I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 196, Strange Man Who Does Not Follow The Cliches; Act To Her Expectations?


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The sound from the System prompting Gu Changge was bewildering. Nonetheless, he managed to earn a lot of Fatums and Fortuity. 


[Seems like my fellow transmigrator has not only noticed me, but is also interested in me? I’m I really that irresistible? Or, did she take note of how different I am from those born in this world?] Gu Changge smiled, which showed how he was intrigued.


His gaze swept through the magnificent palace in front of him that was glowing with divine light before he gave out an order. Soon, many of his subordinates went forth and took the treasures the True Dragon Clan had collected over the years. 


Gu Changge’s figure soon appeared outside. [Since she took note of me, that must mean she was among those factions spectating. So, she should not be far from the True Dragon Clan’s territory.]


Gu Changge could understand what Wang Zijin was thinking. [Since we are both transmigrators, we would hold some level of contempt for those born and raised in this world. That is to be expected, after all, if someone is born with higher status, and has a powerful cheat, they would become arrogant. Thankfully, so far, she doesn’t seem to know that I am a transmigrator as well. So, I should just pretend to be a more ‘special’ being that originates from this world.]


[I’m already long familiar with acting this way. So, my acting will definitely be flawless. The only way she could notice his origin, is if she has a System similar to mine. Otherwise, she will just be playing into my hand.] Once Gu Changge’s thoughts had reach this point, he cracked out a profound smile, already having a plan in mind.


[She will think that she is extremely smart, knowing how the plot would flow. She would never have expected she is just another character within the story. There will always be someone better than you out in the world, right? Well, either way, since she is interested in me, I believe that she will personally come to see me.]  While Gu Changge was considering the more intricate details of his plan, the space in front of him rippled, revealing a powerful expert from the Primal Celestial Temple, who had rushed towards him in the form of a divine rainbow.




“Young Master, the Wang Wushuang, Successor of the Immortal Wang Family seeks an audience with you. He is currently waiting outside Dragon Island.” The man looked at Gu Changge and reported. 


[Surprising, she is from the Immortal Wang Family? She really came quick] Gu Changge gave a small nod and made a small smile before he declared. “Let them in.”


“Yes, Young Master.” The expert immediately leaves after receiving his order.


[This is the first time I’m seeing someone from the same world I’m from. I should make some preparations] Gu Changge made an intriguing smile. [Since we will be comparing cliches, let’s see who has the deeper understanding]


He soon took a step causing space to turn blurry, opening up a void passage in the sky. Once he stepped through it, he moved through the barriers of space and arrived at the top of the mountain.


He had already expected she would come to him. However, he never expected that she would be related to the Immortal Wang Family. Since they have the title of ‘Immortal’ on their family, their heritage would naturally be deep and unfathomable. It was even said that those within the Immortal Families themselves do not know how truly terrifying their own family was, and this statement was just shown by the Immortal Gu family. 


Naturally, since Gu Changge was aware of this, he would definitely not underestimate the Immortal Wang Family. [There must be a reason why our families have stood the test of time, and have gained their titles. I wonder what relationship that Fortuitous Lady has with Wang Wushuang? From what I recall, Wang Wushuang normally acts mysterious in front of others. His face is always covered by mist. Though, I can see though it at a glance, that’s not really being fair since I can do the same to any other young prodigy, without them being able to hide from my eyes.]


Gu Changge had actually being thinking of a way to get Wang Wushuang’s Source. The latter was known for his physique, peerless for battle. Likewise, those golden eyes Wang Wushuang had were filled with power. Just those two factors alone made Wang Wushuan’s strength equivalent to someone using a terrifying secret technique, one which would increase all of a cultivator’s abilities. This would include attack, speed, divine sense, defence, etc. 


Unfortunately, Gu Changge eventually gave up. He found that no matter how much he schemed, the process would be both time consuming and difficult to accomplish.


[Since the person who wants to meet me certainly isn’t Wang Wushuang himself, it must be someone of higher status than him. Someone who would be able to make him listen to their orders and force him to make such an arrangement. So, is she his older sister? Or, one of those ancient monsters in the Immortal Wang Family?]



Meanwhile, on the Immortal Wang Family’s ancient warship, Wang Zijin, Wang Wushuang and the rest were standing there, waiting to be let in.


It was not as simple to see Gu Changge as it was in the past. It was especially so now. After all, he had just accomplished the tremendous feat of subduing the True Dragon Clan. It was only natural that there were some people who wished to take advantage of him. Thus, he had to be more cautious, which was understandable to those that were waiting. Likewise, Gu Changge’s status could no longer be compared to the other young prodigies anymore.


“Young Mistress, are we really going to get to see Young Master Changge soon? How exciting!” Xiu Er’s face was written with anticipation. Her twin tails kept moving back and forth as she could not sit still. She wore a face that Wang Zijin had seen before. It was the same one those fangirls in her previous life would have when meeting their idol. Seeing her maid like this, Wang Zijin couldn’t help but shake her head, wanting to cover that maid’s mouth.


“Haven’t I already said to be quiet? Why aren’t you listening to me?”  Wang Zijin helplessly reprimanded. However, her voice was not strict as she could not really be bothered with managing this little girl. She was already too used to pampering her.


“I know, Young Mistress.”  Xiu Er hurriedly nods, like a chicken pecking rice. However, she still could not hide her excitement. 


Meanwhile, Wang Zijin did not speak any further. After all, officially, she was just following her little brother to visit Gu Changge, the so-called number one within the younger generation. 


She chose to not use her identity because she felt that it would devalue her worth. Hence, she was going in as one of her brother’s followers, and was dressed as a man.


She had not planned to expose herself as the Successor of the Mortal Palace. Not when she was so early into the start of her journey. She was sick of those pests like suitors who act like know-it-alls. Thus, she looked forward to not being bothered while on this journey.  


“Please come with me, the Young Master is already waiting inside Dragon Island.” The expert who had reported to Gu Changge had come back to lead the way in


“Understood.”  Wang Wushuang calmly replied with a nod. Then, everyone followed the expert in.


Meanwhile, there were many cultivators nearby who saw this and were taken aback.


“That’s Wang Wushuang right? The Successor of the Immortal Wang Family?”


“He’s going to visit Gu Changge?”


“Seems like there is more to what meets the eyes here!”



Under the lead of the expert, everyone from the Immortal Wang Family quickly passed through many divine mountains, to the top of a mountain shrouded with clouds.




At the summit, there were several powerful experts. All exuding terrifying auras waiting for them, acting like ordinary guards. Meanwhile, there Gu Changge sat. He was behind a stone table with a face of pure tranquillity. On the table was fragrant tea which seemed to leak out a five-coloured divine light.


It was obvious that the tea was prepared for the people Gu Changge was about to meet.


“Greetings, Brother Gu.” Wang Wushuang landed on the summit and took the lead to first bow to Gu Changge. Behind him by half a step were Wang Zijin, Xiu Er, the old coachman and the others. They formed up to make it seem as though Wang Wushuang was the leader. 


“Brother Wang , for you to personally come and visit me. What happened? But first everyone, please be seated! Serve the tea!” Gu Changge smiled and swept his gaze across everyone in the Immortal Wang Family. He did so while motioning them to sit down. 


When he saw Wang Zijin, who was dressed as a man but still had a fair and delicate complexion, he paused for a moment, revealing a hint of surprise. However, he immediately looked away. It was as though he seemed a little curious but at the same time, was not very interested. Nonetheless, he made sure to keep the Immortal Wang Family within his line of sight even as he looked away.


Naturally, Wang Zijin noticed but was not surprised. It instead aroused her interest in Gu Changge even more.


[He obviously noticed how usual I am compared to the rest but he did not ask or say anything. How smart. He certainly is much brighter than the other young prodigies. Upon a closer look, he does indeed look like someone detached. Like an Immortal without earthly desires. At the same time, he also gives off this extraordinary and majestic feeling. He was obviously doing something villainous just now, but now, in just a blink of an eye, he gives off the feeling of someone ‘righteous’. Just how can someone accomplish something like this?]


Wang Zijin honestly did not expect herself to one day be wrong. After seeing how capable Gu Changge was, it was obvious that he was not a villain cannon fodder who could not live through a few chapters.


After they all say down, Wang Wushuang responded to Gu Changge’s inqury with a smile. “It’s it obvious? After seeing how Brother Gu had form up a way to subdue the True Dragon Clan so easily, this Wushuang can’t help but be amazed. So, I rushed here, wanting to ask Brother Gu for advice.”


What Wang Wushuang said was truly from his heart, asking for advice with utmost sincerity. Naturally, it was also an excuse he had come up with as he could not say that it was his older sister that was interested in meeting Gu Changge. After all, she was the Successor of the Mortal Palace. If her actions were to be discovered, she would definitely be criticised. 


“Oh, so that’s why” Gu Changge’s smile did not falter as he shook his head.


“It was all just luck. Brother Wang, you are praising me too much. The True Dragon Clan had committed countless sins and brought this upon themselves. After all, under heaven and above earth, there is always justice. They have for countless years use their might to bully others in the Celestial Ancient Continent, running rampant all around. So, they kindled the flame of hatred and I just simply added fuel to the fire. That’s all.”


The corners of Wang Wushuang’s lips twitched when he heard this. He forced a smile and said, “Brother Gu, no need to be modest. In my opinion, no one in the younger generation could have accomplished what you did.” 


Gu Changge did not seem to care about his comment as he continued to smile while shaking his head.


“Brother Wang, this matter is truly too minor for you to really care about. Even if I was not the one who took action, there would be many others who would. Furthermore, I just took advantage of the Great Elder as he made his move. Truthfully, Skyward Schloss had already planned this in secret and I am just the person who they have pushed to execute it. It has garnered me a lot of unworthy praises.”


What Gu Changge said was something that seemed more plausible. Reasonable in fact. However, everyone present were not fools. They could clearly see that he was trying to push the responsibility away to Skyward Schloss and the True Dragon Clan.


He was even trying to say that he was just, that he was doing all of this to remove the plaguing evil in the Celestial Ancient Continent. If they had not personally seen him ruthlessly subduing the True Dragon Clan, they might have believed him.


“Brother Gu, you are really far too modest. To think you would speak in such a belittling manner. Others are eager to be famous, while you wish to avoid it. Even as we speak, do you not have the three major clans and others under you? Well, I guess you don’t really need to care about fame. Your strength is already peerless and the force under you is matchless as well.” Wang Wushuang couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Everything he said was his heartfelt feelings. 


“Modest? Why should I be modest? I’m just stating the truth.” Gu Changge couldn’t help but chuckle. “Brother Wang, you really overestimate me.” 


The old monster now couldn’t help but shaking his head. He was speechless. [One really can’t judge a book by its cover. I really underestimated Gu Changge’s ability to spout nonsense. Everyone already saw what you did. Can’t you fess up already? Why continue to be so pretentious?]


The old monster even wanted to say this out loud to Gu Changge. 


Naturally, Gu Changge already knew what everyone there was thinking. He then spoke in a regretful tone. “Brother Wang, I know that you believe that I am just spouting nonsense. But, the main reason why the clans were willing to help me, was because of my relationship with Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Now that the True Dragon Clan has been dealt with, the agreement we have concluded. In fact, from now on, we will go our separate ways. It will be hard for me to make them move in the future.”


While speaking, he truly seems to be lamenting. It looks so real that others present begin to believe what he said. Though, to be fair, it did make sense. After all, the three major clans had Ancestors in the Sacred King Realm. They were terrifying beings that had the might to make the sky tremble. It was truly unfathomable that such beings would accept orders from a young man. Hence, what Gu Changge had said seems to be more realistic than the image they had in mind.


“To say something so hypocritical as though you are some hero for justice. It really seems like you aren’t that noble yourself.” Wang Zijin’s facial expression had turned strange. After she heard what Gu Changge had said, she could not help but laugh.


[Everything he said is like music to one’s ears. Just like the pleasant sound of nature. But, he is not wrong in how he does things. This is a wuxia world, after all. It is a place where the strong eats the weak. So, the good never lives long. Instead, it’s best to appear to hold the banner of justice while being a villain so that they can live a long life.]  What Gu Changge said had made Wang Zijin even more interested in him. She now wanted to know more about him.


It was at that moment, after hearing her laughter, that Gu Changge finally fixed his gaze onto her. His face carried a hint of doubt and suspicion as he asked, “This is…?” 


“This is my older sister, Wang Zijin. She had just returned from cultivating somewhere far away. She plans on returning back to the family. While passing Boundless Heaven, she saw it convenient and decided to see me.” Wang Wushuang briefly introduced. He made sure not to reveal that Wang Zijin was from the Mortal Palace. 


“Oh, so she is Brother Wang’s older sister. I was surprised for a moment. You sure hid yourself well.” Gu Changge seemed to truly be surprised, as though he did not know. He raised his teacup made from white jade, still steaming, and gesturing towards Wang Zijin.


He was actually acting very cordial. After all, Wang Wushuang did not introduce her. Thus, he chose not to ask about her as well to appear polite.


“Greetings Brother Gu. I have heard much about Brother Gu and now that I have seen you with my own eyes, I can certainly say that the rumours are well deserved.” Wang Zijin cordially responded. She saw nothing wrong with how Gu Changge was acting. So, she also raised her tea cup and drank the tea.


“Haha, Lady Zijin, you are exaggerating. Those rumours are unwarranted.” Gu Changge replied jovially, as though he was having a great time chatting with her.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge’s elegant flawless face made Xiu Er unable to help herself from staring. She was completely taken in, as the admiration and worship she felt for him deepened.


Afterwards, Gu Changge chatted with Wang Zijin and others. Throughout the chat, his expression remained calm and did not show anything usual. 


When he first saw Wang Zijin, he knew that she was the transmigrator the System prompted him about. After all, her Fortuity went as high as the tens of thousands. It was far too obvious. Furthermore, Wang Zijin had an aura that was vastly different from the rest. She was aloof and arrogant, as though nothing in this world mattered.


Gu Changge could easily tell that she was very different from other prodigal damsels. Thus, he already knew what he was going to do. [Let’s go with the original plan and first setup a few cliches]




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