I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 191, Wang Zijin, the Strongest Prodigal Damsel; This Is Exactly What It Means to Be Selfless, Honourable and Righteous


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The Celestial Ancient Continent was in turmoil. Fear and war spread through the land. It seem as though the peace from beyond was nothing but a dream that had once experienced, something that could never be regained.


A few days ago, the Great Elder of Skyward Schloss had personally rushed towards where the True Dragon Clan was located. The Great Elder was a being so ancient that calling him a living fossil would be an insult, but still be true. He was a man of unfathomable might who could make anyone tremble.


No one at the time knows why the Great Elder went to the True Dragon Clan, nor did they know why he fought against the ghostly manifestation of the Ancestor of the True Dragon Clan. However, there was one thing certain, their battle had shocked everyone, be it outsiders or natives. After all, even stars fell and got crushed into power.


When the Great Elder made his move, the entire world shook. The energy in each of his strike was as vast as a universe. It could submerge everything in an instant.


Thus, even when the ghostly manifestation of the True Dragon Clan’s Ancestor appears, he could not be beaten.


The battle caused the surrounding space radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometres around Dragon Island got reduced to ashes. The aftermath of that battle still lingers till this day. Even the strong who had watched the fight from a distance all felt their hearts tremble, no daring to get any closer.


After that battle, the Great Elder had shown his might and his strongest means. He had also shown that the persecuted Celestial Ancient Races needed to unify. Otherwise, the forces from the outside world would come and take them apart. In short, the continent now needed a new ruler.


However, the Great Elder never mentioned who it had to be. It was unnecessary though. All the Celestial Ancient Races already knew. That person must be related to Skyward Schloss. Who else could it be but its Successor? Worst yet, everyone knew who the Successor was


It was not that longer ago that Gu Changge had caused mayhem to erupt inside the Celestial Ancient Continent and angered the Celestial Ancient Races! Thinking of him being their ruler makes all the native to clench their teeth in rage. However, they already knew what kind of terrifying force stood behind Gu Changge. Yet now, the Great Elder was showing his support of him as well!


This was inconceivable!


The many different factions from the outside world naturally took noticed of Gu Changge’s ambition.


[He plans on unifying the Celestial Ancient Races!] They were astonished that this was happening. Some were even puzzled by this attempt.


[Gu Changge is still just a young man so how could he accomplish such a feat? No matter how powerful he is, with only his own might, how is he going to change the current situation in the Celestial Ancient Continent? He can only do it if the forces behind him step up. Only with help from the Immortal Gu Family and the Primal Celestial Temple can he truly take charge. Otherwise, it would be just a pipedream.]


The Celestial Ancient Continent certainly has a lot of meat to chew on. However, it was filled with tough bones that were difficult to swallow. If one was not careful, those bones might even make one bleed.


Hence, although many outside factions had plans to conquer the Celestial Ancient Continent, they would not do so this quickly, unlike Gu Changge.


What he was doing has greatly shocked many countless cultivators. 


After all, the Celestial Ancient Continent had many different clans, each with their own foundation that have been standing since the Celestial Ancient Times. Apart from the Feathered Clan, which had surrendered, so far, the other clans were still standing strong. They had not really suffered any major losses and would still be able to repel the outside factions if necessary. Naturally, that is unless they were to face someone like the Ancestor Gu Nanshan, who could easily suppress and kill them. However, such a figure is rare even among the outside factions.



“The Great Elder gave the True Dragon Clan half a month to consider his proposal. If the True Dragon Clan does not give a reply by then, the Great Elder will personally go and subdue.”


“The True Dragon Clan holds an extraordinary significance to the other Celestial Ancient Races. They are known to be the strongest. Once they choose to submit, the others are sure to follow.”


“Gu Changge’s plan to make use of the Great Elder is brilliant”


Up above the horizon of an endless mountain range, were many large ancient warships. They were flying in the sky, shrouded in golden mist, like descending Immortals from myth. The person who was monologuing was standing inside one of these warships. His golden eyes were shining brilliantly. He was none other than the Successor of the Immortal Wang Family, Wang Wushuang.


He had remained in the Celestial Ancient Continent.


Next to him was an old monster from the Immortal Wang Family. The man had a hunched back bit that exuded a terrifying aura.


After learning of the Celestial Gate, this old monster from the Wang Family had rushed to the Celestial Ancient Continent to seek out opportunities. Unfortunately, he received nothing. Instead, he nearly died. Currently, injured and a foot already in the grave.


Yet, he did not choose to immediately leave the Celestial Ancient Continent. Instead, he chose to stay by Wang Wushuang’s side. They were planning to watch out for Gu Changge, planning to seek out opportunities from the chaos Gu Changge was going to cause.


“He really thought up an excellent plan. He used the excuse of seeking justice to not only subdue the Feathered Clan, but also coerce the Celestial Ancient Races to go under him…” The old monster said with emotions and sighed. He was amazing and curious about this young man.


“Exactly. Apart from those ancient monsters or the Successor of Demonic Arts, I am afraid few if not none within my generation are qualified to fight against him. I don’t even know what cultivation level he is in right now.” Wang Wushuang said as his body was hidden in thick mist, seeming mysterious. The only thing that could be seen were his glowing golden eyes, which flickered with runes from time to time as though he could see through everything.


Ever since he was born, had never been defeated and took pride in it. However, when he imagines he has to face Gu Changge, his heart would tremble. He knew, that if they got in a real fight, Gu Changge overwhelm him with ease.


“Gu Changge may be powerful, but he’s not invincible. Wang Wushuang, have you forgotten about your older sister? She has returned and has recently went back to the family.” After hearing those depressing words, the old monster standing near Wang Wushuang could only reply with a small smile, before mentioning Wang Wushuang’s mysterious older sister.


“My older sister?” Wang Wushuang was stunned for a moment. His reaction was a bit sluggish. All kinds of memories flashed through his mind. He was now curious about this mysterious older sister of his.


It was said that she was terrifyingly talented. When she was small she got taken away by the Mortal Palace and was forced to undergo specialised training. This training had lasted for over twenty year, and not once had she ever returned to the family. Thus, many within the Immortal Wang Family did not even know about her, even those with authority. Even Wang Wushuang himself had only heard about her recently from an Elder.


Now, it was the first time he was hearing that she had successfully completed her training in the Mortal Palace, and had returned to the family.


“Is she very strong?” Wang Wushuang asked after being silent for a while.




The old monster’s lips raised. He slowly shook his head as he began to explain.


“To describe your older sister as ‘strong’ is considered an insult. Her talent is unparalleled. You need only know this. On the day she is born, the chime of the Grand Dao could be heard from a million kilometres away. It continued to play for three days and three nights. During those three day, many cultivators manage to have some understanding of the Grand Dao. She had directly devoured the essence of several star fields. She was born already in the Sacred Realm. She herself had decided to destroy her cultivation using sheer willpower. That one incident had shocked many Ancestors into awakening. Using their combined might, they quickly moved to conceal everything. Sealing the whole place from the outside world. It was fortunate that they prevented the other factions from detecting it.”


“After that day, many clansmen who knew about it also sealed off their memories. They were afraid that if someone found out about how terrifying your older sister’s talent was, they would move to assassinate her.” The old monster spoke with deep admiration, causing Wang Wushuang to be stunned. After all, this story was too unbelievable!


[Born in the Sacred Realm? Just what kind of nonsense is this? Even with my already frightening talent, I am only still in the Partial-Enlightened Realm. Yet, she was born already in the Sacred Realm? Unbelievable…]  If he had not heard this directly from the old monster’s mouth, he would never have believed it.


Horrifying. The news was just too horrifying. He froze in place, trembling even.


“No wonder her existence has been hidden by the family. Even I have not even heard about it until now. If this had spread out, it would definitely cause an uproar, and she would most likely not have survived until now.” Wang Wushuang suddenly felt a sense of admiration for his older sister who he had never met before.


“Exactly, at that time, many clansmen had their memories sealed. So, your existence has been kept a tight kept secret until now.” The old monster said while nodding.


“So, don’t see Gu Changge’s talent as monstrous. I can assure you, in this world, there are plenty of people with more monstrous talent than him. Your older sister is an example. It does not matter how strong Gu Changge becomes. He would never be her opponent.”


“I remember hearing a few years ago that she was about to enter the Enlightened King Realm. So, I believe she will not be far from the Sacred Realm by now…”


*Sii!* Wang Wushuang could not help but sucked in cold air. He had suffered yet another blow.


[In the Enlightened King Realm just a few years ago? She really has such monstrous talent!] He now could finally understand why the Elders in the family had not cared much about him, even when he was poised to be the Successor. It turns out that he was solely there to cover-up for the existence of his older sister!


When Wang Wushuang finally noticed the reality of things, he could only break out a bitter smile. After all, what else could he say or do? It was a fact that his amplitude much more inferior to that of his older sister.


“It seems she has left me a lot of problems… a lot…” Wang Wushuang sighed.


The old monster agrees with him, “well, there are other strange things about her as well… when was born, she did not cry at all. She was completely different from other regular babies. It seemed as though she was self-aware already. It is as if she retained her knowledge and sentience from her previous life. The Ancestors tried to investigate but could not find anything conclusive… and… her personality….”


At a certain point, the old monster showed an expression of bewilderment. It was as if he could not find the right words to describe what he wanted. Nonetheless, he still remembered her vividly.


She was a little girl, with peach-coloured cheeks. Her skin seems to be as smooth and as flawless as jade. She was as delicate and precious as a fairy. However, when she opened her mouth, the contrasting impact was huge. Words like ‘Bullshit!’ ‘Motherfuck!’ would spew out…


Such memories certainly left a deep impression on him.


“Elder, what is her name?” Wang Wushuang was becoming ever more curious about her. After all, he could never have expected an Elder to show that kind of expression while saying such things.


“Oh? Her name, it’s Wang Zijin… well, you’ll see her pretty soon.”


The old monster made a smile which seem to say, ‘well, you and the whole Beyond will soon know of her name’



Meanwhile, in the Sky Domain within the Beyond, at the centre of a prosperous ancient territory stood a majestic palace in the sky. It was magnificent and sacred, as though it was a palace which belonged to an Immortal.


The palace was built with a mesmerising atmosphere. The tiles were made of flawless white jade and pure glazed glass. The roof was made with million year old purple gold sandalwood. The path towards the pavilions was paved with obsidian that glittered like the night sky. Filling the place was a thick sea of celestial energy, making it seem as thought it was the Celestial Realm.


Beside the palace was an ancient pond and an ancient city. In the main hall, when the Sun rises and the Moon sets, countless flickering runes move along with it. The palace would reflect the stars and would seem as though it contained an entire universe. Just like the throne of a god, the mere sight of it alone showcased its indomitable status.


A huge plaque was hung in front of the palace gate, with purple as its base and with golden letters. They formed two words. ‘Mortal Palace.’


Thousands of what seemed to be silver threads were madly rushing into it from all over the world. These treads of energy were sacred and pure white, gathering at the centre of the palace. These threads actually contained the countless chants and prayers for the Mortal One from all over the world.


At this time, a beautiful woman dressed in flawless white clothes with a veil on her face had her eyes closed. She was in the main hall cultivating/


Soon, a vague shadow appeared floating behind her. It resembled that of an Immortal. This figure was grand and mysterious, seeming to break out of the barriers of space and time, belonging in the ancient times, and was chanting scriptures behind the woman.


The woman was fair and delicate. Her eyes were a pair of flawless black gems, shining with lustre. She was picturesque. However, even with all that beauty, her facial expression was lacking. She seems to not care about anything. It was a state of detachment. The abandonment of emotions and worldly desires.


“Saintess, reporting. Saintess Zijin has

left the Sky Domain and is on her way back to the Immortal Wang Family.” A man

and woman suddenly appeared out of thin air and the woman was respectfully

giving her report.


“Wang Zijin… so secretly left.” The picturesque woman in white seemed surprised after hearing this. However, her expression remained the same. It was like an ocean without any waves.


“Did she say anything?” The picturesque woman in white asked.


“Saintess Zijin has left a short message. It reads, ‘I have no interest in finding the reincarnation of the Mortal One. I just came here to cultivate by pure coincidence and got scammed by you’.”


“So, she had already left…”


“She also added that she doesn’t want the position of Saintess… that she needed to return to find her ideal husband to marry…” The woman who was reporting had an awkward expression. It was obvious that this topic was embarrassing to her.


For this to be said by the Successor of the Mortal Palace was simply too much. If outsiders hear about this, they would have lost all their face! However, if they were to take into consideration how the Saintess usually acts, it would not appear to be strange at all. For example, saying that she wanted to go out and get married so casually, as though it was normal, was something only Saintess Zijin would do.


“Her thoughts are all well and good. However, this is not something she can control. Once she enters the Mortal Palace, she will be a member for the rest of her life. Assisting the Mortal One in restoring peace to the world is now part of duty and obligation.” The picturesque woman in white just shook her head. 


[Wang Zijin, you cannot escape your destiny. Even if you say you want to get married, you are far too arrogant to do it. After all, even in the Mortal Palace where we have innumerable young prodigies, none have managed to catch your eyes. Do you really think that the outside world would have someone who can catch your eyes?]


As she spoke, a thick fog began to form, first covering her face and then her whole body. Her voice gradually became indistinct. It started to be impossible to tell whether it was from a male or a female.


In this era, there were two Successors of the Mortal Palace and both were female! This was something that was unimaginable in the past. There was a simple reason for it. Both of them were just too talented to discard.


Be it Wang Zijin from the Immortal Wang Family or the picturesque woman in white, Jiang Chuchu, they were both rare terrifying monsters. 


Even so, for those in the Mortal Palace, especially the Elders and older experts, Jiang Chuchu was the true Successor. They would admit of Wang Zijin’s might but they found it difficult for her to gain an upper hand against Jiang Chuchu.


“According to the prediction, the new reincarnation of the Mortal One should have already been born. It seems that I would have to leave this place.” Jiang Chuchu pondered for a moment, expressionless.


Not every era would herald the Mortal One to reincarnate. Nonetheless, for the Successor of the Mortal Palace, their most important task was to find and protect the Mortal One’s reincarnation, afterwards help him get stronger. They would do so from his birth.


The would first help awaken the Mortal One’s memory of his past life, and strengthen him to be unrivalled in his generation. Everything was done so that the Mortal One would be able to grow strong enough to save the world and bring peace to all lives.


[The Successor of Demonic Arts has appeared in this era. He will definitely lead this world into chaos. Before finding the Mortal One’s reincarnation, I will first find the Successor of Demonic Arts and kill him.] Jiang Chuchu said in her heart. Bringing justice to the common people and getting rid of evil was, to her, of the greatest importance.


If Gu Changge was here and could read her thoughts, he would definitely say, ‘this is exactly what it means to be selfless, honourable and righteous!’





A terrifying pressure pressed down. It was as a ginormous mountain along with the sea around it, fell from the sky. It suppressed any below it and caused the world beneath to tremble. Even the Sun and Moon were not spared as they both lost their light. It was as if a Supreme Being had come down and destroyed the universe. 


Yet in the next moment, this mighty pressure, which seems to have choked off the sky, vanished in the blink of an eye. It had vanished without trace.


This happened inside the ancestral palace of the Divine Crocodile Clan.


Gu Changge stood with his hands behind his back. He had a smile on his face, as he stared at the kneeling Ancestor of the Divine Crocodile Clan beneath him. “Could it be? Are you also courting death?”


“Young Master Gu, I hope you take my words as mere jest. I know you are a magnanimous person…” The Sacred King Realm Ancestor from the Divine Crocodile Clan said as his whole face turned pale and cold sweat covered his head.


All his clansmen behind him were also pale. They even more afraid and desperate. They did not expect that their Ancestor, who was in the Sacred King Realm, would still be helpless in front of Gu Changge. It was no different to having his life in the palm of Gu Changge’s hand!


Now, there was no way to control him. Gu Changge truly does control everyone’s life and death.


“Since you are still of use to me, I’ll spare you. But, there will be no second time. If there is, it will not be only you. Everyone in the Divine Crocodile Clan will be buried with you.” Gu Changge looked at the Ancestor and said with a smile.


This huge contrast between his indifference and his life threatening words, made all the Divine Crocodile Clansmen tremble. They dared not waste a single second to respond.


“From today onwards, we will honour Young Master Gu as our Master!”


Now, they knew that they had no choice. They could either submit or die. Thus, they submitted to him.


They also knew his words were not to be taken lightly. Quite a few clansmen did not believe his words and how terrifying he was. They tried to go against him. However, just as they were about to act, or were thinking of attacking, they all died without a single trace of them left.


To Gu Changge, it was necessary to make the Divine Crocodile Clan understand one single fact. He had their lives in the palm of his hand, and they had no hope of escaping. Otherwise, with hope, they grasp at any opportunity they could to break free of his control.


Gu Changge would have never appeared like this if he was not completely certain of his safety. Thus, what the Ancestor did were all still within his expectation. In the first place, the servant’s cultivation level did not affect the fearsome control of the Entanglement Immortal Might.




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