I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 190, Wang Zijin, the Strongest Prodigal Damsel; This Is Exactly What It Means to Be Selfless, Honourable and Righteous


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Meanwhile, in the Divine Crocodile Clan’s territory, somewhere laced with mountains and valley, the sky was dark. Dark clouds hung above, and the ground was mired in mud. Above the mud was a thick black coloured fog, known as miasma. There, grey bubbles appeared one after another, filling an area in space, splitting the space open and exposing the void. This filled the swamp with the aura of death.


In the middle of the tree, beyond the swamp, there were several powerful and tall Divine Crocodile Clansmen patrolling the surrounding area, whispering. They wore golden armour. They had dark-golden vertical pupils which swept through the nearby mountains and forests.


They were on the lookout for life that approached their territory.


This was not only the Divine Crocodile Clan though. The Ancient Flying Serpent Clan were on high alert. They were especially cautious against the Black Hawk Family. After all, they had kidnapped one of their members and had obtained a powerful cultivation technique from that person. Naturally, the Divine Crocodile Clan and Ancient Flying Serpent Clan had all started to cultivate using this new powerful cultivation technique.


It was extremely profound. Even for those inside the clans with mediocre talent, they could still make quick progress in terms of their cultivation. Naturally, this came to notice by those within the Divine Crocodile Clan and Ancient Flying Serpent Clan and they were in high spirits. They were jumping for joy, believing that their time to rise had come.


These days, after being suppressed by the Black Hawk Family, all they could conclude what that the former had obtained some kind of mysterious treasure. Something that made them stronger than their clans. However, now they know.  The Black Hawk Clan had obtained a profound cultivation technique.


It was so big that at one point, the Ancestors in the Sacred King Realm of the two major clans appeared. They had woken up to investigate this profound cultivation technique. When these Ancestors studied it, they were taken aback, overwhelmed by the mysteries it contained. As though intoxicated, their Dao Hearts were palpitating, hard. Even they could not fully comprehend all its mysteries.


It took two clansmen, one from each of the two clans, to interrogate that member from the Black Hawk Family who had revealed this great secret over a few drinks. Due to their discovery, they got greatly rewarded by their Ancestors. Thus, their status within their individual clans skyrocketed, causing many of their fellow clansmen to be envious.


After all, to have been so fortunate as to discover the Black Hawk Family’s great secret, this was something anyone would be envious about.


Currently, even their leaders were busy cultivating using this new technique. They had been completely mesmerised by it and were unable to extricate themselves.


Currently, within the mountain range, a large Divine Crocodile Clansmen wearing silver armour was patrolling the area until he could not help but say, “That cultivation technique we got from the Black Hawk Family is truly profound! I have already advanced to the Intermediate Enlightened Noble Realm last night, and I’ve been stuck on this bottleneck for centuries…”


When another clansman nearby heard him, he nodded in agreement. He had shared the same sentiment.


“I share your sentiment. I feel as though my bottleneck has loosen as well. I believe I’m close to a breakthrough. I think I can advance to the next realm in just a few days! Nobody could have imagined our clan getting our hands on this cultivation technique. Now that we have it, I think dominating the whole Celestial Ancient Continent is no longer merely a dream!” He said with a smile, eyes glimmering with excitement.


With this cultivation technique, they were no longer limited to their aptitude. They were no longer stuck, hindered by their bottlenecks. This cultivation technique, to them, was definitely a treasure that could be described as heaven defying. After all, it had completely changed their fate as though they were reborn. It could even allow their clan to grow once again and reach new heights.


“If we weren’t lucky enough to run into that stupid Black Hawk, we might have never found out about it…”


“The Black Hawk Family definitely has malicious intent. They must be plotting in secret, wanting to get stronger in the shadows. If things went as they had planned, many clans would fall under them. They are truly greedy!”


“Fortunately, we got our hands on the cultivation technique and their scheme got uncovered!”


As the two chatted, they could not help but feel as though they had been really fortunate.


Only clansmen who were in the True Enlightened Realm and above, as well as some talented younger generation, were allowed to cultivate this cultivation technique. The rest were not qualified to know about it. This just shows how important this was.


They found it hard to believe that the Black Hawk Family would deliberately leak such a secret out. After all, for this cultivation technique to truly manifest its might, it had to remain a secret. Though, it could be said that they were all doing this because they were greedy as well.


For something as profound as this cultivation technique, they knew that it could not have been created by the Black Hawk Family. However, even when they knew that, they still did not know of its true origins. Regardless, were they going to not use it? Especially when the Black Hawk Family was getting stronger by the minute right in front of their eyes?


Though none had said it, they were obviously extremely envious that the Black Hawk Family found it first.


“Who are you? Why have you intruded upon our clan’s territory!?” The two on patrol were suddenly caught by surprise. Their dark golden vertical pupils narrowed in shock, unable to believe what was in front of them.


Just outside the mountain range stood a young man, who seemed to cover a thousand kilometres in each step, walking unhurriedly towards them. This young man seemed to be taking a stroll with his hands behind his back. His body was laced with divine mist, as if clad in clothes fit for an Immortal.


The space under him seemed to form layers of ripples, which allowed him to calmly and easily cross thousands of mountains and rivers with each step.




“It’s him!”


“Gu Changge! Why have you come!?”


These two Divine Crocodile Clansmen were terrified when they noticed who was approaching. Their voices even began to tremble.


During this whole period, there was one young man that had caused havoc to rage across the Celestial

Ancient Races. So, how could

they not recognize him? It was not an exaggeration to say that this young man

was the most hated enemy of everyone in the Celestial Ancient Continent.


He had schemed against everyone inside the Celestial Ancient Continent, and even led the Feathered Clan to its demise. Those younger Divine Crocodile Clansmen were envious of him but dared not provoke him. Even as adults, they were no exception. When they saw him approaching their clan’s territory, they felt their backs breakout in cold sweat. Even their legs have gone numb.


Nonetheless, this young man still wore a calm demeanour. He absolutely could not be treated the same as the others within the young generation.


Although he was alone, he was still an unparalleled terror.


The two froze in place. Their smiles were gone. They even forgot to notify their clan of his arrival.


“Why does it seem like this Gu is not welcomed here?” Gu Changge said with a slight smile on his face. The space around him distorts and shrinks. With a single step, he immediately appeared right in front of them.


He had been operating in the shadows for more than half a month. It was time for him to finally pull up the net he had cast. The first target was the Divine Crocodile Clan. Since he had already done the same thing to the Black Hawk Family, Gu Changge was not worried about any unforeseen incidents occurring. To him, this was a simple process. It was like planting a seed, which would break out of the soil, germinate and grow. Eventually, it would mature and bear fruits. Naturally, he had come when he fruit has ripened, ready for picking


To ensure that his identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts does not get exposed, he plans on showcasing his new other identity, the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being!


Since Ye Ling died, most of his trump cards had fallen into Gu Changge’s hand. Even the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s Portable Supreme Cave, Lake of Reincarnation, Wondrous Roots of

Reincarnation and four Sacred

Lord Realm Puppets were all his. Therefore, there was nothing wrong for him to

take on the mantle as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


Naturally, there was no way the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being would recognize him as his Successor. After all, he had killed the Supreme Being’s true Successor. One had painstakingly chosen. Worse, he had stolen everything the Supreme Being had left behind and was now claiming to be his Successor. What gall! The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had most likely never met someone as shameless as Gu Changge. If he found out about it, the he would be so furious he would want to personally to murder Gu Changge.


“Gu… Gu Changge, why are you here?”


Realising that Gu Changge talking to the two of them, the two Divine Crocodile Clansmen shuddered to respond. At this point, their bodies were drenched in cold sweat. Their whole back was soaked. They were already doing their best to prevent themselves from fainting.


Since they were in the Enlightened Noble Realm, they had the power to rule over a city and control the life and deaths of millions. However, towards this young man, they felt fear, which was fair enough. After all, if his presence was known, it would cause an uproar. Even a Transcendent grade Artifact couldn’t kill him. Thus, it was clear he had the power to instantly kill the two of them.


“Oh, you recognized this Gu? Then that makes everything simpler. Still, that question of yours is far too naive, so change it. Though, it’d be in your best interest to just stay silent” Gu Changge said expressionlessly, before walking ahead.  


“Led the way. Otherwise, both your lives will be forfeited.” He declared monotonously, as thought it was only natural. However, for the two that heard him, they were too terrified to speak. After all, even their souls were quaking, on the verge of shattering. The young man in front of them was just too terrifying!


This young man was far worse than what rumours suggested. When facing him, they could feel their heart being squeezed as air could not enter their lungs, the fear imposed was just that suffocating. How would they dare not obey him? Without saying anything, with pale white faces, they led the way while shivering.


As they walked beside him, they could feel their head explode out with a river of sweat.


“Take me to your leader. Well, Ancestors would be fine as well. Also, make sure to inform your clansmen that their new Master has arrived. If they don’t want all of them to die, make sure all of them come and see me within fifteen minutes. Those who do not abide, well, I see no reason to keep them alive.” Gu Changge ordered with great leisure. He had a small smile on him as he continued to walk deeper into the Divine Crocodile Clan’s territory. It was as if he was talking about something trivial.


[What!?] His words had made the two stunned. Their eyes widened as they could feel a shiver run down their spine.


[Just where does he get his confidence from to say something like that!? Is he dreaming? Or does he truly have a way to subdue everyone? Master? What does he mean?] Since their lives were in the palm of his hand, they did not dare to say anything. Nonetheless, these thoughts still swirled in their heads, buzzing.


[He is cruel and merciless. Courageous to the extreme. Nonetheless, his actions are all calculated. For someone like this, if he is not certain, he will not act. Especially alone. Especially not force his way into our territory!]


[Does Gu Changge look like a fool? Since he had dared to come, he definitely had some foolproof plan!]


Their faces became paler. The jovial mood from before, when they were talking about the cultivation technique and their accomplishments with it, had all but disappeared.


Soon, they reached where most of the Divine Crocodile Clan reside.


Their clansmen saw the two leading a young man from outside deeper into the clan. Many froze at the sight. It was as though a meteorite had struck the sea nearby. All of them were alarmed.


As the two clansmen moved, they were trembling. They also repeated what words Gu Changge had asked them to convey.




Soon, the whole Divine Crocodile Clan, consisting of various mountain ranges, got covered. The Clan’s Grand Array was triggered, and it had instantly covered the sky filling it with brilliantly shining runes.


“What? Who dares to forcibly intrude into our clan?”


“Just who is so arrogant?”


“What are you talking about? Far from arrogant, he is simply courting death! How dare he claim to be the Master of the great Divine Crocodile Clan!?”


Shocked voices sounded out across the various mountain ranges. Several of the Divine Crocodile Clasmen who were cultivating, had all arrived at the scene. They all had shocked and furious expressions. They did not know the identity of this intruder but acted immediately upon hearing the news.


Gu Changge’s ability to make others hate him had undoubtedly reached the peak. Then again, has it not always been maxed out?


With just a few words, he had caused the entire Divine Crocodile Clan to be filled with rage. Everyone’s face was red with anger. Their eyes were filled with fury and killing intent. A word like arrogance was not enough to describe Gu Changge’s attitude.


After all, the Divine Crocodile Clan was a large and mighty clan with a strong foundation. It was among the top five in the Celestial Ancient Continent. Even when the True Dragon Clan sent envoys, they needed to inform the clan in advance. Meanwhile, this young man had forcibly intruded into their territory and was throwing out threats! This was no different from proactively provoking them! No, this was far worse than provocation, he was directly stepping on their faces!


At this moment, no not care about the identity of the intruder.


*Buzz!* A divine light soared up to the sky. It contained the terrifying aura of someone in the Sacred Realm. His divine sense surged forth, like that of a vast galaxy and descended upon the ground. This Sacred Realm expert was an Elder of the Divine Crocodile Clan. Under his feet was a golden trail of light under, which carried the Principles of the World, which were exquisitely intertwined in the sky over the horizon.


“Who dares act so arrogantly!? To think you dare trespass into my clan’s territory!” The Elder was livid as he locked gazes with Gu Changge. When he noticed who he was staring at, his pupils contracted, somewhat shaken. After all, Gu Changge’s face was not a secret. Instead, everyone in the Celestial Ancient Continent knew what he looked like.


[Gu Changge! Why? Why is it you?]


Many Divine Crocodile Clansmen recognized Gu Changge, and were shocked for words!


“Arrogant? Me?” Gu Changge made an indifferent smile. He lifted his hand, causing space itself to collapse. A terrifyingly large palm appeared and crushed some of the clansmen who were recklessly rushing, turning them into blood mists. None who were caught up in it were spared.


“I’m here to take back what belongs to me. You call this arrogance?” He said with a light smile. It was as if the Divine Crocodile Clan could not even be placed in his eyes.


“Gu Changge, you….” The Sacred Realm Elder had a drastic change in expression. He could suddenly feel a sense of great dread.




Divine rainbows soared through the sky from every corner of the sky! Soon, many Divine Crocodile Clansmen had arrived from the various mountain peaks. Many belonged to the younger generation, and that also included the Successor of the Divine Crocodile Clan. He was the one who had accompanied Hei Yanyu at that time. They had planned on making full use of Gu Changge’s injury to kill him.


Unfortunately, the plan never panned out. Even though Gu Changge had been severely injured, he was still too powerful. Even the Feathered Clan’s young prodigy could not kill him after using a Transcendent grade weapon.


He was deeply shocked by that. From that day onwards, he always regarded Gu Changge as a terror countless time worse than Long Teng. This naturally made him both envious and fearful. He would never provoke a monstrosity like Gu Changge.


[Didn’t Gu Changge leave the Celestial Ancient Continent? Why is he here?] Er Zhengyang, the Successor of the Divine Crocodile Clan, thought.


His body was large and robust. It was covered with sturdy black golden scales.  On the outside, he would look to be someone simple and honest. However, he was really a bold yet cautious person.


When he stared at Gu Changge, he could feel his heart shaking, especially after hearing what he had said earlier.


[He is by no means a fool. He would never forcibly intrude into the clan without any plan in mind. He is definitely scheming something…] Er Zhengyang was filled with dread.


He believes the most likely possibility was that Gu Changge came here with that Ancestor hiding behind him. Otherwise, why would he dare to do something like this?


Even so, if that was the case, their clan has Sacred King Realm Ancestors. Something which made their clan incomparable to the Feathered Clan.


“Gu Changge, why have you come?” The Sacred Realm Elder asked this time. His face was black. Out of caution, he held up his hand, indicating to the rest not to get any closer. He did not dare act rashly since he still could not tell what Gu Changge was up to, while he still has vivid memories of the Feathered Clan that day.


“Why? Didn’t I already tell you that?” Gu Changge stood with his hands behind his back as he looked around the area in front of him as thought it was already his.


He made a small smile and repeated himself. “I’m just here to take what’s mine.”


He had already done this before when he took over the Black Hawk Family. Thus, it felt familiar to him.


This was part of his plan to hide his true identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts. He was going to make use of his new identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. It was the perfect option. The latter had a terrifying status; thus, he would inherit that same kind of status when using this identity.


Once he declared, he waved his hand causing space to tremble.


*Buzz!* A rune that had both black and white interwoven inside suddenly appeared from the void. The two intertwining colours seem to contain life and death. It held the power of reincarnation and contained a mysterious power that could wipe and annihilate any living being.


Gu Changge was using the Power of Reincarnation. As soon as he did, the aura of time also filled the air.


Many powerful Divine Crocodile Clansmen nearby were horrified. Their faces drastically changed.


“The Power of Reincarnation….” The Sacred Realm Elder complexion immediately dropped. He muttered in pure disbelieve, staring at Gu Changge with wide eyes. He was obviously using the Power of Reincarnation, which showcased Gu Changge’s other identity.


The Divine Crocodile Clan were not like the Black Hawk Family. They did not have someone as meticulous as Hei Yanyu, who had done extensive research on Ye Ling. Thus, they’re intelligence gathering was lacking in comparison. All of them were taken aback when they saw Gu Changge using the Power of Reincarnation.


“How is it possible? Gu Changge is the Successor of Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being!?”


“Then… does that mean… we are going to live our lives as slaves from now on?”


After a moment of silence, everyone was too shocked that they froze. However, once they carefully considered things, they noticed a few points. Gu Changge’s Talent was astonishing, and his background was tyrannical. Furthermore, the methods he employ and the strength he wield were all horrifying. It only stands to reason that he was the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


“If he is really the Successor, must we not submit to him as per what our ancestors have said?”


Er Zhengyang could feel his heart drop. This was something he could not have anticipated.


[Gu Changge’s status as the Successor would still have remained hidden had he not willingly revealed it. Since our clan has the Slave Mark planted into us by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, our freedom is no longer in our own hands…] Er Zhengyang could not help but be filled with bitterness as he looked at Gu Changge. Many complex emotions were welling up within him unwillingness, fear and despair.


[I refused! Why should I obey what our ancestors say and submit to him!?]  Many clansmen bellowed in their hearts. Since they had obtained that cultivation technique from the Black Hawk Family, they saw hope. They have benefited greatly and grown a lot. They even believe that they had the chance to break through the confines of the Celestial Ancient Continent and move to the outside world! Therefore, there was no way they would willingly submit.


“So what if you are the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being!? Gu Changge! Don’t even dream of having us submit to you!” Many Divine Crocodile Clansmen were livid. Their eyes had turned red, as they roared, unwilling to accept this. They would rather die than to submit!


Soon a terrifying wave of energy erupted from their bodies. They all started to radiate like the sun, flooding the place with runes like it was the ocean. They had chosen to risk their lives to kill Gu Changge.


“Stop…” The Sacred Realm Elder’s eyes widened as he was about to stop them.


But he was too late.


“Just why are you all so dumb? Is it not enough to live? You only have one life yet you don’t cherish it…” Gu Changge regretfully shook his head.




After he said his piece, invincible threads within the void seem to have been pulled. Meanwhile, Gu Changge did not move. He had not even so much as blinked. His robe still looked untouched, not tainted by dust. Yet..


*Bang! Bang! Bang!*


Suddenly, one after another, bodies exploded in blood mist. It was as though they got smashed by hundreds of thousands of mountains. Everything was gone.


“The Slave Mark…” This made the Sacred Realm Elder and his clansmen turn pale. They were filled with despair.


In an instant, everyone who tried to go against him or felt like opposing, died. The rest that remained could feel that Gu Changge only needed a thought to cut a thread, which represents their lives. In other words, he had complete control over their lives.


[The might of the Slave Mark is determined by the person who uses it. If he can directly control our lives and deaths. Just how terrifying… is he?’ Er Zhengyang was in despair as his heart trembled.


On the surface, the methods Gu Changge had were truly astonishing. It had reached a level where most people could only dream of achieving. Naturally, they had no idea that all of this was thanks to the wondrous Entanglement Immortal Might.


Gu Changge had no plans to dispel this misunderstanding. He wanted to continue to deceive them into thinking that all this was caused by the Slave Mark.


At the scene, the smile on Gu Changge’s face was completely tranquil, in contrast to the silent and frozen clansmen. 


“Does anyone else still have any objection?” He asked. However, who would dare say anything? It was deadly silent all around. No one dared to answer. Even the Sacred Realm Elder was silent.


Those powerful and older clansmen who saw the scene from a distance turn pale. They never expected things to turn out like this. Now, all they could do was pray. Pray that their Ancestors was so strong that they ignore the Slave Mark’s grip on their life.


“Since there are no objections. I want everyone to gather in your ancestral palace in fifteen minutes.” Gu Changges’ gaze swept through the masses as he casually ordered.


“If anyone is absent, then there is no need for that person to continue living. Although this Gu is magnanimous, I see no reason for those who try to go against me to live.” He said with a smile. Gu Changge intends on using all these pawns to slice through the relationship between the Celestial Ancient

Races and make it unrepairable.


When they heard his order, the Divine Crocodile Clansmen all trembled as they broke out in cold sweat. ‘Gu Changge is cruel and merciless’ ; these would never ring truer to them.




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