I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 192, Cannot Be Bother With The Name, The Overpowered Protagonist!


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Gu Changge had managed to subdue the whole Divine Crocodile Clan with barely any effort. It was all thanks to the Entanglement Immortal Might, and its horrifying control over those that got ensnared in it. Even the three Sacred King Realm Ancestors were in the palm of his hands. They could not resist him as he only needed just a thought to take away their life. Likewise, if there were any others who wanted to resist, he would be more than glad to kill a few more to set an example. Set such deeply entrenched fear such that they would not even think of rebelling against his will.


With so much control, Gu Changge naturally did not need to fear them going against him. Well, even if they did, it would not really matter. After all, all he needed was a blade for his next plan. A blade that will kill according to his will. It did not matter if this blade got broken. He could simply throw it away and get a new one.


Naturally, he could choose the blade he wants to use from the major clans in the Celestial Ancient Continent. They were simply the best tools for what he had planned.


In terms of Bloodline Talent, those from the Celestial Ancient Continent surpassed those in the outside world. Thus, Gu Changge plans on creating a terrifyingly powerful army here. An army he would send out to the multiple worlds and bring death to those Almighty Prodigies.




Soon, the clan was summoned by Gu Changge.


“Greetings, Master!” The ones summoned were the Divine Crocodile Clan’s three remaining Sacred King Realm Ancestors. They knelt before him and shouted with respect.


They believe that Gu Changge was controlling them using the Slave Mark. Thus, it had never occurred to them that the cultivation technique that they had obtained from the Black Hawk Family with great difficulty, was the main cause. Though, in the first place, no one would really think that the cultivation technique would cause their fate to be under the control of someone else. Even if suggested, they would most likely refuse to believe it.


This was only natural. The way Gu Changge does things was extremely meticulous. So much so that it was astonishing. Even if someone were to describe it as flawless, it would still be an understatement.


“I am not someone who kills for no reason. As long as you work under me with your heart and soul, you will definitely be able to enjoy some benefits…” Gu Changge casually stated to them. It was an empty promise mentioned while he was surveying them.


“You will go and select all those strong and courageous clansmen in the True Enlightened Realm and above. They will be gathered and will henceforth be known as Divine Crocodile Clan Army.” Gu Changge ordered with a profound smile which seemed to hint at his interest in how this would develop.


At the same time, with a wave of his hand, a bright light descended. It was none other than cultivation technique, Life Sharing Grand Art.


For the name of the army, he did not bother to give it anything too majestic. As long as it was memorable and distinct, that was enough.


“Yes, Young Master!” Three Sacred King Realm Ancestors shouted in unison. Although they knew that Gu Changge would never be as kind as to give them something without any hidden motive, who would dare refuse him?


Behind the three were a crowd of the Divine Crocodile Clansmen. They all wore extremely bitter expressions. Still, they had to use this technique.


[The Life Sharing Grand Art? If it is as its suggests, how is it possible that someone like him would give it to us so easily?]


At this time, those clansmen who had not reached the True Enlightened Realm secretly feel relieved.


As for Gu Changge, he was scanning around. He noticed that within this hall, there were 13 people in the Sacred Realm. Even for him, this was a force that couldn’t be underestimated.



Following the event in the hall, the Ancestors of the clan had disseminated their order to the entire clan. From henceforth, the Divine Crocodile Clan would submit to Gu Changge. Without missing a beat, the recruitment for the Divine Crocodile Clan Army had also started!


This order had greatly shocked the whole clan. However, none dared to disobey since it was an order made by the Ancestors. Meanwhile, they already knew who Gu Changge was. After all, who had not heard of fearsome reputation before? It was just that they would have never expected that they would end up submitting to him. This just came way too out of left field.


Soon, explanation had arrived. Those with authority within the Divine Crocodile Clan had release news explaining Gu Changge’s identity, which was the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being!


They tried to persuade the rest, that their past ancestors were followers of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Hence, it only made sense for them to follow his Successor. Naturally, they did this so that they would not feel humiliated. There was no way they could declare that they had Slave Marks and were being forced by Gu Changge.


In just three days, Gu Changge had completely subdued the entire Divine Crocodile Clan, and had even started training his army. Even so, no one outside knew about this. Gu Changge had deliberately kept things under wraps. After all, he needed both the blade and the opportunity, whereby he could directly fatally stab into Celestial Ancient Clans.


Afterwards, he left the territory with the three Ancestors in tow. This time, he was headed towards the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan. 


Although the Black Hawk Family, the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, and the Divine Crocodile Clan seem to be united on the surface, there was actually a lot of hidden friction between them. They do compete with each other after all.


Still, out of all the clans the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had taken control and had left behind, these three were the mightiest and the most ancient. The other clans could not even hold a candle to these three. After all, even within the Celestial Ancient Continent, there were hardly any clans that could contend against them.


Soon, several overwhelming forces ripped into the sky and tore it apart. Space split open as the sky seems to fall. A path leading to the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan’s territory had opened up.


“Young Master, we are now in the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan’s territory.” One of the Ancestors who had helped tore open the path for Gu Changge, bowed and respectfully said. Since they had already submitted, they did not wish to be the only ones. Misery loves company, so they also wish for their old acquaintances to join.


[If you are going to die, I will not follow you. If I am going to die, how can I possibly not drag you with me?] This was just how most people think. Naturally, it benefited Gu Changge as he can relax as they would proactively subdue the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan for him.


All of a sudden, the entire Ancient Flying Serpent Clan was in a huge uproar! Many of their Elder and higher ups immediately gathered inside their main hall. Each one of them wore solemn expressions as they looked at the young man in the centre, who seemed to radiate an aura that needed to be respected.


When Gu Channge first stepped into their territory, they had already noticed him. How could they not when he was accompanied by three Ancestors from the Divine Crocodile Clan? With such a line up, the purpose of their visit could not be more clear.


“My clan is willing to submit to Young Master Gu. We are willing to go through fire and water as long as you wills it.” Those older Ancient Flying Serpent Clansmen quickly declared. They were all wise and could tell how bad the situation was. They knew that there was no hope for them to resist from the start. After all, if there was such a possibility, why would the Divine Crocodile Clan submit?


Even if they did not have a brain, they could at least still tell that something was wrong. Since it had come down to this, they chose to act wisely and avoid any unnecessary casualties.


Hearing them comply too easily, Gu Changge wore a faint smile as he gave a nod and said, “well done. You people are wise. You have saved this Young Master’s time.”


The Ancient Flying Serpent Clansmen all remained silent.


Soon, Gu Changge did the same and established the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan Army. Like the previous time, he did not bother coming up with any majestic name.


Now, he had his army. Though still in its embryonic form and yet to fully develop, they were already terrifying. After all, it consisted of the Feathered Clan, Black Hawk Family, and now the Divine Crocodile Clan and Ancient Flying Serpent Clan!


Since they were all his slaves, as long as he wills it, the would be able to make these clans start a bloodbath for him in the Celestial Ancient Continent!


— — —


Soon, several days passed. According to Gu Changge’s prediction, the Great Elder should receive the True Dragon Clan’s decision soon.


Thus, he sent out an order. It was a summons for those from the Primal Celestial Temple stationed in the Supreme Peak.


Upon receiving his order, they rode on their ancient warships and tore through space, arriving just next to Dragon Island, directly above the city! 


When the news of an army surround Dragon Island had broken out, numerous natives and outsiders were taken aback by Gu Changge’s sudden action. After all, he had been away from the Celestial Ancient Continent for a while, but suddenly returned just to create a sea of blood!




Soon, two divine rainbows came rushing forward one after another and had convened just outside Dragon Island. 


“Thank you, Great Elder.” Dressed in a white robe with feathers, brilliantly sworn together, Gu Changge’s appeared just on top of one of the ancient warships. He was directing a faint smile towards the Great Elder, who was guarding the place. 


“I hope you will keep you word.” The Great Elder sighed, unable to do anything to stop Gu Changge. 


Those watching gasp. They became even more terrified. After all, this scene proved that the Great Elder had been forced to do this by Gu Changge!


Meanwhile, Dragon Island shone with a brilliant light that reached the sky. The clan had finally activated their protective Grand Array. All their clansmen knelt down and prayed, causing thunderous dragon roars to be played. 



Meanwhile, millions upon millions of kilometres in Boundless Heaven away from the Sky Domain.


Clouds floated about around the mountains, with rivers flowing between the peaks. It was a mesmerising landscape further enhanced by a break taking clear lake. Up above were white clouds which endlessly span the sky, and with it came a carriage which speed through the scenery, leaving a fiery red trail. It was being pulled by nine horses with wings.


Chasing after the carriage was a group of men clad in armour. They were all mounted on all kinds of terrifying beasts, each menacing and powerful.


It was an amazing sight, seeing the sea of clouds split apart forming a route for the carriage to race through. Meanwhile, the carriage would flicker with bright flashes of light, obviously from the various runes around it.


The old coachman on the carriage continued to speed through the sky with a serene expression. It was as if the one ferrying at such a speed was not different from walking. Such skill highlighted how extraordinary the person in the carriage was. Those who saw the scene understood and dared not approaching. From their viewpoint, the person in the carriage was someone so important that they would be forfeiting their lives if they offended them.


“I’ve said it once already! Stop chasing after us! Tell that Young Master for yours, to stop waste his time! We have absolutely, not the slightest bit of interest in him! If he still does not understand, then don’t blame this Young Lady for starting with him!” The curtain of the carriage suddenly split open. From inside the head of a young maid popped out. She had bright eyes and white teeth, with braided hair that fluttered along with the wind. She seemed to only be around eleven or twelve years old but still looked beautiful nonetheless. Her brow wrinkled as she frowned and looked at the men in armour chasing after the carriage with scolded with utter contempt.


“Miss, we have been directly ordered by out Young Master, so we don’t have any choice! Please do not make things difficult. Once we escort Saintess Zijin out of the Sky Domain, we will go back. You will not see us in just fifteen minutes…”  The leader of the group of men was a large and well built middle-aged man clad in golden battle armour. Once he heard what the little girl had said, the couldn’t help but make a bitter smile as he replied.


“It’s that annoying Zhao Tianxing again. Why does he not learn when to give up?” The maid, Xiu Er, could not seem anymore displeased. After all, the Young Master in charge of this group of men was truly sickening.


It was rather simple as to why the Young Master was acting like this though. The person the carriage was escorting was none other than one of the two Successors of the Mortal Palace, Saintess Zijin. Meanwhile, Xiu Er was just her servant, someone responsible for taking care of her daily needs. Meanwhile, the other party was from the Immortal Zhao Clan, and their Young Master was Zhao Tianxing, a renowned young prodigy from the Sky Domain. When Zhao Tianxing had learnt that the Successor was leaving the Mortal Palace, he immediately sent over a group of his men to ‘escort’ her.


Unfortunately for this case, even if those in the carriage wanted to keep things discrete, they could not. This group of thick-skinned men were far too much, the had followed them all the way to the border of the Sky Domain and were now close to the boundary of the Inner Domain. 


Naturally, Xiu Er was not pleased by this. However, considering her status, she still acted courteous.  However, there was a limit and this was it. Furthermore, Xiu Er knew that the Saintess she served detests him, after he had constantly harassed her. She had been unable to control herself and had beaten him up a few times already. However, for some reason, after each time, Zhao Tianxing seems even more determined to pursue her. He was clearly a masochist. 


Naturally, the Saintess had thought of removing this pest before. However, Zhao Tianxing’s father had personally pleaded for mercy on his behalf of his son. Otherwise, Zhao Tianxing would have long been beaten an inch from death, and would be unable to get out of bed for months. 


“It seems like Zhao Tianxing doesn’t dare to show up, himself. So, she you guys instead. If not for the Young Mistress’s benevolence, you would have been slapped to death by now.” Xiu Er disgruntledly exclaimed. She did not care about Zhao Tianxing’s identity as the Young Master of the Immortal Zhao Family and was showing it on her small face filled with discontent.


[Escort? More like stalking! Disgusting!] Since even Xiu Er thought like this, she could only imagine how much the Saintess loathes him.


“I believe you have mistaken his good intentions. He is the Young Master of our Immortal Zhao Family. We know that Saintess Zijin has not exactly been pleased with him, but our Young Master truly only has good intentions towards her. He was afraid that harm might come her way during her ride and had sent us to escort you all. Even if there was nothing to gain, we have still done our best. Miss Xiu Er, along the way, do you know how many potential threats we have eliminated before you entered the area? Or are you just trying not to see it?” After hearing her, the group of men could not help but expression their discontent


“It seems all of you still don’t understand anything. Then, don’t blame me for being frank. How many suitors do you think my Young Mistress have? And among them, where does your Young Lord rank?” Xiu Er’s face sank as she could not help but speak in an icy-cold tone.


She may seem young but her cultivation level was by no means weak. She has a special physique and had been personally taught by the Saintess. Thus, she was actually really strong.


Hearing her tone and words, the men chasing after the carriage had their faces turn ugly. However, they could only suppress their anger.


No matter what, they have escorted this carriage without expecting even a word of thanks. It had consumed so much of their time and energy. Yet, after all they have done, there was not even a semblance of gratitude. Instead, all they have received were nasty remarks. If not for the other party’s background being the Successor of the Mortal Palace, someone who they could not afford to offend, they would have moved to teach them a lesson by now.


They would make sure to teach this young servant in particular. Using Saintess Zijin’s status, she had constantly mocked and taunted them. Enraging them


Naturally, none of them knew of Saintess Zijin’s origins, before she entered the Mortal Palace. After all, even within the Mortal Palace, only a handful of people knew where she came from.


“Get lost. I hate those morally corrupt the most. I have not been this angered in awhile. Go away now while you still have the chance.” Suddenly, from inside the carriage, a melodious voice sounded off, which seemed to have come from nature itself. However, this calm and tranquil voice seems to carry immense killing intent.




Soon, runes numerous enough to form a sea surged, and ice crystals formed. The runed gathered and burst out an icy blast which engulfed the world. A frightening chill swept through everything, causing the sky to tremble as divinity showed itself. It was as though the world was about to be submerged into an ice age.


“Saintess Zijin, you…” When the group of men saw this, their expressions drastically changed. They could feel their bodies freezing up as they felt a chill down their spine. This was the first time that Saintess Zijin had spoken to them. Throughout the journey, she had completely ignored them, as though they were no different than air. It was obvious that she was angry.


Their expression became even uglier. They were unwilling to do as she had said and were puzzled.


[Morally corrupt?] They were confused. They just could not understand why their actions, which all stemmed from good intention, were making the Saintess unhappy.


Even so, they did not dare act out. Even after witnessing her power, they still felt more fear towards the Mortal Palace than her. In their eyes, although the Saintess’ might was unfathomable, she had only shown it a few times. Furthermore, each time, the strength that she displayed was on par with those who claim to be the reincarnation of the Mortal One. Furthermore, she was still young. How could she compare herself with them, who had cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years?


Still, no matter how highly they regarded their own might, they would still not dare to offend a power like the Mortal Palace, which stood at the pinnacle. Especially with recent rumours of the Mortal One going to reincarnate and reappearing in the world again.


“Get lost. Make sure you tell Zhao Tianxing this. If I ever see him again, even his father won’t be able to protect him. Heck, I swear upon my name as Wang Zijin. Even if the Jade Emperor were to come down, I would still deal with him.” The melodious voice from the carriage played again, still containing intense killing intent.


The frost in the sky soon formed into thousands of swords, all of which seem divine. As the sword formed, sharpening sounds could be heard. The sight of this massive gathering of arms was mind boggling. It was as if they were formed with the capability to cut down everyone.


This scene, accompanied by her threat made the group of men’s complexion to drastically change. Although it sounded a little strange, they got her message. If their Young Master dares to pester her, that would be the end of him. 


“If you wish to live, get lost. Once my Young Mistress gets angry, the consequences are always dire.” This time, it was the old man driving the carriage that spoke. He had opened his eyes which contained many profundities. A golden flash went out of it, like a snake. As he spoke, the might of the Sacred Lord Realm filled the air and shook the sky. 


“To think… he is in the Sacred Lord Realm…” 




“How is this possible? Why is a mere old carriage coachman so powerful?”


The group of men could not help but cry out. This scene was far too shocking for them to take in. Their eyes seemed to have grown the size of plates as they trembled. In the very next moment, once they could manage to regain their senses, they rode on their mounts away, transforming into divine rainbows and immediately fled. They no longer dared to stay.


No one had told them that the one driving the carriage was someone in the Sacred Lord Realm! With someone as strong as that, their escorting was truly meaningless. When they think back on how they acted, they feel a chill go down their spine. After all, if that old man had wanted to, he could force them to remain there without them being able to do anything!


Another chill was suddenly felt once they realised that Saintess Zijin was far more mysterious than they had thought. 


“I didn’t expect this kind of thing to bother you, Grandpa Sher.”  After a brief moment of silence, the melodious voice from inside the carriage rang out once again. This time, with a tone of gratitude towards the old man outside. 


“Not to worry, Young Mistress. It should be you who should not get angry over such trivial matters. It is unworthy of your rage.” The old coachman made a small smile, which soon disappeared and he regained his expressionless face


“It seems that I was right. Grandpa Sher, your true cultivation level is not as simple as it seems… hiding it all the while…” 


Right at that moment, within the carriage, there was a beautiful woman wearing a long aqua blue dress, which danced along with the wind accompanied by her long black hair. Her captivating eyes flashed with a playful light. It seems that she found this to be very interesting. When she spoke, her eyes narrowed into a crescent shape. Those who saw it would have their heart entranced.


Naturally, this woman was a person who was at the pinnacle of beauty. Like a blooming flower in a valley filled with trees and haze, she alone would still stand beautiful. She had a cunning pair of eyes that seemed to be able to see through anything. It could be said that she was the personification of beauty. The culmination of all the beautiful things in the world


As if an orchid in an empty valley, a misty fog in an enchanting forest, she possessed an otherworldly and serene beauty that was outside of the mundane world, paired with cunning eyes that could see through anything and everything. That was just how flawless she seemed.


She was not only attractive enough to cause the downfall of countries, but she also had an otherworldly temperament. She would cause anyone who laid eyes on her to feel inferior. After all, everything else in the world simply pale in comparison to her. Any man who sees her would only have three words in mind. ‘She is perfect’


This woman was one of the two Successors of the Mortal Palace, Wang Zijin. 


Currently, she wore a satisfied look. It was impossible to see how this face could carry the rage and coldness from before. 


“Young Mistress… earlier, you used the term ‘morally corrupt’. What does that mean?”  Xiu Er curiously asked as she peeked her head out. This was yet another term she had heard come out from her mouth that bewildered her, as she did not understand what it meant. 


“Xiu Er… Every single day, why do you have so many questions?” Wang Zijin flicked the young maid’s forehead with irritation on her face. 


Actually, in regard to the name Xiu Er, it was a name that Wang Zijin had thought of because it sounded interesting. However, she would have never expected that she would actually call someone that for years.


Meanwhile, Xiu Er had never saw her name in a negative light. Instead, she always saw it as something wonderful and pleasant to hear. After all, it does mean graceful.


“Young Mistress, will you tell me?” 


“Morally corrupt, huh? How about this? If a man gave you gifts, such as Spirit Pills, Sacred Herbs and cultivation techniques. After that, they expect you to marry him. Would you be willing to tie the knot?” Wang Zijin gave a small smile as she explained. 


In her opinion, the group of men from before, including her many suitors before them, were as she had described them to be ‘morally corrupt’. They would impose their gifts on her and then expect her to repay them, naturally in a form they desired. To such people, Wang Zijin two magical words to share with them, ‘FUCK YOU!’


“Aahhh. If it is like that, I would not want to marry that man. ” Upon hearing this, Xue Er shook her head like a rattle. She even wore an expression of unwillingness.


[My Young Mistress sure is wise.] From the start, she had always found her Young Mistress to be extremely knowledgeable, knowing various things that were all profound. Thus, Xiu Er deeply admired Wang Zijin. She even believed that her Young Miss was just a step away from being omnipotent. 


“Young Miss, you know so much!” Xiu Er said in worship. 


“Know so much?” 


Hearing this, Wang Zijin suddenly got slightly taken aback. It seems as though her mind went blank for a while. All of a sudden, she felt down. [More than 20 years have gone by already… all in the blink of an eye…]


It was not that she knew more than others. Rather, it was just that the people of this world are just too simple minded compared to those she interacted with in her past life. Furthermore, many of these things were basic general knowledge that everyone knew. However, in this world, she would have to explain it a few times for the people here to understand what she means.


In other words, Wang Zijin came from another world. She came from a green planet, one in an era where information was exploding. She lived in a country that had a history dating back to 5000 years. It was a country filled with rich culture and traditions.


The most accurate word to describe her, which was one that she took from her previous life, was ‘transmigrator’. 


In her past life, she was born into a wealthy family. Her parents were successful people. In terms of basic necessities, everything was covered. She had no need to worry. Instead, she was the kind of rich and fair beautiful girl that everyone envied.


However, fate was cruel to her. She was born with incurable chronic diseases, which made her body incredibly weak. Before the age of 20, she had to spend every waking moment on the hospital bed.


Her only joy in life was when she was on her screen, connected to the internet. There, she could learn about the world, become the incarnate of God with the keyboard in her hand. She would battle against other mighty warriors of the board and would sometimes see her parents and grandparents through her monitor… It was not an exaggeration to say that the world did not have someone else who had spent as much time indoors as her. There were only a few times she had managed to step outside.


Eventually, the day after she turned 20, she passed away. Leaving that world forever. 


When she woke up again, she had already turned into a baby. She was born into one of this world’s most powerful forces, the Immortal Wang Family. 


From what she could tell, she had transmigrated into a terrifying wuxia world. The strong would need just one palm to cause the world to tremble and just one breath to split the sky. Even the weak could move mountains and create lakes. It was a place where everyone flew. It was a place where conflict and wars would spark at any time.


It was fortunate that in this world, she was born with Heaven defying Talent. It would not be like those story cliché in her past life where she would be born without talent and had to work her way up as the Third Young Mistress of the family.


When she noticed all of this, Wang Zujin just had the attitude of, ‘oh well. Whatever happens, happens’, and had accepted it. After all, when compared to her previous life, she has never felt more alive. She could actually really feel the trees for once. She did not have to be confined in her hospital bed. Locked away from the outside world, only able to interact and learn about it through a monitor.


Furthermore, she was living a life that was completely different from those ‘born as trash’ cliches. She was born with an incredible physique. She was basically the apple of the World’s eyes. In terms of background and Talent, she had far surpassed her peers.


The only thing she lacked was those various interesting face-slapping and revenge cliches. At first, Wang Zijin even wondered if she had a fiancé. Whereby, she would be the villainess of the story and her fiancé wanted to break off the engagement. However, that was not possible. She was just too gifted that almost no other dashing young prodigy could match her. Naturally, that would mean she would also have no cancelled engagement cliché. Rather, it seemed that she was meant to be the protagonist, one who always constantly overpower others and not face any real obstacles.


Silavin: ‘If you are going to die, I will not follow you. If I am going to die, how can I possibly not drag you with me?’ – In other words, the crab bucket. 


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