘hype’ meant, she would be spitting curses at him right now. 


And, just like that, in the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. 


[The Ancient Sea Palace and the Celestial Ancient Continent. I guess it’s about time to wrap it all up… though, this came at a great time.] Sensing something, Gu Changge, who was writing a letter in his palace, broke out an unusual smile. 


For a moment, his eyes flashed a sliver light. In his eyes, scenes of the Celestial Ancient Continent appeared. 


Within the vast land of the Black Hawk Family, it was brimming with prosperity. It was as though his arrival that day was merely a nightmare. After all, after that day, nothing seemed to have changed. In the beginning, the Black Hawk Family thought that he would send them to slaughter the other Celestial Ancient Races to gather resources and territory for him to further expand his influence. However, Gu Changge did nothing of the sort. He did not even reveal anything about himself. He simply remained in the shadows and left them largely alone. 


This puzzled the entire Black Hawk Family, but at the same time, their minds were put at ease. They already had the Slave Mark within them. In a way, they were already prepared to submit to a Master. Thus, submitting to Gu Changge was not something they could not accept. Furthermore, he was a hands-off Master who did not really do anything to them. 


This naturally made them happy. Eventually, they even slowly stopped caring about his control over them. 


[Hmm… thinking everything is fine… what’s the point of keeping you alive if you need to keep waiting for orders?] Gu Changge, knowing what they were thinking, could not help but smirk. He had not used them simply because it was just not time yet. After all, the Black Hawk Family were his slaves inside the Celestial Ancient Continent, which no one knew about.


It was an extremely famous and powerful clan within the Celestial Ancient Continent. Its heritage was frightening. Even the Feathered Clan could not be compared to them. Without the Entanglement Immortal Might, Gu Changge would have a hard time taking control of this entire clan.  


During this period of time, this terrifying net he had set up was spreading rapidly. In just half a month, it had already engulfed all kinds of natives. Furthermore, it showed no signs of stopping. Its influence continues to expand as it captures more and more natives.


Naturally, this was as he had expected as the Entanglement Immortal Might had not been exposed.  


With the might of the Black Hawk Family growing rapidly, visible to the naked eye, overtaking the other clans, it served as a gigantic advertisement billboard. Soon, the other clans took note and were greedy to find out how the Black Hawk Family had grown so rapidly. The clans that took the bait were those like the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and Divine Crocodile Clan. In their eyes, the Black Hawk Family had definitely obtained some great treasure. 


Meanwhile, the Black Hawk Family was unaware of the means Gu Changge was using to control them. They just thought of it as the effect of the Slave Mark. Since the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and the Divine Crocodile Clan also had the Slave Mark instil into them by the Ancient Reincarnation Absolute Being, it would come as no surprise that they were also under Gu Changge’s control. Thus, in the eyes of the Black Hawk Family, these two groups were in the same boat as them. They were just fish on a cutting board. Thus, they put up little caution against the two clans. 


During this time, Gu Changge’s pawn, Hei Ming, was ‘kind’ enough to quietly pass this cultivation technique to the rest of his friends. Naturally, he intended to spread it around.


Thanks to him, the tread which Gu Changge had left quickly spread. Even Gu Changge never expected that this pawn he casually picked up and laid down would bring him such huge benefits. 


Afterwards, Gu Changge disappeared. He had stepped into the void. He plans on going to the Celestial Ancient Continent to see the final conclusion. 


Half a month ago, he noticed the desire within the other two clans. Thus, he thought, [since the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and Divine Crocodile Clan want the cultivation technique the Black Hawk Family is using so desperately, I should naturally come to their rescue and fulfil their deepest desires.] 


At that point, Gu Changge already had a plan in mind. It was relatively simple. He only needed to arrange a few ‘coincidences’ to be the good samaritan he knew he was. Once that was done, all he needed to do was wait in the shadows for a bit. 


Thus, half a month passed by as he waited in Skyward Schloss. Now, it was suitable for him to make the arrangement. [All that needs to be done is quite simple, actually. I just need someone from the Black Hawk Family to happen to get ‘drunk’  while drinking with his or her friend. At that time, he would ‘accidentally’ spill it. He would reveal the most important secret of their clan, which is the new mysterious cultivation technique! At that time, coincidentally, people from the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and Divine Crocodile Clan would be passing by. They would just so happen to overhear this secret information.] 


[Well, with all these ‘accidents’ and ‘coincidences’ occurring one after another, it is only inevitable that the secrets of the Black Hawk Family finally got uncovered by the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and Divine Crocodile Clan Clans. At that time, they must know that the cultivation technique they want can be pried out of someone from the Black Hawk Family! Since they want it so badly, they will take the risk to kidnap someone from the Black Hawk Family. Using various means, they would eventually torture it out of the person.]


[However, since this Cultivation technique is extremely precious, it is only natural that the Black Hawk Family had placed a restriction on every one of its members’ minds. Thus, there would need to be another coincidence. Something to make sure this restriction is not triggered.] 


[It might come as strange that they managed to get it so easily. However, it would not really cause them any worries. The Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and Divine Crocodile Clan Clans would simply see it as their fate to obtain this cultivation technique! Otherwise, with the cultivation technique just right in front of them, are they going to refuse to use it due to their unproven suspicion?]


Through such schemes, Gu Changge would be able to spread the Entanglement Immortal Might to those two clans. Afterwards, he would be able to effortlessly take control of their life and death. 


By using the Entanglement Immortal Might, he could continue to stay in Skyward Schloss without moving a single step and still control the whole situation from millions of kilometres away. It was amazing how this was possible by just controlling one member of the Black Hawk Family.


The Entanglement Immortal Might was like poison. Once it comes into contact with someone, they would be poisoned. Their ability to cultivate would increase by many folds and some might even breakthrough. Thus, they would be unwilling to not use it. Meanwhile, they became pawns for Gu Changge to use.  


Now, it was finally time to use them.


[The Great Elder went to the True Dragon Clan. They definitely will not submit all of a sudden. They will believe that there might be a chance by uniting the other Celestial

Ancient Races. With everyone

united, they believe that they will be able to eliminate all the forces coming

to the Celestial Ancient Continent from the outside world. However, this

counterattack of theirs, well, it has a certain taste of loneliness and

isolation in it…] Gu Changge soon disappeared into the void. 


He would be manipulating the Celestial Ancient Races. Meanwhile, the appearance of the Great Elder was only the first part of his scheme. Or more aptly, curtain raise to this whole play. 


The Celestial Ancient Continent had been anything but quiet these days. After all, many old monsters were rushing towards the Mountain of Horizons in search of the Celestial Spirit. It was not rare to find world ending battles break out and send destructive waves everywhere. After all, in the face of such treasure, no one was willing to back down so easily.


During this period of time, the Celestial Ancient Races dared not act. They dared not do anything without the True Dragon Clan acting as their leader. Thus, they got oppressed by outsiders.


Nonetheless, within this chaos, was the perfect opportunity for Gu Changge to take advantage.



Inside a magnificent hall made of gold and jade, within the Black Hawk Family’s territory, Hei Ming was busy cultivating. Without moving, his black wings seemed to grown so big that it covered the sky. 


For those in the Black Hawk Family, their wings showed their strength and status. Thus, it was obvious that he was jovial about his accomplishments.


However, his heart suddenly started to palpitate. He suddenly sensed a familiar aura. It was the aura of the Absolute Being!


He was ecstatic. 


[Is the Absolute Being going to come again?] Hei Ming could not hide his excitement. 



“This really is a heaven defying cultivation technique! My bottleneck is loosening! Oh, how long have I been stuck without being able to break through…” Within the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan’s territory, a very old man laughed in great delight. He could not help but feel excited.


The same scene was also playing out inside the Divine Crocodile Clan. 


They managed to somehow get the person from the Black Hawk Family to share with them this cultivation technique. Naturally, they immediately sent it to their clansmen to try and saw its wonders in almost the next instant.


[No wonder the Black Hawk Family’s might has improved by leaps and bounds recently, leaving us in the dust. But now that we have the same cultivation technique in our hands, we no longer have to fear being unable to catch up!]


— — —


Deep within the Celestial Ancient Continent, where divine light enveloped the area, where fortune itself was comparable to that of Heaven, laid a Dragon Island. In the middle of this island, many True Dragon Clansmen were kneeling on the ground. They were roaring fanatically, worshipping a ghostly manifestation in the sky. 


In the middle of where they kneeled towards, was a magnificent ancient statue. It was shining brightly as they prayed. Runes of the Grand Dao floated about in the sky, each shining brilliantly.


There, an incorporeal manifestation showed itself. Its mere presence seems to affect the Principles of the World. It seems to be able to cause time to flow erratically and space to break down. Its existence was something that could not be described in words. Just by standing there, it seems to already rule over the world. It was something that could not be rivalled!


This manifestation had the horns of a dragon. His arms were densely covered with dragon scales. As he awakens, his eyes glowing with a golden light. 


“Old friend, do you intend to break what we have agreed upon?” As he spoke, he was surrounded by a thick grey fog. Nonetheless, it could not conceal his terrifying aura. 


Surrounding the Dragon Island, were innumerable powerful experts from the various forces from the outside world. They all wore different expressions. Some had gleaming eyes, thinking of that they were going to do next. Meanwhile, others were eyeing around, trying to find anything they could exploit.


“This is really unavoidable.” The Great Elder said with a calm expression. It was in line with the aura he had, which remained tranquil as ever. However, he still seems capable of taking over the whole world if he wanted to.


“You swore to protect my clan. Many years have gone by, and time seems to have eroded what we have agreed upon” The ghostly manifestation was furious. The golden eyes of his sent out an ice-cold glare. 


He was not a True Dragon. He was merely one of the few descendants of a True Dragon. Moreover, the True Spirit Manifestation of a descendant of a True Dragon was ethereal in nature. That was why he had not immediately attacked. He knew he was not the Great Elder’s match. 


“Is there no room for negotiation?” The ghostly manifestation asked. Up till now, the thought of fighting against the Great Elder had never entered his mind. After all, he was aware of how strong the Great Elder was. 


“Sorry, I have already given my word to someone in the younger generation. The True Dragon Clan would end up submitting to him, regardless.” The Great Elder was already aware of what Gu Changge had done. Thus, he needed to keep the end of his bargain.


What the Great Elder had said caused many of the surrounding natives and outsides to gasp in shock. They could not believe their ears.


When the Great Elder first showed himself, they were all puzzled. Especially when he seemed intent on forcing the Celestial Ancient Races to submit. This had left many of the stronger and older natives bewildered. They could not believe their eyes.


However, now that the Great Elder has spoken, they all understood what was going on. The person in the younger generation mentioned by the Great Elder must be none other than Gu Changge! 


For Gu Changge to force even the Great Elder, someone who had always been at the forefront in protecting the Celestial Ancient Races, to do something like this, was unbelievable. It had left many shocked and horrified.


The ancient True Dragon Clan, something that had withstood the test of time, was now unexpectedly, being cornered to such an extent.  If the Great Elder had not said it himself, who would have believed it?


[Just how did Gu Changge managed to do this? He is just too horrifying. Instead of a young man, he is more akin to a monstrosity!] Many couldn’t help but feel their hearts tightening. 


“Is it the same one who killed my clan’s greatest young prodigy?” The ghostly manifestation gave a cold snort.


“That is irrelevant.” The Great Elder replied and made his move. He pushed out his plan filled with killing intent. Initially, the size of his palm was not bigger than a grinding disc. However, it quickly grew. Soon, millions upon millions of divine light flashed by, as if the stars in the sky were falling. A mighty force pressed down, capable of crushing the world!






“Even though I have started cultivating later than you, this King is invincible if we are in the same realm!” The ghostly manifestation roared, and his fearsome aura exploded out. The sky around him was soon filled with divine clouds, which soon turned into kilometres of blood red fog that covered the sky. 


As he took one step forward, his ethereal body seemed to contain the might of different Daos. He was like the ruler of the world. Without any hesitation, such a being directly used his strongest technique. 


Everyone around was horrified. They immediately tried to retreat. However, many failed to do so and got blown to bits under the might of the palm. That one strike had left nothing in its wake.


This marked the start of a battle that could destroy the entire world. No matter the outcome, one fact remained. From henceforth, the Celestial Ancient Continent would descend into further chaos!



Gu Changge was carefully thinking about his next plan as he was rushing to the Celestial Ancient Continent.


Ye Ling, The Fortuitous One, has been eliminated. According to the usual cliché, there should be a new Fortuitous One for him to harvest. Gu Changge thought that this was something that was ironclad. He expected Fortuitous Ones to keep appearing like they were running water. Unfortunately, reality was quite disappointing. The System has not alerted him of anything yet, which showed that he had not met a new Fortuitous One. 


[I guess I need to be the one to look for them. But, the Beyond is truly vast. The area to cover is almost boundless. Just how many fortunate people are there? And among these fortunate people, how many are Fortuitous Ones?]


[It’s too much to count] In Gu Changge’s eyes, they were all leeks waiting to be harvested. 


There were trillions of people in just the Nether alone. Even the number of fortunate people over there were innumerable. So, how many of them can he encounter? 


[Perhaps, I can make use of the almighty Fortuity? Maybe I can create a state, just like a certain religious capital in my previous life, which can draw them in. Otherwise, I would have to personally go around and harvest these leeks myself. Who knows how long that would take?] Gu Changge seriously ponders what he should do. 


The might of one person was limited. However, the leeks waiting for him to harvest were unlimited. He also does not want to do everything himself, even if he cultivates to creates clones and sends them to the Nether, how long would it take for him to find a Fortuitous One? It was far too troublesome.


That was when Hei Ming’s situation gave Gu Changge an idea. If he could guise as an Absolute Being, then why not expand his reach and capabilities? He could present himself to be Almighty God. After all, and Absolute Being and Almighty God could be the same person 


[For those people that I pick, Chosen One sounds really lame and overused. For my leeks, the Fated One sounds nice. Much grander. As for those that will help me handle my leaks, they shall be the Fate Watchers. They will help me go plunder all the Fortuity in the Nether!] Gu Changge nods to this novel idea. 


After all, he still has one World Seed. With his guidance, it would gradually grow and become even bigger and more wondrous. He could make something similar to the Jade Emperor’s palace. Every four directions leading to the palace would have a Gate to Heaven. The Gates will stand tall and mighty, presenting the boundless prestige of the place. Such pretentious grandiose was necessary. Otherwise, how would his leeks come on their own accord?


This plan was simple. Attract leeks that would willingly wish to work for him and have them gather other leeks for him to harvest. Gu Changge would then use the Fortuity he gains to purchase items from the System for

them. Naturally, he would still be profiting as he could upsell anything the

System sells by multiple folds. Thus, if something cost 5000 Fortuity in the

System, could sell it to his Fate Watchers at 50,000 Fortuity.


Unfortunately, Gu Changge’s current Fortuity was too low to achieve this grand scheme. Thus, these are plans he had for the future. It would not be limited to the Boundless Heavens and the Beyond. He wanted All of Heaven and Its Thousand Worlds.


And for this plan, he urgently needed a vast amount of Fortuity. 


[Perhaps I should start paying more attention to Yue Mingkong’s movements. I’ve spent so much time and effort on her. Many of which were done in front of her. It should be impossible for her not to notice my good will towards her] Gu Changge was able to see through. 


[It would be strange if she still wants to kill me. Instead, she should be feeling extremely guilty right now.] Gu Changge believed that Yue Mingkong might just be the lead he needed to discover the next Fortuitous One. Naturally, he had high hopes for this Fortuitous One. Hope that this leek would provide him with plenty of Fatum and Fortuity once harvested. Otherwise, his plan would still be unfeasible.




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