I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 193, Isn’t The Villainous Cannon Fodder I Expected; He Can’t Live Past a Few Chapters!


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Wang Zijin felt that her hunch was not wrong. After all, her current life was the epitome of ‘smooth-sailing’. Since birth, she had never encountered a single setback so far. She showed how terrifying her Talent was and even got born with a cultivation level of Sacred Realm.


However, she chose to abolish her cultivation. Due to the vast knowledge she had from her previous life of the various cliches in romance novels, she chose something others would deemed as foolish and unwise. Nonetheless, she knew it was the most stable route for her, which would allow her to raise the ceiling of her future achievements.


Later on, the facts had proved her choice was the correct one. Now, due to starting from scratch, her foundation was extremely solid. In fact, Wang Zijin even felt like she was now capable of reaching the True Immortal Realm in the future. Even the other Saintess and Successor of the Mortal Palace, Jiang Chuchu, who was said to be the true Successor of the Mortal Palace, might not be her match in an actual fight. 


Wang Zijin was just that confident.


It was an unwavering arrogance stemming from how strong she was and the numerous trump cards she had.


She plans on leaving the Mortal Palace and travelling around the world. Since she was so talented, even if she does not cultivate, she was certain that the other strong young prodigies would not be able to catch up to her in their entire lifetimes. In fact, to her, these so-called young prodigies were nothing but fodder. Ants she could quash with a simple palm of her hand. They were not even worthy to be placed in her eyes.


She always wanted to travel around in her previous life. She had already yearned for the opportunity to go around the wonderful wider world. Now that her dreams were unfolding before her eyes, she could not help but get emotional. Her eyes became swollen as excitement filled her heart.


After more than 20 years. This was the first time she was going to experience this vast wuxia world. During the past 20 years, she had been busy training. Whether it was when she was with her family or in the Mortal Palace, she did not have the opportunity to go out and explore the world. Now that she finally had such an opportunity, she would naturally grasp it and never release it.


Wang Zijin recalled her one and only wish in her previous life. [I want to see the world. I want to go outside. It is so vast, so filled with life. I just want to be a part of it…]


It was to her fortune that the world she had reincarnated into was countless times more exciting than the one in her previous life. It was full of young prodigies she could fight. Full of rivers and sea, wonderous scenery. The people here were also beautiful, with so many different types and styles.


“In those transmigrator novels, there would usually be some callous prince or some domineering demon lord chiches… Why is it that all the suitors I find brain-dead? They are called young prodigies my ass. All of them are just mentally handicapped. They are also incapable of understanding others’ emotions as well” While still in the carriage, Wang Zijin was supporting her flawless chin with her hand. She was staring at the magnificent  scene outside while mumbling.


Wang Zijin felt that the world she was now in, travelling around, was not like those depicted in the female-oriented novels she had read in her previous life. In fact, it looked more akin to those male-oriented novels, and it was fortunate that she had read many of those as well. Thus, she felt confident in dealing with any cliches that were thrown her way. Furthermore, compared to those female-oriented novels that dealt with a lot of betrays and manipulations, male-oriented novels which focused on the pursuit of strength was much simpler. Here, the one with the biggest fist decides everything. Under absolute power, schemes meant nothing.


“Young Mistress, you said you were going out to look for your ideal husband to marry. Is that true?” Xiu Er suddenly asked. Her small face was filled with bewilderment, as though she truly doubted what her Young Mistress had said.


In her opinion, her Young Mistress was too outstanding. It would even be fair to describe her as the brightest moon in the Nine Heavens. How could any man possibly be a match for her?


Hearing her doubt, Wang Zijin rolled her eyes. She ill-humouredly replied, “Xiu Er, why are you so foolish? Of course what I said were all lies! I, your Young Mistress, will become a peerless Immortal in the future. I would be able to use just one hand to fight against 3000 emperors. With both hands, I would be able to move the world. I would be invincible. How could I possibly tie myself to the trivial idea of having an ideal husband?”


Be it Talent and background, even her memories of her previous life, she was completely different from other women. She knew it well, and was afraid that she might truly end up dying alone at this rate.


In her previous life, it was common for the protagonist in female-oriented novels to meet different older men. They would all be stunningly handsome and they would all fall for the protagonist, eventually making a harem for her. At that time, Wang Zijin thought of this as something desirable. However, after she came to this world, she found this idea to be horrendous. Disgusting even. It was mainly because her standards were too high. Thus, she could not help but imagine being forced to lower herself to marry some frivolous useless man. It was a thought that would send goosebumps all over her body.


After all, she was outstanding. Too outstanding in fact that if an ancient emperor were to meet her, she would probably not care.


“Taking on 3000 emperors with one hand and moving the world with both! Young Mistress, your ambition is huge! Even so, I know that Young Mistress will be able to do it.” Xiu Er suddenly said and nodded.


Ideal husband? Although this word often came out of her Young Mistress’ mouth, she always had a tone of disinterest, as if it was just a joke.


“Though, I can certainly give that guy away to Jiang Chuchu as her ideal husband and marry her off. Every day, she keeps wearing that cold, disinterested expression of hers. It’s as though the whole world owes her something. How arrogant. She is the kind of person that deserves to get beat down by a man. Only then would she realise that the Mortal One is not the only guy out there, and look down on the other men.” Wang Zijin shook her head as she spoke about Jiang Chuchu.


Although Jiang Chuchu was her only talking partner while she was training for those 20 years, Wang Zijin always felt that she was just too virtuous. In her previous life, the most apt term for her would be the ‘Holy Mother’.


However, she would not describe her as ‘Holy Mother’ instead, for Wang Zijin, the best term to describe her was ‘Bitchy Holy Mother’. The Holy Mother was known to be just and benevolent, always helping others out of the kindness of her heart, completely different from that Bitchy Holy Mother. However, the difference was just… indescribable.


In fact, Wang Zijin had no words to criticise the Holy Mother. Meanwhile, if she were to meet that Bitch Holy Mother, she hoped to get away as far as possible and hide. If she could not, she would rather be killed.


[That thing. Other than breathing and eating up resources, disgusting others while living, what else is it good for? It’s completely useless!] Wang Zijin mocked.


“I think Saintess Chuchu is a good person. It’s just, her personality is too cold. She always focuses on upholding justice…” Xiu Er spoke while a little distressed.


“You’re not wrong. She is indeed a good person. So, we should try to look for an ideal husband for her to marry. Else, she would fall into that hellish trap the Mortal Palace had set up, and get scorched by that sea of fire.” Wang Zijin said while smiling with an expression that says, ‘yes, let’s do it!’


Though, in terms of romantic experiences with man, she still had none. Neither in her previous life nor this life. However, she was still confident that she was second to none when it came to theory. In fact, if she wanted to have a discussion about it, she was confident she could give a lecture for three days straight.


“Young Mistress, you secretly left the Mortal Palace this time. You also don’t plan on looking for the Mortal One’s reincarnation. Won’t that make the Elders angry?” Xiu Er recalled an issue and asked with a grave tone.


“Let them get angry then. It’s not like I’m going to see their faces again.” Wang Zijin replied, displeased. “In fact, it’s their desire to find Mortal One’s reincarnation. It’s none of my business. I’m not interested in helping as well. I’m not their slave”


[Hell, from the start, when I got taken into the Mortal Palace to train, no one told me I was going to be forced to do this shit. Mortal Palace? Sounds nice but it is not different from a slave training centre. I see no reason to help them find much less serve the Mortal One’s reincarnation. It’d be fine if us Successors were men but both of us are women! Isn’t this basically making a harem for the Mortal One?] The sheer thought of this made Wang Zijin nauseous. She wishes to erase all traces of the Mortal Palace from her body.


[Maybe the other women in the world will be happy to be part of the Mortal One’s harem. Honoured in fact, enough to throw themselves at him. But for me, no thanks. I don’t even want to think and hear about this.] Wang Zijin thought.


“Young Mistress, look! That’s the Inner Domain of Boundless Heaven! I heard that Young Master Wushuang is there. Do you want to go and visit him? We might meet lots of outstanding men as well!” After passing through Star Territories and Transportation Arrays, Xiu Er had opened the curtain to look at the vast world outside. She suddenly said in all her excitement.


These past few days, they have received a lot of information about the outside world. The Beyond was known to be boundless. It stretched on for infinity. It could be roughly divided into the Sky Domain, Inner Domain, Middle Domain and Outer Domain. Even so, as though the huge distance between each domain was not a factor, news still spread quickly.


Currently, news of what was happening in Skyward Schloss had caused even the remote places in the Beyond to be in uproar. Furthermore, there was the Successor of Demonic Arts, who had appeared, and the Celestial Path appearing in the  Celestial Ancient Continent. The waves that each piece of news created was so huge that even the master and two servants, who were far away in Sky Domain, had heard of it.


“Wushuang? My pathetic little brother?” Wang Zijin was slightly taken aback as she thought. [Well, I’m not a brocon. So, for a little brother I had not seen before, I guess he is no different from a stranger to me. Well, I only learnt about him from those letters my family had sent me. Still, he is still my flesh and blood brother. Since I’m passing by, I might as well go and have a look. Doesn’t seem like there will be any issues. It’s similar to my previous life, in this life, I still have a family.]


She was pondering for a while before giving a nod. “Alright then. Let’s go and see him.”


“Okay. Skyward Schloss is the oldest Sect in Boundless Heaven. Currently, during this period of time, there is a huge gathering over there. There will be plenty of young prodigies present. Maybe you will find someone who catches your eye?” Upon hearing her agree, Xiu Er immediately happily spoke up. Though she said that, she was obviously interested in seeing those young prodigies.


“Wasn’t there a rumour, saying that the current Successor of Skyward Schloss is the number one in the younger generation? Just how much of that is hearsay?”  Xiu Er mumbled, perhaps this was her true goal of wanting to visit.


“The number one in the younger generation? Isn’t that some rumour created before your Young Mistress was born? If they knew about me, would someone be so arrogant to claim such a thing?” Wang Zijin smiled, as if she held no interest in such rumours. She was born already in the Sacred Realm. Thus, she was confident that she was the best.


Although she was now cultivating from scratch, she was already in the Early Stage of the Quasi Sacred Realm. She had a cultivation speed that would shock everyone. If made known, those who heard it would definitely be shocked and alarmed.


So far, from what she knew, the young prodigies did not have anyone who was above the Partial-Enlightented Realm. Hence, there was still a huge disparity between them. An insurmountable gap. Thus, this was something she needed to care about.


“Young Mistress, aren’t you curious though? It is said that Young Master Gu Changge is the Walking Taboo. He is the Avatar of a True Immortal, and his power and influence in the Boundless Heaven is simply unmatched! He is the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family, the Successor of Skyward Schloss. He even has the support of a Cult of Immortality like the Primordial Celestial Temple. It’s just unbelievable for one person to hold so many amazing titles!” In contrast to Wang Zijin’s bland reaction, Xiu Er had a look of yearning and admiration. Even every word out of her mouth was filled with excitement. It was completely different from how she regarded the Young Master of the Immortal Zhao Family.


Meanwhile, Wang Zijin was still indifferent. She even sneered, “Xiu Er, just what do you really know? Avatar of a True Immortal? If his father says his child is the Avatar of a True Immortal, does it really mean the child will be an Immortal someday?  Let me share with you, young prodigies who have such a reputation, generally die very quickly. They are just cannon fodder who do not live for many chapters. Besides, his name is ‘Gu Changge’. It’s impossible for him to be the protagonist with that kind of name. In those male-oriented novel, if their names do not contain Fan(凡) or Hao(昊), they can forget about being the protagonist. So, don’t get too excited. This guy you’re talking about is just some stereotypical cannon fodder. That’s all.”


When Xiu Er heard what her Young Mistress had said, she was immediately dumbfounded. She did not understand what many of the words were said. Even so, she got the general gist of it. [Someone as powerful and influential as Gu Changge, a man who terries everyone in the Boundless Heaven, is nothing in Young Mistress’s eyes… To her, he is just a ‘cannon fodder?’]


“Even when I say it, you still won’t understand. These are all just cliches. Perhaps, at the very moment, there might be someone with Fan in his name, who had just offended Gu Changge and is about to give his face a good smack.” Wang Zijin said as she helplessly shook her head.


She read various male-oriented web novels in her previous life. She knew only an idiotic author would name their protagonist ‘Gu Changge’. Thus, she expects him to be cannon fodder, someone in such stories who would get their face smacked for being too arrogant.


Even so, Xiu Er still seems to admire him.


“Hmph! Young Mistress, you are not allowed to say such a thing. Young Master Changge was the one who fought against the Successor of Demonic Arts in the Celestial Ancient Continent, and had injured his Source. He had almost perished for his brave sacrifice! He rescued his Junior Sister, who was in conflict with him from the Successor of Demonic Arts. Rumours say he flawless like jade. Extraordinary and refined.” Xiu Er angrily rebukes her, acting like she was Gu Changge’s fangirl.


“Stop. If you admire him so much, why don’t you go be his maid?” Wang Zijin quickly snapped back to shut her up. How her maid was acting had left her completely speechless.


Compared to the rumour of the Walking Taboo, she was actually more interested in the mysterious Successor of Demonic Arts.


*Kaboom!* There was a violent tremor as the carriage forced its way through two space barriers. It was chaotic and turbulent. It was as if huge meteors had smashed against the carriage, sending out terrifying bursts of energy.


Even so, such terrifying bursts of energy were easily swept away by the old coachman’s simple wave of his hand. Ripples started to spread, as a gentle barrier seemed to appear. However, the barrier was so natural that it seemed as though it was the will of the world to protect the carriage.


“Young Mistress, Boundless Heaven if just in front of us. Shall we go there or directly head to Skyward Ancient City?” the old coachman asked indifferently.


“Grandpa Sher, go to Skyward Ancient City.” Wang Zijin smiled as she answered


*Boom!* At the very next moment, the carriage suddenly forced its way through space barriers once more. It instantly moved forward by tens of millions of kilometres, towards Skyward Schloss.



For the past few days, Skyward Ancient City has been extremely lively. There were many formidable factions present. They had sent many of their disciples and experts. After all, they had heard that Gu Changge had made an appearance in the Celestial Ancient Continent. He plans to force the True Dragon Clan to submit to him. It was an idea so absurd that many were shocked when they first heard it.


They were all astonished by Gu Changge’s various unfathomable methods. It was only natural. He was someone in the younger generation. However, he was still bold enough to make a move against the entire True Dragon Clan. It was something that would even make the older generation experts palpitate.


Soon, Wang Zijin, Xiu Er, and the old coachman had arrived in Skyward Ancient City. However, in order to conceal herself from the eyes and ears of others, Wang Zijin dressed up as a man, wearing a green gown. Still, it could not really hide her slender waist and peerless fair complexion. Even when Wang Zijin deliberately made her voice lower and rougher, it still sounds soft and melodious.


“Young Mistress…” Xiu Er opened her mouth however…


*Dong!* Wang Zijin knocked her forehead and glared at her. “I told you to call me Young Master when we’re outside, right!?”


“Ahh! It hurts! It hurts Young Master.”


“Digging out his little sister’s Daoist Bones while they were still children… just what kind of cliché is this?” Wang Zijin rubbed her flawless chin as she muttered. She was listening to the recent news of Skyward Ancient City. It was something that she could not help reeling back a little.


Initially, the main reason she had come was to see her pathetic little brother. But now, she suddenly felt that things were a little off. After all, she predicted Gu Changge to be the villain cannon fodder. One that would be eliminated early but it was not going as she had thought.  [I wonder how many chapters he will survive through?]


While pondering on that, the three, one master and two servants, rushes to join up with the large group of cultivators, heading towards the Celestial Ancient Continent.



Within the Celestial Ancient Continent, just outside of Dragon Island, numerous Arrays were shining, reaching the sky.  The situation there was tense, and the atmosphere was solemn. Dragon Island, which was usually used as the site of prayer, was now filled with murderous intent.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!* Ancient warships from the Primal Celestial Temple had entered the sky. They filled the horizon, seemingly like an ancient floating mountain range. It was both a majestic and terrifying sight, and they filled the place with their thick murderous intent.


“Child from the Gu Family, give up. Don’t even dream of making my True Dragon Clan submit. Since ancient times, my True Dragon Clan has always been the ones who walk about without anything that could hinder us. We would not even yield to an Immortal! You are merely an ignorant brat, yet you dare to speak so arrogantly?”


In the sky above Dragon Island, where space was distorted into blurriness, there was a mighty figure. It was a middle-aged man with a face contorted with anger. On his head was a golden dragon crown. It was made for those from the True Dragon Clan as they had a unique pair of dragon horns growing out of them.


This middle-aged man exuded an aura of the Quasi-Sacred Realm! The leader of the True Dragon Clan!


“Clan Leader, you are mistaken. This Gu is merely a youth. How could I possible dare force you to submit? It’s just, on that day the Feathered Clan attacked me, it seems like the True Dragon Clan had issued an order to do so. In fact, it was an order to kill me. Now that the Feathered Clan has been force to submission, what should be do about this grudge between us?” Currently, Gu Changge was standing in the sky with his hands behind his back. He was overlooking the numerous pale Dragon Clan experts beneath him with a smile as he spoke.


“Bloody Lies! Young one, if you want to fight then do so. Don’t you dare try to make yourself faultless while framing the innocent. For this crime against our Clan, you will be punished!” An expert within the True Dragon Clan roared furiously, eyes filled with rage and hatred. The Clan had never been humiliated like this before! Worse, they were still being oppressed by Gu Changge!


“No, you misunderstand. This young one is not trying to make himself faultless. I am merely asking for justice for myself.” Gu Changge smiled and said while gently shaking his head.


“Since the Dragon Clan would rather die than submit, don’t blame this Gu for being ruthless.” As Gu Changge spoke, his expression became indifferent. Meanwhile, a huge round black sun had suddenly risen behind him.


It emitted a fluctuation that seemed to be able to turn the Nine Heavens into a burning hellscape. The burning black sun seems to be made out of thousands of jet black clouds boiling, amassed by powerful runes. It was created by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. It was an imitation of the Dao Artifact, the Wheel of Reincarnation. It was obtained when he killed Ye Ling that day. If it was the real Wheel of Reincarnation, Gu Channge would have control over the Six Paths of Reincarnation. It would allow him to hold life and death in the palm of his hands, making him invincible. Nonetheless, even though this Ancient Wheel of Reincarnation was nothing but an imitation, it was still tyrannical. It far surpassed Transcendent grade artifacts.




At this moment, amid the roar of the ocean of runes, golden light swept in. This was the perfect time to show his fake identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. After all, during the Celestial Ancient Times, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s name carried a lot of weight. Thus, having this identity attached to him now would save him from a lot of trouble.


“Ah, isn’t that…”


“The Wheel of Reincarnation, no, it’s not the real Dao Artifact…”


“It’s the imitation the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being has made of the Dao Artifact! It’s the Ancient Wheel of Reincarnation!”


“So, that’s it… I never would have expected Gu Changge to be his Successor!”


The moment the black sun rose, many cultivators from the various factions were all shocked. Their eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. No one thought this was possible. If Gu Changge had not personally shown it, they would have never imagined that he could be the Successor the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


“How is it possible for Gu Changge to possess such a thing?”


“How is he related to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being?”


The many Celestial Ancient Races who were watching all felt their heart drop. The sight of the Ancient Wheel of Reincarnation made things really difficult for them.


Their Ancestors had more or less interacted with the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Many had even received favours from him. Therefore, for Gu Changge to own such an artifact, it meant that he was the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Further proof was that without the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s techniques and Power of Reincarnation, he would not be able to use the Ancient Wheel of Reincarnation at all. Thus, his relationship with the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had been made absolute.


No matter how strong the True Dragon Clan was, any resistance would just be their own stubbornness. It was impossible for them to stop the forces behind Gu Changge, let alone the Great Elder next to him!


At this moment, those with authority within the Celestial Ancient Races started to think about the same thing. Due to what was showcased here, it was not impossible for them to submit to Gu Changge.


“How hateful! To think he is the Successor…”


“This is bad. Should we not submit?”


On Dragon Island, those from the True Dragon Clan had their faces changed drastically. They all turned pale. After what was shown, they knew there was no hope left for them. They knew that the glorious days of the True Dragon Clan reigning supreme was over.


“Young one, my True Dragon Clan is lofty and unyielding. We would rather die than submit. Give up. You can’t make us submit to you!”


*Boom!* Deep within Dragon Island, a loud sound burst out, capable of shaking Heaven. From there, several Sacred King Realms beings arise! It was a tyrannical force!


Moreover, each one of them could not be compared to others in the same Sacred King Realm. Each one of them was at least in the Seventh or Eighth Stage of the Sacred King Realm.


“Great Elder…” Gu Changge made a small grin and beckoned the Great Elder beside him.


Meanwhile, the Great Elder wore a complicated expression. He looked at the young man and helplessly sighed.


*Hum!* The Great Elder stuck out a palm. A mighty technique struck the world, making it seem like it had sunk down.


In an instant, those Sacred King Realm beings that just rose up had also used their own powerful techniques. They began to pray and chat, causing the world to begin to harmonize with them. Amazing power fuelled the air, causing the place to be filled with the Saint King Realm aura.


*Boom!* The space between them trembled as an assortment of lights beamed its way up into the sky!


An Ancestral Weapon was awakening, which showcased divine might that could shake heaven.




At the very next moment, the group coughed up blood. They had been instantly taken down by the Great Elder’s technique. After all, even their Ancestor’s manifestation was defeated by him so how could mere Sacred King Realm beings resist him?


““”Kill! Kill! Kill!”””


Meanwhile, from three different directions, there were ominous roars and terrifying auras. They were vast armies, gushing out murderous intent like a mighty tsunami.


Seeing the approaching armies crushed any last bit of hope the True Dragon Clan had. It made them even more desperate.


The armies were made of the Black Hawk Family, the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, Divine Crocodile Clan and many other mighty clans which came over in a force large enough to block out the sky. Unfortunately, it was clear that they were not here to help them!


“The True Dragon Clan is finished…”


In the distance, all those cultivators from innumerable mighty factions who were watching this played out, muttered. Their hearts were trembling and they all had horrified faces.


“Young Mistress! Quickly! Look! That is definitely Young Master Changge! His elegant demeanour is certainly different from others!” On a mountain far away, Xiu Er held onto Wang Zijin’s hand and excitedly pulled while pointing. She was like a fangirl, who just met the person who she worships the most.




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