I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 194, A Truly Astounding Bold Move; Someone From The Same World!


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Atop a nearby mountain range, there were countless natives and outsiders. They had come from all over the world to this spot to witness this lively event.


The True Dragon Clan, a group that had stood the test of time since the Celestial Ancient Times. They held immense power and a glorious profound heritage. Who in the world would dare to offend them? When they were in the Celestial Ancient Continent, they could be as arrogant as they liked. They would not place anyone in their eyes. However, today was the day they met someone stronger than them. Someone who could oppress them to this point.


Many were looking forward to seeing the True Dragon Clan suffer. They believe it was their just deserts after acting so arrogantly all this time.


Many had even heard what Xiu Er had said, but none thought much of it. After all, what she said seemed to be perfectly normal. She was referring to Gu Changge so her admiration was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, which woman from the young generation did not admire him?


On the other hand, Wang Zijin looked at her, speechless. She gave a nod and then said. “Just look at how excited you are. Though, I have to admit, Gu Changge does indeed look quite handsome. He does indeed give that otherworld feeling. No wonder he has so many admirers.”


She ended her speech there. After all, who in this world does not appreciate beauty? Even though she appreciated his beauty, what more was there left to say?


During those years she spent in the Mortal Palace training, Wang Zijin has gotten quite used to seeing all kinds of young prodigies. Every one of them believes themselves to be invincible with powerful Dao Hearts. However, the moment they suffered defeat or a huge setback, they would become devastated, unable to recover. They did not resemble the true invincible characters written in her previous life.


How could one be a mighty emperor if they were not indomitable? They should grow stronger after each setback.


Nonetheless, Wang Zijin didn’t consider herself to be superficial. She did not want to judge someone purely from her first impression. Instead, she wanted to get close to Gu Changge and determine what kind of person he was.


“Yes, what I said was absolutely correct. Young Master Changge is indeed number one in the younger generation!” Xiu Er exclaimed in excitement.


“With that appearance, he definitely does not match the description of those ordinary looking fair skinned protagonists. Furthermore, he is forcing the True Dragon Clan to submit to him. This is absolutely not something a character on the side of good would do. So, he is a villain but I still don’t know if he had offended any protagonist yet…”  Wang Zijin gave a nod and mutter as she staring at Gu Changge’s figure in the distance. There was a flash of light in her eyes as she continued to ponder.


[He is very different from the usual cliches in those male-oriented novels I’ve read. He is obviously only in the True Enlightened Realm. So why is he still able to make me feel a sense of danger? This is the first time I can’t see through the cultivation level of someone in the younger generation. The other so-called young prodigies could never hide their true cultivation level from me. Those trash are the kind that can easily be swept away by a wave of my hand but this Gu Changge is special. He is definitely an exception. It’s like he is shrouded in a layer of dense fog, making him seem extremely enigmatic… Even Jiang Chuchu, known as the true Successor of the Mortal Palace, didn’t not make me feel like this… How strange…]


Wang Zijin’s intuition has always been accurate. She even depended on it to find out the true cultivation level of her old coachman.


And in her opinion, Gu Changge was far too used to oppressing others with power. It was obvious that this was not his first time. While other ordinary young prodigies would most of the time challenge their peers, and get into small scale fights, Gu Changge had unexpectedly schemed against the whole Celestial Ancient Continent. It was obvious that his courage and power were incomparable to those young prodigies she had seen before!


Even she had to admit that she had underestimated him thus far. That the matters related to him were not what she had expected. Thus, she became increasingly curious about him.


“Gu Changge certainly isn’t that simple.” Wang Zijin couldn’t help but mutter.


“Oh? Young Mistress, this is the first time you described someone from the young generation as not simple…”  Xiu Er managed to catch her muttering and exclaimed in surprise. She was extremely happy that her Young Mistress now understood that the world was vast and there was always someone better. After all, earlier when Xiu Er was talking about the rumours relating to Gu Changge, Wang Zijin hardly cared. However, now that she had seen the man himself, she must have realised such rumours were true.


Meanwhile, for Wang Zijin, she could not even begin to explain it to Xiu Er. She knew the latter would not understand if she did. In any case, she felt that her decision to leave the Mortal Palace and explore the outside world had not been a mistake. After all, as soon as she got to the Boundless Heaven, she met someone she found to be intriguing.


“Young Mistress, the Immortal Wang Family warship is just there! I’m sure Young Master Wushuang is inside.” Xiu Er suddenly pointed at a large gathering of cultivators not too far away and said in surprise.


The ancient warship was in the sky. It was brilliant looking as it moved, filled with many experts that exude tyrannical auras. The flags that fluttered about were all big and imposing. They all had the trademark of the Immortal Wang Family (王) written on them. It clearly showed the depth and strength of the Immortal Wang Family.


At the bow of the ship stood a young man. His golden pupils were shining, as he was covered in a certain mysterious mist. He looked imposing and had an enigmatic aura about him. Even so, Wang Zijin could easily see through the mist and identify him. She immediately knew it was Wang Wushuang. Although she hadn’t seen him before, she knew that he was her little brother in this life.


“To think they are here as well” Wang Zijin broke out a smile. Soon, all three of them rushed over to the ship. She wanted to talk to catch up.


She placed matters related to Gu Changge aside for now. After all, they essentially had nothing to do with one another. In fact, they never really met each other before. So, there was no need for them to be friendly or animus to one another. Only time would tell how their relationship would develop



Far away on another side, there was a ferocious war going on. It was so intense and soul-stirring that the tens of millions around the area were aghast.


Above the sky, a divine light could be seen shooting up. Likewise, the roars of ‘kill’ could be heard in all directions. Such frightening might made everyone pale.


Currently, the protective Grand Array that Dragon Island had setup was brilliantly glowing as it resisted the incoming assault. The Black Hawk Family, the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, and the Divine Crocodile Clan were all major clans moving to kill. They were obeying Gu Changge’s orders, that as the most critical moment, they would become the sharpest sword to break apart the Celestial Ancient Continent!




“For the Young Master!”


Leading a vast army of powerful elites, they swept through the area like a tsunami to kill everyone in the Dragon Island. Even the Ancestors of the three clans were active. They were all in the Sacred King Realm and were ruthlessly killing. When these Ancestors were faced off against the Sacred King Realm True Dragon Clansmen, their fight shook the whole universe, causing mountains within the radius of ten thousand kilometres to collapse. Only ashes were left in their wake.


Every living being could feel it. The powerful energy which swept across the world. It even reaches beyond the sky, towards the stars. Everything trembled, the earth, the sky, even the stars far above. None were spared. Even the universe seemed to have been twisted.


There were roars of rage and unwillingness. It shook the core of countless. The terrifying scene being played out was obvious just from the sound.


Those in the Sacred King Realm were normally the Ancestors of the major clans. They usually never appear and remain in seclusion. If they appear, it would only be when the entire Clan’s survival was at stake. However, all three major clans had their Ancestors out. They were all fighting against the True Dragon Clan for Gu Changge.


Knowing this, the scene in front of them greatly shocked them. The different factions in the outside world were all rendered speechless.


“During the Celestial Ancient Times, I heard that the Ancestors of these three major clans were the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s followers. Seems like it is true.”


“Never expected the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being to leave something like this for his Successor. Gu Channge basically had the three major clans at his disposal!”


“The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being is simply doing all of this for his Successor! No wonder Gu Changge is so strong!”


Many cultivators had eyes filled with envy. It was not strange since these were the three major clans of the Celestial Ancient Races! Each clan had profound heritage. Similar, they all had Sacred King Realm Ancestors who were all now under Gu Changge!


This collection of power could not only be described as horrifying. It was simply inconceivable. It had caused many other young prodigies to tremble. With fists clenched, they could not help but unwilling to accept, dejected and even desperate. After all, in a blink of an eye, the disparity between Gu Changge and them had widened to such an astonishing degree. He was  basically on par in terms of power and influence as the Leaders of their family.


They were all from the same generation but now they could only look up to him. After all, Gu Channge had shown his identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Furthermore, he had the three major clans of the Celestial Ancient Continent at his beck and call. What was there left to say? The disparity was far too great.


After Gu Changge revealed his identity and had the three major clans under him, it had caused all Celestial Ancient Races to be on edge. They were all trembling, anxious what was going to happen to them. Naturally, the True Dragon Clan felt the brunt of Gu Channge might and was trembling the hardest.


Those in the Celestial Ancient Races knew that the True Dragon Clan would eventually fall. Afterwards, Gu Changge would definitely turn his blade towards them. None doubted it since they saw what Gu Changge was like. His various methods and his personality. They were convinced he would do it.


Suddenly, the natives felt something ominous. After this war, they could feel that the whole Celestial Ancient Continent would change forever. They could only wait in line to submit. It was impossible for them to resist just like what the True Dragon Clan was doing. It would clearly result in their entire clan being annihilated. After all, even the other factions from the outside world dare not offend Gu Changge! This was just the kind of power they were up against!


“Unbelievable. Is he really just a young man?”  Many older generation cultivators sighed with heavy emotions.


*Buzz!* Gu Changge stood over the horizon, motionless. His expression remained as tranquil as a lake as his clothes fluttered with the wind. The Ancient Wheel of Reincarnation which resembled a black sun, was shining with world shaking prestige. The sea of rune was radiated over the land, and engulfed everything in its tyrannical might.


Due to such a powerful aura, he need not do anything yet those experts in the True Dragon Clan would not dare to attack him!


Though, that was not the only reason. He had many experts protecting him, even a Sacred King Realm Ancestor from the Black Hawk Family standing just next to him. Naturally, if this was not enough, he could even bring out those puppets Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had left for Ye Ling, which were each as strong as someone in the Sacred Lord Realm. Not to mention, he still had more…


With so many different choices, he need not worry about anything. In fact, he came here to do nothing but show his face. Just by his mere presence, he had deterred the various outside world factions from making a move, and snatching his prey.


This was something he had set up for a long time. It was a flawless plan! A perfect crushing victory!


[Well, the True Dragon Clan has always been lofty and unyielding. They won’t submit so easily. But so what? That just means more of their clansmen will die. Eventually, those that remain will understand what it means to feel fear, and they will realise what they are doing is just pure stupidity. Truly the epitome of not refusing to believe until disaster strikes.] Knowing this, Gu Channge was not worried at all.


However, even with how indifferent he seemed right now, all kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind. There was something that caught his attention.


The System, which had not prompted him for a long time, suddenly has a mission for him. This naturally causes him to be a little surprised and happy. After all, the leek that he deeply desired had finally appeared, moreover, it took the initiative to come to him!


It was something he had been pondering over. He needed to earn a massive amount of Fatums and Fortuity for his future plans. As for Yue Mingkong and Gu Xianer, he had other plans for them. Those plans would need to be taken step by step, and not in a hurry. So, this prompt from the system was akin to him wanting to sleep and someone giving him a pillow.  Gu Changge felt so moved that he even praised, [The leek this time seemed to be a bit more self-conscious of its role.]


However, that was when the System gave another prompt. One which made him a little bit wary


<A new Fortuitous Lady has appeared, someone from another world, the same as yours?>


[Tsk. Someone from the same world as me? So, in short, a transmigrator like me is the Fortuitous Lady this time.] For Gu Changge, the most important thing he needed to do when he met someone from the same world as him, was to find a way to kill them. To him, anything related to his origins is a ticking time bomb. He could never allow someone else to find out about it. Not to mention, the target this time was someone with a tremendous amount of Fortuity. He naturally had to find a way to plunder it all.


Gu Changge’s had a simple plan. He either had to kill or subdue her. Naturally, he would just choose which was the most beneficial to him. Since the System had already hinted that this was someone from the same world as him, without the other party knowing, they were already enemies. They would definitely not have a moment where they would tearfully talk about their past when they meet each other. In fact, if the other party knows he was from the same world, he expects her to also deny his existence. At that time, it would all depend on who was more capable.


However, Gu Changge doesn’t know what kind of cheat the other party has. [What is she also has a System? Well, that would certainly be amusing. Though, that is highly unlikely. I was the first one to be informed about her. So, it’s clear that the System I have is superior to whatever cheat she has. So, no worries on that front. Well, I already know the System is not exactly omnipotent. In fact, my reliance on it isn’t that big now. It was only at the start, which I relied on it to spend my Fatums and upgrade my Skyward Ascension to increase my cultivation level. Now that I think about it, Skyward Ascension is just to fool others. I even only increase it for fun. Even the System Shop could be replaced. I can find the items after all. It’s just that exchanging things in the System with Fortuity and Fatums is so convenient.]


[Anyways, the most important part right now is that she doesn’t know that I’m a transmigrator. She believes she’s the only transmigrator. So, I’m basically still hidden in the darkness while she had already been unknowingly exposed.] Gu Changge made a smile that contained various meanings.


[So, what next? Well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s still all within my control right now. Before I can do anything, I need to find this new Fortuitous Lady first. Since she is a transmigrator, her personality and habits will definitely stick out. At least, it will obviously differ from those born and raised in this world. It should not be that hard to find her. Well, if it does come down to it, I have the simplest way to find her. Her Fortuity. As long as she is within my sights, I will be able to see it.]  After his thoughts reached this point, Gu Changge decided to pay attention to this matter but set it aside for now.


It did not take long for the Great Elder to dominate over the several top experts from the True Dragon Clan. They were swiftly defeated and had retreated. Meanwhile, with the large-scale assault mounted by the combined force of the Primal Celestial Temple, the Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, the Divine Crocodile Clan, and the Black Hawk Family, the protective Grand Array surrounding Dragon Island had finally shattered.


The battle from henceforth was completely one-sided. The opponent did not even have the strength to resist.


On Dragon Island’s sacred mountain, all the True Dragon Clansmen were wailing. They never had thought a powerful clan like theirs would one day suffer like this.




Within the deepest part of Dragon Island, the Ancestral Artifact floated. It was absorbing power from the universe, forming a pitch-black lifeless void. From it, ripples spread out. Each ripple seem to contain a small world inside, and was extremely mysterious looking. However, due to the appearance of the Ancestor manifestation that day, who had depleted most of its energy, it just fell to the ground with a loud thump, unable to unleash its full might.


“Our clan surrenders!”


“Our clan is willing to submit!”


Faced with all this, the Dragon Clan Elders, no matter how unwilling and unyielding they were, chose to submit. They could no longer bear seeing more of their clansmen die. After all, the miracle they hoped for did not happen. Their Ancestor, the one they were praying for, did not come save them!


“If you knew this was going to happen, why did you bother to struggle so much?” Gu Changge couldn’t help but shake his head. He spoke with a tinge of pity and regret in his voice, but it held no trace of being surprised.


Meanwhile, the experts in the True Dragon Clan bit their lips as they bared the humiliation. Their bodies trembled but they dared not rebuke him.


Gu Changge then gave a faint smile and ordered everyone to stop.


The area was still raining with blood, without bones being left. Those True Dragon Clansmen that remained were all crying in grief and indignation. After all, they brought about this  disaster on themselves. They had no one they could blame. If Gu Changge did not have a justifiable reason, he would not have been able to commit a massacre like this.


Soon, the brutal slaughter from all directions had concluded. Gu Changge sent his trusted subordinates to start the cleaning up process. He plans on completely subduing the entire True Dragon Clan in one fell swoop. In fact, it was at this time that his other identity as the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family would come into play.


Since he had not once used the influence and power of the Immortal Gu Family for this subjugation, relying entirely on his own ability and methods to make the True Dragon Clan submit to him, no faction could raise an objection to what he was doing. None would also dare to step up and try to steal what he had accomplished. In fact, he was working within the boundaries of what the other factions deemed as fair. Thus, they could not really make a move against him. Likewise, it was not like they would dare to make a move in the first place. After all, it would be tantamount to provoking the Immortal Gu Family, a situation far more frightening than the war just now.


On this day, the True Dragon Clan had suffered heavy casualties. It finally ended with them having no choice but to submit to Gu Changge, just like the Feathered Clan!


It was news which shocked everyone.


Those that were observing nearby, it did not matter where they were from. Be it outsider or native, they could feel something huge stirring in their hearts!


After all, in the end, the True Dragon Clan was unable to escape their fate. Many had regretted their decision. Especially the numerous clans who had just watched and did nothing. They wonder what would have happened if they had joined the True Dragon Clan and had tried to fend off Gu Changge? If they did so, would the situation be different? However, they also knew such thoughts were useless now.


The Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, the Divine Crocodile Clan and the Black Hawk Family. These three major clans had acted as a sharp sword at the most critical moment and had dealt a fatal blow to the entire Celestial Ancient Continent. However, their actions had also allowed many clans to survive and find a way out.


News of what had happened soon spread. It have cause an earthquakes in every part of the world


“Gu Changge’s methods and boldness are truly something one can praise to the Heavens about. When I compare myself to him, I’m far too inferior.” Somewhere distant, on the Immortal Wang Family’s warship, Wang Wushuang and his sister were chatting. After witnessing the terrifying war first hand, Wang Wushuang said and sighed. He was still trembling from what he saw.


Meanwhile, Wang Ziji and others all wore different expressions. All filled with various emotions.




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